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Temu vs Wish 2024: Which One Is Better?

In today’s rapidly changing trends, E-commerce platforms have unknowingly integrated into our daily lives. They made our shopping easier and opened avenues of opportunities so that even a beginner could set up their own e-commerce business.

No matter when you set up, as Temu proved, the experience was wrong by ranking on top in the US within six months of its setup.

However, Temu has various rivals like Mercari, Amazon, Shein, and Poshmark. Among them, Wish seems to be a compatible rival of it.

So, in this article, our focus centers on the comparison of Temu vs Wish to know which stands the battle and offers us better services. It is always important to look for all the factors before drawing a conclusion.

Here is the basic overview of Temu vs Wish. Have a glance!


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Temu vs Wish: Quick Overview

  Temu Wish
Parent Company PDD Holdings ContextLogic
Year Established July 2022 June 2010
Based In Boston, Massachusetts San Francisco, USA
Products Origin Mostly China Mostly China
Pricing Structure Offers, flat deals, and coupons Offers, coupons, and welcome deals
Quality Assurance High-Medium High-Medium-Low
Products Range Very wide Wide and unbranded items
Shipping Partner Seller Seller
Shipping Time 8-25 business days(Standard) 15-30 business days(Standard)
Return Window Up to 90 days Up to 30 days
Shipping Price Standard shipping is free on most items(Promotional offer)  Flat $2.99 on qualified items(Extends more for other shipping services)
Return Pricing Free return shipping The buyer pays for his shipping
User Review Ratings 4.65/5(Playstore); 4.6/5(Appstore) 4.7/5(Playstore); 4.7/5(Appstore)
Download Links TEMU(Android)|(Appstore) WISH(Android)|(Appstore)


What is Temu?

Temu vs Wish

Source: Temu

Since its inception in 2022, Temu has swiftly become popular as the leading online shopping platform.

Though it is well known to be Boston-based, the fact is Temu is a Chinese company(under PDD Holdings) registered in the Cayman Islands.

This famous online marketplace never fails to form a bridge to connect millions of sellers and buyers all across the globe.

There is a wide range of categories to shop for, starting from handmade crafts, electronics, fashion goods, antiques, decor items, and way more.

Temu’s easy-to-use mobile app lets you make secure browsing with a safe payment system for all transactions. Its tagline- ‘Shop like a billionaire’, attracts a wide range of customers to give it an initial try.

The further inclusion of Chinese sellers made the prices more competitive in nature and helped Temu to withhold as a strong competitor in this segment by ranging over 61 billion annual orders.


What Does Temu Mean?

Though there is no specific terminology like TEMU in English, the company named it TEMU to showcase its mission: Team Up, Price Down. Their main intention is to offer high-quality products for very affordable prices.

It is also worth mentioning that most people also confuse the pronunciation of this platform as ‘TEH-MU,’ but in fact, this must be pronounced asTEE-MOO’.


Are The Products on Temu Good Quality?

Temu offers a wider range of products which has some mixed reviews about the quality.

There are various reasons for these mixed reviews, as the products are directly shipped from the manufacturers, and Temu has less control over the quality once they are shipped.

Yet Temu offers few quality control measures for manufacturers to only list high-quality products, making this site still compete highly with other players.

This website has 3.39/5 ratings on Sitejabber, averaging 900+ reviews. It has over 45% of positive reviews over the year, mentioned Sitejabber.

Most of its positive reviews come for its free shipping, quality, better shopping experience, and price effectiveness.

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Why is Temu So Cheap in The US?

Not only in the USA but Temu products are also considered to be cheaper all across its available places. Thanks to its DTC model(direct to customer) and special discounts.

Most of the items sold on Temu are manufactured in China and use the Pinduoduo factory network(Efficient supply chain) to ship those items; this makes the cost more effective.

However, it is only one side of the coin, many popular journals, like WIRED, mentioned that Temu specifically lost many dollars in gaining the attention and impressions of US customers.

