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Teach English Online To Japanese Students – (20 Best Companies)

Most of us truly have great love and compassion for education. But what are the best ways to cherish our compassion? 

We say “By Teaching”! Yes, the capability and caliber of sharing knowledge is a real boon; very few can do this. 

This love for teaching can reach the zenith when you have more interest in the subject you teach. What could be a more interesting and fun-induced subject than English?

As this language is widely spreading as a medium of communication, demand for this is progressing, and so are the opportunities.

Especially in countries like Japan, where they give more priority to the local language, they are looking for valuable teachers like you to get explored more English communication as well.

So, why can’t you grab this chance to turn your compassion into an earning pocket?

For this, here we are sharing details about websites that pay to teach English online to Japanese students. Have a look and start your trial.


Disclaimer:  This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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Why Teach English ‘Online’ To Japanese Students?

Technology has gained an extreme pace. Learning culture has changed in all forms; students are more likely to hold gadgets than papers.

For this reason, even teachers decide to go for the online teaching lifestyle, and in reason where physical study for English is hard to come by.

Teaching English online to Japanese students is a rapidly expanding area of the market. It is suggested that more people are learning English online worldwide.

There is no surprise that people are switching to online teaching since it allows us to work from home, it pays well, and demand is growing higher and higher to teach online.

Here are a few benefits of teaching English online to Japanese students:

  • Effective PayWe can earn between $20 and $30 per hour.
  • Flexible ScheduleWe can work at a time that suits us by leaving more time for relaxation and doing the things we love.
  • Experience a New CultureTeaching online is one of the chances to meet students from interesting cultures all over the world.
  • Make a DifferenceKnowing how to speak English is an invaluable skill for many people, and we can help our students to achieve their dreams.


Important Tips To Teach English Online To Japanese Students Effectively

  1. Be patient with kids. It is hard for them to sit still and understand what we’re trying to teach.
  2. Don’t just teach the words; turn it into something interesting like a game; with this, they may have fun while listening.
  3. Use timers on the phone to help students with shorter attention spans to keep them on track during the session.
  4. Don’t start teaching at the very beginning. Get them in line and get to the point by teaching them everything. 
  5. Prepare yourself for kids with a wide range of skills. This can bring smiles to their faces every single day.
  6. Find fun ways to teach all the routines to your little ones. That they need to know and learn all year long. 
  7. Don’t be boring while teaching kids; always check if they are listening and understanding.
  8. Always use positive reinforcement to never embarrass a student in front of the entire class.
  9. Give them lots of time to practice, so they don’t feel pressured to be perfect.


How To Apply For Online ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher Job?

The application process is simple and convenient. Everything is done online, so there is no need to visit any office at any point in our application. You need to accomplish these steps.

  • Registration
  • Screening
  • Onboarding


Visit the careers page of the ESL website you want to be part of. Then create an account by clicking the Apply Now’ tab and filling out the registration form. Then proceed to the application clearance after activating the account.


Screening mainly aims to measure your communication and teaching skills. We need to pass the online English test and the interview to fulfill this phase.


Undergo the new tutor onboarding program to help and be ready for our lessons. Complete tutor profile and submit all our requirements.


Online ESL Teaching Job Requirements

  • Teachers should be native English speakers (For a Few Companies).
  • All teachers should have a teaching certificate or a university degree.
  • Teachers should have an average experience of 1-3 years (Optional).


Online ESL Teaching Job Benefits

  • Flexible work schedule
  • High earning potential
  • No commute
  • Gain experience
  • Learn more about Japanese culture.

Working with Japanese students is one of the great ways to make an income online, especially when we are keen to learn more about online teaching and remote work, in general, to teach English online to Japanese students.


22 Websites To Teach English To Japanese Students

Here below-mentioned list has a few companies that work specifically with students in Japan. Some companies will hire us to teach English online to Japanese and other students as well. 

There are plenty of online platforms and companies that cater to the market. Here are my top recommendations.


1. S-Lessons

Earning potential: $10 – $15/Hour.

