38 Creative Small Business Ideas for Kids for 2021

There is no particular time to enter into the world of business and become an entrepreneur. The one who has creativity and interest in starting a business can be an entrepreneur at a very young age.

Being grown up in this internet era, kids also have many advantages for their careers. They can start their own money-making strategy.

All they just need is interest to start a business and encouragement from their parents. The perfect business idea that you choose for your child should be based on their interested areas.

So, here we are presenting some of the best small business ideas for kids to help them make their own earnings.


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Epic Small Business Ideas For Kids


1. Candy Business

candy business

This is the perfect type of kids’ business for future entrepreneurs have gotten to start with. It involves nothing but buying and selling candies.

You just need to buy the bulk of candy packages and sell them for profit to your schoolmates or neighborhood people. Kids can understand price and profit calculations, marketing strategies, communication skills by reselling the products.


2. Lemonade Stands

The classic lemonade stands are popular side business ideas for kids. You need to require a little bit of help from adults in order to get permits and making the right lemonade recipes.

Retailing skills and communication skills play a key role in the business world. It is great to acquire them at a young age.


3. Pet Care

Pet caring is one of the awesome side business ideas for kids. It is suitable for kids above 10 yrs old. It involves pet walking, feeding them, bathing, etc… Children can know about responsibilities and taking care of others from this.

As an adult, if you are interested in working with animals then you can make it your career. Know about the awesome jobs working with animals and get started.

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4. Acting

Acting is a kind of commercial job. You can act in movies, dramas, commercial ads, or even give your voice to artists.

If your kid is good at acting and gives a good stage presence then you can consider this idea. You can get really well if you are talented.

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5. Selling Used Books

As kids grow, when they go to the next class in their studies they don’t need their old books. Many of us ignore them and leave them at our house.

Not only they are useless for us, but also they occupy space in our house. Selling old books is another great business idea for kids. The demand for old books is high because they are available at less cost.

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6. Mowing Lawns

Mowing lawns is one of the good choices for the summer business. It hardly takes 30 minutes to an hour to complete the task.

Parents should guide the children to decide how much they charge and etc… They can also do gardening, outside cleaning, and leaf ranking if they want.

It is a good exercise for children and helps them earn pretty good cash.


7. Illustration Services

If your kid is creative enough to create illustrations for books then this a great choice for them.

Many children’s book authors want illustrations created by kids for their books. There are many international contests that are held for children’s paintings.

Such programs offer various gift prizes like scholarships, international traveling opportunities, or cash prizes.


8. Baby Sitting

baby sitting

Babysitting, pet caring, and gardening are the highest-ranking business ideas for kids. This is mainly suitable for teenagers because younger kids can’t handle babies well.

Babysitting is in high demand as everyone is working now, parents need someone to look after their children when they are working. It makes children learn about responsibilities and taking care of others also.

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9. Tutoring

One of the best money-making ideas for kids is tutoring. Kids who are excel in academics can provide tutoring classes to their fellow classmates and junior students. 

Not only it gives money, but also by tutoring children also improves their knowledge and get benefited.

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10. Doing Online Surveys

This one is also for teens as some of the online survey sites allow children aged 13 and up to do surveys.

They can earn money by completing tasks given by the sites. firstly, you have to sign up for the websites using your email id and complete simple tasks like giving feedback about products, etc…

You can get comparatively low as these tasks take really less time. The more tasks you complete, the more money you will get.

Signup for Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, or InboxDollars to get paid to take surveys and other tasks like watching videos, playing games, referring friends, and more.

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11. Newspaper Delivery

Newspaper delivery is one of the best childhood occupations. This is the first work-related occupation that many kids experience.

This job teaches time management, punctuality, and responsibility. It includes collecting the fee from every customer.


12. Shoveling Snow

Shoveling snow means designing a shovel for removing snow. While the best kid’s business idea for summer is gardening, Shoveling snow is best for winter. 

Help your kids to promote their services to the neighborhood and soon they will receive calls from clients.


13. Making Basic Jewelry

If your kid is interested in crafts and collecting different seashells, pebbles, and etc…

They can make their own jewelry by themselves and sell it. Not only jewelry but also they can make home decoration items. By this, kids can improve their creativity in making crafts.


14. Social Media Management

This business idea is suitable for this generation of kids as they have very much interacted with technology. Social media management is an easy task for those who grew up in the technology era.

There are some local businesses that are interested in hiring youth. This work involves managing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

It is better to learn about Facebook monetization and digital marketing before entering this world.

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15. Greeting Cards Making

If your child is good at drawing and calligraphy then this the best money-making idea for kids. 

This idea will work especially in festival seasons. Many people like to convey their wishes with a greeting card.


16. Video Creation

Children who are interested in animation or documentation can start this. Setting up your own YouTube channel and posting videos on it are the best ways to generate passive income for you.


17. Balloon Artists

if your kid is skilled in decoration, then he can work as a balloon artist for birthday parties, special occasions under an event manager.

Let your local area members know about you and your designs, then you will get work eventually.


