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25 Sites Like InboxDollars For Extra Cash [+ Signup Bonuses]

If you are looking for more sites like InboxDollars, you are in the right place.

We’ve gathered 25 amazing apps and websites like InboxDollars and explained why they are important with beautiful infographics.

These apps will pay you cash and rewards for doing small tasks such as playing games, reading books, taking surveys, watching videos, etc. These tasks are very easy, fun, and refreshing to do during your downtime.

To make the most out of the list, we recommend you check the list, pick the right platforms, and join as many as you like.

All the platforms mentioned below are totally legit, pay on time, and are used by millions of users. Your earnings will depend on the number of tasks you finish and the amount of time you spend on those platforms. Please note that they can’t be your major income source. You can earn a few hundred bucks to supplement your income.

*** we spend tens of hours of time designing infographics to create a better user experience and make our content more interesting. If you love them, please share your love in the comments. Your suggestions are also appreciated.***


Need Easy & Extra $300/Mo For Free?

Survey Junkie – Earn up to $50 per survey & a fixed $1.50 per referral. Sign up here.

Opinion Outpost: Get paid up to $30 per answering simple questions. Join now.

Branded Surveys: Paid over 35 Million. Earn up to $25 per survey. Signup now.

Inbox Dollars: Get paid to watch videos. One already made $75 within a week. $10 Signup bonus.

Pinecone Research: Up to $3 – $5 per survey & $9 per product test. Join now for FREE.


What Is InboxDollars?

what is inboxdollars

Review Source:

InboxDollars, as most of us know, is a consumer rewards company that is currently under the ownership of Proedge LLC.

This money-making app collaborates with different brands and companies to help them better their products and services by collecting feedback from prospective consumers.

Some of the most popular brands that partnered with InboxDollars include Walmart,, Publishers Clearing House, etc.

It pays people in cash for taking those surveys and doing any other simple tasks that would help their partners’ betterment.

Operating since 2000, InboxDollars has paid over $80 Million to its members for fulfilling different short tasks. 

InboxDollars has also been featured on multiple websites like Forbes, Bustle, Mashable, etc., as a top source to earn money online.

So that’s the legitimacy and popularity that InboxDollars has in the market.

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How Much Can You Make On InboxDollars?InboxDollars

Now your immediate question would be, “how much can I earn through this legit app?”.

First of all, to make money through InboxDollars, you need to signup with them. It is free to signup, and from that moment, your earnings will begin.

You heard it right! You get an instant signup bonus of $5 as soon as you signup with InboxDollars.

Further, you will be earning by fulfilling tasks that are listed below:

  • Paid Online Surveys: Voice out your opinions and make $0.50 to $5 per survey, which will take hardly 3 to 25 minutes to complete. Specific surveys will pay you $10, $20, or more, depending on your demographic profile.
  • Shopping: Earn great cashback deals, freebies, and discounts from top brands by shopping for groceries, cosmetics, etc.
  • Reading Emails: You will be offered new deals via mail. You can take those offers for more earnings or just get paid to read that mail.
  • Playing Games:  Earn 18% cash back on every dollar you spend while playing games through InboxDollars.
  • Referrals:  Invite friends and family with your referral link and earn $1 each for up to 5 of your referrals that sign up and earn $7 or more. Further, you will earn 30% of the lifetime earnings of the rest of your referrals.

In addition to these, you can also earn by watching videos, using their search engine, participating in contests, etc.

You will be paid according to your choice, either via cash, gift cards, or Paypal every Wednesday.

Now you must have understood that you can make decent pocket money using InboxDollars. Scroll down to learn more about what we have to say about earning through money-making sites like InboxDollars.


Top Five Apps or Sites Like InboxDollars

You have seen the prospective earnings one can make using InboxDollars. If it is like this for using one mere app, imagine how much you can make using multiple money-making sites like InboxDollars.

Using one site can’t help you get a living but using different other sites simultaneously can help you to supplement your various small expenses.

No matter how many sites you use, you can do this fun gig anywhere and whenever you are free.

What are you waiting for?! Just dive into the list of websites like InboxDollars that are listed below.


