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16 Places To Sell Used Bikes Online & Offline [For Instant Cash]

Are you tired of riding the same bike? Are you looking for an upgrade and want to get rid of your damaged bike? If yes, there are plenty of options available where you can sell used bikes, and that too, for an attractive price!

Craigslist and FB Marketplace are indeed the best bet where you can sell it off or trade with local people. There are many other online marketplaces and forums also available that specialize in buying and selling used bikes.

But not every website or app is trusted! And you won’t get the price you are expecting for your bike from every marketplace.

So, we got you covered. Without wasting any more time, let’s open pandora’s box.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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Where To Sell Used Bikes Online?

There are hundreds of websites and apps available where you can sell used bikes. But not every platform is trusted and offers you the same price.

So here are our best recommendations to sell your used bike for the best price possible.


1. Goodbye Cycle

sell used bikes


I first came to know about Goodbye Cycle when I needed money now. It is an amazing company that accepts mountain and road bikes from high-end cycle manufacturers. Selling your bike through this website is a straightforward process.

  • Step 1: Visit Goodbye Cycle and fill up the online form.
  • Step 2: Upload HD images of your bike.
  • Step 3: You’ll receive an offer within 24 hours.
  • Step 4: If you accept the offer, just choose a shipping pethood, pay the charge, and dispatch the shipment.
  • Step 5: Get paid (PayPal/Check).

You don’t need to pay any fees, such as listing fees or service charges, to sell your bike through this site, as you need to just pay the shipping fees. And this company offers two shipping methods.

  • FedEx Ground ($49): Measure the weight and dimensions of the box. Goodbye Cycle will email you a shipping label. Print the label, stick it to the box, and drop it at your nearby FedEx warehouse.
  • FedEx Ground Pickup ($59): If you don’t have a FedEx warehouse nearby, Goodbye Cycle will arrange a pickup facility from your home.

Note: These two methods only work for standard models and boxes. If your package is too big, you may need to pay an additional $40 as an overhead charge.

Goodbye Cycle will let you know about the actual shipping cost at the time they generate your label.


2. Bike Exchange

sell used bikes


Bike Exchange is another great platform to sell used bikes. And no matter what cycle you have in whatever condition, this company has a customer for everyone. All you need is to upload some images with short descriptions to highlight the brand and the condition of your cycle.

Listing Fees: You need to pay a listing fee between $9.95 and $29.95, depending on the actual price of your bike.

Once paid, it will be listed on this website for 60 days, and you can edit your listing as many times as you want. After that period, you can re-list your bike for 50% of the original listing fee.

Other Charges: If you get any customer through this site, you need to pay a flat 10% commission on the actual selling price plus a merchant fee.

You can charge the buyer some extra to cover the fees of packing and shipping.

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3. Bicycle Blue Book

sell used bikes


I got to know about Bicycle Blue Book while searching for a bike exchange near me.

Although it was actually intended to let people know about the actual worth of their bike, you can now even directly sell or exchange your bike. And there are three ways to do that.

  • Instant Payout: Receive an offer within 24 hours of creating a free listing. If you accept, you’ll be paid through PayPal.
  • Marketplace: Create a listing and head-on for a P2P deal.
  • Trade-In Program: Get store credit for selling your bike, which you can use to get your new bike later.

You don’t need to pay any listing fee, although the shipping charge is on the higher side. Depending on the volume and weight, the shipping charge may vary between $85 and $150.

But if you are using the marketplace, you can include that shipping charge in your asking price to cover it.


4. Pink Bike

Pink Bike


With more than 700,000 bikers, Pink Bike is among the largest biking community right now. And I first found this community when I first searched for where can I sell my bicycle for cash.

You can directly sell your cycle, spare parts, and accessories to like-minded bikers. However, as you are dealing with fellow bikers with proper knowledge, be prepared to get into a tough negotiation. But the good this that you are most likely not going to get any lowball offers.

