16 smart ways to make money online

16 Smart Ways To Make Money Online in 2021

Are you searching for the best ways to make money online? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here we are going to discuss 16 smart ways to make money online by working at home.

Let’s see how it is possible with the most profitable opportunities and own business ideas that already helped millions of people like us.

Technology has brought revolutionary changes in the way we do things. But the same age-old corporate structure continues in one form or another.

If you are one of such ideal minded person who prefers working at your will and that too at your home then this article is completely for you.

Just embrace the change that technology has brought to the field of work. This article is a pot of opportunities for people who look for opportunities to work from home.


Advantages of Work From Home Jobs:

Working from home has got its own advantages. The only disadvantage is you miss the bossy boss, boring rules, fixed insufficient payouts and I’m sure you will never regret missing them.

As the internet is reaching the unreachable place so are its applications. All these things simply mean a drastic increase in demand for online jobs and work from home services.

So what are you waiting for, By using the creativity and skill set you have to choose the best job that suits you from a pool of opportunities and start earning.

We do not guarantee you the instant richness of course that depends on the work you do but we offer something of greater value that is self-reliance, self-esteem, and financial independence.

The beauty of these jobs is you are not committed to one which means you can take up multiple projects at a time which means double and triple income or maybe more.

The more you discover and invent yourself and the more you work hard, the more you earn.

Without wasting any further time let’s see some of the most profitable ways to make money online that are handpicked just for you.


16 Profitable Ways To Make Money Online:


1. Virtual Assistant:

Virtual assistants are freelance workers who work from home. They plan the events, devise strategies, and organize meetings. In short, they just sit at home and make the others run.

If you have the ability to plan and design strategies in a short time, some basic accounting, marketing, communication, and management skills you’ve wasted all your skills till now.

What are you still waiting for? Start your career as a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT.

Some Best Platforms To Find Virtual Assistant Jobs:

  1. Elance
  2. VAnetworking
  3. WAHM.com
  4. HireMyMom.com

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2. Human Intelligence Tasks (SURVEYS, DATA ENTRY JOBS):

Surveys are the most underrated online jobs to make money in your free time despite having some legit and high-paying platforms.

The reason for underrating surveys is that there are more scam platforms than the real and legit ones. If you deal with a scam one for the first time, you will never try the second time.

This will stop you from earning some extra cash, free gift cards, bonuses, and more. But there are some popular survey platforms that worth your time and energy. And these companies pay not only for surveys, but they also pay you for doing your daily activities likes watching videos, playing games, reviewing products, referring friends, etc.

But one thing to remember that these surveys are never helpful to make a full-time income. They will only add some extra bucks to your wallet. Take a look at some high-paying and legit survey sites.

  • Survey Junkie (4.5/5 stars rating & 5 million active members. Earn up to $3-$75 per each survey).
  • Vindale Research (Earn up to $50 per survey, also get paid to watch videos, referring friends, and more).
  • Swagbucks ($5 free signup bonus & free discounts and gift cards along with surveys).
  • InboxDollars ($5 Instant joining bonus & easy, short surveys).
  • PineCone Research (Up to $3-$5 per survey & $7 per each product testing + review).


3. Blogging:

Some people are blessed with expertise and excess knowledge while some are gifted with natural enthusiasm.

If you have such quality and wish to spread your knowledge to the world without moving an inch from your chair then start blogging right away.

You can share all your knowledge for the wellbeing of others simultaneously earn a pretty good amount through the passion you have. Some professional bloggers even earn thousands of dollars per month.

Blogging can change your life if you are a hard worker with passion. Most people like us earned their financial freedom within a few months of their blogging career.

A domain name, hosting services, and a topic that’s all you need to start your blog. Starting a new blog will never take all your money from your pocket. You can start for just $2.95 per month with Bluehost. (Get a free ‘.COM’ domain too.)

If you are willing to work hard on a blog then start your dream blog and share your passion with the world. The money will follow you.

Are you interested? then refer to our resources that will teach you more about blogging and its setup process.


4. Proofreader:

Finding mistakes in others’ content is an interesting task and if you are getting paid for doing so then it’s much.

More exciting and that’s what proofreading is all about. The art of detecting and correcting mistakes by reading an electronic copy of a document.

It is a job that demands some knowledge about a particular language.

If you are excited about it you can acquire the skill set in very little time. Proofreaders generally earn $20 to $30 per hour based on the expertise. So what are you still waiting for..?

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5. Online Marketing and e-Commerce:

This is an umbrella term that involves a wide range of jobs. It contains online marketing, selling your product on online platforms such as Amazon, or eBay, Bulk orders and supply chain management, advertising, and analytics.

