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25 Legit Sites Like Craigslist To Buy Or Sell Stuff – 2024 Update

We always go to Craigslist when we need to declutter our house or want to sell any old or unused items. It is like a big daddy in the classified segment all over the world.

However, there are a few other sites like Craigslist available that also offer the same opportunities to buy and sell online.

From renting an apartment to selling real estate, from selling old smartphones to searching for old vinyl, classified websites are the only options.

And now, several websites are providing this opportunity with amazing global coverage. You can also find many platforms if you want to stick to the local market.

In this article, we are going to cover 25 legit sites like craigslist to buy and sell stuff.


Disclaimer:  This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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25 Classified Sites Like Craigslist

Although Craigslist is probably the most popular platform in the classified market, many other websites are now giving stark competition.

Some of the best websites in this category are as follows.


1. Facebook

A homepage image of Facebook Marketpplace website


Website: Facebook

Access: Worldwide

Despite being the most popular social media platform, Facebook Marketplace is also one of the best sites, like Craigslist personal.

It recently introduced a new feature called ‘Marketplace’ where you can buy or sell items in your locality. As it now has over a billion members, the chance of getting a good buyer is also huge.

You can also use the group features in your favor to buy or sell items. Search for a local selling group and post your items. You can also explore local posts in your category to get a clear idea of the expected price.

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2. Oodle

A homepage image of Oodle website


Website: Oodle

Access: Worldwide

If you are looking for something exclusively local, Oodle is the best platform for you. You can either post exclusively on this platform or can also cross-post your ads from other sites like craigslist.

And since the last decade, it has become one of the best platforms to buy and sell antique items. This website has great global coverage, and you can find items to buy and sell in your locality itself.

However, you need to offer a competitive rate if you want to sell through this platform. From pet adoption to rest, this website also offers more personal ads.


3. Recycler

A homepage image of Recycler website


Website: Recycler

Access: United States

Needless to say, Recycler is one of the best sites like Craigslist if you are from a metro city in the United States. It now has around 20 million monthly users that regularly post through this unique platform.

It mainly started in Southern California as a local newspaper, but now, it has great coverage in the USA. From houses to cars, from home appliances to toys, you can buy or sell almost anything you want.

You can also attract more customers by sharing it through social media channels. This website also offers you to feature a paid advertisement.


4. Swappa

A homepage image of Swappa website


Website: Swappa

Access: Few parts of USA

In short, this fantastic website called Swappa is actually Craigslist for electronic items. From cellphones to DSLRs, from tablets to PCs, you can buy or sell almost anything electronic on this website.

Recently, it introduced a new category where you can trade smart home items like voice assistants. Selling through this platform is also easy as you don’t need to pay any commission or even a one-time fee to open an account.

However, this website has a refund policy where you need to refund money in case your buyer is not satisfied with your item.

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5. Geebo

A homepage image of Geebo website


Website: Geebo

Access: United States

Since its establishment in 1999, Geebo has been one of the best places to buy and sell unique merchandise. However, it now also deals with cars, heavy machinery, and even real estate.

It also recently introduced a new category for more personalized services. This website now has more than 160 categories to choose from.

One of the best features of this website is that it has a ‘Safe Trade’ option where buyers and sellers meet at a local police station. This website is currently available only in major cities in the United States. However, this company has an expansion plan in mind.


6. Bookoo

A homepage image of Bookoo website


Website: Bookoo

Access: Few parts of USA

If you are looking for sites like Craigslist for pets, Bookoo can be your ideal option. However, this website also deals with almost any items that you can get in a yard sale.

It is also one of the very few family-friendly alternatives to Craigslist. You can easily create a profile on this platform while uploading a photo with a short bio.

This website now has more than 2 million members. And with its expanding user base, it will soon cover all major areas of the United States. It also has unique categories so that you can showcase your items to niche buyers.


7. eBay

A homepage image of eBay website


Website: eBay

Access: Worldwide

Without any doubt, eBay is one of the oldest platforms to buy and sell items. It is also one of the very few sites like Craigslist for cars. Starting from old coins to easy chairs, you can trade almost anything on this platform.

eBay has one of the widest coverage throughout the world. Recently, this website introduced a local pickup option apart from its regular auction scheme.

You can also post item ads for specific locations on this platform to fetch the best price. You need to pay a small cut from your listed price as its commission.


8. Trovit

A homepage image of Trovit website


Website: Trovit

Access: Worldwide

It is not the sole site to post ads but a search engine for classified ads. You can find the best available options for any particular category on this website called Trovit.

It is also a very well-organized website where you can find any listing of almost any category with just a few clicks. One of the best things about this website is that it has great global coverage.