1. Opinion Outpost

sites like inboxdollars - opinionoutpost

  • Countries Availabile: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Spain
  • Minimum Payout: Starts at $2.5
  • Payout Methods: Paypal, Mastercard, Amazon giftcards, etc
  • Signup Bonus: None

Opinion Outpost is a money-making website that pays you for sharing your opinions about the brands(and their products) they partner with. They will offer you surveys on a wide variety of topics.

When you complete a survey, you will get points, and you can redeem them for cash or rewards of your choice once you have enough points.

Other ways to make money through this website include watching advertisements, testing products, and going outside. You can also earn $1 per referral for up to 5 friends.

2 million users worldwide are earning happily via this platform. 


  • You will know the survey time length and pay before you take it up.
  • Earn $0.50 to $5 per survey.


  • Certain rewards may take a few weeks to arrive.
Signup for Opinion Outpost now!


2. Swagbucks

sites like inboxdollars - swagbucks

  • Countries Available: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland. India and Germany
  • Minimum Payout: No payout limit
  • Payout Methods: Cash via Prepaid Visa cards or PayPal, Gift cards
  • Signup Bonus: $10

Founded in 2008, Swagbucks is one of the world’s largest free rewards community sites like InboxDollars.

Swagbucks members earn points for the tasks they accomplish, and these points are called SBs. 100 SBs make $1.

You can earn these SBs by fulfilling different tasks such as shopping online, playing video games, searching the web, answering surveys, and more.

The points you earn can be redeemed for gift cards at your favorite retailers like free charge, Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, etc., or cashout via Paypal.

With $0.5 to $1.5 per survey, you can earn up to $100 per month by filling out surveys.


  • No payout threshold.
  • 18+ unique ways to earn money.
  • Offers cashback with 1500 popular retailers.


  • You must wait 2-3 business days to get your rewards.
Signup for Swagbucks now!

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3. Survey Junkie


  • Countries Availabile: United States, Canada, and Australia.
  • Minimum Payout: $5.
  • Payout Methods: eGift cards or cash via Paypal or Dwolla.
  • Signup Bonus: None

SurveyJunkie is one of the most popular and highest-paying survey websites online. 

This platform rewards you points for the surveys you fulfill, and every 100 points are equal to $1. Each survey takes an average of 15 minutes, and you can earn around $0.50 to $50 per survey. You can earn $200 per month just by filling out surveys.

Additional to surveys, you can also earn through paid focus groups on SurveyJunkie. Earnings up to $150 are possible for qualifying focus groups that you complete.

Other opportunities on this website include installing their browser extension, testing products, etc.


  • Extra points if you are screened out of surveys.
  • Gift cards from popular retailers like Starbucks.
  • Cash out in 3-4 business days.


  • Limited to just three countries.
Signup for SurveyJunkie now!


4. Pinecone Research

sites like inboxdollars - pinecone research

  • Countries Available: US only
  • Minimum Payout: $3
  • Payout Methods: Cash or Gift cards
  • Signup Bonus: None

Pinecone Research is a market research platform that pays well, like InboxDollars.

To join this platform, you will need to have an invite referral from any of their existing members. Otherwise, you can also sign up on their website, but they will let you join only if there are any suitable spots available for you.

Each survey on Pinecone Research will help you earn at least $3 to $5. You will also receive products from them occasionally for testing. 

Once you submit your test reviews, you will receive as much as $7 per review and also will get to keep the product for free.


  • Low payout threshold.
  • This site offers loyalty bonuses.


  • Rigid joining process.
  • Doesn’t offer lots of surveys.
Signup for Pinecone Research now!


5. Nielsen App

sites like inboxdollars - nielsen app

  • Countries Availabile: USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy and the UK.
  • Minimum Payout: 805 points or $5.
  • Payout Methods: Paypal, Gift cards.
  • Signup Bonus: None.

Nielsen is one of the easiest money-making websites. You need to do nothing except sign up or download the app and create a profile on their website. The app will picture consumer behavior by tracking your device usage.

Once you sign up, you will automatically enter into a $10,000 monthly sweepstakes. You can even win it if luck is on your side.

