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17 Genuine Ways To Sell Recipes Online [Up to $500/Recipe]

We all love trying new recipes at our home, aren’t we? Even if we find it difficult to make a new one, we definitely love to try the unique recipes of our grandmas and moms. But do you even know that you can now sell recipes online?

Yes, it is now very much possible to sell your unique recipes for cash. Many websites are now providing this opportunity where you can submit and make up to $500/recipe.

But like most industries nowadays, not every website is equally suited for everyone.

So, we have carefully searched and tried hundred different options available online to find the most legit platforms for you.

But before that, let’s understand some key issues first!

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What Are The Basic Skills Needed To Sell Recipes Online?

It is not important to just make great recipes as you need other skills as well if you don’t know how to sell recipes online.

Besides having great culinary talent and in-depth knowledge about cooking ingredients, you also need the right knowledge about different cuisines.

Besides, you also need the following skills to stand out from the crowd and make your name as a great recipe maker.

  • An excellent grip over mixology with the right knowledge about ingredients
  • Understanding the impact of spices on taste, texture, and aroma
  • Basic understanding of culinary and cooking-related terms
  • Proper knowledge about cooking measurements of various types
  • The correct understanding of different cooking methods and baking techniques

Besides these, you also need to be a great photographer to perfectly capture the real essence of any dish to share online.

It will be better if you also have the basic editing skill to make those food photos look stunning!


How To Write A Recipe That Sells?

If you want to sell your recipes online, you need to make it easy for general readers and cooks. Besides, you should use common ingredients if you wish to appeal to the general mass.

It would be great if you could describe the complete process with an estimated time of cooking to make it easier.

Besides these, your recipe should also have the following parameters to stand out from the crowd.

  • A unique name for your recipe (you can give it a twist)
  • Proper name (both colloquial and actual) and quantities of the ingredients
  • A detailed method of preparation, including the time needed
  • Variations of recipe (such as sugar-free, vegan, and similar options)
  • Detailing on garnishing and presentation

If you are planning to launch your own cookbook, it will be even better if you can support your recipe with mouth-watering food images. And for vlogs, a step-by-step video will do wonders.


11+ Best Platforms To Sell Recipes Online

There are several legit platforms to try if you want to know how to sell your recipes online. But not every platform is equally rewarding and provides timely payment.

So, we have tried and tested several options to finally fetch the top choices from all over the globe!


1. Online Food Magazines

When I searched for the best places to sell my recipes online, I first learned that even online magazines accept unique recipes.

These are also the magazines that pay for unique articles written by credible writers.

Although you can directly approach any magazine, as all of them have dedicated segments for recipes and cooking, here are the highest-paying platforms to submit your recipe.

  • Healthy Living: This American magazine currently offers up to $150 for a 1500-word recipe
  • Cooking Light: Besides $50/recipe monetary compensation, this magazine also gifts a free t-shirt for each successful recipe submission.
  • Cuisine at Home: This magazine offers $50/recipe, although they accept articles on other kitchens tips as well
  • Family Fun: This magazine offers up to $1.25/word for unique recipes, although all the submissions should be kid-friendly
  • Eating Well: If your recipe is about healthy food, you can easily fetch up to $1/word from this magazine.
  • Taste of Home: From Christmas to Halloween, this online magazine organizes recipe submission contests on almost any occasion. And the prize money goes to $500/recipe.

You can also try submitting your unique recipe on established platforms like HubPages, Writer Town, or similar platforms that offer revenue sharing with recipe creators.


2. Food And FMCG Companies

Food magazines are not the only option to sell recipes online, as many foods and FMCG companies are now also accepting them.

You can start your venture by directly contacting any food manufacturing company. However, you should strictly use their ingredients to maximize their acceptability.

Contacting these companies are pretty simple, as they all have a dedicated segment for recipe submission on their website.

If you can’t find any, you can directly communicate through their “Contact Us” page. You can also contact them through their social media handles.

If you are from the USA, you can try your journey by contacting Kraft Foods and Tyson Foods. Both these companies now accept recipe submissions.

You can also try contacting Nestle, Kellogg’s, and the P&G Food Industries.


3. Revenue Sharing Platforms

Even I was in doubt to know if I could sell my recipes online to make money or not!

Although there are several ways to make money fast this year, nothing can be as satisfying as earning from your own creation, especially if it is a recipe!

There are now several platforms available where you can submit and share your unique recipes. And in return, they will share a part of the revenue as your profit-sharing.

The most notable platform in this category is definitely Hub Pages which now offers up to $5 for 1k views.

There are other websites like Daily Two Cents and Info Barrel that now provide equal opportunities as well.


4. Etsy

You must have only known Etsy for selling crafts, isn’t it? Yes, you can sell almost any money-making crafts you want on this platform.

However, it is also a place to share your recipes to earn money. Believe it or not, Etsy now has an impressive “Food & Drink” segment.

From pet food to delectable dishes, you can just make and share almost any recipe you prefer. But yes, it should be absolutely unique.

