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15 Places To Sell Sneakers For INSTANT Cash [Top Picks 2024]

There are more than a million sneakerheads in the US alone! If you are one of them, you can now start reselling your shoes to declutter or to get some money for your next pair. But do you know where to sell sneakers for cash?

The digital era has changed everything. Now, you don’t need a huge inventory, an office, a few stuff, your marketing channels, or other variables to start a sneaker reselling business. You can easily do it from home using secondhand online marketplaces.

So, we took a deep dive into the secondhand sneaker industry to filter out the most profitable platforms to resell. But before that, let’s first find out how much you can make this year!


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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How Much Can You Make Selling Sneakers?

The sneaker reselling industry is massive! According to a new report by Grey Journal, it is currently valued at $6 billion. And you can certainly make a great profit from it.

On average, you can expect between 8% to 15% profit for high-end sneakers. Designer sneakers can fetch you up to 50%. If it has a collector’s value, you can even sell it for double the price.

As per the ZipRecruiter report, sneaker resellers make around $83,000/year on average. Highly rated resellers go way beyond that. Do have a look at the video where a reseller made $10,000 fast by selling used sneakers.

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Where To Sell Sneakers For Cash Near Me?

There are plenty of options, but not every option is a safe bet and pays you the same. So, we got you covered! Here are our top picks if you want to sell sneakers for cash this year!


1. Flyp

Homepage of Flyp to flip your sneaker


Selling shoes is a hectic job, and I first came to know about Flyp when I tried to sell sneakers for cash near me. It is the best AI-driven marketplace that can automate up to 90% of your shoe reselling work. It also offers an analytical dashboard and cross-lister for free.

Flyp is where you can make money without paying anything, and the process is simple.

  1. After opening a free account, you’ll be automatically matched with a pro-seller.
  2. Send your shoes to your partner seller.
  3. The pro will take photos, list your shoes, and sell those online through Flyp.

Charges And Commissions: Depending on the final value, you’ll get between 40% and 60% profit sharing. This platform will also charge a flat 5% service fee on top of that.

Note: Flyp actually offers flipping business support, which is not an easy thing to learn. But with this free flipping course + workshop, you can build a six-figure flipping business from scratch.

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2. Poshmark

Sales page of Poshmark


With more than 80 million global users and 200+ million listings, Poshmark is the ultimate answer if you ask where I can sell my Jordans for cash. It focuses on high-end brands and offers a free authentication service on expensive sneakers.

How It Works:

  • Take some photos, write a short description, fix a price, and list it for free.
  • Once your shoe sells, you’ll get a prepaid shipping label.
  • Stick it to the sneaker box and drop it at your nearby USPS mailbox.

Charges: It will charge $2.95 if your shoe sells for under $15. Above that, they will take 20% of the final amount.

Payout: You’ll get your payment within three days of selling your shoes unless there is a dispute.

20% commission is a bit on the higher side, as many sites like Poshmark offer much lower commissions.


3. Mercari

Mercari - sell sneakers for cash


Launched in 2013, Mercari is a Japanese community-driven e-commerce giant where you can sell used prom dresses, high-end shoes, luxury watches, and many more. Nike, Adidas, Yeezy, and Jordan sneakers are among the bestsellers.

Listing Process: Open a free account, upload some HD snaps, write a brief description of your sneaker, fix an asking rate, and upload it live.

Shipping Process: Plenty of shipping options are available! You can also get a prepaid shipping label from Mercari, which is 30% cheaper than other methods.

Charges & Commissions: It will charge a flat 10% fee on your final amount. You also need to pay 2.9% + $0.30/product as payment processing fees.

Payout: If your shoe sells within three days of listing, they will directly deposit your money into your ACH account. Beyond that time frame, you’ll get the Mercari balance in the next business day.

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4. OfferUp

Snap and sell sneakers using OfferUp website


I trusted OfferUp when I tried to sell sneakers near me, as it gave me the best price for my old Yeezy. It merged with Letgo in 2020 to become one of the most popular apps for selling clothes and shoes online.

Benefits of OfferUp:

  1. Listing a used sneaker takes just 30 seconds.
  2. Ship nationwide with prepaid shipping labels.
  3. Complete seller’s protection.

Unique Features: You can connect your FB handle to your OfferUp account to start instant messaging with your potential buyer. Buyers can also give you ratings to improve your trustworthiness.

Fees: You need to pay a flat 12.9% commission on the final selling price and no other charges.