You will also find instant win token games through which you can scratch and earn rewards. The app unlocks a gift card worth up to $60 every year that you can redeem via Paypal or gift cards from Amazon, Walmart and others.


  • Get rewarded for just using your device as you always do.
  • It can be used on any device(laptop, mobile, or tablet).


  • Requires privacy permissions.
  • Sweepstakes are limited to certain demographics only.
Install and Signup for Nielsen Computer Panel now!


Best Websites Like InboxDollars

We’ve seen the top five. Here are the following websites, like InboxDollars, that are worth trying to earn some extra bucks for your everyday tasks.


6. Branded Surveys

sites like inboxdollars - brandedsurveys

  • Countries Availabile: USA, Canada, and the UK.
  • Minimum Payout: 500 points or $5.
  • Payout Methods: Paypal, Branded Pay direct deposits(US only) or gift cards.
  • Signup Bonus: $1.

Apart from free signing up, the Branded Surveys require you to answer a few questions to access surveys that suit you. The more details you provide, the more surveys you will gain access to.

You will get certain points for each survey you complete. Each point is equal to 1 cent, which means 100 points are equal to $1.

You can cash out those points or redeem them for gift cards at various stores and restaurants across the country.

Sign up with Branded Surveys to earn more rewards and bonuses for taking more surveys, referring friends, participating in polls, etc. This website has received 4.3/5 Trustpilot ratings from its members.


  • Faster payouts within one to three business days.
  • More payout options to choose from.


  • Limited eligibility.
Signup for Branded Surveys now!


7. MobileXpression


  • Countries Available: US only
  • Minimum Payout: $5
  • Payout Methods: Gift cards
  • Signup Bonus: None

Like Nielsen, MobileXpression is also a consumer behavior research app that monitors consumers’ browsing habits, etc., when installed on their devices.

So all you need to do to earn with MobileXpression is to install their software on your device and keep the app and internet on always. You will be paid up to $5 weekly for keeping the app on your phone.

You will also receive credit rewards that you can redeem for gift cards worth their value. The gift cards include those of Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Best Buy, etc.


  • Guaranteed weekly earnings.
  • Effortless money making.


  • Cash payments are not available.
Signup for MobileXpression now!


8. Panda Research


  • Countries Available: US only
  • Minimum Payout: $50
  • Payout Methods: Paypal
  • Signup Bonus: $3

Another best option from this list of sites like InboxDollars is Panda Research.

This website requires you to be 18 or above and to reside in the US for you to signup with them. You will be matched to do different surveys and offers once you sign up with them.

On successful completion of surveys or offers, you will be rewarded cash which can be from $3 to $7 per survey or offer. You will additionally receive offers, discounts, and giveaways.

You can also earn by reading emails. Referring friends will get you a 10% commission on their lifetime earnings.


  • Timely payments on the 1st and 15th of every month.
  • You can earn up to $50  for certain surveys.


  • Very high payout threshold.
Signup for Panda Research now!


9. Toluna Influencers


  • Countries Available: Over 50 countries
  • Minimum Payout: $5
  • Payout Methods: Paypal, Gift cards, Mobile Top-Up
  • Signup Bonus: 500 points

Toluna Influencers rewards you for reviewing your favorite brands and products. On this platform, its members are addressed as Influencers. 

To become a Toluna Influencer, you must sign up and complete your profile. Starting from this to answering surveys, all your actions will be rewarded in the form of “Toluna points.” You can redeem these points for cash or gift cards.

Based on the rewards chosen, some 3000 to 3250 Toluna points make $1.

You can receive as many as 15 to 50,000 points per survey and 100 points for every personal profile survey.

Other earning options on Toluna include playing games, engaging in community polls and discussions, etc.


  • Interesting surveys.
  • Freedom to choose the surveys.


  • Rewards expire in 16 months.
Signup for Toluna Influencers now!


10. Rakuten


  • Countries Available: Worldwide.
  • Minimum Payout: $5.
  • Payout Methods: Paypal or Check.
  • Signup Bonus: $30

Rakuten is a cashback app that rewards you for shopping online through it. They partner with over 3500+ online stores that most of us regularly shop with, including Nike, Walmart, H&M, Sephora, etc.

