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SquarePeep Review [Closed]: Is It Safe For Women Or Not?

Beauty seems to be the key to a lot of privileged problems in ages past. So, have you ever wondered how to make money online as an attractive female?

If yes, you’re in the right place! Today, we are doing a SquarePeep review where you can finally learn how to make money selling pictures of yourself online!

SquarePeep was right there before this practice even became popular! So, let’s not waste any more time and dive into a detailed review of the platform to know how to get paid for pictures of your body.

In our SquarePeep review, we shall discuss what it is, how to get started, how much you can earn, and whether joining is worth it or not.

Note: Squarepeep is not active anymore; it is now closed.


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SquarePeep Review

Let’s quickly sweep through the overall legitimacy, safety, and worth of the platform first.

So, we think SquarePeep is not a scam; there’s definitely some proof that the company keeps your data safe and also pays you for your work.

Also, it’s a fairly good way to earn if you keep wondering how to make money selling photos of yourself.

But the most important factor we rate these sites on is safety, and we’re glad to inform you that SquarePeep is totally safe for you as a seller!


What is Squarepeep?

SquarePeep is a marketplace for sellers and buyers trading in personal photos.

As a seller, you can join the website to sell photos of your body to buyers who will pay to view them.

The platform was founded in March of 2019 and quickly in popularity to become one of the most-used websites for selling and buying private pictures. Its website resembles Facebook’s home page!

You have full control over your images: who can view them, what rate you want to sell them for, how many images is the limit, and how many non-paying users can view them.


About SquarePeep App

Next, in our SquarePeep review, we have some generic information about their app and its services.

  • Service offered: Selling personal photos
  • Genders allowed: Male, Female, and Transgender
  • Payment methods: Wired transfer or PayPal
  • Minimum payout amount: $100
  • When you can ask for payouts: Anytime
  • Referral system: Yes, a model referral program is offered.


How Does SquarePeep Work?

SquarePeep is basically a network where you can monetize your selfies, private photos, and other pictorial/video content. Things work on these three simple steps:

  • Upload your pictures
  • Censor them with squares
  • Wait for buyers to pay for them to uncensor the pictures.
  • Receive your payment for the uncensored photos!

You can decide how much the pictures will be pixelated and at what price you want to uncensor them.

Once a photo is uncensored, it is available for the whole community if the user has at least 10 credit points in their account.


How Much Does it Cost?

Now, you know you can sell photos or videos of your body on SquarePeep and earn money.

You can set your own rates per image or video, but SquarePeep takes a fixed commission of 30% for each piece of content.

They also have a referral program where you can earn 10% of what your referral sells their content for. Say someone you referred has sold a picture for $100; you automatically earn $10 from it!


How to Make Money Selling Photos on Squarepeep?

All you do to make money on SquarePeep is:

  • Upload your image
  • Pixelate it as much or as little as you want
  • Set a rate for your uncensored version of the image
  • Publish the pixelated image and wait for a user to pay to uncensor it
  • Receive the payment in your account immediately!

It’s really as simple as that!


How Much Can I Make on Squarepeep?

The more time you spend on the platform, the more your potential to earn. If you only post a couple of pictures every week, you can’t expect much money at all.

Dedicated SquarePeep models have claimed to earn $100-$500 a month!

The referral system is also a good way to earn on SquarePeep. You get a 10% commission whenever someone who joined through your referral earns from selling their content on the website.

For example, say 30 people have joined through your referral, and they are selling well on SquarePeep.

If their cumulative sales amount to $1000, you get a flat 10% commission, which is $100. That’s passive income inside the website itself!


How to Make More Sell?

In our SquarePeep review, we’ll also address how to sell more photos of your body and gain followers.

  • Following a lot of people is a great idea because, in most cases, they’ll follow you back!
  • Stay active on the website; post at least ten photos a week to remain active and relevant.
  • Like most other social media websites, hashtags work like a charm here! Use relevant, well-researched hashtags to bring in more viewers to your profile.
  • Try to keep a tab on users’ activities and keep up by following very active users; those are the ones that’ll bring you income.


Squarepeep Credits

SquarePeep has a credit system in which one credit equals a dollar.

With this credit, you can unlock a whole range of hidden features like private messaging with anyone across the SquarePeep community, viewing all of the platform’s contents that are posted regularly, etc.


Is Squarepeep Safe?

SquarePeep is definitely not a scam, but is it safe for you to sell photos of your body?

We don’t have very concrete information because not a lot of people have reviewed the safety of this platform on the internet.

But if we can look at it another way: there are not a lot of people alerting others that the website isn’t safe, so maybe it actually is safe.

From the looks of it, their website is user-friendly, with good design and features, and there’s never been any sort of “leak” of personal data from SquarePeep.

Based on these factors, maybe we could give it a green flag.

But if you’re willing to join, make sure you’re completely safe and sure about their policies first.


Pros and Cons of Squarepeep

  • Has been around for quite a few years.
  • The website has a valid SSL certificate, which assures legitimacy and safety.
  • Their contact details aren’t available on the WHOIS database.
  • SquarePeep ranks too low on Alexa in terms of website traffic.
  • The website is not SEO-friendly, which might be the reason for its low Alexa ranking.


Squarepeep Alternatives

OnlyFans is the “it” thing now, with millions of users hooked to the platform now.

It has gained a huge userbase during the pandemic and has flourished into a thriving business for both viewers who pay to see private photos and videos and people who sell this content and earn a full-time income from the platform!

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Concluding Our Sqaurepeep Review- Is it Really Good?

If it weren’t for the platform shutting down, we think SquarePeep would have a lot of potentials. It offered adequate safety to its sellers and premium content to viewers.

The pay is decent, even though you definitely can’t expect to turn this into a full-time job.

SquarePeep can easily fill your pockets enough that you can pay a few bills here and there without tearing into your primary income source!

I hope you enjoyed reading this SquarePeep review and hope that we answered all your questions about this website!


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