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20 Websites and Apps like Depop To Sell Clothes [2024]

Before getting flair for other sites like Depop, do you have any idea that reselling clothes is turning out to be the most profitable online business idea these days?

Stats prove that the Global secondhand apparel market will grow 3X times faster than the regular global apparel market.

This is the main reason for keeping our readers updated with this article, as we never want any of them to miss at least one profitable business idea. So if you have never been into reselling business, here is a point to thrive.

There are many sites like Depop which you can prefer and decluttr any item from your home to earn decent bucks from them. As the second hand is becoming the Global Phenomenon with a growth rate of around 127% by 2026, there is no right time than this to join any of the below-mentioned platforms!

As much as possible, we have briefed every workable platform relevant to the region so that you can use them to their fullest potential. It would make us sheer happy if they could help at least one reader.

So, before going to the Depop alternatives, let us know some short details about Depop.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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What is Depop? (Everything You Must Know)

Depop is a well-liked, in-demand marketplace app where everyone can discover unique items, either new or used, at reasonable prices.

A homepage image of Depop website


How Does Depop Work?

All you need here is a registered account from where you can operate your sales. Right after signup, you can upload your items into your shop, and they get displayed on the feed where potential buyers can reach you to buy them.

They have around 30 million+ registered users in over 150 countries.

How To Join Depop?

Download the Depop app (Available on both Android and iOS), verify your details, and create a strong Depop password. Choose your items and list them using your portal.

Reasons To Opt For Depop

There is no additional cost for listing, and a decent commission rate of 10%, along with user-friendly and highly attractive customer care support, can make Depop one of the best in the segment.

What Can You Sell On Depop

Three popular product categories for sales on Depop are Men’s wear, Women’s Wear, and Jewelry. They can be new, used, or upcycled.

Ensure the products you are selling are in good condition, seasonable, meet the trends, and optionally brand specific.

Is Depop Safe?

Depop Reviews: 4.9/5(Appstore) & 3.9/5(Playstore)

Considering these user review ratings, we can specifically trust this platform to be safe; though there are a few flaws, like buyer and seller coordination, you can manage everything well with time and effort.

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Best Apps Like Depop

While we list these apps and sites like Depop, we have taken care of every possibility that they meet precise standards for reselling business and also help you find a rightful replacement for Depop.

1. Poshmark

A homepage image of Poshmark website


Regarding the best sites like Depop, Poshmark can be paralleled as one of the leading social marketplaces for new and secondhand styles for everyone having 80 million+ registered users.

By empowering everyone, their primary aim is people-centered commerce. Until now, more than 200 million+ items have been sold alone in Australia, the USA, and Canada. Ranging around every sale per second in the USA.

For all who are looking to join this platform, this is not only just a shopping destination but a vibrant community of millions of healthy personal style sellers.

Prize Alert: You can now grab a chance to win $10000 by listing your items prior to 02/05/2024.

To get started, you need to register your account, list your item on the portal, which can hardly take 60 seconds, and share your insights with potential shoppers; the more you share, the more you gain sales.

Get your prepaid label from the platform to get an exemption from shipping charges, and when coming to the commissions, they charge a flat $2.95 for all sales under $15 and 20% on all items above $15.

Poshmark Reviews: 4.7/5(Playstore) & 4.8/5(Appstore)

Note: Trustpilot rating for this platform is only 1.3/5; many users reported they hold the funds for more than 72 hours after the sale and also send continuous notifications.

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2. OfferUp

A homepage image of OfferUp website


OfferUp is one of the finest apps like Depop, which paves the simplest and most trusted ways to buy or sell items locally.

Buying or selling any items on this platform is very simple; you have to take good pictures of your item and upload them with the briefing in a short format. Here you can fix your price, and interested buyers contact you directly.

The impressive part is that they won’t charge you any penny for listing items but will only charge $1.99 or 12.9% for the shipped products through them as a service charge.

If you fail in sales conversions, you can try their premium features, where they charge $1.99 for 1-3 days of promotion, which can boost 14X times the daily views.