If you are good at marketing and have sound knowledge of marketing strategies then get ready to grab huge profits waiting for you out there. Just Go global with your local product.


6. Online Tutoring:

If teaching is our passion, and want to reach out to thousands of students then start teaching online now.

Combine your knowledge, passion for technology, and innovative teaching methods. Design some attractive slides, webinars courses, tests, and whatnot. Everything gets sold in no time like hotcakes.

thousands of students out there searching for a talented worthy teacher like you.

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7. Bookkeeper:

If you are a geek in accounting, then most companies have a respectable position to offer you.

As a bookkeeper, they want you to organize and maintain records of financial transactions, income, expenditure, taxes, and maintaining balance sheets.

This is one of the highly paid and most respectable jobs one can do from home.


8. Freelance Writing:

Just let the poet in yourself awaken and see the magic, the world turns poetic. A sense of creativity, the ability to play with words, and proficiency in a language is the essence of this job.

Many companies hire private freelance writers to write important documents in a professional way.

Newspapers, Magazines look for people who can charm the magic of words on the readers. The salary for these jobs is huge as there are great demand and very fewer people with the skill set.

A newbie can reach up to $3000 per month within a few months of starting this business. You can earn more as your experience increases.

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9. Transcriber:

A transcriber is someone who writes the text by listening to it. Maybe It’s a speech, a dictation, or something else. It means converting voice into text form.

Most of the time you’ll be given an audio file that contains your task. All you need to do is listen to it and then type it as it is.

Probably this is the easiest of all the jobs, require lesser skill set but that not at all means lesser pay.


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10. Translator:

In the era of globalization, where the entire world has become a global village, there is an increasing demand for tools of effective communication between various communities, and translators top the list of tools.

This job doesn’t even require doctorates in various languages. Just basic ability to understand multiple languages and ability to translate from one language to another and you’re a perfect platform for effective communication between the two communities for which you get paid in huge amounts.


11. Moderator:

This is similar to proofreading which is explained above. While you do search for mistakes just like proofreading, the main difference is the task that follows it.

A moderator tries to moderate the text of a document to suit the purpose it serves. Adding professionalism to official documents, poetic sense to stories, and some witty lines in a comic book making the documents more meaningful.

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12. Graphics Designer:

If you have a creative brain, touch on knowledge on an editing software, then without moving from your computer table, you can earn thousands of dollars.

All you need is to design a nice banner, logo, poster, or anything according to the needs of the client. A logo is the most important thing for a company and so is it, designer. So you can understand the level of pay.


13. Web Designer:

Web pages are building blocks of the modern world. They help companies reach millions of customers and act as an effective way of communication between them and all this for a low cost.

So each and every company looking to start and run a web page of their company. Companies hire dedicated web designers who design and manage the website.

All you need is the ability to create attractive websites and manage its database. You can manage multiple sites simultaneously which means double a triple payouts.


14. SEO Consultant:

SEO stands for search engine optimization.

Most of the startups and businesses depend upon SEO to promote and generate better results in the search engine about their products.

So SEO is an effective marketing strategy. By just mastering some keywords, analytics about consumer search preferences and behavior you can layout an SEO strategy for your enterprise or a blog.

For laying out this strategy you get paid huge. So start analyzing consumer search behavior and make SEO our weapon for financial stability.


15. Voice Over Artist:

Voice over artists, often called off-screen commentators to provide a voice to represent a character or give information about a character. That includes the dialogues of a particular character or narration of the story.

Directors often search for voices that best suit the scene or the narrative. If you have a great voice that can influence the audience then start renting your voice to the artists.

If you have the ability to modulate our voice or mimic various other voice then you are a rare commodity which is of great demand.


16. Selling Goodies Through A Dedicated Site:

We all wanted Spiderman to be on our walls and Superman in our room. Don’t forget the collection of superhero cards we used to play.

Goodies with a superhero on them are always desirable. This can be a great business Idea. From Harry Potter to Marvel and DC comics, Disney to Tom and Jerry, every one of them has a huge fan base.

Use their Stardom to turn your starts. Start printing T-shirts, mugs, mobile cases, books, bags, and whatnot. Sell them on your own platform and become a successful businessman.


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These are the 16 smart ways to make money online which has high earning potential. Pick your favorite and start working on it.

As you work hard, these jobs can give you full-time income and sometimes more than your regular job does.

Please leave a comment on which one you are going to start or share the experiences you had with any of these jobs. That will helps the next readers to move forward.

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