SigTrack Data Entry Jobs Review – Earn $15/Hr Working At Home

SigTrack is one of the most trusted providers of data entry projects in the United States. Due to its timely payment and transparency in project distribution, it has established itself as one of the most trusted players in the data entry sector.

However, it will not be wise to jump into this company and start working before knowing the details. So, here goes the complete SigTrack data entry review to let you choose if you want to work for this company or not.


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SigTrack Data Entry Jobs Review 2021

As we have already mentioned, the payment transparency of this company is unquestionable. Besides, it has almost an endless supply of available data entry and signature tagging projects.

So, you won’t face any issues regarding the shortage of project supply. However, it will not be wise to take it entirely as a full-time job if you don’t comply with all the requirements.

So, it would be best if you were fully confident about the deliverable data before starting the projects. And to help you with this here goes the in-depth SigTrack data entry jobs review in 2021.

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About SigTrack


SigTrack is one of the oldest and legit data entry companies that mainly deal with signature tagging. As the company itself states, it links the campaigners with freelance data entry operators throughout the United States.

This company accesses personal data of the voters of the United States that are protected under strict law. And for that, all of its freelance workers are the permanent citizen of the United States.

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SigTrack Requirements

There are mainly two significant chunks of requirements that you need to abide by. Once you comply with the personal and technical specifications of this company, you are ready to start the work.

Personal Requirements

  • You need to be a permanent member of the United States.
  • All the freelancers must have excellent reading and writing skills, preferably native-English level.
  • The freelancers should work independently without supervision.
  • It would be best if you were at least a high school graduate to get the preference, although the company doesn’t have any minimum educational criteria.

Technical Requirements

  • Updated computer with Windows 10 or Mac OS 10.7+ operating system
  • Dual monitor, out of which, one should at least have 1080 pixel resolution.
  • High-speed internet connection, preferably more than 10 Mbps speed.
  • A good keyboard that can assist you to type faster and more precisely.

So, these are the main requirements that you need to comply with before applying for this company. Once you fulfill all these criteria, the selection procedure will be more effortless for you.

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SigTrack Benefits

There are several benefits to working for this fantastic company, although it is now open for the citizens of the United States only. Here are the most lucrative benefits that you’ll get to in this section of the SigTrack data entry review.

  • You don’t need any experience to start this freelance project.
  • SigTrack assures flexible work hours so that you can work according to your time preference.
  • There is no shortage of project supply, and you will have plenty of available projects.
  • You can earn approximately $0.037 per signature and $0.15 per registration on average.

Besides all these benefits mentioned above, you’ll have good exposure to the data entry field of the United States.  Moreover, it is an ideal opportunity for stay-at-home moms or college students to earn extra money.


How To Apply For a Job With SigTrack?

The joining process is easy, as the website has a dedicated segment for the new freelancers. You can also get a brief idea while visiting the “How Do I Start?” segment.

Once you are done with the initial process, you need to take a 3-second video of yourself with your permanent United States citizenship cards. SigTrack then matches you with the official record to assure it is a legal and original document.

You need to send that video to [email protected] along with your PayPal mail ID. If you get approval from the company, you’ll receive an email containing your ID and password.

After receiving those, you can securely log in to the SigTrack app to start working. The app itself includes an installation walkthrough to make it easy for you.

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SigTrack Working Process

You need to tag signatures of the US citizens. That will be your primary duty, although you may need to process registrations that will earn you more than signature tagging.

The signature tagging itself has two main parts, for the one who enters the data and for the one who verifies the data. You need to maintain at least 90% accuracy while entering the data.

Better accuracy will earn you more money. You need to look at the signature of the United States citizens and then tag it properly with the correct people. And for that, it needs high accuracy.

You also need to have a dual monitor on your computer. The monitor that will display the tagging data should have at least a 1080 pixel resolution. Besides, you also need an internet connection with less than 20ms ping to work fast.

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How Much Do SigTrack Pay?

All the projects that you’ll have on this website have a base rate. This base rate depends on the number of tags that a file has and also on the difficulty level.

If you achieve 99% accuracy, then you’ll have 90% of the project base value as your payment. Suppose you have a project that has a base value of $100, the final payments will be as follows.

  • $90 (90% of base value) for 99% accuracy.
  • $80 (80% of base value) for 98% accuracy.
  • $70 (70% of base value) for 96% accuracy.
  • $60 (60% of base value) for 94% accuracy.
  • $50 (50% of base value) for up to 90% accuracy.

Coming to the hourly pay rates, I suggest every new member consider the first 20 – 25 hours work as a practice. Because the pay rate is a bit low in the beginning days. After that, you can make around $15 – $20 an hour.


How SigTrack Pay?

For each calendar week, you’ll receive the payment on Friday the following week. Suppose you work from Monday to Saturday and earned $100, you’ll get that payment on Friday next week.

Right now, this company pays only through a linked PayPal account. You need to have a PayPal account that you also need to mention in the joining application mail.

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Pros & Cons

As a coin has both sides, this job, too, has its pros and cons. However, the benefits are much stronger than the problems that you may face while working for this company.

Pros of SigTrack

  • You don’t need previous experience to start this job as it is an entry-level opportunity.
  • This company offers flexible work hours so that you can choose your schedule.
  • You can earn as high as $12 per hour, which is a decent payment, indeed.
  • It offers weekly payments to all the freelance data entry operators.

Drawbacks of SigTrack

  • You need to be a permanent citizen of the United States.
  • The computer you are using should have two monitors, with one having at least 1080 pixel resolution.
  • You need to have a fast internet connection with a low ping rate.
  • The work itself can be repetitive and can feel monotonous over time.


Is SigTrack Legitimate?

Yes! SigTrack is legitimate. This is the best suitable place for those who look for data entry freelance jobs to work on flexible hours. 

But being legitimate is not the only condition we must consider, as this is restricted only to the United States people from other locations cannot opt.

One must have a streak of good internet connection, people from remote locations sometimes may fail in reaching technical elements. One who is looking to make SigTrack a full-time income source should give a second thought.

You may be assigned with continuous work only in a peak season but can also remain idle many times. So, this turns to be a pale idea for the people looking to turn this into a full-time job.

But for the people who look to make this as a side hustle, this can turn their pockets up to some extend. The more you work the more you earn using SigTrack.


Websites Like SigTrack

Several other companies also offer legit work from home data entry jobs that also pay quite well. Some of the most popular companies in this industry are:

  • Dion Data Solutions.
  • Smart Locating.
  • Cass Information Systems.
  • Capital Typing.

All these companies not only offer an enormous supply of available projects but also provide a decent payment structure. For detailed information, check our guide to find the list of companies offering data entry jobs.


Alternate Jobs To SigTrack Data Entry

  1. Transcription Jobs (The main job is to convert audio files into text. you can make around $15 an hour even as a beginner).
  2. Proofreading Jobs (Find the errors, mistakes in the content. Earn up to $20 an hour without prior experience).
  3. Chatting Jobs (Companies pay you to chat with people. Make a minimum of $10 per hour chatting with new people).



It is not very easy to earn around $12 per hour on average without any specific educational qualification or any previous experience in this field.

SigTrack is probably among the very companies that offer this opportunity. We hope that our SigTrack data entry review will help you to choose the right projects with full confidence.


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