Besides, it has now stood as a strong contender in popular online marketplaces.


What is Wish?

Temu vs Wish


With more than 24 million monthly active users, Wish is one of the finest and safe e-commerce marketplaces in the world. This platform accounts for more than 900000+ sales a day with a merchant base of over 170000+.

Wish allows its users to get access to a wide range of products at affordable price ranges all across the globe. They always tend to integrate personalized and entertaining experiences for their users for better engagement.

This all started way back in 2010 with an American base owned by ContextLogic Inc. Wish paves a platform for its merchants to sell a wide range of products like handmade jewelry, electronics, Farm crafts, beauty products, sports shoes, etc.

This platform also offers an avenue of offers for online shopping. With its caption ‘Shop and Save‘, we can clearly sense how it emphasized more on added discounts and a good shopping experience.

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Is Temu Similar to Wish?

Wish and Temu are both e-commerce platforms popularized on each one’s own terms. Though they are similar in many factors, there are also some considerable differences to be noted.

Wish started long back in 2010, whereas Temu is a new sensation that only started in 2022. Temu is famous globally for helping users to connect sellers and manufacturers by aiding to offer a wide range of products at very reasonable prices.

On the other hand, Wish also works in a unique pattern by directly working with manufacturers and suppliers for competitive prices on different goods.

Both offer user-friendly mobile apps which are freely available in Appstore/Playstore.


Are Temu and Wish The Same Company?

No! Though Temu and Wish offer similar operations, these companies are completely different. They vary in many aspects starting from company origins to ownership and pricing models.


What Are The Similarities Of Temu and Wish?

Although Temu and Wish vary along a few factors, there are also notable similarities wavering among these platforms.

Similarities Between Temu And Wish

  1. Online E-commerce Platforms: Temu and Wish are both e-commerce platforms offering a wide range of products.
  2. Mobile App and Website: Both offer user-friendly mobile apps and easily accessible websites for free.
  3. Pricing Structure: As both follow a customer-centric approach, the prices are far more affordable.
  4. Customer Support: As they pave the platform for many sellers and buyers, both work on offering the best customer support.
  5. Global Recognition: Both have fair reputations and brand penetration globally.
  6. Refund Policy: Though refund policy time varies, they both offer customer-friendly refund policies.
  7. User Accessibility: With their app and website, any user can create an account to access varied product categories.
  8. Customer Reviews: Both have mixed reviews on different portals. And they both offer review panels to work on flaws.


How is Temu Different From Wish?

With the possible similarities, there come the potential differences too. As both work to offer better terms for consumers and sellers, they also vary along a few operations. Check below for details!

Differences Between Temu and Wish

  1. Range Of Choices: Availability of the products and choices may vary due to partnerships and sellers.
  2. Ownership: They both are based in different countries and owned by two different entities.
  3. Shipping Time: Temu ships its products way faster than Wish. Thanks to its efficient supply chain!
  4. Discounts and coupons: Both offers varied coupons and interesting discounts to attract customers.
  5. Return Window: Temu is known to offer 90 days of returns. Wish allows customers only 30 days of the return window.
  6. Quality Assurance: Temu seems to offer high-quality products, unlike Wish(Considering various user reviews).
  7. Brand Availability: The selection of particular brands may vary as they are both tied up with varied sellers and manufacturers.


Temu vs Wish: Which is Better?

Considering all the features and options, choosing which platform is better is a completely personal choice.

We recommend you refer to all the product’s availability, brand, pricing, and shipping options to pick the right platform. You can also seek customer reviews to decide upon your choice!

To be more clear, it is said that Temu offers a better customer experience than Wish. The faster shipment, prolonged return policy, and quality made Temu ahead of Wish.


Temu vs Wish: Products

Wish and Temu offers a diverse range of products relevant to the categories. As they accept sellers from all corners, positioning China too, there is a slight difference in brand availability.

Temu Products

Temu Products

Source: Trustpilot

Temu approves sellers and manufacturers without constraints, which helped it stand out as a better brand assortment. Users can find a broader selection of categories with a range of over 29 categories with more than 250 subcategories.