You don’t have to worry about trusted buyers as their special authentication system, ‘TruYou,’ verifies every buyer and seller before assigning account details. 

OfferUp Reviews: 4.4/5(Playstore) & 4.8/5(Appstore)

Note: The only downturn is that the payment settlement will take around 10-14 days after shipment, and some premium charges are as high as $19.99 monthly(But can highly help in sale conversions).

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3. Vinted

A homepage image of Vinted website


For all of here who are searching for Depop alternatives, you can definitely pick Vinted to that list.

Most of them who scroll through their portal will be crossed with only one question: ‘ Why is everything on Vinted so cheap?’ That is how this platform will match the competition level.

Vinted has a very lucid interface where you can easily sell, swap, or buy used or new apparel online. The added advantage here is that it also won’t charge any premium to list the items.

Download Vinted free app, click the snap of your item, and add to the enlisting. The exciting candidates will approach with a quote, or you can price your value and make the sale conversion.

Accessories, clothing, bags, footwear, cosmetics, toys, and furniture are some of the popular categories to sell on Vintage.

Vinted has now acquired United Wardrobe, one of the largest second-hand markets combined to form a 34 million+ community. Join Vinted to make the best use of this opportunity now!

Vinted Reviews: 4.1/5(Playstore) & 4.8/5(Appstore)

Note: Beware of the fake products listed, cross-confirm before making the payments, and always reach the support team for needful assistance.

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4. Mercari

A homepage image of Mercari website


Mercari is one of the most preferred shopping apps like Depop. Here you can sell anything without any restrictions.

The enticing thing is that you can get a $5 added coupon on your first listing and also can get a chance to win a $20 coupon with a lucky draw.

So for those who want to consider it to be one of the best places to declutter, you will definitely not regret it as you are connected with millions of people across the USA.

So coming to the Mercari commissions, It charges 10% of the purchase price from the sale conversion. Along with this, a mere 2.9% + $0.30 processing fee will be levied when users use Mercari Instant Pay and Mercari Authenticate services.

Mercari Reviews: 4.8/5(Appstore) & 4.5/5(Playstore)

Note: You will be insured for $200 if the product goes damaged while shipping(Applicable for Mercari prepaid labels), and they also offer buyer protection.


5. ThredUp

A homepage image of Thredup website


ThredUp is a popular online consignment & thrift store that believes in a sustainable fashion future. Being a buyer, you are assisted by its interface to find the best deals on brands.

Most people prefer ThredUp for two main reasons: one for being the list specific according to price, and the second is that seller will get an upfront payment.

The lists on this platform have more than 55K+ brands for up to 90% discounted prices and sold over 137 Million items. ThredUp also helps sellers ship the items to buyers by evaluating and making an upfront payment.

Their payment structure is 100% consignment and wholly based on the final selling price. Get 50% off+ and Free shipping on your first purchase!

ThredUp Payout Percentage

Thredup Payout

ThredUp Reviews: 4.6/5(ThredUp) & 2.6/5(Trustpilot)


6. The Real Real

A homepage image of Therealreal website


The Real Real offers a $25 site credit right after registering with your email. The optimistic point for this platform now is that they are offering a limited-time deal of $150 Extra* for selling.

You can sell anything from shoes to women’s apparel and many more; you can also refer to their approval list to have a clear glance. With increased sales, you can unlock more incentives and commission bonuses.

It is considered to be one of the top apps like Depop, as most of the sales can be converted within 30 days of listing, and you can earn commissions up to 85% of the sale price and 3X more than other competitors in the market.

Register and leave the rest to their team of 100+ experts who can take care of the aftermath selling process and earn money directed to the bank, site credit(5% Extra) or check.

The Real Real Commission Structure

The Real Real Commission Structure

The Real Real Reviews: 4/5(Trustpilot) & 2.9/5(Glassdoor)


7. Tradesy

A homepage image of Tradesy website


When it comes to selling or buying luxury items for women, Tradesy can grab any of the top spots. You only need to download the Tradesy app or access their website to get started here.

