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Get Paid To Sext: 40 Real Chat Jobs To Make $1000/Week

Sexting is taboo, isn’t it? Come on, it’s the 21st century, and sexting is way more innocent than it actually sounds. There are now several options available around the globe where you can get paid to sext.

And that too, without disclosing your identity!

All you need is to indulge in steamy talks and exchange adult messages to start sexting with another individual. And like money makes many things sweet.

Sexting becomes even more charming and thrilling if you can earn from it. But not every company is legit here.

So, we have thoroughly tried and tested all the available platforms to find the most legit ones. But before that, let’s clear some common doubts and misconceptions about sexting first.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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What Is Sexting?

Before you make money sexting, you better know all the details about it to get the most out of this profession.

Sexting is basically a pastime for adult people where they exchange sexually explicit and steamy messages. However, these chats should strictly be between two consenting adults.

The idea of sexting first evolved with the introduction of text messages on our old-school mobile phones.

However, it takes a newer and safer form with the introduction of internet messengers. These days, sexting not only involves steamy conversations but also involves telephonic and video chats as well.

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Why Would Someone Pay For Sexting?

There are plenty of ways to get paid to be a sext chat operator. But, do you know why would anyone even pay for that?

Get this fact first; there are many ways to get paid to flirt online these days. And among those, sexting is the attention grabber.

Two primary customers pay to sex chat. First, there are lonely guys who look for true companionship without any burden of a fixed relationship.

And second, adult males who are looking for some steamy actions just for fun and pleasure.

So, if anyone looks for any support for the emotional void or if anyone looks for a way to have adult fun without disclosing their identity, those people usually pay for sexting.

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Can You Really Make Money From Sexting?

Desiring physical or emotional intimacy is very normal nowadays. More and more people are now looking for no-string-attached relationships.

And that is why there are many apps and websites available nowadays that assure the platforms to get paid to sext and phone chat.

But these intimacies don’t come free of cost. So, most of the lonely adult males out there are ready to pay handsome money to have sex chats, steamy phone calls, and even video chats.

And the ladies out there who have eccentric personas and love to make new connections are getting paid to have text or phone conversations with those lonely guys.

So, you can definitely make money from sexting if you know the right path.

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Who Can Get Paid To Sext?

As we have already said, there are many ways to get paid to sext. Besides sexting, there are now even many phone actress jobs for women also available around the world.

But, most of these opportunities are for hot ladies as most of the customers in this industry are lonely males.

As a female, you also need to have an acentric and extroverted persona. Besides, you need to have excellent communication skills to continue the steamy conversations.

It is also better to have a decent typing speed to reply faster and earn more.

However, a few websites like Tinder and Snapchat assure equal opportunities for both male and female chat hosts and hostesses. But the options are minimal for male candidates.

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How Does Make Money Sexting Work?

Sexting is where you talk and flirt romantically with other adult individuals through text messages, voice chats, and even video chats.

And, if you are comfortable with sexting, there are many ways to get paid to sext on smartphones. Even if you are not, there are many options to get paid to chat online.

You can consider sexting as a milder version of adult video chat through webcams or old-school phone sex.

However, clients have to pay a subscription fee or a one-time fee to the platforms from which they get sexting services. And as a chat hostess, you’ll get your cut of that money.

There are even many websites available where you can accept tips. And in most of these cases, companies don’t deduct anything from that tipping amount.

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How Much Money Can I Get Paid To Sext?

Yes, you need to know about the actual earning potential if you want to get paid to sext.

According to the recent market trend, the average payout ranges between $0.2 to $0.5/text message. However, you can bag around $50 to $60/hour if you opt for direct telephonic conversation.

The rates are even higher for video chat, where it can touch as high as $200/hour. However, you can expect around $2k to $8k/month on average.

But yes, many users also reported earning about $40k to $60k/year on average.

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How To Get Paid To Sext Online?

