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17 Lesser-Known Summer Jobs For Teachers In 2024

Teachers are a great boon that society has got. It is because of the educational foundation laid by them in our childhood that we all reach great heights and taste success in our lives. But do you know the earning prospects of a school teacher?

The income of school teachers varies on different factors such as the subject they teach, experience, the school they work in, etc. But one thing that every teacher faces in common is the lack of payment on holidays. Teachers either receive a salary for the 10-month academic period, or the same salary is spread in checkouts during the whole year.

With this one thing, it is clear that teachers don’t get paid for holidays and in summer when the school is closed usually. So for all such teachers, a side job is necessary to supplement their income during the summer holidays.

If you are one such teacher looking for a job to do in the summer, then you are in the right place. I have prepared a list of jobs that teachers can do during summers to make money. Read further to know what kind of summer jobs for teachers are in store in this article.


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Summer Jobs For Teachers

The list of summer jobs for teachers that I am going to present in this article is of different categories like full-time, part-time, and remote jobs. You can choose to do any of them.

If you have some holiday plans or don’t want to go out of home for work during the holidays, you can choose to work remotely. Otherwise, you can choose full-time or part-time jobs based on your schedule.

All the jobs in this list are mostly online ones, so cheer up. You still have the freedom to enjoy your holiday at home with your loved ones. So head on to read further and know what money-making opportunities you have in summer to do.


1. Start Teaching English To Chinese Kids

teach english online

Since you are already a teacher and have enough experience and qualifications, this is not a new job for you. And the best part about this job is you can do it from your home online.

Teaching English to kids in China is one of the best summer jobs for teachers to do.

With companies like VIPKID, you need to work only 3 hours a day teaching children of china how to learn a foreign language and can spend the rest of your time enjoying your holiday. You can earn around $2000 per month.

In this job, you need to deal with 4-12 years of children, and you will get $16-$22 per hour. Doesn’t that sound like a great deal?

Then join VIPKID right now and make money by working a few hours a week while still enjoying your holiday.

Apart from VIPKID, there are some other platforms online where you can avail of the same opportunity. You are free to work from home without the need to know any foreign language.

One such legit company where you can make $20-$26 per hour teaching English to Chinese kids is MagicEars. This is similar to VIPKID and provides the best career opportunities for teachers.

So without any second thought, join MagicEars to earn some money in your summer holidays.

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2. Start Working on Your Own Blog

This is the best job that you can do this summer to supplement your income. As a teacher, you will have a lot of topics to share. You can write about your teaching experience, schooling, or any other topic you would like to discuss.

Make sure to decide your niche before starting. Blogging doesn’t get your finances flowing as soon as you start. It takes a lot of hard work to build an audience before you can start earning through your blog. But once you gain a nice number of readers, you can earn a good income.

Since you are a teacher, you already have a great audience. Wondering how?! 

Yes, you can promote your blog by encouraging your students and their parents to read it. And like that, the word will keep on spreading.

Usually, bloggers make around $0-$100,000+ per month. So this is the best thing that can help you earn around the calendar without having to worry about your next summer.

mediavine payments

Did you see that? That’s one day’s earnings from this blog from advertising. Still, you can make money through affiliate marketing, courses, and more. You can start your own blog with just $2.95/mo with Bluehost. Once you get started, a couple of months of dedicated work is enough to earn unlimited passive income.

Use this summer properly to develop your blog and build an audience. Once you are successful at this, your income will keep flowing through ads, affiliate programs, etc, without you having to do much later. If you wish, you can keep posting articles now and then, even after the schools are open.

If you wish to see great results quickly, I suggest you take a blogging course before you start.

My friend Greg Johnson runs a course named Earn More Blogging to help people learn all the tactics involved in making their blogs a great success.

If you desire the same success, you can join this free course on blogging by my friend Greg Jhonson now.

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Blog Income Report- How I Made $7147 In September.


3. Find Some Work From Home Gigs at Amazon

Yes, you heard it correctly. The eCommerce giant Amazon has so many work-from-home opportunities for people like you and me.

There are openings in Amazon customer service, Mechanical Turk, Amazon Flex, etc. If you are interested in working with these gigs, then you can directly visit their website and signup for those gigs you like the most.

Amazon Customer Service: Here, you can earn $12 – $18 per hour assisting its customers.

