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18 Best Apps and Sites Like Mercari To Buy/Sell Online [2024]

E-commerce is the most significant thing happening across the globe. This internet trend has become the easiest alternative for people. With this ease, there came into existence many money-making methods for many individuals.

One way to earn money from this trend is by selling on various e-commerce platforms.

Each platform is unique to itself, but some platforms offer huge inclusivity allowing you to sell almost anything online except illegal goods.

One such inclusive place is Mercari. This Japanese company, established in 2013, offers you an app called Mercari’s Marketplace to sell your products.

While this is one of the many available platforms, let us see its forte in this article and whether there are similar sites like Mercari.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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Mercari Overview

A homepage screenshot of mercari website


  • Website Name: Mercari
  • Country: Japan, USA
  • Founded: 2013
  • Monthly Visitors: 100+ Million
  • App Store Rating: 4.8 / 5 Stars
  • Trustpilot Rating: 2.7 / 5 Stars
  • App Download Link: Android | iOS

Mercari Marketplace is not only for brands but for individuals also and allows people to sell anything ranging from brand-new products to pre-owned items.

Here is an outline of what it takes to sell on this app.

Listing your products is absolutely free on Mercari. You are charged only when your listing gets sold and in two parts: the selling fees (10% of the product value) and the payment processing fees(2.9% of the product value)+ $0.50.

These fees are applicable to the price of the product that is sold, exclusive of the taxes. The payment processing fees are applicable for completed transactions, and the seller doesn’t need to pay the same for canceled or returned items.

Despite Mercari being trusted and popular across the US and Japan, it has received mixed reviews from sellers and buyers as well.

So, let’s have a look at the other apps and websites like Mercari that charge less and offer a smooth selling experience through their platforms.

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Best Apps and Sites Like Mercari

Shopping and selling online is always fun. However, there are several options out there to do it, and here is a set of viable sites and apps like Mercari that offer you some exciting features to sell your products.


1. OfferUp

A homepage screenshot of offerup website


  • Listing Fees: Free listing.
  • Sale Commission: Zero.
  • Other Charges: Shipping charges & associated fees for sold items.
  • Payout: Direct bank deposits.

Based in the U.S. and priorly known as Letgo, this platform was acquired by one of the leading marketplaces OfferUp, in 2020.

Since then, both of these top companies have worked under one name, i.e., OfferUp, offering seamless buying and selling experiences for people within their community or neighborhood.

This is an excellent place like Mercari for those looking to make some extra cash by selling off any preowned goods like furniture, clothes, cars, shoes, electronics, etc. This app makes selling a feasible process with the following features:

  • In-app secure messaging for communication between buyers and sellers.
  • Unique seller profile page designed for you to build trust among customers.
  • Reputation features like ratings and reviews.


2. eBay

A homepage screenshot of eBay website


  • Listing Fees: Free for first 250 listings and later $0.35 per listing called insertion fees.
  • Sale Commission: 10% – 15% on the final value.
  • Other Charges: International fees & Seller Currency Conversion charges for orders outside the U.S.
  • Payout: Direct deposit to your checking account.

Founded in 1995, eBay has been offering C2C and B2C selling opportunities through its platform.

This American Multinational company is the perfect alternative to Mercari if you want to declutter your house or sell brand-new products, including electronics, collectibles, cars, fashion, and more.

You can also sell on eBay as a business or just locally as an individual. Here are a few things that will not let you leave without trying to sell on eBay.

  • Large customer base.
  • Seller Protection Policies.
  • Tools to manage inventory, sales, and brand development.
  • Sellers can choose to pay either daily or weekly.


3. Craigslist

A homepage screenshot of craigslist website


  • Listing Fees: Free except for cars, RVs, trucks, and motorcycles.
  • Sale Commission: Zero.
  • Other Charges: None.
  • Payout: Instant Manual Payments.

Craigslist, as you all know, is a very popular and traditional classified advertisements website based in America. There’s no limit to what you can sell on this platform.