First, you need to learn the craft of steamy conversations. And for that, many companies offer workshops. And second, you need to have an eccentric persona with excellent communication skills.

Third but most importantly, you need to identify the client group. Primarily, you will need to communicate with

  • Working professionals who love to connect without any strings attached
  • People love to explore their kinks and fetishes over sex chat
  • Any lone guy looking for a quick and discreet fun
  • Introvert people who feel shy to go on a physical date

So, these are what you need to learn to earn money as a sex chat hostess.

However, there are now many other flexible online chat jobs available worldwide that you can also try.


Websites That Really Pay For Sexting

There are plenty of get-paid-to-sext sites currently active all around the globe. But not every site is trustworthy.

Besides, not every website pays the same. So, we have carefully handpicked the sites that are not just legit but also assure industry-standard rates.


1. Phrendly

get paid to sext - phrendly

Source: Phrendly

There is no better option than Phrendly if you are looking for the best platform to get paid to sext online.

Headquartered in the United States, this platform has a website and app that offer unmatched privacy.

It is one of the most popular paid texting companies that offers text, phone, and video chat platforms to its users. However, this platform is open only to permanent citizens of the USA and Canada.

Earning can be endless as your fans and followers here can “Share A Drink” with you that can cash value.

Besides, this company also takes complete care of your privacy. You don’t even need to share your banking details with your chat buddies.

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2. FlirtBucks

sexting phone companies jobs - flirtbucks

Source: Flirtbucks

As the name itself tells the story, you can earn handsome bucks to flirt online through FlirtBucks.

It has one of the most customizable and user-friendly chat consoles that offers complete privacy and end-to-end encryption.

It is not a hardcore adult chat site, as you can refrain from steamy messages if it is not your forte. But in any case, you need to be at least 18 years old to become eligible for opening an account here.

This company primarily hires home-based chat hostesses from the USA and Canada. And they mostly pay through PayPal.

So, you should have a linked PayPal account to withdraw your earnings twice per month.

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3. Lip Service

If you are looking for ways to get paid to sext, Lip Service is your best bet if you are located outside the USA.

Yes, it has a global presence where anyone can create a free account to start chatting with lonely adults.

It is probably the most popular chatting service provider for non-native English speakers. You can chat in many different languages and with guys from various countries around the globe.

But yes, you do need to be at least 21 years old. Besides text, this platform also offers telephonic communication.

But for that, you need to have a dedicated landline connection along with broadband internet connectivity.


4. DreamLover

There are many ways to get paid to sext for free these days. But among those, DreamLover is one of the most legit ones with its international presence.

It offers a great platform to make money in a flirtatious manner with lonely guys. This company primarily hires female chat hostesses with attractive personalities.

And like most of these companies, you also need to be at least 18 years old to become eligible to create a free account on this platform.

Besides chatting with other users, you can also earn by sharing your photos. And the best part is you can set the price of those photos.

This company also offers seamless payment integration and pays directly to the bank account twice per month.


5. ChatRecruit

get paid to sext

Source: ChatRecruit

There are many websites that assure legit platforms to get paid for sexting in the United States. However, options are limited in the United Kingdom.

ChatRecruit is one such company that exclusively offers this opportunity in the UK and a few other European countries.

Besides usual text messages, you can also opt for direct telephonic conversations with lonely guys. And for that, you can earn around $2/minute.

This company also recently introduced video chat options.

All you need is a stable internet connection to get started. And for video and audio chat, you need a headset and an HD webcam.

Right now, this company offers direct deposit of your earnings to your bank account.

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6. MyGirlFund

If you are adventurous and want to get paid to sext, MyGirlFund can be an ideal option to try this year.

Right now, it has more than 20k registered female chat hostesses earning money through this unique platform.

The best thing about this company is that it takes care of the complete privacy of its chat hostesses.

You don’t need to reveal your identity or even your face. Although it has a video chat option, it is not at all mandatory.