The best description for your items can help you get better reach; this platform also helps you to write those descriptions. Buyer and seller can contact each other via the in-app messaging system and negotiate for sale.

You can ship using your own materials or with pre-paid stickers provided by Tradesy. For buyers, Tradesy specially offers $100 off over $500 purchases.

Tradesy charges a flat 20% commission on every sale over $50 and a flat $7.50 for sales under $50; the rest will be directly transferred to your wallet. From here, you can encash via PayPal, Debitcard or direct bank on a 2.9% transfer fee deduction.

Tradesy Seller Reviews: 4.7/5(Site Jabber) & 4.3/5(Trust Pilot)

Note: Many users shared their complaints about Tradesy on the BBB platform, which Tradesy replied, resolving. Try registering the same way if you face potential issues in the future.

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8. Rebag

A homepage image of Rebag website


Rebag is one of the sites like Depop founded in 2014, where you can buy, sell or trade luxury accessories, including watches, jewelry, handbags, leather items, etc.

This can be a one-stop solution if you want to refill your wardrobe with refreshing luxury items, and now it offers flat $200 off on your first purchase.

Sellers can now get up to $400 Redbag wallet credit on every item sold over $10000 and $200 for items worth $3000(Valid until 01/31). The best part is that you can get value evaluated by providing details of your selling items.

You can also leave your funds in the Red Bag wallet, which can be incremented by 1% every month. And you can also earn a 10% spending bonus for putting funds towards a Redbag purchase.

Redbag Reviews: 2.1/5(Trust Pilot)

Note: One can also make use of the Infinity Exchange program, where the items can be used for a few months and later exchanged for 60-75% of the purchase value.

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9. Wallapop

A homepage image of Wallapop website


Wallapop has many categories where you can sell and buy second-hand products without leaving the comfort of your couch.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you can use their classifieds app (Wallapop app) to earn extra money from items you no longer need. Through their website, you can find their catalog of a series of ads where you can publish your ads for free of cost.

The selling process is simple, register on their portal, list your item, quote a price, and negotiate with the client. Grab a chance to be a part of 15 Million+ Wallapoppers, who have already uploaded over 180 Million products now.

Wallapop Reviews: 4.8/5(App Store) & 4.7/5(Playstore)

Note: Make sure you follow Wallapop community guidelines by not uploading their list of restricted items.


10. Carousell

A homepage image of Carousell website


Name any category; there is no chance that it is not part of this platform. For this reason, this is considered a leading multi-category entity for secondhand products that is on a mission to inspire the world to start selling and make second-hand products the 1st choice.

You can also make use of their classifieds to publish your ads and have a better reach for sale conversions.

Women’s fashion, Electronics, Home & Furniture, Design, Crafts, Appliances, etc., are the popular categories you can list for sale.

Carousell offers an Instant buy badge where you not need to pay for the listing but will be commissioned a flat 4% on the selling price.

Many users reported very positive records via this badge, but you need a few terms to qualify for the badge.

Carousell Reviews: 4.7/5(Appstore) & 1.5/5(Trust Pilot)

Note: You can fill up the community form on their portal to know more details about advertising opportunities on Carousell.


11. Varagesale

A homepage image of Varagesale website - Apps Like Depop

Source: Apple app store

Varagesale is a well-liked virtual garage where users can sell or buy things. They work on a 100% identification process through the manual review process.

So, there will always be high scope for authenticity for this platform. For listings, you can refer to their classifieds section and can also filter out categories according to your interest. 

While surfing through the sellers, buyers can view his ratings and reviews. So make sure to be aware being a seller, posting is relatively easy right after the manual verification.

Varagesale Reviews: 4.1/5(Playstore) & 4.6/5(Appstore)

Note: The verification process is quite challenging to get qualified, and there are high chances of rejection if you are not a local seller.


12. OfferIt

A homepage image of Offerit website - Apps Like Depop



OfferIt is another preferred among the classifieds sites like Depop, and here there is flexibility among the buyers and sellers to negotiate with each other via chat box.

You can enjoy the freedom to sell your items to the people in your nearby locality. Many features are enclosed in the app; you can always check the ratings before purchasing or buying.