Starting from a simple gardening spade to gadgets, your talents, services, etc., you can literally sell anything here. The best part about this platform is it is free to use and need not bear any charges.

However, you are responsible for selling your product by talking to the customers who approach you and meeting them if required. This may take time, but at the same time, your product can get the best price possible as the customer will get to see it in person.

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4. Poshmark

A homepage screenshot of poshmark website


  • Listing Fees: Free listing.
  • Sale Commission: Flat $2.95 for sales under $15 and 20% of the final value for sales above $15.
  • Other Charges: None.
  • Payout: Withdraw your earnings from your Poshmark account Via Instant Cash, Venmo, Paypal or direct bank deposit or request a check.

With over 80 million users, Poshmark is a social marketplace where people can buy and sell both new and second-hand products ranging from home decor to electronics, beauty, fashion, and more.

This app is more like a social media platform and allows you to share your merchandise in the form of photos and videos with your followers and thereby to make them discoverable by the shoppers.

Based in California, this e-commerce company also functions in three more countries: India, Australia, and Canada. The following features are what made Poshmark popular in these countries:

  • Offers free shipping and authentication on all items of value $500 or more (limited-time offer).
  • Easy selling, just like posting a photo on Instagram.
  • Free credit card processing.
  • Automatic sales tax deduction and remittance to the state on your behalf.

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5. Etsy

A homepage screenshot of etsy website


  • Listing Fees: $0.20 per item.
  • Sale Commission: 6.5% of total order amount (i.e. cost of the item + shipping charges + gift wrapping)
  • Other Charges: Ad fees, Subscription fees, Payment Processing fees (3% + $0.25), and Currency Conversion fees.
  • Payout: Direct deposit to your bank account.

Etsy is the most popular one-stop shop where you can cash out by selling your handcrafted goods, vintage items, and everything aesthetic.

If you want to target creative shoppers, then this is the best alternative website for Mercari. Etsy makes selling easy by offering different tools to help you manage, promote and grow your business.

You will also have access to different features such as:

  • Specialist support to make your business successful.
  • Etsy Ads to boost your visibility.
  • Custom website powered by Etsy Shop.
  • Subscriptions such as Etsy Plus to expand your brand.
  • Multiple payment accepting methods.


6. ThredUp

A homepage screenshot of thredup website - sites like mercari


  • Listing Fees: Nil.
  • Sale Commission: Nil.
  • Other Charges: Nil.
  • Payout: Cash deposit Via Paypal or Stripe, Shopping credits(if you wish to shop).

To those looking to clean out their closet, ThredUp is the place to consider from the list of sites like Mercari. This is basically an online consignment and thrift store where you can buy and sell high-quality secondhand clothes.

The working of Thredup is different from other e-commerce websites. You just need to pack your preloved clothes in a bag or box and send it to them via FedEx or USPS.

Once they receive it, each of your products goes through a 12-point inspection, and if it meets the quality standards, they photograph, list, and ship it to thrifters.

And when your clothes get sold, you will receive a payout that varies depending on the brand, demand, and quality.

sites like mercari



7. Depop

A homepage screenshot of depop website - sites like mercari


  • Listing Fees: Free.
  • Sale Commission: 10% on the final value and an Additional 8% fee for boosted listings.
  • Other Charges: Transaction fees (charged directly from the payment processor).
  • Payout: Direct bank deposit 10 days after the sale date or 2 days later the delivery whichever comes first.

This website is all about selling and buying clothing, jewelry, beauty, and other things like art, books, sports equipment, etc. However, this place mainly attracts buyers that look for quirky stuff.

So if you have something that might grab people’s attention, Depop is your place to sell online.

All you need to do is create an account on their website, post photos of the product you wish to sell along with the price and description, and ship it as it gets sold.

Depop also has a dedicated seller team that will help you become a top seller.