It is not difficult to make around $100/hour if you invest a couple of hours each day. And many of its active chat hostesses also reported earning more than $40k/year.


7. Text121Chat

Not only just steamy text messages, but you can also earn even from phone sex in this unique platform called Text121Chat.

And the best thing, this company even offers a free workshop to make your voice more appealing and make it sexy for lonely guys.

Established in 2003, this company is one of the most trusted names in the adult chat industry.

However, they operate only in the United States, and you need to be a permanent citizen of the USA of more than 18 years of age to become eligible.

You can easily make around $200 if you can answer around 1k short text messages. However, these earnings can be skyrocketed if you primarily opt for direct telephonic conversation.


8. Chat Operator Jobs

chat operator jobs

Source: Chat Operator Jobs

If you are comfortable in adult fantasy messages and want to get paid to sext, Chat Operator Jobs is one of the best platforms to hop for.

You will mainly work as an independent chat operator that they call “Admin Worker” on their platform. You can earn around $0.2/text message.

However, you need to answer at least 75 messages per week to continue your registration with the company. But yes, you can comfortably earn more than $500/month if you invest a few hours each day.

Right now, this company is hiring only female members. And you also need to be at least 25 years old to become eligible for this role.


9. OnlyFans

OnlyFansis a subscription-based premium social networking website. It is strictly for adults as it offers sex chats, private photo sharing, steamy video calls, and a lot more.

Besides websites, this company recently launched its app too. All you need is to make an attractive profile on this platform with steamy pictures and catchy headlines.

And anyone who wants to chat with you will have to pay a subscription fee. It is probably among the very few adult sites that let you upload videos and photos directly from your camera roll.

And the best part; earning potential is almost endless here. The more fan you got, the more money you’ll have in your bank.

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10. TexKings

If you are not looking for the best ways to get paid to sext, TexKings is the best option to try. You mainly need to answer the queries of male clients from around the globe.

Besides flirty convos with male clients, you can also opt for sexting through this platform. You need to be at least 18 years old to become eligible to apply.

Besides, you also need to be a native English speaker as the primary user base is from the United States. Moreover, you also need to have at least 25 WPM typing speed.

Although they accept global members, you do need to submit valid ID proof to get approval. And once you have it, it seems like a cakewalk to make around $500/week just through sexting.

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11. Adult Chat Jobs

The name itself tells the whole story, isn’t it?

Yes, Adult Chat Jobs is a growing platform for not just sexting but also for video chats and image sharing. However, this company mainly hires female chat agents to cater to their user base.

Right now, this platform is only available in the United Kingdom. However, they are soon planning to launch their service in the United States.

But now, you need to be a citizen of the UK of at least 18 years of age to become eligible.

You can comfortably earn around $0.2/text message. However, you can make much more if you opt for phone calls and video chats. And you can directly withdraw your earnings twice per month.


12. Arousr

get paid to sext - arousr

Source: Arousr

Are you looking for a way to get paid to sext without revealing your identity? Try Arouser!

Like many other sexting platforms, this company, too, offers voice chat and video chat support besides the usual text chat.

All you need is to open a free account on this platform. Any lonely man can contact you and can directly message you through this platform.

However, they need to pay a good chunk of money after a few initial complimentary text messages.

The earnings can vary depending on the type and length of your conversation. However, many users reported earning more than $100/hour while opting for their phone call and video chat service.


13. SextPanther

Although it works pretty similarly to other get-paid-to-sext websites, one thing makes it stands apart.

You can set up a private phone number to connect with other users on this platform. So, you don’t need to reveal your identity at all.

You can get direct messages and phone calls on your SextPanther number through an encrypted route.

However, you do need to have your own following base to become successful here, as this website doesn’t drive any traffic to your profile.

Right now, it is available only in the United States and Canada. Besides, you also need to be at least 18 years old to become eligible to open an account here.