And the bad thing is that this company will not mediate even if you get scammed (although the chance is pretty low).

You need to follow a simple process to sell your bike through this amazing biking community.

  • Step 1: Sign up (It is free + takes just two minutes).
  • Step 2: Click on the “Post Ad” button.
  • Step 3: Upload HD images of your bike and write a short description.
  • Step 4: Publish your listing and get noticed.

Once any customer shows interest in buying your bike, clarify every detail, such as the shipping cost and who is bearing it. And always ask for an upfront payment through PayPal to eliminate the risk of getting scammed.


5. The Pro’s Closet

sell used bikes


If you still don’t know who buys used bicycles, you must’ve never heard of The Pro’s Closet. It is the largest online marketplace for used high-end bikes in the USA.

Most bikes sold through this website are worth more than $1,500 on average. And there are two ways to sell your cycle.

  • Final Sale: Directly sell your bike for cash.
  • Trade-Ins: Trade your bike for another or get store credit.

If you choose to sell your bike for cash or store credit, you need to follow some simple steps after signing up for free.

  • Step 1: Sign up, upload at least 2 HD images, and give basic info (year of purchase, brand, and variant).
  • Step 2: Receive an offer within 24 hours. If you accept it, you’ll be emailed a prepaid shipping label.
  • Step 3: Stick that label in the package and ship it.
  • Step 4: Once they receive it, an in-house team will then inspect your bike.
  • Step 5: Your payment will be finalized if the inspection is satisfactory.
  • Step 5: You can choose between PayPal transfer, online store credit for The Pro’s Closet, and offline store credit for your nearest TradeUp shop and get paid!

This company has been in this business for a very long time, and you are likely to get the best offer from them. And there is no shipping charge or listing fees involved as well.


6. Bicycle Czar

sell used bikes


There are two great things about Bicycle Czar. First, it has a physical store at 24 10th street, Santa Rosa, California, where you can directly take your cycle and sell it off immediately. And second, they will take your bike even if it’s broken.

If you live nearby, you can call them directly at 707-540-1728 to book an appointment beforehand. And there are two things you can do with your used bike.

  • Sell For Cash: Take your bike to the shop, get inspected, receive an offer instantly, and walk out with hard cash.
  • Trade For Upgrade: You can trade off your used one for a new one.

This shop has a huge inventory of high-end mountain and city bikes. If you need those, it is better to trade your old one rather than sell it for just cash.


7. BikeSoup

sell used cycles


Do you know close to 100,000 bike lovers visit the BikeSoup website looking for their next bike each month? Yes, it is a very popular platform where you can sell off your high-end bikes for attractive prices.

  • Listing Fees: Signing up is free, although you need to pay £9.99 per advert (around $12.5) listing fee.
  • Shipping Charges: Find a suitable shipping company on your own or ask BikeSoup to generate a prepaid shipping label.
  • Insurance: Choose their SHERPR shipping method, and you” get free insurance up to $650.

This company has recently collaborated with SHERPR. And for just $50, BikeSoup can send you a bike shipping box (reusable) with large polyurethane bags, styrene blocks, foam piping, cable ties, and duct tape.


8. Reddit

Yes, not many people (even bike lovers) know that Reddit is a great platform to sell used bikes. And not just bikes; you can even sell Pokémon cards or even antiques through this online forum.

You can become a member of a subreddit called r/cycling and start posting your offer for other fellow members (beware, don’t spam, as this subreddit is highly moderated).

You can also list your bike for sale on r/BikeShop, which is a classified subreddit to list and sell your used bikes for free.

The best thing about Reddit is that you don’t need to pay anything to anyone, as you are on your own, from packing to shipping.


Who Buys Used Bikes Near Me?

Not everyone is comfortable selling their stuff online, as many people prefer to sell it locally and get paid instantly. So, here are our top recommendations for selling used bikes locally.