S-Lessons need online ESL teachers; they offer two kinds of courses, i.e., Regular courses. Leave it to the teacher course; with the help of these two courses, we should teach English online to Japanese kids.

To become a teacher here, you require a Bachelor’s degree along with teaching experience of more than one year at least. Here you can clarify the doubts of students through Email or Skype.

Here one can decide on the lesson price along with the flexible schedule. One lesson time length weighs around 22 minutes; you can teach to kids, children, and adults. You must intend to work at least 10 hours a week.

Website: S-Lessons.


2. English Hunt

Earning potential: $14 – $20/Hour.

English hunt is an ESL company, but it has expanded into Japan. As such, they cater to a mixture of Japanese and Korean students. One must hold a BA in any subject to qualify to teach here.

ESL degree is mandatory; they also expect 4 years of teaching experience; computer knowledge is required as this is all about virtual teaching. 

The last thing, you must be a US citizen and hold US bank details to qualify for teaching. The best part is you can reside abroad by holding US citizenship.

Website: English Hunt.


3. Eigox

Earning potential:  $10 – $15/ Hour.

Eigox is an online school based in Japan that hires English tutors from all around the world. As long as we’re native English speakers, we can teach with the Eigox.

Most of the students just look for conversation practice. There are three types of lessons here there are free talk, textbook-based learning, and online -material-based learning.

Here you must teach each lesson for 25 minutes and can schedule at any time you need. Eigox usually pays through PayPal. 

Through teaching here, Filipino tutors/ Non-Native Tutors can make around¥160( $1.50) per 25 minutes lesson. Native Japanese bilingual tutors can make around ¥600 ($5.50) per 25-minute lesson.

Website: Eigox.

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4. iTutorGroup

Earning potential: $20 – $25/ Hour.

iTutorGroup is a global leader in online education. They offer flexible working hours for the people who opt to teach through this platform.

This platform also offers to teach both kids and adults various types of courses for career growth.

They mainly look for enthusiastic teachers with great communication and good presentation skills to teach.

Along with these skills, you should hold a bachelor’s degree, TESOL/TEFL/TESL certificate, or any other equivalent certificate. Here teachers must commit at least 5 peak hours in a week with good computer knowledge.

Website: iTutorGroup.


5. Cafe Talk

Earning potential: 15$ -25$/ Hour.

Cafe talk is a Japanese ESL platform with over 46,000 students. There’s usually plenty of work available for tutors. All we have to do is sign up, create, and list our courses, and start teaching.

Here we will set our availability, and students can request a lesson with us. Once we deliver the lessons, we’ll earn money. Here there are many enthusiastic students who are keen to learn English.

Website: Cafe Talk.


6. English Everywhere

Earning potential: $15 – $20/Hour.

English Everywhere is another platform where we can teach English online to Japanese students. Here you can claim advantages like no commute, no scheduling problems, and even no need to wear a suit.

But you must hold at least TEFL/TOEFL certification, have proper computer skills, have the best internet connection, and should be in a position to attain email within 36 hours.

Here again, we can set our availability and some teaching experience to teach at English Everywhere, and we can make up to $15+ per hour easily.

Website: English Everywhere.

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7. QKids

Earning potential: ($15 – $20 per Hour).

QKids is a leading online education platform for students to teach English online to Japanese kids and others as well.

It has a minimum time commitment of 6 hours weekly. Here teachers guide students through fun and learning experiences.

They will teach English to young learners, and they will handle scheduling and students assignment. With the full bonus, they pay high rates for us. 

You can teach classes to students aged between 4 and 12 years.

Website: QKids.

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8. E-Communication

Earning potential: $15 – $25/ Hour.

E-Communication has one of the highest teacher pay rates on the list. They pay us around $20 per hour to teach English online to Japanese students.

They offer a stable schedule, and they ask their tutors to commit at least 20 teaching hours per week for better efficiency.

But they also have the highest entry requirements to teach English which also includes better E-communication.

Website: E-Communication.


9. Mainichi Eikaiwa

Earning potential : $20 – $15/ Hour. 