So, you don’t need to only concentrate on the local buyers as you can grab a nice exposure. Starting from cars to real estate, from personal service to jobs, you can find almost anything.


9. Locanto

A homepage image of Locanto website


Website: Locanto

Access: Worldwide

There is no better website like Craigslist for jobs than Locanto. It has extensive global coverage along with personalized Locanto boards for all the major cities in the United States.

You can easily post ads on this website by creating a profile. You don’t need to pay any fee, although this website has a paid advertisement option.

For a small fee, you can remove third-party ads from your personalized listing. You can also rank in the top search results on this website with ads. However, you need to be extra careful as the website authority doesn’t crosscheck any ad.


10. USA Today Classifieds

A homepage image of USA Today Classifieds website


Website: USA Today Classifieds

Access: United States

As the name itself suggests, this website is exclusively for the USA market. As a matter of fact, it is the classified segment of the highest circulated newspapers in the United States.

So, you don’t need to worry about the coverage or the legitimacy of USA Today Classifieds. You can choose online posting, print ads, or both on this platform.

However, you should only opt for printed ads if you have a very niche or something high-ticket to sell. You need to pay for your listing, but in return, you will get greater exposure to legit buyers.


11. US Free Ads

A homepage image of USFreeAds website


Website: US Free Ads

Access: United States

If you are looking for free sites like craigslist, US Free Ads is probably one of the best options. Since 1999, this website has been in business, attracting millions of buyers and sellers.

You can easily create a free account on this website. However, you can only post up to two ads at a time through your free account.

One can also opt for a gold membership to post up to 25 ads at once for just $10 per year. You can also choose a premium membership to post unlimited ads for just $9.99 per month.


12. Ads Globe

A homepage image of AdsGlobe website


Website: Ads Globe

Access: Worldwide

You must already have an idea that Ads Globe has great global coverage. From automobiles to real estate, from electronic items to heavy machinery, you can buy or sell almost anything through this platform.

Ads Globe also has more personalized categories like travel and pet adoption. You can easily create a profile on this website as it also offers sign-in through Facebook accounts.

Once logged in, you can then post ads for free, or you can search for your desired items. It also has a local listing facility where you can filter items through your city or suburb.



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A homepage image of website



Access: Worldwide

There are very few websites like Craigslist for services. And among those, is probably the most popular one. However, this website also has a buying and selling segment where you can trade physical items.

It is also among the very websites which are absolutely free for its users. It has a very simple and user-friendly interface where you can post your item to sell.

You can also seamlessly search for your desired items through its unique search engine. Although it has good coverage, you will find the most success if you live in a metro city.


14. PennySaverUSA

A homepage image of PennySaverUSA website


Website: PennySaverUSA

Access: United States

If you are searching for more customized sites like Craigslist for the people of the United States, PennySaverUSA is probably the best one for you.

It is actually a newspaper that you could grab from any newspaper stand from a few years ago. But now, it mainly emphasizes its online presence. However, they still publish the printed editions too.

You can get customized offers and listings by filtering them using your zip code. You can also post an ad with a small description and good photographs. You need to pay a small fee if you want your ad to get published in the printed edition.


15. Hoobly

A homepage image of Hoobly website


Website: Hoobly

Access: US and Canada

If you consider the look and feel, Hoobly is probably the most similar site to Craigslist. It has great coverage throughout the United States. And recently, it also started its expansion in the European and Canadian markets.

You can easily create an account on this platform and start posting ads. You can also search for the items you require as it has several filters.

It also has a dedicated segment on the legal pet trade and pet adoption. It also has a separate segment for merchandise. You can post any ad you want without paying a single penny.


16. GumTree

A homepage image of GumTree website


Website: GumTree

Access: United Kingdom

There are sites like Craigslist to sell items in the United Kingdom. And among those, GumTree is probably the most popular one. However, it also recently extended its market to Australia and South Africa.

It is now following a rapid expansion plan for the US market. You can easily buy or sell any item you like through this UK-based website. It has various categories to choose from while posting an ad.

And if you want to search for any particular item, you can narrow your search through the various available filters.


17. Ad Land Pro

A homepage image of AdLandPro website


Website: AdLand Pro

Access: Worldwide

There are several sites like Craigslist that also have a dedicated forum section for idea interchange. And among those, AdLand Pro is one of the most legit platforms.

Since its establishment in 1998, it has become a popular platform for buying and selling items. Moreover, you can take advantage of its free features.

This website has a dedicated ‘report abuse’ segment where you can help the admins to trace any fraudsters.

