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Hello Folks, I know why you are here and today I will help you to start a WordPress blog like an expert which gives you thousands of dollars in the future. Start a blog as an expert means, this article is going to teach you from setting up a new blog to promote it in all possible ways. So follow these step by step process to know how to start & maintain a WordPress blog like a pro.

How To Start A WordPress Blog?


Our discussion topics:

  • What is blogging?
  • Why blogging?
  • How bloggers make money?
  • How to choose a topic for your blog?
  • Buying a domain address for your blog,
  • Buying hosting service,
  • Selecting & Installing WordPress theme,
  • Installing the mandatory plugins,
  • Creating important pages,
  • Write & publish posts,
  • How to promote your blog
  • How to use Pinterest to get high traffic results.


What Is Blogging?

Blogging simply means exploring your passion and publishing articles related to that topic.

We need to keep posting updates on the topic we choose as our niche.

Promotions are also very important! Everyone should follow the 50/50 rule.

This means 50% efforts on the blog and 50% on promotions.

After getting a good number of visitors to your blog, You can monetize it to make money.


Why Blogging?

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. But it is a long run process.

You need to struggle a lot in initial days. Once you overcome these struggles, then no one can stop you making money from your blog.

There are some people who are making millions of dollars per year with blogging.

A newbie can able to make $2000 – $3000 per month from in initial days of blogging. But you need to wait & work for 3-4 months to start Income.

You don’t need to be a techie & professional writer to start a blog, Once you start blogging, you will start learning a lot of new things.

How Bloggers Make Money?

There are so many ways to monetize your blogging. I think you wonder if you know how this lady is making more than 100K dollars every month doing blogging.

Once your blog is doing well and getting a good amount of readers, you also can start making money from your blog.

You can monetize your blog by selling ad spaces, placing Google ads or other network’s ads, Affiliate marketing, Selling digital products, selling your own courses and more.

All your earnings depend on how much traffic you are getting on your blog.

More traffic more money. You have to keep updating your blog to get more traffic.


How to Choose a Topic For Your Blog?

My best suggestion for those who are going to start a new blog is to choose a topic you would like to work every day.

Otherwise, you may give up on blogging. Blogging demands hours of hard work daily.

No matter how many hours you work on your blog, your work never gets completed, always, there will be something to do.

Blogging also takes at least 4-6 months of time to give you some results. So, you need to be patient and consistent with your blog.

Choosing a topic you love will helps you to be consistent on your blog until you get some results.

I suggest you do some research on your topic before you start a blog. check your competition, market, search volume, income potential etc.


Buying a domain address for your blog:

What is the domain address?

Domain address means what address people should type in URL (Uniform Resource Locator) box to visit your website. (my blog’s domain address is:

Let me explain some technical stuff on what exactly an URL contains and what it means! (This is very helpful to set up your blog URL without doing any mistakes.)

The extension “https” means it’s a secure connection. Some websites will have HTTP connection which is not so secured as https.

You need to buy SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate to change your connection from HTTP to https. (you will get it for free with some hosting plans.)

the next part WWW means “World Wide Web” and it is called subdomain part of the URL.

And the .COM at the end of the URL is called Top Level Domain (TLD).

So, now you know what is a domain address means. Let’s see how to buy a domain address for your blog.

there are so many platforms on the Internet to buy domain address. GoDaddy is the cheapest to buy domains, you can buy a .COM domain just for $0.99.

First of all, visit any of those platforms & check the availability of the domain you are going to buy.

buying domain address

If it isn’t available, then you can check & find other available domains related to your topic.

buy domain for blog

Once you find the best available domain address, remember that domain for further process.

Some web hosting services offer a free .COM domain when you buy a hosting plan on their platform. So you don’t need to buy domain address separately.

For those who want to buy domain address separately, I suggest GoDaddy website because it is cheapest than other platforms.


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Buying A Hosting Service:

Want to know what is hosting service means?

You need a platform to upload your website and to make it live on the Internet. It’s is called a Hosting Service.

I suggest Bluehost hosting service to all bloggers and to newbies because it is the best and cheap in the market.

Bluehost offering hosting plans from $3.95 per month. And this site also offers a FREE .COM domain for those who will purchase hosting plan minimum for 12 months.

And some other features blue host offers are

  • Unlimited Disc Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • FREE SSL Certificate (Mentioned in the domain section)
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 24/7 Best Customer Service
  • One click WordPress installation
  • User-friendly interface and more.

So, Bluehost is the best option for all bloggers. If you are thinking to buy a hosting plan from another platform, then take a look at Siteground. It’s the best alternate & competition to Bluehost.