Those companies pay them for sending shoppers, and Rakuten rewards you in turn with cashback that will be reflected in your account.

You can cash out your money once your account reaches the $5 limit. If it is less than $5, then your payment will be rolled out to the next payment period.

You will also receive a huge $30 cashback signup bonus if you spend $30 shopping through the app in the first 90 days of signing up.


  • Guaranteed cashback on every purchase.
  • Up to 40% cashback offers are available.


  • Cashouts are offered quarterly.
Signup for Rakuten now!


11. MyPoints


  • Countries Available: Canada and United States
  • Minimum Payout: $5
  • Payout Methods: Paypal, Gift cards, Air miles
  • Signup Bonus: $10

Anyone above 13 years old can register and share their interests and purchasing habits with leading brands on MyPoints to earn money.

Just register, take surveys, or watch videos, and earn points and daily bonuses. It is that simple. You can earn over $100 per month just by taking surveys.

MyPoints gives you points called Experience Points for the tasks you fulfill.

You can also do other tasks, such as shopping through this app on different popular online stores, to earn points. You can also find a lot of coupons, promo codes, sales, and deals when you shop through this app.

Usually, you will receive anywhere from 1 to 10 points for every dollar you spend.

You will receive the signup bonus of $10 when you spend $10 shopping through their app after signing up with them.


  • Offers you a bonus for surveys that you don’t qualify for.


  • You will receive your payment only after ten business days of your redeeming it.
Signup for MyPoints now!


12. Ipsos-iSay


  • Countries Available: Multiple countries.
  • Minimum Payout: $5.
  • Payout Methods: PayPal, Gift cards.
  • Signup Bonus: None.

Founded in 1975, Ipsos-iSay is one of the oldest sites to make some pocket cash, like on InboxDollars.

You can earn rewards through i-Say points for taking surveys, testing products, and joining discussion boards. 

100 i-Say points are equal to $1 if you want to redeem them for gift cards and 102 i-Say points are equal to $1 if you want to cash them out on Paypal. 

You can also earn $1 per friend you invite to the panel.

Ipsos-iSay offers gift cards with some popular brands like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Starbucks, CVS Pharmacy, Target, Apple, Virtual Visa Prepaid card, and Lowe’s.


  • Instant cash out for eGift cards.


  • Cash redemptions take 1 to 3 weeks to reflect in your PayPal account.
Signup for Ipsos-iSay now!


13. Kashkick


  • Countries Available: US
  • Minimum Payout: $10
  • Payout Methods: PayPal
  • Signup Bonus: None

If you are looking for other sites like InboxDollars that pay you to play games, then you need to look at Kashkick. Anyone above 18 years and residing in the US can register at Kashkick to make money taking surveys.

Kashkick brings companies deals in front of customers like you to draw your genuine and valuable feedback and will pay you in return.

You can do a whole set of fun things, such as answering surveys, finding great deals, watching videos, surfing the web, etc., to make money.

You can complete offers that you find interesting and also take part in daily surveys. Once you reach a threshold earnings of $10, you can request a cashout which you will receive in 1-3 business days.


  • They have a fraud protection system to ensure secure payments.


  • High payout threshold.
Signup for Kashkick now!


14. Mistplay


  • Countries Available: Available in 15 countries
  • Minimum Payout: $0.50.
  • Payout Methods: Giftcards.
  • Signup Bonus: 100 units (for referral signups)

For all those who love playing games, Mistplay is for you to make some extra cents while enjoying what you do.

Install Mistplay on your device and discover new games from the personalized library. You will be awarded “Units” every time you play. The more you play, the more you can earn.

All the units you have earned can be redeemed for gift cards at your favorite retailers such as Amazon, Google Play, Paypal, and more.

Mistplay also has weekly contests, and the last contest of the month offers the winner an epic grand prize. You can unlock badges by completing different missions; each badge will get you more units.


  • Personalized gaming library.
  • Best way to earn while relaxing.


  • No cash redemption.
Signup for Mistplay now!


15. FetchRewards


  • Countries Available: United States.
  • Minimum Payout: $3.
  • Payout Methods: Gift cards.
  • Signup Bonus: 3000 points.