Within these categories, you can find automobiles, clothing, electronics, decor items, furniture, arts and crafts, etc. There is hardly anything you can miss finding in these categories.

Categories like ‘5-Star rated’, ‘Featured’, and ‘Best sellers’ can always help you keep updated with the right offers and trending products.


Wish Products

Wish Products

Source: Trustpilot

There are many cheap things you can buy on Wish without compromising quality. Wish has more collaborations with manufacturers, so you can find unbranded items on this platform.

Previously Wish platform missed the categories section, which was added a few years back for user convenience.

You can surf through the ‘Deals Hub’, ‘Popular’, and ‘Trending’ sections to follow the trending updates.

Pet accessories, baby items, gadgets, tools, fashion sneakers, and home improvement are a few popular categories available on Wish.


Temu vs Wish: Pricing

When coming to the pricing of the products, Temu sums up offering lower prices than Wish. Remember, this pricing won’t be applicable to all the products.

Temu Pricing

Temu vs Wish- Temu Pricing

Source: Trustpilot

By newly signing up with Temu, you can earn a 30% off coupon code and a $100 coupon bundle.

Temu also offers the opportunity to earn money by referring friends of up to $10000 per month with a $30 referral code assigned after your sign-up.

As products on Temu are mostly from China, you can see up to 50%-98% flat discount on the MRP of the products. Unbelievable right?

But still, you can get products starting as cheap as $0.1, and you can also enjoy periodic clearance sale offers.


Wish Pricing

Temu vs Wish - Wish Pricing

Source: Trustpilot

You can win a 50% off coupon and a special 3-day welcome deal by newly signup with Wish. Unlike Temu, here you can have a glance over many unbranded items at very reasonable prices.

You can sense flat discounts of over 90%+ coupled with free deliveries. The only downturn on Wish is that it expects you for a minimum order to process as it directly deals with manufacturers.

Wish offer a wide range of categories with an additional 15% flat discount coupon on your first order. Alike Temu, here also you can find items starting worth from $0.1 or so.

Win a referral bonus when your referral spends $10 minimum. And there are also a few threshold limits, like a $10 shipping minimum or a 15% promo to encash referral bonuses.


Temu vs Wish – Shipping

Both platforms offer shipping rules confined to a few terms. Though most of the orders are shipped for free, here are the aspects they vary with.

Temu Shipping Rules

Temu Shipping rules

Source: Trustpilot

Temu standard shipping usually takes 8-25 business days to ship right after the order has been successfully placed. The important factor here is that most of the orders here are absolutely free.

And for express shipping, it charges no fee on orders above $129. And orders less than that value, you may be charged a standard minimum for express shipping.

You can also refer to the shipping estimates when checking out your order. The only downside here is that you won’t get proper tracking till it reaches your local shipment service.

In case of missing delivery, you need to report within 90 days from the date of the order.


Wish Shipping Rules

Wish Shipping Rules

Source: Trustpilot

Unlike Temu, Wish offers various shipping methods where the price varies along the location, size, and weight.

Wish Shipping Types

  • Standard Shipping: Usually takes about 15-30 days(Sometimes crosses 45 days).
  • Wish Express Delivery: Fast-Usually takes 5-10 days(Fastest can reach in 2 days)
  • 2-Day Delivery: Confined to very limited areas(Check while checking out).
  • Flat Rate Shipping: Applicable only to the US(Fixed charges regardless of distance).
  • Ship To Store: You can receive products by producing a QR code in the stores.


Wish vs Temu- Customer Support

Temu Customer Support

Temu Customer Support

Source: Trustpilot

Alike Wish, Temu also offers the best customer service. You can reach them via various social platforms like Meta, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

You can access the ‘Live Chat’ option even in Temu, where the response time won’t exceed a couple of minutes.