Now, Let’s See How To Set Up a New Blog With Bluehost:

Simply go to Bluehost homepage, and click on “get started now” button. (follow below images for every step)

bluehost hosting service

Check the different hosting plans, Basic plan is enough for a single blog. If you want to host multiple blogs then you can go for Plus or Prime plans.

cheap web hosting plans

After choosing a plan, click on the select button of your plan to go to the next page. Now you will be redirected to the domain address page.

domain name

Enter your domain in the left side box if you didn’t purchase domain name yet. If you already have a domain then enter it in the right side box. Then go to Next option.

After clicking on the next button, you will be redirected to account information page. enter your account information in the given fields.

bluehost account

Next, select your package information, Here you can choose your account plan between 12 months and 60 months.

Uncheck other suggested packages if you don’t want them or if you don’t want to spend more.

bluehost account plan

Enter your payment details below of that page to complete your purchase. Once you complete your payments, you will be on your hosting dashboard.

The best thing about Bluehost is, It will automatically install WordPress with a single click. You don’t need to deal with any technical stuff to do that.

After successful installation, your admin panel will look like the below picture.


You are now on your blog dashboard! you almost created it. Now it’s time to select the best theme for your blog.


How to Select & Install WordPress Themes?

A theme is a graphical interface of your blog. It’s all about how your blog looks like.

We should consider a few things to select a perfect WordPress blog and those are:

  • It should be responsive design, Otherwise, it will be bad for mobile, tab users & SEO too.
  • It should look more professional,
  • Must be SEO Optimized,
  • It should be easy to edit and modify.

So these are the following things you need to check before going to buy a theme for your blog.

For those who would like to check free themes, JustFreeThemes has so many awesome WordPress themes. Fully responsive and classy.

If you want to go with paid themes, then check MyThemeShop, StudioPress platforms for the best collection of WordPress themes.

Selected a theme for your blog? Now let’s see how to upload & Install WordPress theme on your blog.

Place your cursor on Appearance option on the left-side menu, then select first option “Themes” and click on it.

Click on the “Add New” button on the top left. Then click on “Upload Theme“. A Popup opens after that, then browse the theme file (.zip) and upload it.

It takes around 1-2 minutes to complete the uploading process, next click on Activate option to make the theme live on the website.

Boom! Now check your website. It changed right.

Still, there is little more stuff to add to your site to make it look more professional. Let’s start with installing the important plugins for your blog.

Plugins are simple add-ons to your website to some additional functionality.

We use WordPress plugins to increase your email followers list, to check website analytics, to socialize our website, and to optimize for search engines.

Installing Useful Plugins:

To install plugins on your WordPress blog, go to admin panel, place your cursor on plugins option from the left side menu.

Plugins >> Add New >> Type Plugin name in search bar.

After plugins displayed, click on “install” and then “Activate“. Then you will be directed to the Installed Plugins page, browse the plugin you installed and change settings according to your blog.

Now you know how to install a plugin, let’s see the list of basic plugins you need to install on your blog.

Contact Form 7:

This plugin helps you to create a contact form in just a minute. This will be helpful in creating the Contact Page on your blog.

Insert Headers & Footers:

Insert Headers & Footers plugin let you put meta tags in header or footer section of your website.

When doing verification of your site with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Pinterest, you need to paste some meta tags or scripts in the header section of your site.

With this plugin, you can directly copy those codes in the header section, without changing source code pages.

WordPress Popular Posts:

This plugin will help you to display the most popular posts that got more page views in a specific time period.

To add popular posts list on the sidebar widget section, this plugin is important.

Yoast SEO:

Yoast SEO plugin helps you to maintain perfect on-page SEO on your blog.  This plugin suggests the steps to get good SEO score on your posts.

Whenever you write a post, this plugin helps you to maintain good readability score and also SEO.


Mailmunch WordPress plugin is to build your email list. This plugin is helpful to create email popups, newsletter forms to collect your reader’s emails.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP:

This plugin is to check your traffic analytics directly in your WordPress dashboard. After downloading this plugin you should link this plugin with your Google Analytics account.

These are the plugins important for all WordPress bloggers. You can download them for free from WordPress plugins store.


Creating Important Pages for Your Blog:

Every blog or website should have some pages. These are important to put your terms, disclosures and contact details on your website.

First of all, To create a new page from your WordPress dashboard, check the left side menu, place your cursor on >>”Pages” then click on >>  “Add New“.