14. Steemit

There are very few options to get paid to sext that assure an industry-standard rate. And among those, Steemit is probably the most dependable one.

Right now, this company primarily hires independent female chat hostesses. And you need an eccentric persona to get on board!

All you need is an updated computer with stable internet connectivity to get started. And if you wish to go live with video chats, you need an HD-quality webcam and noise-canceling headphones as well.

Although the earnings can vary depending on several factors, you can easily make around $1k/month if you spend a few hours texting here.

However, many users also reported earning more than $40k/year.


15. Talktome

sexting phone companies jobs - talktome

Source: Talktome

Talktome is probably the sole player in the adult text message industry that offers email options to communicate with lonely guys.

All you need is to create a free profile here, and you can unlock multiple ways to make money.

Creating an account is super easy as you need to fill up a simple joining form to get started.

Just top it up with 2-3 high-quality images to attract more chat buddies, and you are done. You can then either text them, call them, or mail them, depending on your preference.

One of the best things about this platform is that it has an in-built marketing tool that helps to gain more chat requests. Right now, this company pays through direct deposits and checks.


16. Adult Premium Snapchat

You must have already known about Snapchat, isn’t it? But, do you know that its premium option is one of the best ways to get paid to sext?

Yes, you can not only just chat with your subscribers but can also call and video chat. This platform now gives you the freedom to share X-rated media like a steamy selfie or a video.

And anyone willing to watch those contents needs to pay a handsome subscription fee. And from that, you’ll get your cut.

Snapchat takes care of the privacy of each user. You will even be getting a notification if someone takes a screenshot of any of your images. So, you don’t need to worry about identity protection.


17. Tinder

Are you looking for ways to get paid to sext on skype? Don’t do that as there is another more exciting option available nowadays called Tinder.

It is undoubtedly the best place to look for a hottie or even a blind date for the Gen-Y.

Joining this platform is super easy as you can create an account with a few credentials. However, it now has three types of membership options. The subscription for Tinder Plus now costs up to $8.99/month.

However, if you opt for a gold membership, you need to invest around $13.49/month. Besides, its platinum membership costs around $17.99/month.

All these membership options come with a private DM facility.

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18. Plenty of Fish

If you think the sea of adult texting is empty these days, you are absolutely wrong. There are Plenty of Fish!

Although it works similarly to most sites, one thing makes it stands apart. And that is its ease of account creation.

First, the basic membership is completely free, although you can upgrade to a Pro account for $19.53/month.

And second, you can create an account just by logging in with any of your social media accounts. Right now, it has more than 3 million active logins each day.

Besides text messages, you will also have an option for voice messages. And recently, they have launched both the Android and iOS apps with a revamped look.


19. Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder has already proved its worth as one of the most trusted sites to get paid to sext for a very long time.

This platform is all about adult relationships where you can just chat and hook up with singles around the globe.

However, you can set your preference for receiving X-rated chat requests during the initial signup process.

And if you opt for you, there are plenty of people to become your sex chat partner and also to pay for that.

But this platform requires you to obtain a subscription to get started. And their membership now costs around $39.99/month.

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Get Paid For Sexting Jobs In The UK

There are plenty of apps to sext and get paid in the USA. But as we have already mentioned earlier, options are pretty limited if you talk about the adult chatting scene in the United Kingdom.

However, after a lot of research, we have handpicked the best apps and websites to sext.


20. Together2Night

get paid to sext - together2night

Source: Together2Night

There are two ways to proceed with this unique platform called Together2Night.

You can hook up with lonely guys and go out on a date, or you can become a temporary girlfriend for any special occasion.

And in both cases, the earning potential is pretty lucrative. The joining procedure is also effortless, and it takes merely a minute or two to set up your account.

But this platform is currently restricted only to European countries. This adult dating site has loads of filters to fine-tune your search for an online dating or sexting partner.

You can search your preference with demographic profiles, common interests, and even new users.