5. Craigslist

Home page of Craigslist in the New York City location


You don’t need to pay any commission or listing fees to sell your sneakers through Craigslist. It is also the best option if you want to sell locally, avoiding all the packing and shipping troubles.

How It Works:

  • Step 1: Take HD snaps of your sneaker, write a short description and asking rate, and upload it.
  • Step 2: List it under the “clothes + accessories” section.
  • Step 3: Choose your target area (city/state) and publish it.

Note: Craigslist is full of scammers (personal experience!). So, choose a secure and public place to meet and greet your buyer. Don’t accept checks, gift cards, or store credit (red flags!).

There are several sites like Craigslist also available where you can list your sneaker and sell it to local buyers.


6. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace page in the New York city


From boats to penthouses, from AirPods to Ferraris, you must have seen all the listings on Facebook Marketplace. But I found it even more interesting when I tried to sell Jordans for cash near me.

There are many ways to start a business without investment. But FB marketplace is truly the best bet for sneaker resellers if they want to start from scratch.

Selling Process:

  • Login to your FB account and head to Marketplace.
  • Click on the “+Create new listing” button.
  • Write a short description, upload photos (at least 4 to 6), and publish it.
  • Connect with local buyers and complete the F2F deal.

Caution: Always opt for F2F deals in secured (and reliable) locations. Don’t agree if your buyer chooses any shipping methods or wants to pay after getting your sneaker.

Bonus: There are many more ways to make money on Facebook, don’t miss your chance!

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7. eBay

Landing page of eBay for shoe resellers


Since 1995, eBay has provided resellers with the best platform to sell sneakers for cash. It has a vast worldwide audience and two different selling models.

  • Auction: List your shoes for auction, and the highest bidder gets the sneakers (great for high-end and designer shoes).
  • Direct Sales: Fix a price and opt for direct sales through eBay (good for streetwear and mid-range shoes).

Not just sneakers, eBay gives you a great platform to sell unusual items, such as selling beanie babies, online. And the fees are also on the lower side compared to other e-commerce giants.

  • Under $100 sneakers: 11.70% (for store sellers) and 12.55% (for non-store sellers)
  • Over $100 sneakers: 7% (for store sellers) and 8% (for non-store sellers)

If you want to sell your sneakers outside the US, a 1.65% international fee will be added on top of that.



Homepage of GOAT


GOAT is undoubtedly the best place to sell sneakers, especially if it is from any high-end brand like Armani, Gucci, Prada, St. Laurent, and Balenciaga. It is focused on premium users and sneaker collectors all over the world.

Selling on GOAT is not an easy job, as you need to get approval first. But the positive side; you will get a much better price for your sneakers.

You can’t sell your sneakers without the box or the tag, as you need the SKU number to list and authenticate your shoes. And the commission fee will vary depending on your seller’s rating.

  • 90 and above rating: 9.5% commission (lowest slab)
  • 70 to 89 rating: 15% commission
  • 50 to 69 rating: 20% commission
  • Below 50 rating: 25% commission (highest slab)

Seller Fee: This fee will depend on your location and starts from $5/shoe if you live in the US.


9. Grailed

Homepage of Grailed if you want to sell used shoes for cash


Grailed is among the best sites like Depop, where you can sell your sneakers for attractive prices. But your sneakers must be in mint condition with the box pack and tags. There are four different categories to list your shoes here.

  • Grailed: High-end and designer shoes (like Prada and Christian Louboutin)
  • Hype: Streetwear and in-trend shoes (like Air Jordan and Supreme)
  • Sartorial: Classic menswear and shoes (like Tom Ford and Achilles)
  • Core: Midrange and mass-market shoes (like Reebok and New Balance)

Unique Features:

  • In-house authentication: Grailed will authenticate your sneaker for free and will verify your listing.
  • Chat option: Potential buyers can directly message you to give you an offer or to communicate further.

Fees: You need to pay a 9% seller fee on your final price. A 3.49% + $0.49 (US) or 4.99% + $0.49 (international) payment processing fee will be added on top of that.

Shipping: You need to ship on your own and provide the tracking information.

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10. StockX

Landing page of StockX


I found StockX when I was looking for the best apps to sell Jordans near me. If it is high-end or collectible, you can sell it on StockX. But if you want to sell mass-market or mid-range sneakers, it is surely not the right one.

How It Works:

  • Step 1: Create a free listing, upload HD photos, and highlight your sneaker’s USP and collectible value.
  • Step 2: Once anyone buys it, you’ll get a prepaid shipping label.
  • Step 3: Ship it to the StockX warehouse.
  • Step 4: In-house team will authenticate your sneaker, ship it to the actual buyer, and you get paid.