18. Gift Wrapping Service Provider

For festivals, people send gifts to their loved ones. At that time they are busy with their preparations for the festival, you can help them to wrap the gifts by charging some amount.

The demand for gift wrapping people is high especially for Christmas.


19. Musician


The children who are interested and have knowledge about music can give their performances at local parties.

They can also form a band with like-minded children who are interested.


20. Baked Goods Services

Many kids have exceptional talents in different fields. Parents need to recognize them and encourage them to choose their passion for the profession.

Kids who are like to bake food, have many good opportunities to explore. You can start your own bakery and start selling baked goods.


21. Recyclable Material Collection

The act of collecting material for recycling teaches children about being environmentally responsible and Eco-friendly besides giving income.

Not only this is a great money-making idea for kids, but also it increases activity levels and helps to be an Eco-friendly person.


22. Car Washing

Help your neighbors and local area people washing their cars by charging an amount. This is the best idea for the summer.


23. Gadget Repairing

While many adults struggle with electronic gadgets, kids can easily handle them who are tech geniuses. If your kid is sufficient to repair the gadgets like watches, headsets, etc… you can set up the repair shop.


24. Party Decoration and Planning Assistant

Working as a party planner is enjoyable for those who love parties. Assist the event manager at family functions and birthday parties, etc…

Children can help in setting up tables, flower decorations and even receiving guests.


25. House Painting

There is no need to explain the work as already mentioned in the title itself. If you are interested in painting a house or any other building, you can start doing it when you have time.


26. Gift Basket Designer and Deliverer

If your children can design their own gift baskets then help them bring the concept of making gift baskets and providing delivery services.

It is a nice way to generate a good income at an early age.


27. T-shirt Designing

tshirt designing - side business ideas for kids

This is similar to the above idea in which you have to create t-shirt designs. You can start your own website to sell them online or promote your business on social platforms.

There are several platforms where anyone can signup and start designing t-shirts online. Once your designs get sold, you will receive commissions.


28. House Sitting

Just like babysitting, this is also a good choice for teenagers as it has responsibilities that are not handled by young kids.

It is better to start with the houses of familiar people like your friends or relatives.

The work involves cleaning up the house, watering plants, and etc… The task is comparatively easy but discipline is needed.

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29. Blogging

Nowadays, blogging is increasing rapidly as we find blogs on any topic on the internet. If you knowledge about how to make a blog, then you can guide your child to start a blog.

Kids who are interested in writing or traveling or photography or multimedia can be successful in this firm. After creating a blog, keep uploading the content, and increase the followers. Placing ads on the blog is a good way to generate income.

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30. Video Game Live Streaming

Yes, you heard it right. You can get paid to play video games. Kids who love to play video games can do live streaming and upload them on YouTube or other social platforms.

There are many people who like to watch these live streaming gaming videos.

Keep in mind that you can quickly be addicted to gaming so, make a time schedule to play these games without disturbing other activities.


31. Vegetable Growing Business

Growing vegetables in the backyard of your home don’t take much effort. It helps children know about food production and taking care of plants.

It can go really well as people are preferring more organic products now. If you want to start any business with low investment, then this will be on the top of the list.


32. Organizing Puppet Shows

Entertaining is always on the top to attract more people. It will always bring a big crowd.  If your kid is talented and passionate about performing then this idea is for you.

This goes really well and you can make really good money if you advertise properly for your show.


33. Writing Books

writing books - side business ideas for kids

There are numerous people who became authors at a very young age. If your child has an interest in writing, encourage them to go on that path and to improve the quality of work.

Self-publishing eBooks ranks high among online business ideas, so you can make your child’s talent into a business venture easily.

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34. Device Set up Service

This one is for those teens who are tech geniuses. When your neighbors or local area people bought a new computer device and want a person to set up the device and installation, you probably make this opportunity into a money-making idea.

Based on the knowledge you have about the devices and the number of people who live in your area, the business expands.


35. Photography Business

This is one of the best small business ideas for kids who love photography. There is not much effort need to start this business, you just need a device to capture pictures and interest in photography.

Now everyone is having smartphones with good camera quality, it becomes easier to set up a photography business.

You can sell your photos to magazines, which offer really good money for your pictures or you can upload them on social media platforms by creating a blog.


36. Packing Services

As people move from one place to another place, they are in a hurry and need someone to help them in packing their goods.

Advertise your services online and offline and get immense clients.


37. Handcrafted Wedding Invitation Cards

This one is similar to the greeting card business. If you are creative enough to make budget-friendly invitation cards and good calligraphy skills, you can start this business.

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38. Non-Profit Work

Business ideas for kids always not need to be focused on money, sometimes a non-profit work teaches children to learn about ethical values and idealism.

If your children are passionate about something, encourage them to do it even if it is non-profitable. Such things help children develop their inner personality and give a high level of satisfaction at work.



So, here are the best small business ideas for kids to start their business and become an entrepreneur at a very young age. Firstly, parents need to know about their children’s interests and encourage them to make a career in that path.

Make the project into an enjoyable activity for the entire family and create an amazing bond between family members besides developing the business concept.


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