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Shipt Vs Instacart – Which Is Best For Delivery Drivers? [2024]

Do you want to start working as a delivery agent in your spare time? Do you want to boost your monthly income by working for Shipt or Instacart? If yes, then you must indulge in the Shipt vs Instacart debate to know which is the better platform for delivery drivers.

Both Shipt and Instacart are now available in most major cities in the USA. However, Instacart also operates in Canada.

But, Shipt works with more megabrands, such as Target or Meijer, than Instacart. On the other hand, Instacart is the platform that can get you more orders even if you live on the outskirts.

Irrespective of operating in the same industry, both these companies have their pros and cons.

So, without any more time, let’s dive deep into this battle to know which company is better among Shipt and Instacart for the delivery drivers.


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What Is Shipt?

Launched in 2014, Shipt is a delivery service company headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. It now has extensive coverage in more than 5k major cities in the United States.

Besides, this company has already associated with 100+ mega retail chains in the USA to ensure an all-around product coverage.

According to a recent estimate, more than 80% of households in the United States use either the website or app of Shipt to get their goods delivered.

But not just for the customers, this platform is equally profitable for the delivery agents as well, as it is now offering high-paying food delivery jobs to enthusiastic people.

As a delivery driver for Shipt, you can keep 100% of the tipping amount you receive from your customers, as this company doesn’t take any commission from that.

Besides, it is also known for assuring excellent customer support to its customers and delivery agents alike.


What Is Instacart?

Launched just two years before Shipt in 2012, Instacart is another delivery service provider in the United States currently headquartered in San Francisco.

It mainly specializes in delivering groceries to the doorstep of customers. And now, this company is available in more than 5.5k major cities in the United States alone.

Instacart is also associated with more than 600 mega and mid-sized retail chains and stores in the USA. Besides, you can get delivered almost anything from more than 45k of its associated stores and outlets.

According to a recent estimate, more than 85% of households in the USA and more than 75% in Canada now use Instacart.

Besides Shipt, Instacart is also equally profitable for delivery agents. And in many parts of the USA, it ensures better coverage than Shipt.

The customer support of Instacart is also quite responsive to the delivery agents. You can find more details on our latest Instacart shopper review.


What Are The Requirements For Shipt Or Instacart Delivery Drivers?

Before we dive deep into the battle of Shipt delivery vs. Instacart, you need to know about the requirements to become a delivery agent for both these companies.

The current requirement for becoming a Shipt delivery driver are as follows.

  • You need to be at least 18 years old with permanent citizenship in the USA.
  • You must have a valid US driver’s license and active insurance for your car.
  • All the agents must have their own cars, which should be older than a 1997 model.
  • You must have the physical strength to lift at least 40 lbs.
  • The latest Android or iOS smartphone is also required.

Besides Shipt, Instacart also has some specific requirements for their delivery drivers, which are as follows.

  • You need to be older than 18 years with a permanent citizenship or work permit in the USA.
  • You also need a valid driver’s license and complete insurance papers for your car.
  • Your car must not be older than 25 years (or manufactured before 1997).
  • You must have the ability to lift at least 50 lbs. in a single go.
  • An Android or iOS smartphone is needed with an active internet connection.

You must also have the ability to drive for a long and to complete multiple delivery orders in a smart period of time. Besides, you also need to know how to navigate through online maps.


Shipt vs Instacart: Background Verification Processes

If you work for Shipt or Instacart, you need to go through a complete background verification process before getting the final approval.

And both these companies conduct these verifications to ensure the right conduct of the delivery agents and the safety of the customers. However, you may also need to go through verification processes, even if you opt for legit under-the-table jobs.

Both Shipt and Instacart conduct their verification processes through third-party companies. And it can take up to 10 working days to get your verification report.

Your application can be rejected if the verification process finds any poor driving record or traffic misconduct.


Dress Codes For Shipt And Instacart Delivery Drivers

There is no doubt that both Shipt and Instacart are the best grocery delivery apps, especially if you talk about the delivery industry in the USA.

And like many other delivery companies, Shipt also follows a strict dress code for their delivery agents. And while working, you must wear the T-shirt given by Shipt.

On the other hand, Instacart doesn’t have a strict dress code as of now. It allows its delivery agents to be flexible with their dresses.

However, you must be donning appropriate casual or semi-formal attire while delivering for Instacart. But while working for both these companies, you must wear closed shoes.

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Advantages Of Becoming A Shipt Delivery Driver

Before you apply as a delivery agent for Shipt, you need to know if Shipt is worth it or not! This platform will give you the complete freedom to choose your preferred delivery location.

Besides, it also allows flexible timing, as it offers driving jobs for retirees as well.

As this company mainly works with selective retail chains and allows its delivery agents to work at their comfortable localities, working for Shipt is ideal for people who love to socialize.

You will start making connections with your customers, as you’ll be working in a fixed location.

While working for Shipt, you will also have your chance to earn incentives by completing a specific number of orders. And you can take 100% of the tipping amount you receive from your customers.


Advantages Of Becoming An Instacart Delivery Agent

Besides Shipt, you also need to know about all the pros of working as an Instacart delivery agent before you conclude the Shipt vs Instacart debate.

The best thing about this company is that you don’t even need your own car, as Instacart also employs in-store shopper who mainly guides the customer inside a store.

However, if you opt for deliveries, you need to have access to a car that should not be more than 25 years old. Instacart also covers more areas than Shipt.

So, you can become a delivery agent for this company even if you live in the suburbs of the USA. But you will get more deliveries if you live in metro cities.