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8. Vinted

vinted - sites like mercari


  • Listing Fees: Free.
  • Sale Commission: Nil.
  • Other Charges: Buyer protection charges, Closet Spotlight fees(only if opted).
  • Payout: To bank account.

Vinted is one of the best e-commerce sites like Mercari, but this is mainly earmarked only for shoes, clothing, and accessories. It is open to anyone looking to sell any kind of second-hand style.

However, it also allows the selling of homeware and pet care items.

Right from listing the product to delivering it to the buyer, everything is to be handled by you. This website just acts as a bridge between you and the customer. You need to ship the product within five days from the order being placed.

The app provides certain features such as Closet Spotlight and Bumping listed items for a small fee. These features help you boost your sales.


9. Tradesy

A homepage screenshot of tradesy website


  • Listing Fees: Free.
  • Sale Commission: 12% of the final sale value.
  • Other Charges: None.
  • Payout: To bank account or Paypal account.

This is an online marketplace dedicated to the resale of women’s fashion, like bags, shoes, and clothes.

Based in California, Tradesy has now moved to Vestiaire Collective, one of the world’s largest luxury resale platforms.

Like most websites, you will be listing and shipping the product here. However, you are offered hassle-free shipping with a prepaid shipping label for free. Once the product is sold, you need to ship it in 7 days to the buyer.

The app offers access to advanced pricing and selling tools to make your selling experience smooth.


OtherApps and Sites Like Mercari

We don’t feel full if we don’t provide you with some more alternative sites and apps like Mercari that are dedicated to specific products and based in different parts of the world, which are as follows.


10. Curtsy

curtsy - sites like mercari


  • Listing Fees: None.
  • Sale Commission: $1+ 5% of the final sale value.
  • Other Charges: 2.9% payment processing fees.
  • Payout: Instant(for small fees) or Standard(2-3 days) transfer to debit card or bank account.

Curtsy is a thrifting and consignment-mode e-commerce website dedicated to women’s clothing. The items you list can be new or new-like but must be in excellent condition. However, be sure that you are not listing any replica products.

While you are responsible for shipping your orders, the best thing about Curtsy is they offer a free shipping kit that comes with everything you need to pack your order and ship it. Hence a great time is saved without having to wait at the post office.

They also invite sellers who made more than ten sales with 90% positive feedback to their Wholesale program, where your listings can be bid and sold out at the highest price possible.

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11. StockX

A homepage screenshot of stockX website


  • Listing Fees: None.
  • Sale Commission: Minimum seller fees of $9.
  • Other Charges: 3% payment processing fee + transaction fee(varies)
  • Payout: Paypal(in roughly 30 minutes), Bank Transfer(1-5 business days), Venmo or Debit Card (for US sellers only).

This is one of the viable choices among the sites like Mercari. It is famous for things like branded sneakers and shoes. The selling process at StockX is more of a bidding type i.e., you will be selling for the highest bid value.

Otherwise, you can even ask for the price you want to sell your shoes for.

But this app comes with a stringent condition of shipping your order within two business days to them so that they authenticate and send it to the buyer. Once your sold item passes the verification test, your payout will be released.

sites like mercari



12. The Real Real

A homepage screenshot of therealreal website


  • Listing Fees: None.
  • Sale Commission: Varies depending on sale value, seller level, and product category.
  • Other Charges: Pick up/Shipping/Curbside drop off fees.
  • Payout: Direct deposit, Site Credit, or Check.

This is both an online and physical marketplace and is a leading one in the resale of luxury watches, jewelry, handbags, etc.

Selling on The Real Real is pretty simple as you just sign up and choose to either request pickup, ship, or drop off the items you want to sell. The rest is looked after by their team of 100 experts who help your items to sell faster.

You can sell here in three ways: as a consignor, trader, or seller. Each of them has a different payment method and time.

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13. 5Miles

A homepage screenshot of 5miles website


  • Listing Fees: $5 deposit which will be refunded after the deal is completed
  • Sale Commission: 10% of the order value.
  • Other Charges: 4.9% service fee per bank deposit request.
  • Payout: 5Miles Wallet that can be transferred to your bank account.