Amazon Mturk: Mturk is well-known for small micro tasks and pays on time. People make around $1000 – $2500 extra bucks every month working with Mturk. You can find more details on our Mturk Review here.

Influencer Program: Amazon is also offering an opportunity for influencers to use its platform to influence people. Here you can create an influencer profile, build a following, and later you can make money using that following through affiliate marketing, brand promotions, etc.

If you need more info, I suggest you check out this detailed article.

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4. Become a Freelance Content Writer

freelance writer - summer jobs for teachers

Since you are a teacher, you will have amazing communication skills. Communication includes speaking, writing, listening, and interpreting. So why not use this skill to make money during summer?

Writers are always in demand by big companies, businesses, and blogs. So use your writing skills and freelance your services to any one of these fields to earn side cash.

An average writer can make around $0.01 to $1 per word. This implies a lucrative side gig for you. If you don’t think that you can build or maintain a blog though you have good writing skills, then freelancing is the best option.

All you need to do to start is to reach out to brands and blogs that you would like to share your services. You have to approach many of them before you find out a good and suitable first gig. So do homework before you set on to look for freelance writer jobs.

Doing research will always help you find a legit job, no matter if it is a full-time or side gig. 

If you want to get quick success in freelance writing, then I suggest you take a look at this 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success course. Thousands of students are already enrolled in this course and have started earning $4000, or $10,000 per month, following the guidelines of the course creator.

If you want that to happen to you, then signup for the FREE Workshop here and get started.

To know more about this career and how to proceed with it, read our article about freelance writing mentioned below.

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5. Offer Proofreading or Editing Services During Summers

Are you a grammar nazi? Wait, who am I asking?! You are a teacher and would be after making corrections. This innate nature of you is going to help you make money.

Become a proofreader and offer proofreading services to different companies and individuals. 

Proofreading is nothing but examining a document or any text keenly to find if there are any grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors. When you find any of these errors, you just need to mark them. That is it; you need not even correct the errors.

An average proofreader makes around $10 to $45 per hour for offering his services. There can’t be a better summer job for teachers than this one, with such good pay rates.

Though you are a teacher and are good at finding errors, some knowledge about this job and how to do it is very important.

For a complete guide on Proofreading, read our article What is Proofreading- How To Start A Proofreading Business?

Yes, starting a business will help more than freelancing, and you can earn whenever you want. My friend Caitlin Pyle did the same and made $43,000 per year while studying abroad. Now she owns a company of her own.

If you are someone who looks for perfection in everything you do and wants to proofread only after some practical experience, I recommend you to join a course on proofreading.

General Proofreading Theory & Practice Webinar is a free course by my friend Caitlin Pyle; enroll now and book yourself a place to learn Proofreading and everything about it.


6. Delivery Driving

delivering stuff

Becoming a delivery driver is one of the best summer jobs for teachers or anyone to do during holiday time for some side cash. For this, you need to have a bike or a car and must be able to drive. However, if you want to deliver in your locality without having to go far, you can do it on walking.

Several companies deliver food, groceries, beverages, and many more. These companies need delivery drivers, and you will always find a job there. Some of the best places where you can work as a delivery driver are:

  • Postmates – This is one of the biggest door delivery companies that partner with 25,000+ merchants to deliver a whole range of products to its customers. You can join them easily by downloading the Postmates app and joining their community. You can look for deliveries and collect and drop them off. One is completely flexible concerning working hours and choosing the orders. You can earn up to $18 an hour delivering with Postmates.


  • DoorDash – This is another food delivery company that you can drive for. The delivery persons at DoorDash are called Dashers. This company operates in over 300 cities across the US and is very flexible to work with. You can know the money you will be making for delivering an order beforehand. So you can choose the best deals. A Dasher can make around $10-$20 an hour. So why late? Become a Dasher by joining the DoorDash community now.

So if you are interested in offering door delivery, then this is the best job you can do. You can work for the hours you wish, drive across the city delivering food, and enjoy the rest of the time with your family.

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7. Start Getting Paid To Type/Transcribe Files

If you need money desperately and are ready to work full-time in your summer holidays to fulfill your need, then transcription is the best choice.

Transcription is the job in which you need to transcribe audio files i.e. you need to convert an audio file into a written text document. This job requires a lot of concentration, patience, and the ability to sit for long hours. 