Then new page creation page will be opened, enter your page title in the top input field, type your matter in below input field, after that click on Publish button to finish your process. (Check the picture below)

how to create a page on wordpress dashboard

The list of pages you need to create is

About Page: This page is to tell about your blog & yourself to your readers.

Contact Page: You have to put your official email or a contact form on this page to allow your visitors to contact you whenever they want.

Privacy Policy: This page is highly important for every blog or website these days. You should write about your website policies, your visitor’s privacy, and how you use their personal information collected by your site.

Affiliate Disclosure: If you are using affiliate links on your blog and in the middle of articles, then you should write a disclosure page for affiliate disclosure.

This is the list of important pages every blogger or website owner should create on their website. These are mainly important when you are applying for some advertisement companies like Google Adsense and all other sites.

If you have any other doubts about creating these pages, you can refer some blogs or mine to get an idea.

How To Write & Publish Articles:

If you are this step, then you almost finished the setup process of your blog. Now only remaining tasks are publishing articles and promoting them.

To add new articles to your blog, go to your WordPress dashboard, choose >>”Posts” option from the left side menu then click on >>“Add New“.

After directed to post creating page, enter your post title in the top input field, type your content in the bottom, then click on “Publish” button.


How To Promote Your Blog:

Done with creating your blog? Now it’s time to promote. How to promote your blog?

Let’s look at the possible ways to promote your blog everywhere on the internet!

First of all, Social media is the best option we have to promote our blog, right?

So, create social media profiles to your blog and link them to your blog. The most active social media platforms are Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest(it’s a search engine actually).

Promote your articles on those platforms listed above. Be active on these platforms & increase your followers base.

Facebook Groups and Pinterest Group boards are the best sources to drive huge traffic to your blog.


How To Promote Your Blog On Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the popular search engine and a great place to promote your blog. When I started promoting my blog on the Pinterest, I reached from 7.9K to 140.6K monthly views on Pinterest within 2 weeks.

Let’s look at how I did promote my blog on Pinterest.!

I created my Pinterest profile with my name + my blog name + my main topics. (It’s better to include your topics as keywords.)

Later I created some boards (around 10 to 15) and saved other’s pins related to my blog topic. That’s how I build my profile.

Initially, we need some followers, So, I have watched some tutorials to increase my followers and it worked.

The main strategy to get followers in the initial stage is following 100 – 300 people per day related to your blog topic, Pinterest will send them a notification when you follow them, so they will follow you back.

When I am following this strategy, almost 50% of people followed me back & I got around 2K followers in just 20 days.

Then I requested some group board owners to join their boards as a contributor. Group boards are most helpful to drive huge traffic to any blog.

I have joined around 15-20 group boards. Later I increased few more.


The help of Auto Schedulers:

To pin our images on Pinterest regularly we must be on Pinterest for more time or we need a good auto scheduler.

BoardBooster & Tailwind are best auto schedulers in the market and I used both.

Initially, I used BoardBooster and got very few page views and My reach went to up to 12K monthly views only.

Then I read so many blogger’s posts with high Pinterest reach, I decided to purchase Tailwind.

The main reason tailwind is working well for many people and for me is that they are official partners with Pinterest.

It helped a lot of people and me to increase our reach on the Pinterest, and additionally, it has tribes like Pinterest group boards.

I got more reach and reshares from tribes than my group boards. Tailwind also cheaper than BoardBooster & we can schedule unlimited pins.

With BoardBooster, It costs around $1 per day if we pin 100 pins in a day. Per a year it costs around $365.

I purchased Tailwind for $104.88 ($15 coupon code activated – actual price is $119.88). It almost saved me around $250 and I can pin unlimited pins and use tribes to increase my reach.

I suggest purchasing Tailwind for all new bloggers who haven’t yet bought because it is more important like a hosting service. This will host your promotions.

You can jump a few steps towards your blog success with the tailwind. follow my tailwind link to get $15 coupon & an extra month use tailwind.

Best Group Boards To Join:

Did you purchase tailwind? If yes, then join my group boards to increase your Pinterest reach. If you haven’t purchased tailwind, Purchase here to save $15 on the plus plan.

My group boards you may request to join as a contributor,

  1. Own Business Ideas
  2. Best Side Hustles To Make Money
  3. Blogging World – Group Board
  4. Pinterest Viral Pins – Group Board

All these 4 group boards are active and have around 2.8K followers.

You can follow the instructions listed on each group board to join as a contributor.

So here we are at the end of the article. Hope this article helps you to start your blog like an expert. Everything has explained detailly in this article to make your blog successful within less time.

If you want to know about something, or you have any queries to ask, you can comment below.


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