Local Selling on your head?

5Miles is another app like Mercari to do it. Used in more than 100 countries, this is a fun bidding app with a unique feature that uses your phone’s GPS to help you reach many buyers in your locality.

Though this might look like an upgraded classified portal, it comes with premium safety and security elements such as user ratings, Facebook and phone verification, etc.

They also offer a Safe Exchange Area Locator for sellers and buyers to meet and complete the transaction. However, you can also use the in-app payment and shipping options if you don’t prefer meeting in person.


14. Chairish

A homepage screenshot of chairish website


  • Listing Fees: Free.
  • Sale Commission: Upto 40% of the final sale value.
  • Other Charges: Nil.
  • Payout: Paypal, Bank transfer via Stripe.

As the name itself suggests, Chairish is an online marketplace for buying and selling furniture. This platform is open for everyone starting, from a professional dealer to someone who wants to declutter their space before shifting to a new place.

Everything can be sold out here, from high-end antique furniture to vintage pieces. They have different plans for all kinds of sellers to help them make the most out of their deals.

You can either handle everything from listing the product to delivering it to the customer or opt for a pickup and delivery when someone buys your listing.


15. Facebook Marketplace

facebook marketplace

  • Listing Fees: Free.
  • Sale Commission: 5% per shipment or Flat $0.40 for shipments of value $8 or less.
  • Other Charges: Nil.
  • Payout: Bank deposit.

This an evergreen platform for individuals to manufacturers to buy and sell new or used items. Facebook Marketplace offers the most effortless listing and selling features and a huge customer base.

You can either sell locally or worldwide here and why not when it is the leading social media platform on the internet?

The only thing with selling on Facebook Marketplace is your payout will be initiated after 15 days of you marking it as shipped or five days after it is delivered.

However, this is a great place to reach more prospective buyers, so any small issues shouldn’t matter.

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16. Shpock

shpock - sites like mercari


  • Listing Fees: Free.
  • Sale Commission: Nil.
  • Other Charges: Subscription fees, Referral fees, Advertisement space charges.
  • Payout: Paypal.

This is a UK-based marketplace and classifieds portal. Shpock is for private sellers and buyers, so anyone looking to sell locally in the United Kingdom can choose this alternative for Mercari.

Your products can be easily sold out within no time on this platform, as it has over 12 million monthly active users.

The best thing about this app is though it allows 18+ aged people to sell on its platform, they also offer feasible selling opportunity for 14-17 years old if they have approval from their parent or a legal guardian.


17. Carousell

A homepage screenshot of carousell website


  • Listing Fees: Free for up to 30 listings and later varies with location.
  • Sale Commission: Nil.
  • Other Charges: Carousell Ads fee(if used).
  • Payout: Credit card, Debit card, or DBS PayLah.

Carousell is a Singapore-based C2C, and B2C marketplace to sell and buys new and secondhand goods and services. Apart from Singapore, their services are also available in Hongkong, Malaysia, India, the Philippines, etc.

Here you can either list your items or directly sell your products to the company itself. Sellers can have up to 30 listings active at a time across all categories.

This is one of the most affordable sites that can be chosen as an alternative to Mercari, as you also have a lot of features to boost your sales and receive secured payments.


18. SidelineSwap

A homepage screenshot of sidelineswap website


  • Listing Fees: Free.
  • Sale Commission: 12% for 0-5 sales and later 9%.
  • Other Charges: Payment processing fee (2.9% of the cost of the item + $0.30)
  • Payout: Bank transfer, Venmo or Gift card.

For all you athletes looking to sell the gear you no longer need, SidelineSwap is one of those sites that can help you like Mercari to declutter your gear.

If you see the fee they charge, it is similar to what most of the other sites charge, but it goes hand in hand with the excellent advertisement they provide everywhere online and offline to sell your items as quickly as possible.