Your earning potential will increase many folds if you can share some of your family recipes.

Besides recipes, you can also sell DIY kitchen tools, aprons, utensils, and other kitchen accessories through this unique platform.


5. Facebook

If you have a decent social media presence and don’t know where to sell recipes online, you should start your venture on Facebook.

It is a brilliant social media platform that has already entered the world of Metaverse. And now, you can showcase your creative output through this platform.

You can start by opening a dedicated page for your recipe. Besides sharing free recipes, you can also create a sales funnel for your recipe book through FB.

Moreover, you can also create a dedicated group to exchange recipes with like-minded foodies!

There are several groups available on FB, like Let’s Get Creative, Blogger Resource Room, and even Pinterest-friendly Content for Bloggers, where you can sell your recipes.


6. Instagram

A subsidiary of FB’s parent organization, Meta, Instagram is the most popular image-sharing platform. But now, you can also use this to sell recipes online.

And if you don’t know how to make $300 fast this year, start recipe sharing on IG.

First, create a dedicated IG profile that suits the charm and appeal of your food or recipe business. Second, post images, short videos, and reels while cooking or making a new recipe.

And thirdly, share it on other social media platforms as well.

Although Instagram won’t pay you directly for your recipe, you can definitely create a positive sales funnel for your cookbook through it.


7. Reddit

For a very long time, Reddit successfully kept itself as the prime medium for information exchange. And you can find subreddits on almost any topic you can ever imagine.

Cooking or recipe sharing is no different, as there are several subreddits on these topics as well. So, if you don’t know how to sell your recipes online, you can definitely Reddit.

You can either create your own subreddit or can take part in other pre-existing subreddits to post your recipes. But you should strictly follow the community guidelines.

You can also join popular subreddits on recipes or cooking, such as r/Recipes, r/Cooking, and r/RedditBay, to start sharing your recipes.


8. eBay

Although we now mostly rely on Amazon, Walmart, or Target, eBay was the unsung hero of the eCommerce market even a few years ago.

And still, it receives immense footfall from around the globe.

Even the most reputed sellers often find it hard to stand out on this platform due to fierce competition from fellow players.

However, selling recipes on eBay is relatively easy as you can create a sales funnel with your existing listing.

If you have already launched and listed your cookbook or recipe books on platforms like Amazon Kindle or Etsy, you can simply just copy-paste the listing on eBay to get started.


9. Cooking for Engineers

This unique platform called Cooking for Engineers now provides one of the best opportunities to sell recipes online.

However, you should produce unique and top-notch content to get selected on this website.

From baking deliciousness to savory treats, you just name any, and you can submit that recipe on this platform.

And for each of your successful recipe submissions, you can fetch up to $20/recipe on average.

Besides recipes, you can also submit instruction lists, commentary, and even food blogs on this platform. However, the payment will be according to the creative standard and total word count.


10. RecipeYum

As the name says, this platform called RecipeYum is primarily known for yummy recipes from different cuisines around the globe.

And if you want to sell recipes online, it is definitely a great place to hop on.

This Australian company now offers a recipe-submission opportunity to talented chefs and recipe-creators from all over the world.

You can also top it off with some brilliant pictures of your mouth-watering dishes.

From Indian to Mexican, from Mediterranean to African, you can submit almost any recipe you prefer. And for each successful submission, you can make around $10/recipe on average.


11. Fiverr

We must have already known that Fiverr is one of the best freelance job websites. But what you don’t know is that you can even get the best way to sell recipes online through this innovative platform.

First, you need to open a free account on Fiverr to get started. And secondly, you can create gigs on recipe writing to attract people who are looking for credible recipe creators.

You can fix your gig price anywhere between $5 to $999. But yes, this company typically charges around 10% to 15% commission on the final billing amount.

And in return, they offer complete payment protection.


Alternate Ways To Earn Money Selling Recipes Online

From opening a food channel on YouTube to starting your own recipe business, you can even take many alternate methods to sell recipes online.

And here are the most lucrative options to kickstart your journey as an online recipe-seller.


12. Start A Food Blog

Nothing can be more rewarding and equally satisfying than creating your own platform where you can write and express anything.

And if you have recipes for sale in your inventory, you should definitely think about creating your own blog on recipes and cooking.

I myself have started quite similarly, although I had an immense passion for personal finance and side hustling rather than cooking.

But yes, if I can do it for finance, you can do it for recipes, too! And trust me or not, I’m now making $7k+/month on average right from this blog.

Check out my latest monthly income report to get more insight.

You simply need to take three steps to launch your blog. First, you need to purchase an affordable hosting package from Bluehost that can cost $2.95/month at max, although most companies charge well beyond $10/month.

And secondly, you need to purchase a suitable domain name that you can get for free on Bluehost.

Once you have these two, you can simply download a free WordPress theme and launch your website. Even if you find it difficult, you can follow our step-by-step guide to set up a blog in less than 30 minutes this year.


