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15 Places To Sell Used DVDs & CDs For Extra Cash (2024 Update)

We all have our old stash of DVDs and CDs in our house, which we don’t use nowadays. Isn’t it? And in the age of Netflix and Amazon Prime, do you really think you will use those DVDs again?

So, it will definitely be a great decision to sell used DVDs ASAP to make some money out of those.

Although many people think that the Gen-Y are more into DVDs and Blu-Rays, the real fact can shock you.

According to a 2019 report by CNBC, the total sales of DVDs dropped from $16.3 billion to just $2.2 billion between 2005 and 2018.

But do you know the real reason behind this enormous sales drop?

It is mainly due to the entry of OTT platforms and the domination of YouTube and other video-sharing platforms. But, there are still people who look for good DVDs.

Trust me; you will only get the actual price of your old DVDs and vintage CDs if you can find the real connoisseur of those items. But, it isn’t easy to find those people without knowing the right way to search.

And, there are very few people who can guide to in the right direction. So, to help you with this, here goes our complete guide to selling used DVDs.


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Useful Tips To Sell Used DVDs At The Right Price

People tend to bargain a lot while buying an old item. Besides, websites that buy old stuff often tend to lower prices than the current market rate.

But, there are ways to make a profit and stick with the right price while selling your old DVDs.

  • Do Online Research: Check out the current value of the item from online marketplaces. Besides, you should check the current resale price of your DVDs.
  • Let Them Pay For Shipping: Don’t pay for shipping your old DVD. If you do that, you will lose a significant portion of your profit as a shipping charge. So, stick with those who pay for shipping.
  • Make A Fair Deal: Don’t hide any issues related to your DVDs from your buyer. If you have any scratches on those, they will eventually get rejected. So, you can save time just by telling the truth.
  • Keep It In Good Shape: Keep your DVDs in a proper manner. Always remember that the old DVDs that still have the original artwork can fetch you a higher rate.

So, these are the things you need to consider before selling any old items, not just DVDs. But, you definitely need to compare the quotation from several websites to know about the best price.


Start Flipping Used DVDs For Profit

Selling used DVDs through flipping is another great way to make quick cash. All you need to do is sell them directly to online marketplaces like eBay or Etsy.

But, you need to have a steady stock of old DVDs and CDs to make a profit on a regular basis. And to do that, you need to purchase those from yard sales or other discount stores.

Flipping is all about buying old items for a lower price and then selling them online for a great price. But, there are many tricks you need to learn to maximize your profit.

And to help you with this, Rob & Melissa Stephenson of Flipper University launched a course to give you a step-by-step guide to success.

So, join this flipping course today to make money from the flipping business.

However, you need to know about the right platforms where you can sell used DVDs for the best prices. But, it is not easy to find them.

And to help you with this here goes our complete list of online marketplaces and other options.

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Best Places To Sell Used DVDs


1. Decluttr

Probably the most popular place to sell used DVDs, Decluttr, assures the best rate in the market. Besides Blu-ray and DVD, you can also sell your used textbooks and gaming CDs.

Moreover, this website now also offers an unbeatable price for old smartphones, tablets, and even gaming consoles. Recently, this company also launched iOS and Android apps.

Selling old items on this website is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is scan the barcode of your DVDs or other electronic items to get an instant quote.

Once you agree to that rate, the website will pay you directly through your PayPal account the next day. It will also give you a shipping label as you don’t need to spend a single penny on the shipment of your product.

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2. Music Magpie

It is one of the most popular websites in the UK to sell old electronic items. Although you can sell books and tech items on this website, Music Magpie mainly deals with DVDs, CDs, Blu-Rays, and games.

This company is also known for giving the best price for smartphones and other handheld mobile devices.

It also has a unique app for both iOS and Android that makes the selling procedure really simple.

The app comes with a barcode scanner with which you can scan and get an instant quote for your old items.

However, you need to have a minimum valuation of five bucks to sell on this platform. This company currently pays through direct bank transfers and checks.

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3. Eagle Saver

Another best place to sell used DVDs, Eagle Saver, only accepts products that are kept in mint condition. So, you need to ensure the quality of the product before you can sell any old items on this platform.

Selling on this platform is also pretty easy as you just need to scan the barcode of your CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and PS4 games to get an instant price.

You don’t need to spend a single penny for the shipment of your product to their warehouse. This company currently provides a free pickup of your item through FedEx and USPS.

Once you ship the item after agreeing to the price, you will directly receive the payment through PayPal transfer or paper check.


4. Bonavendi

Although it is not a direct selling platform, Bonavendi finds you the best rate for your old electronic items by comparing the price from twenty different selling platforms.

It has a unique search engine that instantly analyses your item and finds the best available rate. And once you are happy with the quote from any vendor, you can directly sell that item through this platform.

There are two ways to get the best price for your old DVDs. First, you can manually enter the 12-digit barcode of your product.

Or secondly, you can download the mobile app and then directly scan the barcode. Once it finds the best price, you can then directly contact the seller to proceed with the shipping and payment procedure.


5. FYE

Formerly known as SecondSpin, FYE is one of the largest retail platforms for old DVDs, CDs, and computer games. Recently, it has also started accepting Blu-Ray discs.

However, there are specific criteria that you need to fulfill if you want to sell on this platform. First, your items should be in mint condition. And second, it should have the original artwork intact.

If you have any writing on the cover or have scratches on the case, you will get a much lesser price than usual. Like most other buy-sell websites of this genre, you can also scan the barcode of your old DVDs to get the price.

And this company will send you the amount directly through bank transfer, PayPal deposit, or paper checks.