Fees and commissions: StockX charges a flat 3% processing fee on the final price. You also need to pay a transaction fee between 8% and 10% on top of that. However, level-4 and 5 sellers get a 2% discount on their total seller fees.


11. Vestiaire Collective

Homepage of Vestiaire Collective


Vestiaire Collective acquired Tradesy in March 2022 to become the biggest secondhand luxury marketplace in the US. And now you can sell sneakers for cash to more than 23 million users from all over the world.

Benefits of selling on Vestiaire Collective:

  • Listing is super easy and takes less than a minute (just a few photos and a short description).
  • Listing, shipping, and payment processing are completely free.
  • All sales are final without any option of return or refund for buyers.

Profit Sharing: Depending on your seller’s rating and the price of the sneaker, you can take up to 85% of the asking price.

Shipping: Shipping is borne by buyers, and you’ll get a prepaid shipping label.

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Other Places To Sell Your Sneakers/Jordans Near You

There are many other options available besides trusted e-commerce platforms where you can sell sneakers for cash. Here are our top four selections that you can trust.


12. Online Sneaker Stores

Home page of sole supremacy website to sell sneakers


If you have a mint-conditioned or gently used sneaker to declutter, sneaker-focused online retail stores will be your best bet to make extra money. Our top recommendations are:

You can easily get around 60% to 85% profit sharing while selling through these online sneaker stores. These sites also offer seller protection and faster payment processing.


13. Consignment stores

Consignment stores are modern-day flea markets where you can buy or sell almost anything, not just sneakers! You can buy or rent a transparent box at your nearby consignment store to display your sneakers for sale.

There are three parameters for selling your sneaker at a consignment store:

  • At least 18 years old with valid citizenship.
  • A government-recognized ID or driving license.
  • Your sneakers need to be in great condition.

Although many of these stores are available in the US (Some are available in multiple cities), here are our top recommendations for any sneakerhead.


14. Retail stores near you

Listing, promoting, shipping, and then getting paid is undoubtedly a tough (read messy!) job. But those are inseparable parts of online reselling. If you don’t want that, you can surely opt for your nearby sneaker retail stores.

Many retail stores in the US offer attractive prices for high-end and designer sneakers. Besides, many retail stores also buy collectible and vintage sneakers. But the only downside; many retail stores offer store credit rather than hard cash.

Note: Many retail stores nowadays also offer high-paying mystery shopper jobs where you can easily make between $20 and $35/hour.


15. Instagram

Instagram can be a great option if you want to sell sneakers for cash. But having just one or two won’t work here, as you need a fair stock to flaunt in front of your IG followers.

Selling through your IG handle is easy. You need to just make a business account (to get a professional dashboard), upload photos of your sneaker with proper hashtags, and get noticed by fellow members.

Shipping or F2F deal, you can choose any option to close the sale. You also don’t need to pay any fees or commissions to anyone.

Bonus: Making a business IG page can be highly profitable if you choose the right path. So, don’t miss our detailed guide on Instagram blogging to start a new career.


Tips For Selling Sneakers For Cash Near Me

Collecting and reselling sneakers is surely among the best money-making hobbies that pay. But to fetch the highest price for your used sneakers, you surely need to follow some steps.

  • Clean and polish: Clean your shoes with mild soap or shoe shampoos. Don’t forget to polish it with mild agents to revive the shine of your shoe. Make it as presentable as possible.
  • Take multiple HD photos: Use a DSLR or a good smartphone to capture high-quality snaps of your sneaker from different angles. You can also retouch it using image editing tools.
  • Back it with great descriptions: Be clear and short! Don’t forget to mention all the major details, such as the color, brand, size, current condition, and collectible value of your sneaker.
  • Stick to competitive pricing: Search for similar sneakers on different e-commerce sites to get an idea about the pricing offered by your competitor. It is better to stick to that range to ensure faster sales.
  • Offer Discount: Use the hike-slash strategy where you stick to a bit higher price but then offer a great discount to slash it down. It is bound to attract customers, as discounts are great!




It is easy to sell sneakers for cash, especially if you have a collector’s value for them. High-end and designer sneakers sell the best on auction sites. But for mid-range products, you can rely on secondhand online marketplaces.

If you have a mass-market or low-range sneaker, it is better to sell it locally at any retail store or consignment store to get some quick cash.


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