Register on their website, post the snaps being a buyer, and negotiate with the seller nearby. Always make sure to cross-verify the condition of the item you are listing, as it could adversely affect your rating for future sales.

OfferIt Reviews: 4.2/5(Capterra)

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13. Swapit

A homepage image of Swapit website - Apps Like Depop


Swapit is a well-known hyper-local marketplace that acts as a bridge between sellers and buyers for used or new items.

There are more than 250000+ registered users on this platform. You can enjoy the beautiful interface of the platform, which offers a seamless client experience. It is a hybridized version of eBay, Pinterest, Foursquare, and traditional flea markets.

This has turned into an award-winning platform from being a sole registered entity in Hongkong extending now over 148 currencies. You can also win a premium day for free by referring friends, and they also get one free premium day.

They have the best customer support team; you can also reach them via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Angelist.

Swapit Reviews: 3.3/5(Playstore) & 4.1/5(Appstore)

Note: Swapit launched its own Swapit ICO(Digital Currency) as the real business needs a real coin to caress the digital future. Try joining today to scale a 30% discount on ICO.


14. Popsy

A homepage image of Popsy website - Apps Like Depop

Source: Apple app store

Popsy is one of the apps like Depop listed in Appstore and Playstore, the uniqueness of this platform is that this is only dedicated to the sale of refurbished electronics at a competitive and fair price.

Their main motto is to make sure that premium electronics are accessible to everyone. Here the prices are so affordable only because the shoppers are directly connected to the refurbished product manufacturers.

As no middlemen are involved, you can grab up to 70% off on products ranging as cheap as $99. They also provide a 12-month warranty for their products, and for support, you can contact their support team.

If you have any old electronic gadgets in mint condition, you can exchange them here for a better price.

Popsy Reviews: 3.8/5(Playstore) & 3.9/5(Appstore)

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15. StockX

A homepage image of StockX website - Apps Like Depop


StockX is one of our favorite sites, like Depop, to be mentioned here. This current culture marketplace is on a mission to provide access to the world’s desired items in the most innovative way possible.

They can range from sneakers, apparel, electronics, trading cards, accessories, collectibles, or even gaming accessories.

The segment which is most liked about this platform is that every item sold must undergo a proprietary multi-step verification process with the expert team authenticators.

Furthermore, they encourage transparency of pricing with a user-friendly listing of items that aren’t commonly found locally. StockX also makes tasks easier for buyers as well as sellers by dealing with all descriptions and handling fraudsters.

Your data is highly secured here 24/7, and their all-time available highly efficient help center, chatbot, and global dedicated support staff ensure maintaining their high customer support standards.

StockX Reviews: 4.3/5(Playstore)/4.6/5(Appstore) & 3.6/5(TrustPilot)


Best Websites Like Depop

16. Facebook Marketplace

A homepage image of Facebook marketplace website - Apps Like Depop


Facebook (Meta) is one of the most effective places to start a profitable business. One of those decent Depop alternatives could be Facebook Market Place, especially if you’re looking to buy or sell things.

This platform has marked a strong impact in the online sales industry; stats show that around 20% of users prefer Facebook Market place to sell their items, and over 22% of people have a high trust factor towards it.

With more than 1.1 billion monthly users with over 250 million active stores on this platform, we consider it one of the very tough competitors for the sites like Depop.

Add your items using their ‘Create New Listing’ option and wait for clients to contact you. Meanwhile, try to refer to our detailed article about 20 Best-Selling Items On Facebook Marketplace.

Note: In terms of social commerce, it holds around 51.19% of the market share.

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17. eBay

A homepage image of eBay website - Apps Like Depop


For all those who are looking to sell or buy second-hand items, the immediate website that flashes our minds is eBay. This is one of those first started marketplaces for people to sell their own products.

With time, their family has grown to around 135 million active users all across the globe. Where the costliest item sold till now is SuperYacht costing around $168 Million.

You can, without a doubt, prefer this marketplace which accounts for 4.7% of the e-commerce retailer market in the sole USA.