Wish Customer Support

Wish Customer Support Reviews

Source: Trustpilot

You can contact Wish customer support via the mobile app or even the web. In order to contact them through the web, you can also avail of their ‘Live Chat’ option.

One can also reach Wish through various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Meta.


Temu vs Wish: Product Return Policy

Wish Return Policy Terms

Wish Return Policy Reviews

Source: Trustpilot

Generally, you need to return your unsatisfied products within 30 days from the date of delivery.

Every product on Wish is backed up by a money-back guarantee program, where you can get a complete refund if not delivered within the stipulated time.

You will automatically be credited with your refund once the product reaches back to the warehouse. Refund will be credited to the original source of payment used.

One can also follow up on their refund request through Wish Assistant, available on the web or app!


Temu Return Policy Terms

Temu vs Wish

Source: Trustpilot

Temu offers refund and return methods where you can submit requests relevant to your purpose.

Once you raise the request, you can get return address labels, where you need to process the return within 90 days from the date of purchase.

You can mail out your return to your nearest UPS or USPS location. It is mandated to postmark the return within 14 days in order to avoid termination of the return.

Depending on your source payment method, Temu usually takes 5-30 business days to process your refund.


What to Choose Between Temu and Wish?

Both have their relative ups and downs and choosing between them is completely one’s personal preference. If you would like us to recommend one, we say Temu offers a better shopping experience compared to Wish in some terms.

It also offers a buy now pay later facility named ‘Temu Credit’. You can get this by participating in themed activities and promotional events. Refunds process in Temu credit under 3 minutes!

On the other hand, Wish also offers this facility under ‘Klarna’ and ‘After Pay’, which can take quite some time to get activated. You can convert any purchase over $10 into easy EMIs.

Temu offers better products than Wish with effective prices, as Wish offers major non-branded items considering its marketplace tie-ups. – What Are The Best Alternatives?

1. Shein

Temu alternatives - Shein

Source: Shein

Shein is a popular global e-retailer that is striving to make fashion accessible to all. Prices on this platform are affordable without compromising the quality.

Its brand penetration has reached more than 150+ countries, and they also offer a periodic reward worth $750 Shein gift card as a giveaway!

With interest, you can also try Shein product testing jobs which can pay you $10-$30+ per hour.

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2. Mercari

Temu vs Wish - Mercari

Source: Mercari

Mercari is one of the popular marketplaces to buy or sell any items you wish.

Though there are similar sites like Mercari, with its flash deals and exclusive promos, Mercari never fails to impress its customers.


3. Amazon

Wish alternatives - Amazon


This popular e-commerce giant is unknown to none. With high global penetration with remarkable services, this always leads the competition.

The best part about Amazon is its free gift cards, which have equal monetary value. With time and then, you can make money on Amazon in various ways, like Amazon FBA, e-marketing, product selling, etc.


4. Poshmark

wish alternatives - Poshmark

Source: Poshmark

When it comes to second-hand, refurbished, or affordable products, sites like Poshmark always strike us as the first point.

From home decor to fashion, there is a wide range of selections you can buy or sell on this platform.


Temu vs Wish – Final Note

In the intimate battle of Temu vs Wish, there is nothing that can be stated as a clear winner. Though Temu stood up in a few elements, there are also important factors for Wish also to be considered.

So, we recommend you check with both platforms, reviews, and other factors before making a purchase. You can reach out to us at any point for any further queries!



Is Temu a trustworthy site?

Yes! Temu is a trustworthy site with exclusive offers and lower prices. However, as the sellers are registered from different regions, there is also a chance for you to receive low-quality or defective products sometimes.

This can surely be tackled with Temu’s return and refund policies.


Is it safe to shop in Temu?

With Temu’s buy protection policies, It is absolutely safe to shop in Temu.

Though it is better recommended that one needs to go through thorough research of reviews, pricing, and the necessity of the product they are looking for.


Are Wish products fake?

No! Most of the products on Wish are directly hassled out from the manufacturers, which miss out a proper branding. Despite this, to a greater extent, Wish never compromises on quality and pricing.


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