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10 Survey Junkie Hacks To Make More Money In 2024

We have all, at some point or another, stumbled across the name Survey Junkie while looking up ways to earn some extra bucks online without putting in too much effort.

Survey Junkie is an online paid survey hosting platform that ranks among the top of its kind.

There’s no question regarding its legitimacy since the website’s 10 million-plus users can attest to its professionalism, regular pay, and strict adherence to honesty.

The rewards you earn on Survey Junkie by answering detailed surveys can be reaped in the form of gift cards or cash, redeemable via PayPal; the platform offers up to $50 per survey.

Survey Junkie is primarily used to earn extra money to help with people’s rent or phone bills or just to pay for a fine dining experience they’d been planning for months!

It isn’t treated as a full-time occupation or as money that can substitute for someone’s job. Completing more surveys means earning more points that can be converted into cash.

So, it’s not a surprise when thousands of people are looking for Survey Junkie hacks they can use in their daily lives to amp up their earnings from the platform.

And we have got you covered; take a look at these 11 Survey Junkie hacks we have accumulated for you:


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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11 of the Best Survey Junkie Hacks 2024 Has To Offer


1. Create a Separate Email Account Just For Survey Junkie

Website: Survey Junkie

Earning Potential: $1-$50 per survey

Let’s start on a light note. Consider opening a new email account for the sole purpose of receiving survey-related emails.

Not specifically for Survey Junkie, maybe, but if you’re planning to pursue somewhat of an income from several such online survey platforms, then it’s a smart choice to keep emails from these platforms in a completely separate account.

You wouldn’t want your personal and work emails coming into the same account where you receive money-making survey updates, would you?

Having two different email accounts makes it easy to keep track of incoming emails from drastically different sources and kind of declutters your virtual workspace.

This hack also makes it easy to spot promotional emails from Survey Junkie or other online survey sites since they’re not crammed in with your personal and work emails.

You can simply log into this account whenever you have some free time in hand to take a few surveys without having to scan through other unrelated emails first.

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2. Sign Up for Other Legit Survey Sites

Like Survey Junkie, a lot of other legit survey sites have emerged over the last few years, some even as popular as this one! Partner relationships with the platform’s advertisers are a very important factor in determining the pay of an online survey.

Survey companies usually have similar relationships with advertisers, meaning that if one site seems to have a good scope of payment, chances are there are at least a few other platforms offering the same pay.

Here are some of what we think are the top Survey Junkie substitutes:

  • InboxDollars: This allows you to register on their site and answer surveys, and earn an instant bonus of $5.
  • Opinion Outpost: With a community of over 2M people, you can answer surveys, test products, or watch advertisements to earn in the form of gift cards, store points, or cash.
  • Toluna Influencers: Get paid to take surveys, watch videos, refer friends, and play games online. Earn up to $100 per month in extra income. You can redeem your earnings via gift cards or direct cash.
  • Panda Research: Get paid up to $3 – $50 per survey. Earn regular extra income by taking surveys, referring friends, and reading emails. It has paid over 2 million in cash rewards. Receive free coupons, discounts, and giveaways by participating in surveys regularly. You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal.
  • Pinecone Research: Has a lot of options for earning money, like taking surveys, testing products, etc. They pay up to $5 per survey and $7 per review.

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3. Avoid Registering On The Same Platform From Multiple Accounts

This is one of the handiest Survey Junkie hacks out there. It will save your Survey Junkie account from getting categorized as fraudulent or suspicious in any way so that you can keep earning money from answering online surveys.

Register yourself on the Survey Junkie app with a single account and stick to it. Creating more accounts on Survey Junkie does not mean earning equally from all of these accounts, resulting in higher gross earnings.

Answering a higher volume of surveys from different accounts as different people do not work with Survey Junkie; they are very quick to detect fraudulent behavior and take action accordingly.

Even if the accounts are associated with different names, it is only a matter of time before they can figure out the truth. Survey Junkie is strictly intolerant of acts of dishonesty, and they will end up blocking all of your accounts upon discovery.

So, it’s better to steer clear of that path from the very beginning rather than get yourself into a sticky situation where you have to make calls to their customer support stations to resolve your issue.

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4. Set Clear Goals For Yourself

This one is a generic hack, not just a Survey Junkie hack: set clear goals for yourself before you even start answering on the platform. You must have your objectives set in front of you from the very beginning.

Set a Survey Junkie monthly income goal, or look up the expense of that exotic vacation you always wanted to make, and work your way towards it, one survey at a time.

When you have a clear objective to look forward to, your morale is boosted, and you stay constantly motivated by it. Setting clear goals is so high on this list of Survey Junkie hacks because it helps you shape up a plan for your earnings.

Do you want to convert your Survey Junkie points into a precious gift card to purchase that one dress you’ve been eyeing for months?

Or do you want to convert them all to cash and afford a luxury family staycation at the best hotel in the city? Seeing your points increase and reach your defined goal number is a different kind of satisfaction.

Every time you complete a survey and see the points go up to bridge the gap towards that number, you’ll feel a sense of productivity and content, which is essential to keep you motivated to answer and earning more.

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5. Take Time To Complete Your Personal Profile

This one is a basic Survey Junkie hack but effective all the same. Take time to complete your profile on the platform; fill in every detail and information they need to cater their surveys according to your profile.

The generic personal information they ask for is your name, gender, date of birth, country and zip code, etc. The next part involves information regarding your personality, likes, and dislikes, things you own, would like to do in the future, etc.