21. Single Mom Locator

If you are a single mom and want to get paid to sext while having some fun in your life, Single Mom Locator is probably the best option to hop for.

Besides a user-friendly website, this platform recently also introduced an app for both Android and iOS users.

One thing that truly impresses us is its powerful search engine. It is ideal to zero in on any of the lonely guys in your area to start chatting.

This unique search engine matches people with three key factors: life, freedom, and cultural background.

You can either manually search for a perfect chatting partner while applying filters or can also receive personalized daily matches right in your inbox.


22. Dust

Previously called Cyber Dust,Dust has quite similar features to the premium version of Snapchat. However, there are two things that make it different from Snapchat.

And both these things also make it easier and safer to use.

First, you can go completely anonymous while using this app to hide your real identity. And second, the text messages here are end-to-end encrypted to safeguard your privacy.

Moreover, the sex chats automatically disappear from the inbox after 24 hours.

This app also has a screenshot notification option where you’ll get a message whenever anyone takes a screenshot of your photo. The payment integration is also seamless and hassle-free.


23. Match

With close to 10 million active users around the globe, Match remained one of the best get-paid-to-sext websites even today.

This platform takes care of the safety and complete privacy of its users. However, you need to have a subscription to fully unlock its potential, as the free version has limited functionality.

And to get one, you need to pay around $37.99/month for a quarterly subscription and approximately $20.99/month for a yearly subscription.

The search engine of this platform is also pretty powerful. It automatically matches people depending on several factors, including preferences, interests, and geographic locations.

Trust me; it is genuinely sext heaven for mature guys and gals out there!


24. Ashley Madison

ashley madison

Source: AshleyMadison

Although pretty popular among adults for ages, Ashley Madison came under the global media radar after The Impact Team hacked their data and released it online.

However, they have learned a lesson from that mistake and closed all the security loops.

And with a revamped look and more security, they again came to the European market to dominate the get-paid to adult chat market.

As the company itself says, it is heaven for extramarital affairs. So, if you are that adventurous, you are welcome onboard.

It has an immense network that makes it easy for you to find a partner for sexting. And both males and females can open an account here and start sexting.


Get Paid For Sexting Jobs In Canada

Although most sexting apps currently active in the United States are also available in Canada, this country has its own apps for sexting jobs.

And we have handpicked the best of the lot where you can sext and earn as a citizen of Canada.


25. Jolly.Me

If you are a French-speaking Canadian living in Quebec or New Brunswick, then Jolly.Me is the perfect place to earn money by sexting lonely guys.

This platform now only has a web presence, although they are soon planning to launch an app as well.

But, the mobile version of the website is very friendly and will give you an app-like charm. Signing here takes just a few minutes, and you need to share minimal details to get going.

There are several filters that you can apply while searching for a perfect sexting partner.

You can filter with location preference, language preference, and a lot more. Besides, this website also has friendly customer support.


26. OneAmour

get paid to sext - oneamour

Source: OneAmour

Headquartered in Estonia, OneAmour serves several different regions around the globe.

However, they mainly focus on Canada as they provide legit options to get paid to sext in several different languages spoken in Canada.

It is actually an adult dating site where you can get a partner to sex chat, depending on your preference. Besides locations, you can also sort your searches by age, likeliness, shared interests, and a lot more.

One of the best things about this company is that it offers complete privacy and comes with end-to-end encryption. They also have a security checklist to safeguard your privacy and data.


27. Mingle2


Source: Mingle2

Mingle2 is probably the only active platform in Canada where you can sex chat with foreign nationals as well.

It accepts users from various demographic locations and matches them accordingly. However, you can sort according to your preferences.

From the demographic profile, ethnicity, age, and common interest, you can find your chat partner through any of your preferences.

Besides, it gives you the freedom to send and receive unlimited messages without any additional cost.

And the best thing, you can send personalized messages, winks, nudges, and a lot more to attract anyone’s attention on this brilliant platform.