Mainichi Eikaiwa is Japan’s leading online English school. Most of their students are Japanese, and they hire teachers from native English-speaking countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, and South Africa.

They offer English classes in a lucid way so that even kids of 7 years can understand. For this reason, to teach in Mainichi Eikaiwa, we should need at least 1 year of English teaching experience.

This company offers the best-assured results for their students with highly qualified English tutors.

Website: Mainichi Eikaiwa.



Earning potential: $14 – $24/Hour + Incentives.

VIPKID might be a great option for us to teach English online to Japanese kids, as it is quick and easy to select hours for us to teach.

Here, our salary depends on our performance in our interview. And they require English speakers with a Bachelor’s degree and 2 years of teaching experience.

One can set their own schedule to teach; here, base pay includes $7-$9 per class. Generally, classes range about 25 minutes, so you can make around $14-$18 per hour.

You can earn incentives of about $15- $22 per hour. 

Website: VIPKID.

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11. Eigo Power

Earning potential: $5 – $20/ Hour.

Eigo Power also seems to have pretty low barriers to entry and may be willing to accept none native teachers that may demonstrate good English proficiency.

For this, we should require a bachelor’s degree and teaching experience and the ability to commit to teaching at least 3 hrs per day and 5 days per week.

All you must imbibe is flow in English knowledge, technical knowledge to access skype, and communication skills for better interaction with students.

Website: Eigo Power.

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12. Teach Away

Earning potential: $10 – $15/ Hour.

This job offers flexible working hours, comprehensive online teaching, and a highly competitive salary.

It is looking for licensed teachers and university graduates from states to teach English online to Japanese kids. It requires strong verbal competencies in English.

All you need to do here is create your profile, then find your dream job, Avail TEFL certificate if you don’t have one, and start teaching.

Website: Teach Away.


13. Magic Ears

Earning potential: $15 -$26/ Hour.

It is one of the best innovative online teaching platforms to teach English online to Japanese kids. They offer great rates of pay and a flexible schedule.

Its mission is to bring the global classroom experience to every student.  The classes with magic ears are such that we will get a chance to work with hardworking students from Japan.

All you need to do is register with their Tightknit teaching community and earn your stake by teaching students in an interactive way.

Website: Magic Ears.


14. DaDa

Earning potential: $15  – $25/ Hour.

DaDa is another great option for working with children to teach English. This company is the first online English education company in mainland China to partner with American TESOL Institute.

They offer good pay rates and a stable schedule. This lets us teach English to kids between 6 and 14 of age.

This makes it perfect for anyone to make a full-time income from online teaching. All we have to do is provide our availability, and DaDa will assign students for us.

Website: DaDa.


15. 51Talk

Earning potential: $15 – $20/ Hour.

51talk is one of the premier online English schools in China. They are specialized in providing quality English online training through the best cultural exchanges between its teachers and students.

Teachers must work a minimum of 30 peak time hours per month. People who are looking to enroll as a teacher with 51talk must require a bachelor’s degree and teaching experience with good communication and representation skills.

Website: 51Talk.

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16. SayABC

Earning potential: $10 – $17 / 40 Minute class.

SayABC is a kid teaching company that is taking the ESL industry by storm. It is one of the best online teaching companies to teach English online to Japanese kids.

It has good pay rates and a generous bonus scheme. Here there is the flexibility to set your own working hours. You can increase confidence in every child by using this platform for teaching.

You can teach English to children aged 5 – 12 years. SayABC assures its teachers of a steady stream of income; they also assure the best technical and academic support to people who teach.

Website: SayABC.


17. GoGoKid

Earning potential: $20 – $25/ Hour.

Working with GoGoKid is one of the highest paying online English teaching companies to teach English online to Japanese kids and students all across the globe.

Here the teacher can choose their consistent availability during the following times; applicants should have a TESOL with a Bachelor’s degree. GoGoKid Offers great pay.

You can work on flexible hours; work can be eased out as this company management itself provide you with lesson plans for your classes. To get started, signup with your Email. 

Website: GoGoKid.


18. CENA Academy

Earning potential: $9 for a 24-minutes class and $18 for a 50-minutes class.