Join eBay now! to be a part of their 18 million+ sellers who relatively operates more than 8,85,000+ active eBay stores.

eBay Seller Fees

Insertion Fee: First 250 listings are free, and then $0.35 per listing.

Final Value Fee: This varies with items– For example, Books, Magazines, TV& Movies- 14.6% up to $7500 and 2.35% when over $7500, 5% flat on NFTs, 3% flat on heavy equipment, 6% on musical instruments, etc.

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18. Etsy

A homepage image of Etsy website - Apps Like Depop


Etsy is a global marketplace that is a home for special, unique, creative, and extraordinary items. Their aim is to ‘Keep Human Connection at the Heart of Commerce.’

Many of the sellers turned their businesses successful and profitable using this platform; if you want to be one among them, join Etsy and be a part of their community.

There are more than 93 million active buyers on this platform. If you have attractive products, you need not worry about sale conversions, as repeat purchases on this platform account for nearly 81%.

Bags, Purses, Personal Accessories, Shoes, Crafts, Supplies, Clothing, Electronics, and Collectibles are the main categories of Etsy that attract more sales.

Considering its responsive customer support team, loyal client base, and user-friendly interface, Etsy is still profitable in 2024.

Etsy Fees & Payment Policies: Etsy charges a flat $0.20 for every listing and a transaction fee of around 6.5% on the price you displayed for selling. Additionally, you can opt for their variable advertising & promotional fees.

Etsy Google Reviews: 2.9/5(Consumer Affairs)/3.3/5(Site Jabber)


19. Shpock

A homepage image of Shpock website - Apps Like Depop


When it comes to the listing sites like Depop, Shpock also needs a special mention. This marketplace and classifieds platform brings millions of private sellers and buyers into one place.

You can have an edge to glance over many categorized second-hand products across their feed with over 11 million+ items.

This site has over 10 million active users and over 100 million product search volume. Start your free trial and open a shop on Shpock to list your products to attract potential clients.

You can add 10 images for each listing, which is entirely free.

You can opt for their premium subscription, which costs around $19.90/Month; with this, you can get priority support, ad-free listing, additional promotions, and also membership badge.

Shpock Reviews: 4.2/5(Appstore) & 2.3/5(Trustpilot)


20. Grailed

Apps Like Depop - A homepage image of Grailed website


Grailed is one of the most prominent sites like Depop for buying fashion. Here you can sell, discover and also buy authenticated pieces from global top-class brands.

To get started, you need to create an account and list your item with a detailed description like size, brand, condition, etc. You can always take the help of their supportive customer care team for your queries.

The seller needs to pay a commission of 9% for every item sold here. You will also be charged a processing fee for Grailed payments or Paypal transactions.

For US domestic transactions processing fee is 3.49% + $0.49, and for International transactions, it is 4.99% + $0.49.

Grailed Reviews: 4.0/5(TrustPilot) & 4.8/5(Appstore)


Best Shopping Apps & Sites like Depop Australia

  • RetroStar
  • Revoir
  • Yordrobe
  • Boohoo
  • The Closet
  • SWOP
  • Eluv
  • GumTree
  • The RE: CLUB
  • Carousell Australia


Selling Sites & Apps Like Depop in Canada

  • Lululemon
  • Shopify-Canada
  • Brandy Melville
  • Oracle Netsuite
  • Square Online


Depop Alternatives UK

The United Kingdom has few possibilities to find sites like Depop, but here are a few mentions you can try!

  • Esooko
  • Vinted UK
  • eBay-Uk
  • Etsy-UK


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Sites Like Depop – Conclusion

By buying or selling second-hand items, you are not only earning some extra cash from your clutter, but you are also relatively contributing to the well-being of the environment.

Used items reduce CO2 emissions by 25% on average per wear compared to new ones – ThredUP

Technology and marketplaces are helping you start your business in every way, so make the best possible use of any of your best-picked sites like Depop and start a profitable side business.

We are always here to assist you; reach us in the comment box for the needful query resolutions! Thanks for reading.