Fetch Rewards is a Grocery savings app that is available on both iOS and Android platforms. 

This app awards you points called reward points for sharing pictures of your grocery shopping receipts. Here 1000 reward points are equal to $1.

You need not do anything apart from scan your receipts at grocery stores. That’s all about it.

You will also receive a 3000 points signup bonus, i.e., $3 upon signing up using a referral code, and another 1300+ points bonus on scanning your first two receipts.


  • No hoops to jump through.


  • No cash redemption option.
  • Only eligible receipts earn points.
Signup for Fetch Rewards now! (Android  |  iOS)


16. Dosh

  • Countries Available: United States.
  • Minimum Payout: $25.
  • Payout Methods: Bank, Paypal and Venmo.
  • Signup Bonus: $1.

Based in Austin, Texas, Dosh is a cashback site with a different and easy method of earning.

All you need to do is to download the Dosh app and link your credit or debit card that you usually use for payments. You can also link other payment platforms partnered with Dosh, such as Venmo or Gille, if you use them.

That’s it.

Whenever you use those cards or platforms to make a payment while you shop, dine or book a hotel at brands that partner with Dosh, you will receive a cashback.

This cashback will be deposited in your Dosh wallet and can be cashed out when it adds up to $25.

They offer you bank-level security with 265-bit encryption to ensure data safety and secure transactions. So you can link your cards without any apprehensions and start saving.


  • Multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to your wallet.
  • Partners with over 10,000 brands to offer you special savings.


  • High cashout brink.
Signup for Dosh now!


17. YouGov


  • Countries Available: Europe, North Americs, Middle-East and Asia Pacific.
  • Minimum Payout: 5000 YouGov points.
  • Payout Methods: AirAsia Big Points, Cash by deposit to Paypal account or Prepaid cards, Mobile credits, Gift cards.
  • Signup Bonus: None.

YouGov is another great addition to the list of the best sites like InboxDolars. It is a British International internet-based market research company with wide research options, including sports, politics, economy, health, etc.

With so many options, you will have a boredom-free surveying experience. You will be paid YouGov points for completing surveys.

200 YouGov points equate to $1. That means you can redeem your earnings once you reach $25.

Each survey pays $2 on average, and you will get up to 7 surveys per week, which means you have an earning potential of up to $50 per month.


  • More payout options.
  • Your points will never expire until you claim them.


  • Long redemption periods.
Signup for YouGov now!


18. iSurveyWorld


  • Countries Available: Multiple countries
  • Minimum Payout: $25
  • Payout Methods: Paypal
  • Signup Bonus: $5

iSurveyWorld is one of those similar sites that pays you for taking surveys, just like Inbox Dollars. Unlike other market research panels, iSurveyWorld offers eligibility to people of age 16 years and above.

As a part of their community, you will be rewarded only for sharing your valuable reviews about the products and services you use.

Each of their surveys can help you earn $1 to $2, and you can earn a maximum of $8 an hour.

You can withdraw your earnings via Paypal once your earnings reach the payout limit of $25.


  • Low minimum age to signup.
  • Surveys are not longer than 15 minutes.


  • It takes 3 to 4 weeks for your earnings to reflect in your Paypal account.
  • Very high payout threshold.
Signup for iSurveyWorld now!


19. LifePoints


  • Countries Availabile: Available in 40+ countries. 
  • Minimum Payout: $5.
  • Payout Methods: Paypal cash, eGift cards.
  • Signup Bonus: 10 LifePoints.

LifePoints, since 2001, has been one of the many sites like InboxDollars that acts as a bridge to connect people’s habits and unbiased views with what brands have to offer the customers. 

It has paid its members all around the globe $22,000,000 in the last year alone.

You will earn in the form of virtual points called “LifePoints” for every survey you fulfill. 

All your offers will be available in your personalized survey dashboard for you to choose from. Each survey takes barely 10 to 20 minutes to finish and can help you earn 3 to 300 LifePoints.

Apart from filling out surveys, you can also win exciting prizes by participating in product testing, dairies, polls, and monthly giveaways.


  • You can earn up to $20 per month.
  • Longer and more urgent surveys will pay you more LifePoints.