9. Sell at Local Pawn Shops

A few months ago, I was wondering who buys used bikes near me. Then I figured out that even my local pawn shops do that, although they gave me a pretty lowball (read silly!) offer. But in general, pawn shops are great if you need quick cash.

You can find pawn shops in almost every city in the United States. And not just bikes or bike accessories, you can even sell used DVDs and Blu-ray in these shops. Some other items that you can sell off at your local pawn shop are:

  • Antiques and vintage items
  • Collectibles and mementos
  • Jewelry and precious stones
  • Watches, shades, and designer clothing
  • Furniture and home décor

You can easily locate your nearby pawn shop by googling “pawn shop <city name/zip code>” or “pawn shop <locality>” and then visiting those stores to get an instant quote for your used bike. But be prepared to bargain hard to get the best price possible.


11. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace


If you don’t want to ship your cycle and sell it locally, Facebook Marketplace is the best option. And not just bikes; there are hundreds of best-selling items on the FB marketplace from where you can make a profit.

Selling through this marketplace is free, and you don’t need anything other than your existing FB account. It also has a pretty simple process.

  • Step 1: Log in to your FB account and head to the marketplace.
  • Step 2: Click on the “Create new listing” button and write a detailed description.
  • Step 3: Upload HD photos (We recommend 4-6 photos from different angles).
  • Step 4: Publish the listing for free and get noticed.

The best thing about the FB marketplace is that you don’t need to pay any listing fee or sales commission. But there is a downside as well! FB is heavily populated by scammers who can exploit you. So, be prepared to face real-world challenges.

Note: As you proceed with a F2F deal, select a place where you feel safe, but not your home (as it will reveal your address). And be prepared for a hard bargain!

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10. Play It Again Sports

Play it again sports


Not just for selling used bikes, Play It Again Sports is a great platform to sell or trade anything related to sports.

From bikes to playing kits, from jerseys to team caps, you can list and sell any sporting items. And now, you can also sell used shoes online through this site.

All you need is to take your bike to the nearest shop of Play It Again Sports. The store manager will inspect your bike based on the current market demand and the actual condition of your bike.

If they like it, they will give you an instant offer. And if you like it, you can walk off with hard cash.

You can quickly locate your nearby store by visiting the store locator of Play It Again Sports.


12. Craigslist


Besides FB, Craigslist is another hugely popular platform where you can list and sell used bikes for free. And not just this one; there are several sites like Craigslist that work in a similar fashion.

It is actually a classified website where you can list and sell almost anything. But things like used bikes, fitness equipment, sporting accessories, and playing kits sell the best on this site.

You don’t even need to open an account, as you can post it as a guest. You can also add photos to your listing to get more eyes. Don’t forget to mention your phone number or email ID through which potential buyers can contact you.

When someone contacts you, be prepared to answer questions and get ready for a hard bargain!

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13. OfferUp

Most people consider OfferUp among the best apps to sell used clothes online. But not just clothes; you can actually sell almost anything, starting from your used bike to its accessories and even spare parts that you don’t use anymore.

You need to first download the OfferUP app on your smartphone (available for both Android and iOS) and open a free account.

You can then create a free listing by uploading some high-quality images of your bike in its current condition.

Other users in your locality can directly connect with you through this app and negotiate the price.

OfferUp also has pre-approved meeting places for F2F deals in almost every major city in the United States to ensure a safe and secured deal.

You can even sell your bike through the app without having a F2F meeting, where the buyers will pay you through their credit or debit card.

Charges: You don’t need to pay any listing fee. However, it will charge a flat 12.9% commission as service fees on your final sales amount.


14. 5Miles



5Miles is another great platform to sell used bikes. It works very similarly to OfferUp, and you can sell your used bike locally. And not just bikes; you can actually sell almost anything through this site, as it has multiple categories of listing.