13. Start A Cooking YouTube Channel

Let me shock you with a fact first! Two of the most notable cooking channels on YouTube, Tasty (with more than 9 million followers) and Jamie Oliver (close to 4 million followers), now make more than millions each month.

Yes, a credible YouTube creator can easily fetch six-digit earnings just by creating stunning content. And if you have a love for cooking, you can do that too.

Not just the traditional AdSense revenue, you can also make money through brand promotion and paid collab on YouTube.

But yes, you need to be truly unique and need to create a USP to make your channel popular. The competition is stark, so your effort should be unparalleled.


14. Become A Freelance Recipe Developer

Although it sounds almost like a fantasy, several big brands and companies now hire freelance recipe developers to work with their in-house teams.

It can be for product development or a promotion for an ingredient that the particular company makes.

But yes, your recipe should be unique and stands out from the crowd to have its USP. Besides, it will be even better if your ingredient list and cooking technique can include the products from that company itself.

Although it is truly among the best places to sell recipes online, you also need to be great at pitching your ideas to lock these deals.


15. Make And Sell A Cookbook Online

We have already discovered that there are several legit places to sell textbooks these days. But, do you know that there are even places where you can sell your recipe books?

Yes, it is now absolutely possible to sell a recipe eBook to make money. You can start your journey with Amazon Kindle, as they provide self-publishing opportunities.

You can either give it for free or can sell it at a particular price, although Amazon will charge a small commission on the selling price.

However, you can also approach other online book publishers like Harper Collins and Penguin, which often publish great cookbooks.


16. Take Part In Recipe Contests

Wise people have always said that if you don’t know how to make money without paying anything, just participate in contests and sweepstakes.

Jokes apart; if you really have the best recipes to sell online, submit those in recipe contests to win grand prizes.

You can follow famous cooking pages on Facebook and Instagram to learn about their upcoming contests. Besides, there are several subreddits from which you can get the information.

You can also try platforms like Cooking Contest Central and Contest Cook, where you can easily submit your unique recipe and bag a grand prize that often crosses $10k.


17. Restaurants

Not each and every dish of your favorite restaurant follows unique or authentic recipes, as they frequently take feedback and tweak their recipes.

And yes, you may not know, but restaurants are the go-to places if you really want to sell recipes online.

From appetizers to desserts, you can develop almost any recipe of your choice and submit that to your favorite restaurant.

You can even drop a mail to their official mail ID or can contact them through their official social media handles.

Believe it or not, restaurants often hire recipe developers on a full-time basis with a fat monthly salary if they like the recipes.


How Much Can You Make Selling Recipes Online?

There are now several easy ways to make money fast. You can even sell recipes online these days to fetch good money.

But is that really possible to make a handsome living just from that money? Yes, it is possible!

Most of the platforms that reward every successful submission pay around $50 to $100/recipe.

However, there are a couple of platforms that pay for each word, and the amount goes to $1/word in trier-1 countries. You can also take part in recipe contests where you can earn from $500 to $10k.

If you take it as a full-time profession, you can expect to make around $2k to $5k/month on average if your recipe is truly unique.

However, if you launch your own recipe blog or a YouTube channel, these earnings can even shoot up to $100k/year.



How can I sell my recipes online?

There are two types of websites available nowadays where you can sell your recipes.

First, you can try websites that offer direct submission for a fixed payout, such as Healthy Living, Cooking Light, Cuisine at Home, Family Fun, Eating Well, and similar websites.

And secondly, there are revenue-sharing platforms where you can submit your recipes, such as Hub Pages and Writer Town.

However, you can also try contacting FMCG companies and restaurants to sell them your recipes.


How do you make money from a recipe?

There are three primary ways to make money from a recipe. First, you can sell that recipe to online platforms like Healthy Living and Cooking Light.

And secondly, you can start your own YouTube vlog or a personal blog to publish that recipe and make money through native ads.

And thirdly, you can also launch your own cookbook or eBook and earn a handsome royalty from the final sales amount.


Can you make money with a recipe website?

Yes, you can definitely make money with a recipe site. And there are three primary ways to make money from your recipe website.

First, you’ll make money through native ad exchangers like AdSense. And secondly, you can opt for a paid collab with fellow chefs and recipe makers to share profit with them.

And thirdly, you can opt for brand promotion or affiliate marketing to create a sales or popularity funnel for companies.


Are recipes copyrighted?

Like pomes or paintings, a unique recipe is also an intellectual property that you can claim complete ownership of.

But yes, there are legal ways to do it. You need to contact your local copyright authority to lock your ownership of a particular recipe.

But yes, your recipe should be truly unique to get a copyright on it.



So, these are all the legit places where you can sell recipes online.

Although it is one of the best ways to make money without a job, it is only suited for those with immense attraction to culinary arts.

Besides, you also need to be extra sure about the uniqueness of your recipe to stand out.

So, that’s all for today, folks! Feel free to drop your suggestion and feedback about this article in the comment box below.


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