Not only do they customize your surveys based on these questions, but also give you points for filling them up! Users with complete profiles have way higher chances of receiving survey invites than those whose profiles are left incomplete.

This is because Survey Junkie doesn’t know what kind of surveys to send you. The companies that conduct these surveys are always looking for a certain category of people who fall under the bracket of their requirements.

When Survey Junkie scans their users’ profiles, they classify each user to the requirements of each survey. Hence, keeping an accurately completed profile on Survey Junkie is one of the top hacks you can adopt to get well-paid surveys.


6. Constantly Check Your Email Inbox

The best Survey Junkie hacks are the ones that don’t qualify as conventional “hacks” at all! Remember the first point on this list where we suggested you open a different email account to receive only survey-related emails?

Here’s another reason that tip will come in handy. Since Survey Junkie has a fixed time limit for their surveys along with a certain number of responses they’re looking for (we’ll discuss this at another point), you must respond to survey updates fast.

And that is possible only when you check your emails frequently enough to not miss any updates. You will receive an email for every survey you’re qualified for, but all of them have an expected end date, along with a fixed number of responses they’re looking for.

Mostly, the surveys are closed as soon as this number is reached, which is why you have to keep checking your email to catch notifications in the hot and respond to them.

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7. Answer The Surveys ASAP!

Here’s the thing. As we mentioned in the last point, any given survey only has a certain number of responses they need, and to become one of those few hundreds or thousands across the entire globe who gets to participate in that survey, you have to act fast!

This is probably the most vital Survey Junkie hack 2024 has made us discover, with the world moving unbelievably fast around us.

Keep checking your email inbox regularly and act on the notifications as fast as you can.

Remember, several others want the same spot that you do, filling up the empty spots quickly. Once you log into your account and open the survey, it takes only a few minutes to answer the whole questionnaire.

Voila! You just acted on and filled up a paid survey; all you need to do now is reap your rewards.

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8. Estimate The Surveys Smartly

Survey Junkie provides you with three estimates before the beginning of a survey:

  • Estimated time you need to finish the survey.
  • Your probability of qualifying for the survey.
  • Reward points are offered.

These estimates are provided beforehand so that you can make an informed decision before beginning to fill up the survey.

Weigh the pros against the cons, especially the estimated time required against the reward points they’re offering.

See if it’s worth your time, and only then go ahead with the survey. Not all Survey Junkie questionnaires are worth filling up, and there’s nothing wrong with being picky about them.

It’s called playing smart, as the Survey Junkie hacks Reddit pages like to describe it.


9. Answer All The Surveys Honestly

Although we have been talking about “acting quickly” and responding while the surveys are still open, it’s also an equally important point to stress that honesty is the key to maintaining a good rapport with the system.

Survey Junkie hacks mean nothing if your work on the platform is dishonest; they do not recommend surveys to users they detect or have a record of dishonestly filling up their surveys.

Only when you prove yourself as reliable and accurate to them will your chances of qualifying for higher-paying surveys increase.

Go through each question carefully, take your time, and answer the entire survey appropriately and with rapt attention. Do not submit half-hearted work or surveys filled only for the sake of receiving rewards.

This will deeply damage your long-term relationship with the platform, reducing your credibility, and harming your earning potential.

You can also refer to our website to know more about other legit places where you can get paid to write reviews.


10. Consistency Is Key

Survey Junkie hosts valuable surveys that require you to answer them honestly to qualify for more well-paying surveys. The surveys they post are essential for taking into account the real experiences of people across the globe to make calculations and come to a definitive conclusion.

They are willing to pay thousands of people to record their experiences for the sole reason that the answers they receive are completely honest and true.

Hence, only by honesty and consistency can you expect to reap the sweet rewards Survey Junkie has to offer and keep your experience pleasant in the future.

And consistency only comes from being truthful. Be consistent with your answers, and you won’t need any Survey Junkie hacks to quality for future paid surveys.

Although they would not hold back your payment for that particular survey, the platform can easily detect inconsistency in your answers and choose to block you from future surveys altogether.

The great news here is, that with consistency and honesty, Survey Junkie notices your work and sends you surveys that pay higher. So, even if you can’t make a full-time income out of this hustle, you can easily earn a decent amount of side cash.


11. Consider Joining Survey Junkie’s Affiliate Program

The best Survey Junkie hack tool is one that the platform itself offers! Their affiliate marketing program is a lucrative method to earn more money by just signing up and sharing your affiliate link to a few places.

You earn a $1.50 instant bonus and thereby, become a member of their referral program.

You can then share your referral link with your family, friends, and anyone else you please. If you run a website or blog, you can also share this link with all your readers.

This way, whenever anyone signs up on Survey Junkie through your link, you get $1.50 + a portion (generally 5%) of their earnings for the first three months as commission.

The affiliate program is actually a pretty easy and smart way to earn more from the same platform; it’s one of the best Survey Junkie hacks we’ve shared with you here.

Established bloggers with a large reader base earn around $200 a month with this program. Some earn even more than $1000 completely passively, just by sharing a link on their page and letting their readers do the rest.

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All of these Survey Junkie hacks are 2024-ready and completely legit. No third-party solutions can help as much as these simple tweaks can prove to be effective.

We hope you found the perfect way to boost your earnings from this amazing platform and will continue to honestly answer surveys on Survey Junkie and other such websites!