Like Shipt, Instacart also give chances to its delivery agents to earn incentives on top of their basic pay by completing more orders. Besides, you can also take the full tipping amount you receive while working.

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Which Company Has the Best Coverage Between Shipt And Instacart?

Both Shipt and Instacart are now available in most of the major cities in the United States. However, Instacart offers better coverage in many states.

Right now, Shipt covers 48 states in the USA, whereas Instacart is available in all the states. Besides, it is also available in many states in Canada.

If you live in any metro city like New York or Washington, you can choose any platform between Shipt and Instacart to start working as a delivery driver.

But, if you live in the outskirts or in the suburbs, it will be better if you start working with Instacart, as you’ll have a better chance to get more delivery orders.


Shipt vs Instacart: Availability Of Jobs

You need to know about the job availabilities on both these platforms before you make any conclusion about this Shipt vs Instacart debate.

Both these companies now offer delivery driving jobs to help you make money fast and easily in the USA. But, Shipt doesn’t operate in Canada, whereas Instacart operates in many major cities in Canada.

Instacart also operates in more cities than Shipt. So, you can definitely say that the availability of delivery driving jobs is much higher in Instacart.

Besides, Instacart is also the fastest growing delivery aggregator in the USA, with more than 700k new downloads each month, whereas Shipt witnesses just 250k new downloads a month.

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Earning Potential As A Shipt Or Instacart Driver

Income potential is undoubtedly a deciding factor when choosing the best app for delivery drivers.

delivery driver salary


According to the current statistics, Instacart delivery agents make around $11 to $15/hour on average, although the company claims most of its agents make more than $25/hour, including incentives.

On the other hand, you can typically earn between $11 and $14/hour while working for Shipt. But many of their top earners even make more than $25/hour.

However, you are guaranteed to get $5 basic pay plus 7.5% of the order total as your delivery commission while working for this company. Both Instacart and Shipt will let you take 100% of the tipping amount you receive while working.


How Do Shipt And Instacart Pay Delivery Agents?

Yes, the payment terms of both these companies are also important to conclude this Shipt vs Instacart debate.

Typically, you can get your earnings from Shipt through direct deposit to your linked bank account every Friday. However, it can take up to 3 working days to get it reflected in your account.

You can also instantly withdraw your earnings through Stripe, the payment partner of Shipt.

However, you need to pay a 1% transaction charge on your withdrawal amount while you opt for the instant payment option.

Instacart also dispatches all the payments of its delivery drivers on a weekly basis. You will get the earnings of your last week by Wednesday this week. You need to link your account to avail of that facility.

However, you can withdraw your earnings up to five times each day through the “Instant Cashout” feature. But you need to pay a fixed $0.50/transaction processing fee.

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Which Company Offers Better Support Between Shipt And Instacart?

Honestly saying, both Shipt and Instacart ensure excellent support for their customers and delivery agents. You can directly open the Instacart app and request telephonic support or a live chat session.

Besides, you can directly connect to its customer care executives by calling 1-888-246-7822. You can also drop a mail at

Like Instacart, Shipt also has a strong support team that works 24X7. You can reach out to the support team anytime from the Shipt app.

Besides you can also call them at 1-205-502-2500. You can also mail them at, and they usually respond within 24 hours.


Shipt vs Instacart: Which Is The Best Option For You?

Both Shipt and Instacart are great if you want to start working as a delivery agent, as both these companies offer full-time and part-time weekend jobs.

So, you need to select the platform depending on your own preference, even if this Shipt vs Instacart debate prefers a specific company.

Shipt is ideal for people having socializing skills, as this company mainly works towards making a community for shoppers. Besides, it is also associated with all the major retail chains in the USA.

So, if you live in a metro city where there are many retail chains, Shipt will be the best option for you.

Instacart is ideal for people who want to work in their own localities, as you’ll be assigned a small area. However, this company has much better coverage than Shipt.

So, you must go with this platform if you live in the suburbs or on the outskirts. And if you talk about the earning potentials, both this company offers around $11 to $25 hourly payment.

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Both Shipt and Instacart are great for any delivery agents, as you can easily make around $15/hour from both these platforms. However, Instacart offers better coverage than Shipt.

On the other hand, Shipt offers a better per-order rate than Shipt. So, depending on your location and estimated time allotment, you need to choose your preferred platform.

So, that’s all for this Shipt vs Instacart debate. But, if you think we have missed any crucial aspect of any of these companies, or if you have something to tell about Instacart or Shipt, feel free to drop your suggestions and feedback in the comment box below.



Which company pays more between Shipt and Instacart?

Instacart claims that it pays its delivery driver up to $25/hour, whereas Shipt claims to pay between $16 and $22/hour.

But in the real-world scenario, you can typically make between $11 and $15/hour while working for both these companies. However, Shipt offers a better per-delivery rate than Instacart.


Is it worth working for Shipt?

Yes, it is definitely worth starting to work for Shipt, especially if you live in any of the major cities in the USA.

You can easily make around $11 to $15/hour while working as a delivery agent for this company. Besides, you can take 100% of the tipping amount you receive from the customers.


Does Walmart use Shipt or Instacart?

Walmart is currently associated with Instacart. You can now order any items from Walmart through Instacart from every major city in the United States.

Instacart started delivering from 200 outlets of Walmart in 2019. And now, it started taking orders from almost every Walmart store.


Can you work for both Shipt and Instacart?

Yes, you can work for both Shipt and Instacart at the same time. And if you work for both these companies, you’ll have a better chance of getting more orders in a specific time period.

Your idle time will also be much less if you work for both these companies simultaneously.


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