CENA Academy is a company that offers lessons for English conversations by calling through skype.

They aim to improve English conversation skills and help them improve international communication in English. For this, they require a Bachelor’s degree and experience in English teaching for 2 years.

As this is location restricted, you can find new vacancies in CENA Academy through various websites like OETJobs, GoodAir Language, etc. They pay through PayPal.



19. RareJob

Earning potential: $20 – $25/ Hour.

By being a RareJob tutor, you can teach English online to Japanese kids using skype.  This company has grown to be one of the biggest online ESL schools since 2007.

RareJob tutors can experience the convenience of working from home while providing the best online learning experience for students. Rarejob has established numerous new and loyal students from japan.

They provide original materials and also reliable support to teachers as well as students. Here you can be a tutor to kids, teens, businessmen, housewives, and many more.  Why you are still waiting for? Join by signing up.

Website: RareJob.

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20. Sankei English

Earning potential: $15 – $20/ Hour.

Sankei English company is offering the best opportunities to teach English online to Japanese kids. This company was established by the combined efforts of 3 major Japanese companies, Sankei Digital, Transcosmos, and Human Holdings.

Here English classes are conducted over Skype with a webcam. Its mission is to help people from all walks of life improve their English skills and to provide top-quality online English education.

One must be punctual and identify students’ exact needs. As a tutor, you must keep a check on every student’s progress and also should explore innovative ways to deliver lessons.

The tutor must at least hold a college-level education along with 1 -2 years of teaching experience.

Website: Sankei English.


21. English Tutor Online

Earning potential: $12 – $18/ Hour

At ETO, teachers are qualified and experienced ESL. Here English classes are conducted over Skype with a webcam.

This company looks like a small school out in North America that holds professional teachers from North America and the UK.

To place here, you must have a degree along with 5 years of teaching experience. Here you can take classes for individual students or as a group as well.

You have the flexibility to choose the students from different sections like kids, high school children, or adults. Here there is a margin of 10 minimum working hours per week.

Website: English Teacher Online.


22. Eigoru Online School

Earning Potential: $5- $10/ Hour.

This company was established way back in 2009 and developed from English schools to English and Japanese school. They conduct more than 9000 lessons for students every month.

Eigoru usually hires tutors from both Filipino and English speakers with or without experience. What’s more exciting here is there won’t expect any degree requirements except the language skills and knowledge.

Here you have the flexibility of hours to choose and work with. There is an age restriction for the tutors that you must not exceed 45 years of age and must not be less than 20 years.

Website: Eigoru Online School.


Alternative Side Hustles You Can Try

When it comes to virtual earning money, there are many other ways where you can earn relative to your full-time income.

If you can earn in the same parallel, why can’t you take a look at these amazing opportunities?


1. Freelance Writing Jobs

If you love writing stories or articles instead of teaching people, then you should try freelance writing.

This is a great alternative to these English teaching jobs. Here you only create content and sell your services to your clients.

All you need to build are language skills and research skills. Don’t hesitate to check this free course by Gina Horkey to learn skills in freelance writing within 30 days.

Check the mega list of websites that offer freelance writing jobs.


2. Try Proofreading Jobs

Well, to become a proofreader, you don’t need any extra skill other than the English language, which is the same requirement for these teaching jobs.

If you have that skill but don’t like to teach, then this can be a great opportunity for you to work at home.

As a proofreader, you need to find the errors and grammar mistakes in the content/documents assigned by clients. You can expect to make $10 – $20 per hour.

Check the websites that offer proofreading jobs here.



As a teacher, you must confine to ethics and morals to keep your students organized. Always try to be factual and right in content as you are building the future world. 

No matter how hard your task is, be composed and serve better. Not everyone gets opportunities to share their knowledge in return for money and self-satisfaction except the teacher.

When your real intent is to educate the student, no one in this world can stop you from becoming a ‘Great Teacher.’ So for aspiring teachers like you, we tried our best to compile the best websites to teach English online to Japanese kids.

Choose from the above list and let us know how far we have helped your way through.


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