  • Surveys fill up very fast.
Signup for LifePoints now!


Other Apps Like InboxDollars

Those who don’t have constant access to a laptop might be wondering how to take advantage of this opportunity. Don’t worry; you can still use sites like InboxDollars using your mobile phone in the form of apps.

The best part about accessing through a new is you can literally use these apps from anywhere and at any time with utmost ease.

There are a whole lot of apps to make money, but we have done some research and created a list of legit ones for you to benefit from.

Below is the list of all those apps like InboxDollars that can help earn a few extra cents to cover your simple expenses.


20. InboxPays

  • Countries Available: USA, UK and Canada.
  • Minimum Payout: $50.
  • Payout Methods: Paypal.
  • Signup Bonus: $5.

InboxPays is one of those other sites like InboxDollars that helps you make some extra cents online. 

Once you register on the app, you will need to fill out certain questionnaires to receive surveys. So you need to be particular about providing the right information. Otherwise, you may miss the offers.

Some of the other earning options on this app, apart from surveys, are reading emails, paid offers, inviting friends, clipping coupons, spinning wheels, etc.

Most of the surveys pay $0.50 to $1, paid offers can help you earn a dolemailsr two, and reading emails can earn you 2 to 25 cents per mail.

You can also earn 10% of your referrals’ earnings, cashback by clipping coupons, and exciting prizes by spinning wheels.


  • Only Cash redemption fulfills your aim of making additional cents.


  • Very high cashout threshold.
  • Complicated cash-out terms.


21. Lucktastic

  • Countries Available: USA.
  • Minimum Payout: $5 for gift cards and $15 for checks.
  • Payout Methods: Cash, Paypal, Giftcards, and vacations.
  • Signup Bonus: None.

Lucktastic offers you points to play games on their app.

The most popular ways to make money on this app include instant win scratch games, testing apps, referring friends, entering contests, etc.

This is another great alternative app for those who are interested in playing games. As the name suggests, you will be able to make huge dollars through these only if luck favors you.

However, you can make a few cents by fulfilling other tasks.

Points on this app are called Tokens, and you can earn 1000 tokens per referral. You can use those tokens to enter contests on the app, or they can be redeemed for gift cards or cash.


  • Fun app to use.


  • Luck factor.


22. ACOP

  • Countries Available: Worldwide.
  • Minimum Payout: $10.
  • Payout Methods: Cash, Check Paypal, Giftcards.
  • Signup Bonus: None.

ACOP stands for American Consumer Opinion Panel. It is accredited by Survey Police, ESOMAR world research, etc.

Unlike other market research apps, ACOP has long surveys to offer. So if you have that extra time, you can easily make up to $50 per long survey.

They also offer short and quick surveys, but if you keep with their notifications, you can grab those big deals. You can also find product testing offers now and then that pay $50 to $200 per product review.

ACOP rewards you in the form of points, and every 1000 points are equal to $10.

You can request a cash out once you have a minimum of $10 in earnings. It takes five days for Paypal and up to 8 weeks for gift cards to process the amount you redeemed.


  • Flexible pointing system.
  • Low payout limit.


  • Long payment processing period.


23. Zap Surveys

  • Countries Available: Multiple countries
  • Minimum Payout: $25.
  • Payout Methods: Paypal, Amazon and Visa gift cards, etc.
  • Signup Bonus: $3.

Zap Surveys is the last one on this list of sites and apps like InboxDollars.

Unlike other apps, the signup bonus is not instant. You need immediately take up your first survey that offers a guaranteed $3. This bonus changes from time to time, and it has been as high as $6.25. So grab it before it expires.

An additional joining bonus of $0.75 will be awarded if you sign up with a referral.

This app helps you earn real cash by doing different tasks like playing games, shopping, and more.

The average pay per survey is up to $1. They also offer up to 40% discounts on shopping through their app.


  • Guaranteed Highest-paying first survey.


  • High payout limit.


24. Prolific


  • Countries Available: Multiple OECD countries.
  • Minimum Payout: $5.
  • Payout Methods: PayPal.
  • Signup Bonus: None.