There are different types of transcription like general transcription, medical transcription, legal transcription, etc. You can choose to do any of them, depending on your capabilities. A Transcriber can easily make $10-$20 an hour.

A computer with good internet connectivity, headset, foot pedal, etc., is some of the most important equipment you need to have to transcribe audio files.

To know more about  Transcription and which companies offer the best transcription jobs, head on to our article mentioned below.

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Taking a course or doing some homework before starting to transcribe can help a lot.

My friend Janet is providing free courses on two different kinds of transcription while sharing her experiences in this business.

These are two recommended courses on General Transcription and Legal Transcription that can help you through.

To make more of this opportunity, join the free courses here.


8. Become A Professional Flipper

Yes, flipping business is the best thing you can do to make money during the summer holidays. This is much like online shopping, and you need not spend much time also.

This job is considered one of the best side gigs on this list, as you can make great benefits while you enjoy your summer vacation.

Flipping is nothing but buying an item and selling it immediately for more prices. So keep finding products online and resell/flip them for huge profits. This business is easy and much recommended to do on eBay.

My friend Rob has made over $130,000 by flipping products at flea markets and online as a part-time job. He has become so well versed in this business that now he is teaching people how to do this gig.

Rob says that invest less and make more. Use a part of the profits to invest and make more again.

Join Flipper University to access this free course here.

You will get to learn how to make $100-$130 by flipping an item that you bought for just $20-$50 in this free course.

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9. Take A Dog For Walk With Rover

dog walking - summer jobs for teachers

Spend as much time as you want with family, go on vacation, and have loads of fun in summer, but still, you can do this job where you are and earn good money.

Download the Rover app, create your account, and list your timings and prices. You can find the best deals on taking a dog for a walk or dogsitting no matter where ever you are on this app.

You can earn $30 for an hour’s walk with Rover. Enjoy the summer evenings by going on a walk. This way you can earn money and also have some physical fitness. If you want, you can also make yourself available in the early mornings.

There are other places on where you can find similar opportunities. But the pay rates you get with Rover are far better than any other petsitting platform has to offer.


10. Get Paid To Take Surveys

After a hectic academic year, teachers usually want to stay home. But, when you want to earn in the summer holidays too easy jobs would help you relax and earn at the same time.

Taking surveys is one such easy way to make money while enjoying your summers. Several survey websites online offer money for taking surveys. Businesses want to know the customers’ shopping behavior, for which they conduct surveys through these survey sites and pay in return.

Some of the best survey sites you can earn from are:

ProTip: Join all these survey sites to make decent cash. Create a separate email id to register with these sites so that you don’t miss any opportunity and be the first to grab the surveys available.

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11. Earn By Testing Products With Pinecone Research

Test products to make money in your summer holidays. This is an extremely easy job that you can do from your home without going anywhere. However, you need to have certain knowledge about the product you are going to test, the brand, etc., to write apt reviews about it.

Pinecone Research is a market research platform where you can get paid for testing products. The company sends the product to your address for testing and pays you in return for doing so. You will also get to keep the product once you complete the process.

Money, as well as a free product, sounds cool, right? So you can consider this one too as one of the summer jobs for teachers.

One can earn up to $7 for each product they test. So the more products you test, the more money you earn. One thing you should do while testing and reviewing a product is to be genuine.

Only genuine reviews will get payments. Don’t ever try to write nicely though the product is not so good.

You can join Pinecone Research by clicking here to start earning money. Apart from product testing, you can also take surveys and earn $3-$5 per survey.

ProTip: When you create an account with Pinecone Research, you will be asked to fill out a form about your interests and personal details like age, nativity, etc. They use this information and give you products for testing that suit you. So fill out this form intellectually to become eligible for more surveys.


12. Offer Virtual Assistant Services

Operate from your home for different companies and help them out with their administrative services. This is one of the best summer jobs for teachers to do to supplement their income.

Anyhow, teachers have good communication skills, so by giving a boost of some more simple skills like email writing, Chat support, etc., you can be the best virtual assistant around.

Virtual assistants offer different kinds of services like email management, content management, social media management, etc. You can choose to do any of these that you are capable of and interested in doing as a virtual assistant.

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This is a profitable job where you can make around $10-$50 per hour.

Hailey Thomas, a US-based virtual assistant, earns an average amount of $4785 monthly. Want to know how come she earns so much? then click here.