Once you create an account on this platform, you can list your bike for free. Interested buyers in your locality can then connect with you, negotiate, and pay you upfront through this website.

After the deal is locked, you need to then arrange a shipment or can close the deal F2F.

Like OfferUp, 5Miles also have pre-approved meeting places that they call S.E.A.L (Safe Exchange Area Locations). And you can find at least one S.E.A.L in every major city in the USA.

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15. eBay



eBay is still hugely popular, especially in the USA, even after the dominance of other eCommerce giants like Amazon and Wayfair. And there are several most profitable crafts to sell on eBay that still guarantees a decent profit.

Opening an account here is super simple, as you can do it with your existing Google account. And once you get a seller’s account, you can list up to 200 items each month for free.

Selling models: There are two selling methods to choose from. First, you can proceed with the direct sales by quoting your asking rate while listing your used bike. And second, you can list it for an online auction where the highest bidder gets your bike.

Listing fees and other charges: As we have said, you list up to 200 items each month for free. After that, you need to pay a very small fee. But eBay will charge you a flat 12.9% commission on the final sales price of your used bike.


16. SidelineSwap

sell used bikes


From BMX to mountain bikes, from city tourers to downhill cycles, you can list and sell almost any bike you want on SidelineSwap.

How It Works:

  • Step 1: Create a free account and list your used bike.
  • Step 2: Upload HD-quality images with short taglines.
  • Step 3: Once anyone buys your bike, you will get a prepaid shipping label emailed to you.
  • Step 4: Pack your bike, print that label, stick it to the pack, and ship it.
  • Step 5: After the buyer receives your item, you’ll get paid.

Charges And Commissions:

  • Listing Fees: You don’t need to pay anything to list your used bike.
  • Seller’s Fees: A flat 12% on the final selling value for the first five items and then 9% from the 6th item onwards.
  • Payment Processing Fees: An additional 3% on the final price.
  • Shipping Fees: The buyer will bear the shipping cost.

Note: This website also has a dedicated guideline and video tutorial for disassembling, packing, and shipping your used bike.


Tips For Selling your Used Bike Fast

The online selling process is a bit complicated and needs a lot of care and practice to achieve perfection. But we got you covered! Here are the steps you must follow before you sell used bikes online.


Step 1 – Repair Your Bike

The basic rule is simple! If your bike is in perfect condition, it will sell like a hotcake. So before you proceed with anything, fix it. Remove all the worn-out or damaged parts and replace them with new or mildly used ones.

You can even proceed with repainting if the original painting is heavily Damaged.


Step 2 – Clean It Up

Which shines sells fine! Yes, your bike needs a thorough clean-up before it actually hits the second-hand marketplace.

Photos of your bike will play a significant role. And you’ll get the best photos if your bike is clean, properly tuned, and free from any rust.


Step 3 – Take HD Photos

As you’ll proceed online, you need the best photos of your bike to lure potential buyers. So, once you fix and clean your bike, take HD-quality images with a DSLR or a good mobile camera.

It is better to take photos from different angles. You also need to take pictures of different parts, such as wheels, chains, and accessories.

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Step 4 – Write Catchy Headlines And Descriptions

An in-depth description with the right tags and headlines can effectively help you to rank higher on search results. And you’ll get more eyes if you show up in the first three places in the search result.

So, curate your description in such a way that it consists of all the major details of your bike, such as its maker, year of purchase, any accessories you added later, and so on!


Step 5 – Be Clear About Your Bike

Don’t make false promises! Be honest with your buyer if you want to proceed with a good deal. If you have any damage, paint job, rust, or any other issues with your bike, be clear about it. Don’t hide it in your photo or in the description.

If you hide any issues, the buyer can easily raise a dispute and get you banned from the online platform in no time.


Step 6 – Stay Away From Scammers

If the buyer wants to pay you after he/she receives the item, it’s a red flag! If the buyer wants to pay you through other methods than the platform you are using is supporting, it’s definitely a red flag. And there are hundreds of different ways to scam.