They also offer seller protection against chargebacks and fraud.

Sales here are called Swaps, and you will receive your earnings as soon as the buyer confirms the swap or after three days of the product reaching the buyer, whichever comes first.


Mercari vs. Poshmark – Which is better?

These two are the leading e-commerce platforms, but both are unique in terms of user interface and the features they offer their sellers.

Mercari is known for its different selling programs, such as Mercari Now, Mercari Local, Sell From Home, etc., which implies that it allows a huge range of sellers to use their platform to make successful sales.

On the other hand, Poshmark makes selling fun by offering an interface that is similar to social media platforms such as Instagram. Thereby sellers don’t get bored of using the app.

However, both of them have some similar features, such as the facility to sell a wide variety of new and used goods, secure and instant cashouts, seller protection, product authentication, etc.

The only thing that raises the question of choosing between these two is the location they are based in. Mercari is available only in Japan, while Poshmark is available only in the US and Canada.

Now the ball is in your court!


Tips for Using Mercari Alternatives

To make the most of any e-commerce platform, it is necessary that we understand and use its features to the fullest. While using Mercari, you can employ the following tips to ensure that our listings are sold out quickly.

  • Photos: Use the best picture possible as the cover image of your listing. Since you can add up to 12 photos per listing, ensure you add as many as possible and quality ones.
  • Pricing: Make sure to look out for similar product listings as yours before you set the price and fix the one that attracts the buyer as well as brings you profits. Offering discounts now and then will also help.
  • Description: The right product description involves a catchy title, including the brand name, category, condition, color, size, measurements, etc., of the item. Make sure you are writing all these details.
  • Get In Touch: Communication is the key to success. Get social with co-sellers to understand the market and maintain a good relationship with buyers. You may also offer your buyers special promo codes to keep them coming back and again.

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Is Mercari Worth It?

You must have got an idea of how beneficial this platform is from the details we provided in the initial sections about a few main services that Mercari provides its community of sellers above.

There are some more top features that it offers in order to help you become a profitable seller. One of them is the different selling programs that it offers, such as:

  • Mercari Local: Sell and buy items locally without a meetup.
  • Sell From Home: Declutter your space or earn some pocket money selling from the comfort of your home.

And the other advantages are as follows:

  • Seller Protection.
  • Chat option to engage with customers personally and generate sales.
  • Sale Boost while you offer a 5% Price drop.
  • Save 30% on shipping.
  • Get $10 per your friend’s purchase by using their Invite A Friend Program.

And the list just goes on. As per our research so far, we can say that at Mercari, the app charges and features go hand in hand perfectly.


Sites Like Mercari  –  Conclusion

Finally, we would like to end by stating that whether you are a budding entrepreneur or a full-time dealer or if you are just clearing your house, all these sites mentioned here, including Mercari, are likely to prove well for you.

However, choosing among these websites or apps is up to you, depending on your goals and needs. If you are not clear about making a choice, you can always try a few and figure out which one works the best for you.


Sites Like Mercari – FAQs

Who Pays For Shipping On Mercari?

As a buyer, selecting who pays for shipping is your call. If you want the buyer to pay, then the shipping will be added at the buyer checkout.

However, if you wish to offer free shipping to the buyer, you need to bear the same, which is deducted from the sales profit.


Is There a Better App Than Mercari?

The better among these e-commerce apps is the one that meets your niche, needs, and expectations as a seller. If your niche is handicrafts, then Etsy is the better choice.

If you are looking for an affordable option, then Craigslist is the one. And it goes like that.


Is Mercari Better Than eBay?

Both of them offer quality services to their users. However, the only thing that discerns them is Mercari is available only in Japan, while eBay is available in multiple places.

However, Mercari is also drawing attention and gradually growing as a top e-commerce site.


Can I Get Scammed When I Use Mercari?

Mercari offers both seller and buyer protection. We can remain safe from scams by using their protection programs only if we utilize the app according to their guidelines.


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