This company also takes care of your privacy and assures end-to-end encryption for online chats.


28. Loveeto

A relatively new kid on the block, Loveeto recently witnessed a surge in popularity among the active get-paid-to-sext websites in Canada.

However, this company is actually the brainchild of a Cyprus-based company called Cellar Door Limited.

Let it be casual dating or a serious relationship; you can start your dating journey right from this place.

However, this platform is famous mainly for assuring a secure platform for sext. But yes, you need to become a premium member to do that.

You need to be at least 25 years of age to become eligible to open an account here. Besides, you also need to have stable internet connectivity with the latest PC or smartphone to access this site.


More Sexting Phone Companies Jobs

We have discussed all the high-paying apps and websites to get paid to sext this year.

However, there are several other options available as well that you can also try. Some of the most trusted among those are as follows.


How To Avoid Scams And Protect Yourself?

Although there are many ways to get paid to sext, many of those are scams!

But you can follow specific steps to protect yourself from these frauds and scams.

Step 1 – Protect Your Privacy: You need to be completely anonymous if you want to safeguard your online privacy and personal safety. And for that, you should follow these steps.

  • Never disclose your identity, real name, address, or any other personal data.
  • Try not to access the webcam or share pictures to hide your real identity.
  • Never use your personal phone number for texting. Use a third-party app instead.
  • Never accept any other payment than the gateways recommended by the sexting company.

Step 2 – Never Pay For Registration: It’s a red flag if any WFH company asks for any upfront fee. However, many websites nowadays have a subscription model. But you need to verify it before proceeding further.

Step 3 – Trust Only Secure Server: Never believe those websites that don’t have HTTPS (SSL certificate) to ensure end-to-end encryption. And if you are willing to use an app, download it from the official Google store or Apple app store.

Step 4 – Read Reviews of Previous Users: Before you trust any company, let it be a website or an app, always try to contact some of its real users to get feedback. Besides, you can also read online reviews to know about the pros and cons of that company.


More Ways To Make Money From Home

If you are not comfortable with sexting or feel hesitant, there are plenty of other options available all over the world.

And in this booming freelancing market, there are many legit online jobs that pay at least $20/hour or more. Besides, you can also try the following.

You can also start your own blog to make a six-digit income. We have recently published a step-by-step guide to creating a money-making blog.

You can follow that instruction to kickstart your journey as a blogger as well.



How do I get paid to text flirt?

It is now easy to text and flirts with other adult consenting individuals. Many apps like Phrendly, Lip Service, FlirtBucks, and Dream Lover now provide this opportunity.

Besides, you can also try your hand at dating sites like Tinder and Match. Just join any of the websites we have mentioned above to start earning while texting.


How can I earn money by chatting?

Yes, there are many ways available where you can earn money just by chatting. However, these websites are broadly divided into two main categories.

First, the normal flirting sites that need you to send flirty messages. And second, some websites require you to sex chat with their clients.

You can join either of these two types of companies to start earning.


How can I make money sending text messages?

You need to have an eccentric persona, an extrovert attitude, and remarkable communication skills to start making money as a text chat hostess.

We have already mentioned 40+ websites and apps that provide this opportunity. You can join any of them to make money by sending text messages (primarily adult messages).


How much do sexting operators make?

Although the hourly or per minute can vary depending on various factors, the industry-standard rate for sexting operators now lies close to $2/minute on average.

Many companies also pay around $0.2 to $0.5/message. Most of the sex chat hostesses reported earning around $2k to $8k/month on average.


Get Paid To Sext – Final Thoughts

So, these are all the legit ways to get paid to sext this year. Although it feels a bit taboo at first, you’ll get fun and excitement when you dive deep into the sector.

But as I already said, don’t trust any company before reading the reviews of genuine users or trying it on your own.

And, that’s all for today, folks! Feel free to drop your suggestion and feedback in the comment box below. Happy sexting!


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