So, always look for red flags and proceed only with websites offering seller protection and upfront payment.

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How Do I Price My Used Bike?

Pricing your bike accurately is absolutely mandatory if you want to sell it online. If you ask for too much, your bike won’t sell fast. And if you ask for too little, the loss is all yours.

So, here are the two best methods to properly evaluate the selling price of your bike.


Method 1: Look For The Market Value

It is best to check the current market value of your used bike before you fix any price for it. You can search for your bike (or a similar one) on platforms like eBay or Bike Exchange through the exact model number.

Take note of the price that other people are quoting on these platforms and fix the price of your bike somewhat similar. You can also ask directly from other members of online bike forums and on Reddit to get an estimate.


Method 2: Go With The Depreciation Formula

You can use three main factors to evaluate the current price of your bike using the depreciation model.

And those are the current age of your bike, its current condition, and its life expectancy. It can be done in a few simple steps.

  • Step 1: Find the actual price (MRP) of the bike you are using (You can also get it from the invoice or look for the same model on e-commerce sites).
  • Step 2: Determine your bike’s life expectancy in its original form (Approximately a mountain bike or a BMX one will last for 5 to 6 years, whereas a city tourer can last for up to 10 years).
  • Step 3: Calculate the per-year depreciation amount by dividing the original price of the bike by its life expectancy. [If the price is $500 and the life expectancy is 5 years, the per-year depreciation value will be ($500/5) = $100]
  • Step 4: Multiply the per-year depreciation value by the exact age of your bike to get the total depreciation value. [If the per-year depreciation value is $100 and you have used the bike for 3 years, the total depreciation value will be ($100 x 3) = $300]
  • Step 5: Finally, take out the total depreciation value from its original price to get the current market price. [If the original price is $500 and the total depreciation value is $300, the current market value of your bike is ($500 – $300) = $200]

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Sell Used Bikes – User Reviews

You can also find the best place to trade off or sell used bikes by asking for the recommendations of fellow cyclists. I personally prefer Reddit (both r/Cycling and r/BikeShop). And here are some user reviews that I found interesting.

BagelMaster says: “Online Swap Meet on Facebook is where I sell and buy my used gear. If you’d like, you can specify local pickup, but most bike shops will pack and box your bike for a small fee, and shipping via BikeFlights is awesome.”

Abercrombezie says: “Lowball offers are usually from resellers and pawn shops.”

InevitableNo2689 says:“Fb marketplace. Craigslist. Pinkbike. Bicycle blue book. Lbs.”

ifuckedup13 says: “ has a good buy/sell section, but it is geared towards mtn bikes.”




There are many websites, apps, and even local stores available where you can sell or trade off your old bike.

But always look for recommendations from previous or existing sellers to be confident about the platform or shop. It is also better to ask for recommendations on social media platforms.

So, these are all the options we have if you want to sell used bikes. If you know about any other website or app where anyone can sell or exchange their bikes (probably for free or a minimal charge), don’t forget to let us know in the comment segment.


FAQs On Selling Used Bikes


How can I sell my used bike fast?

Online and offline marketplaces are the best places where you can sell your bike pretty fast and get instant cash. Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and OfferUp are surely the best among all.

If you are looking for some quick cash, your local pawn shop will be the perfect place.


Who buys used bikes near me?

Pawn shops, second-hand bike shops, and adventure shops are the places if you want to sell your bike locally.

You can also use online platforms like FB Marketplace and Craigslist to find local buyers of used bikes.


How can I exchange my old bike near me?

You can try to put an exchange ad on FB Marketplace and Craigslist. You can even go to your city subreddit and post an exchange offer for fellow citizens.

If you have a Bike Exchange or The Pro’s Closet shop nearby, they can also exchange it. And for people in California, Bicycle Czar will be the best option for old bike exchange.


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