The only key to being so successful is people often take courses when they think of starting such a business. Do you also think so?

Then there is a free course that my friend Gina Horkey offers where you can learn to become a successful virtual assistant in just 30 days.

Join now in this 30-day crash course to get your results in less than 30 days.


13. Rent Out Your Car

Did you decide to spend these summer holidays relaxing in your home without going anywhere? But worrying about the income?

Then renting out your car is the best option to make money while you are still chilling at home. This is a completely passive income idea.

There are different platforms online where you can rent your car to make money. One of the best among them is Getaround.

To rent your car with Getaround, you need to download their app, create an account, and list your car by uploading its pictures and a rental price. This app connects you with people who want cars for rent, so you need not run for customers elsewhere.

This company claims that car owners make $10,000 per annum by renting their cars with their app. However, the value changes based on several factors.

But the best part about renting your car with Getaround is your car is covered with insurance of $1,000,000. So your property is in safe hands.

So if you are willing to allow someone else to drive your car and like this passive income idea, then rent your car with Getaround now.


14. Become An Online Tutor

online tutor

If you think you are never bored of teaching, then do the same thing from the comfort of your house to make some money in the summers.

Become an online tutor and help students learn subjects that you are an expert in. There are several online platforms where you can find some good online tutoring jobs. Some of them are as follows:

You can earn up to $30 per hour as an online tutor. If you teach subjects like calculus or SAT, the pay rates can go up to $50 to $60 an hour.

Try your hand at this summer job if you enjoy teaching more than anything.

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15. Earn By Testing Apps/Websites

App and website developing companies need to know the user experience before they release the app into the market. For this, they pay users to test their apps to simply say a trial run on the consumer’s mobile.

Make use of this great opportunity to earn money while you are still at home. This app or website testing takes not more than 15 to 25 minutes, and you can earn around $10 for each test. 

Isn’t this a great deal?

Earn more within less time while you enjoy your holiday. You can be at any place and still test the apps/websites. Some of the best-paying companies for testing apps are:

Though you don’t get rich with this job, it will help you supplement your summer income needs in less time.

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16. Local Tour Guide

Did you plan to go on a vacation around your state or country this summer? Still, you can make money.

Every person knows about their place more than any outsider or foreigner does. So why not guide foreign tourists when you are on tour in your country or city?

The average pay rate for a tour guide in the US is $13 an hour. This is propitious. You can make money as well as enjoy your holiday.

The pay rates may vary with the place you live in. However, this is not a bad deal.

Enjoy your vacation with new people along with your family while making money.


17. Sell Printables

Create nice printables and keep them on sale in your store. This is such a promising way to make money during summers. Concentrate on designing some great printables with great themes this summer; you will be sorted for months to come.

This is a profitable business where people make around $500-$1000 per month. So why not try a hand at it one of these cool summer jobs, dear teachers?

You can sell these printables online by creating your store on platforms like:



Summer holidays are free time, and you can do different jobs like driving for Lyft, babysitting or housesitting, and many more. But most of them require a physical effort from you, and you may end up vexed instead of rejuvenating yourselves during the break time.

So I have an idea where you need nothing and still make decent money. You must have worked hard throughout the academic earn preparing lesson plans and worksheets, etc., to make your students excel in your subject. Why not use this work you already did and earn money?!

Yes, sell all those lessons, exercises, and worksheets you designed online and make money. Many teachers are ready to buy such materials. 

This is a profitable hack because you will be selling it online, which means in pdf or other downloadable formats. So you will get to earn as many times as your material is downloaded.

Cool right?!!!

Upload all your lesson plans and other study material that you designed the last academic year on Teachers Pay Teachers and earn 60% to 85% each time your educational resources are sold.

I saved this idea for the last as I feel this is the best of all the summer jobs for teachers to do and earn good money.

With this, I would like to end this list of summer jobs for teachers. I feel these are the only jobs that allow teachers to earn while they also have quality time to relax and enjoy their summer holidays.



Since you have commuted almost the whole year to school, you will be looking for side gigs that you can do from the comfort of your home. I have tried my best to choose the jobs you will find flexible to do in the summer holidays and present in this article.

I hope you like these summer jobs for teachers and find a suitable one to improve your income this summer.

Share your opinion on how you liked this post, and also feel free to share any more ideas for summer jobs for teachers.


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