6. Sell DVDs Online

As the name itself suggests, Sell DVDs Online specializes in DVDs, although you can sell your CDs and Blu-Rays too. However, your DVD or CD should not have any scratches if you want to get the best price.

If you have it in almost new condition, you will get the best rate from this website. Right now, this company accepts movies, music, and games.

You can easily get the final quote after scanning the UPC barcode. And once you are agreed with the rate, you will need to ship the product.

This company will then process your payment within three business days of receiving your items. You can receive your payment through several methods like PayPal deposits and direct bank transfers.


7. Ziffit

If you are looking for a legit place to sell used DVDs, Ziffit can be the ideal option for you. We often get free movies with our new television sets or free games with our new gaming consoles.

But most of the time, we get bored with those. But now, you can make pretty good money by selling those items on this website.

You need to either scan the barcode through the website. Or, you can also download the mobile app to scan it directly. After that, it will give you an instant quote for your items.

Once you are happy with the price, you can lock the deal and send the item. This company will initiate the payment after receiving the item.


8. CeX

From DVDs to CDs, from Blu-Rays to games, you can sell almost anything electronic on this unique platform called CeX. Besides, it assures a much better rate than other websites of this genre.

However, your item should be kept in almost new condition to fetch the best rate from this website. A scratch on the original artwork can give you a lower rate than the market.

Selling items on this website is pretty straightforward. You first need to either manually enter the barcode or can directly scan it to get the price.

After agreeing with the price, you then need to send the item to its warehouse. This company currently pays through several methods like direct bank transfers and PayPal deposits.


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9. Craigslist

One of the well-known platforms to buy or sell old items, Craigslist mainly works in local markets. So, you will only get the customer from your own locality.

But it works in quite a different manner than the websites we have mentioned earlier. You can quote your own asking price on this website. Besides, you can also deliver the item directly.

Selling on this platform is very easy, as you first need to open a free account. And then, you need to take some good pictures of your old DVDs or CDs and then list those on this website.

Don’t forget to quote your price. However, you should be ready to have a little bargain with the customers.


10. Amazon

There are two ways to sell used DVDs on Amazon. First, there are several buyback vendors listed with this eCommerce platform where you can sell and directly get the payment for your items.

But it should be in an almost new condition to get the buyback price. Any scratch or damage will give you a lower rate.

Secondly, this website has a unique trade-in option where you can use your old DVDs and CDs to buy newer ones.

However, you will get a significantly lower price than the market if you trade in through this platform.

But there is an advantage; you will get an instant quote and receive a direct payment if you opt for this.

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11. Gamestop

It works in quite a similar fashion, like Amazon. But, Gamestop specializes in DVDs, CDs, Blu-Rays, and computer games. They are also open to gaming consoles and other handheld devices.

You can also sell your old PS4 and Xbox games through this unique platform. Besides, you can get an unbeatable price if you have retro games like contra or monkey king.

This company has an offline presence through retail stores in several countries besides having a website. You can also directly visit your nearby stores to trade in real-time.

There are two ways to get money. First, you can get direct cash through PayPal or bank deposits. And second, you can get an in-store balance by which you can purchase other items.

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12. eBay

You can not only just sell used DVDs but can sell almost any item through eBay. One of the oldest and most trusted buy-sell platforms in the world, this company can fetch you a much higher price for your DVDs and CDs.

You will get the best price if you have old games and retro collections. People tend to buy these items from eBay as rare antique items.

Selling through this platform is also pretty simple. You first need to create a free account on this website. Once you get the approval, you can then directly list your item.

But don’t forget to take some good pictures of your product and upload them to get the best price.


13. Facebook Marketplace

It is not just the most popular social media platform but also a great place to flourish your business. Facebook is now helping to grow small businesses through several of its new initiatives.

And now, you can directly sell your old items through a unique segment called Facebook Marketplace. Not just old DVDs, you can sell almost any item through this platform.

All you need to have is a Facebook account to get started. You need first to click some good pictures of your old DVDs and CDs. And then, you should list that item with an accurate description of the product.

Don’t forget to list your asking price, although you may face a little bargain. You can directly send the item to your buyer and receive the payment.

Facebook has a lot more potential than we think; one can make a decent amount through Facebook without any investment.


14. Pawn Shops

One of the oldest ways to sell used DVDs, pawn shops are your best friend if you want to make some quick money through instant selling.

Besides, it will let you avoid listing and scanning procedures that you need to follow on online platforms.

However, you need to have excellent bargaining skills to get the best price from a pawn shop.

You need to check the current selling value of your item on online platforms and in the local market.

And in that way, you can correctly judge the right price of your DVD and bargain accordingly. However, pawnshops tend to give a better price if you have your item in almost new condition.


15. Have a Yard Sale

It is one of the oldest techniques to sell any item. Since our childhood, we have seen many yard and garage sales going on in our locality. But, you can’t judge the real power of these sales unless you arrange one for yourself.

You can simply put a placard in front of your house or garage to kickstart your yard sale. However, it can be a wise decision if you put a poster in your nearby community center.

You need to have a collection of DVDs or CDs to sell in a yard sale. So, it will be a bad idea if you only have an item or two to sell.

However, yard sales can fetch you a much greater price than online and offline platforms.


Final Thoughts

So, these are the best websites to sell used DVDs. But don’t forget that a DVD, CD, or Blu-Ray kept in mint condition can fetch you a much better price.

However, there is an excellent market for retro CDs too. So, either you need to sell really old CDs and gaming cassettes, or you need to sell your DVDs in new condition to get the best deal.


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