It also has a dedicated blog where it often shares tips and tricks for a great trading deal. However, it is not as updated as the forum segment of this website.


18. Close5

A homepage image of Close5 website


Website: Close5

Access: United States

Formerly known as eBay Classifieds, Close5 is one of the best options if you are looking for a local platform.

It now has great coverage throughout the major cities in the United States. Now, it is also working on its rapid expansion plan to grab a bigger user base. 

From housing to cars, from gardening equipment to electronic items, from pets to services, this website covers almost all the categories you can ever think of.

You can easily post a free ad on this platform. Apart from all, users can mainly search for items to buy through its user-friendly search engine.

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19. City News

A homepage image of City News website


Website:  City News

Access: Worldwide

If you are looking for legit Craigslist alternatives, you should have a look at City News. Although it started in the US market, it now has vast global coverage.

It has diverse category options that include unusual segments like clinical supplies, medicines, and cooking accessories. Posting an ad in any category is absolutely free on this platform.

However, you can make it bold or make it rank higher on its search algorithm for just $1. You can also put your item on a feature ad just by paying $3 per item.


20. 10 Day Ads

A homepage image of 10DayAds website


Website: 10 Day Ads

Access: Worldwide

There are sites like Craigslist that guarantee a great amount of global reach. And among those, 10 Day Ads is probably the most popular.

One of the best things about this website is that you can post multiple images and short videos with your items. This feature is bound to attract more customers. This platform also has a unique review and rating system.

So, you can check your counterpart before buying or selling any item. This feature also makes this website almost free from any fraudsters and scams. The category lists are also very extensive as it covers almost all the segments.


21. Ad to Ad

A homepage image of AdtoAd website


Website: Ad to Ad

Access: Worldwide

You need to create a free account to post your item on this unique website called Ad to Ad. However, you can check the available listings without creating an account.

From electronic items to hobby equipment, from cars to real estate, this website covers almost all the categories. It is probably the only website that has an aviation category where you can even buy a private jet.

It has other unique segments like rentals, roommates, and even local business directories. It also has a dedicated job search segment.


Classified Apps like Craigslist

The websites we have mentioned above are niche websites and online trading platforms.

However, there are several classified websites available nowadays that work similarly to Craigslist. The most popular among those are as follows.


22. OfferUp

A homepage image of OfferUp website


Website: OfferUp

Access: United States

One of the best sites like craigslist, OfferUp, recently crossed around 25 million app downloads in the play store and app store. Geekwire also recently named it the app of the year.

Needless to say, it is one of the best platforms to cover various categories, although it is much smaller than Craigslist itself.

It has a unique rating system where both buyers and sellers can have ratings. And in this way, anyone can easily spot fraudsters and scams. The listing process is completely free, and you can select your own expected price.


23. Poshmark

A homepage image of Poshmark website


Website: Poshmark.

Access: Canada and United States

You can call Poshmark the stepbrother of Craigslist in the fashion and accessories market. Yes, it mainly deals with apparel, fashion accessories, and designer wear.

It is also rumored that most Hollywood celebrities get rid of their old costumes through this unique website.

You can grab a great pair of designer shoes or dress through this unique platform. You can also declutter your wardrobe if you have lots of unused items.

However, your items should be kept in almost mint condition to fetch the best value.


24. LetGo

A homepage image of LetGo website


Website: LetGo

Access: United States

Without any doubt, LetGo is one of the most popular classified alternatives for Craigslist. Now LetGo is a part of Offerup. It also became popular due to its user-friendly design and customized search engine.

You can filter your search through various options on this platform. Selling or listing any item is also pretty easy.

All you need is to create a free account and then post your item with some good photographs. Any buyer can also check out other items on your profile with just a few simple clicks.


25. Mercari

A homepage image of Mercari website


Website: Mercari

Access: Columbia and United States

Although it is one of the best sites like craigslist, Mercari doesn’t allow in-person meetups of buyers and sellers for security reasons. So, it only allows you to post ads for the shippable items.

Opening an account is pretty straightforward as you get instant approval on your account. You can also easily post your items to sell on this website. You can also list your expected price.

However, this website will take around a 10% cut from that amount as its commission. You can also print a prepaid shipping label through this fantastic platform.


Choosing Among Alternatives

So the above-mentioned is the list of best sites like Craigslist you can try with confidence. However, some websites have better coverage than the rest, depending on your demographic profile.

Choosing among the best alternatives always involves a superlative decision as well as a proper understanding of your need.

Before choosing an alternative, you can also check out the local reviews and ratings of a particular website to learn about the operating standards.

For any assistance, you can always reach us in the comment section; we are always happy to assist our readers. Thanks for reading!


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