Prolific is another popular research website on this list, like InboxDollars. All you need to do is create a Prolific Id by registering on their website and start earning money for sharing your unique experiences.

They have a huge set of thoughtful, fun, and unusual research options in which you can participate. You can earn a minimum of £6/ $8 an hour and more by taking part in these research activities.

You can also enjoy bonuses. The money you make will be sent to your Paypal account on their set of two weekly cash-out days, which are Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

After four consecutive payouts to your Paypal account, you will enjoy instant cashouts.


  • Instant cash-out system.
  • Flexible hours.


  • They have a waitlist for new participants.


25. PrizeRebel


  • Countries Available: Worldwide.
  • Minimum Payout: $5.
  • Payout Methods: Paypal cash and gift cards..
  • Signup Bonus: None.

PrizeRebel is another one on the list of best sites like InboxDollars. Since 2007, PrizeRebel has been a trusted site that pays its members to take surveys. It has also been featured in Insider, SurveyPolice, TrustPilot, and Sitejabber as a highly recommended survey site.

On PrizeRebel, you can earn by completing online opinion surveys by joining as their member free of cost. You will be awarded points for each easy opinion survey you fulfill. 

Each Point is equal to $0.01. You can also earn points by doing other activities such as playing games, referring friends, watching videos, etc. 

You can redeem your points from a whole big catalog of rewards and can receive them within 24 hours.

Earnings include an average of $1 per survey and 30% of the lifetime earnings of your friend who joined using your referral.


  • Instant payouts.
  • Members in Gold and higher levels can receive their rewards in 10 minutes.


  • You may face quota full messages now and then.


Tips & Tricks to Make More Money Out of Sites like InboxDollars

All the apps or the websites like InboxDollars that we have mentioned above may not make you rich or fill your pockets as a proper side job does. 

But with some proper guidance and ploys, you can make a handful of income to meet your side needs.

Here are three important and practical tips for you to draw advantage of these money-making apps:

Signup for Multiple Websites

Instead of just sticking to InboxDollars, you can sign up for multiple websites, if not all of the websites we have listed in this post.

This way, you will be able to make good bucks as most of the pages offer instant sign-up bonuses.

You can also draw bonus money by referring to the sites you signed up for your friends. Therefore, you will be pocketing a good figure by following this strategy.


Create Different Mail IDs for Surveys

Never use your regular mail id to sign up for survey sites. If you do so, you can miss out on the emails from these websites among your other emails.

Sometimes there’s a chance of these emails ending up in the spam box. So we suggest you create a separate mail id dedicated to surveying site logins, so you never miss any offers.


Be Active

Certain survey sites need you to be online regularly for you to make money. So it’s recommended that you be active online.

Keep logging in to the sites you have registered regularly to be the first to grab any deals.


Swagbucks Vs. InboxDollars; Which is better?

When it comes to comparing these two popular platforms, we only have to say that Swagbucks is as much a legit, beneficial, and fun site as InboxDollars.

Everything is similar regarding Swagbucks when we say it is one of the best sites like InboxDollars. The only difference is the signup bonuses that they offer.

Swagbucks offers a $10 instant sign-up bonus which is double the $5 instant sign-up bonus that InboxDollars offers.

The major similarity is that both websites belong to the same parent company Proedge LLC.


InboxDollars Vs. Rakuten; Which is better?

Rakuten is also one of those similar sites like InboxDollars. There is nothing much to compare between these two as both of them offer cashback for shopping online.

However, two significant differences make each of them unique to themselves.

One of them is that Rakuten is dedicated to just offering cashback for shopping online, while InboxDollars has other paid offers for its users.

The other one is InboxDollars has a minimum payout limit of $15, while Rakuten allows you to cash out when you have gathered $5 using their app.

However, both of the websites are equally helpful and legit.


Final Thoughts on Sites like InboxDollars

Finally, we would like to conclude by saying that whether you are an employee or a student, you will always have that surprise expense during a month that may take a toll on your budget.

To avoid such stunners, all the 25 sites like InboxDollars that we listed above are a great way to accumulate money over time. All those small savings will really prove big in case of sudden demand.

So sign up now and never have a dull moment with these fun and beneficial money-making apps.