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Appreciating Assets: 9 Things That Appreciate In Value

Here’s the straightforward fact about acquiring assets: acquired assets either depreciate or appreciate in value over time.

Holding on to the assets that appreciate in value over the right amount of time will increase your net worth and help you build wealth.

Simply put, your assets either grow in value (called appreciate) or lose value (called depreciate) over time.

So, the meaning of capital appreciation is that an asset gains value over time, while depreciation is that it slowly becomes worthless with time.

Let’s take cars as an example. With a few exceptions like classic cars, it is known that the value of cars depreciates rapidly.

If you try to sell a car you bought a few years ago, it’s most likely that you’ll sell it for a lower price than you originally bought it for.

Today, let’s take a look at some things worth investing in: things that appreciate in value over time.


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What are Appreciating Assets?

Brushing up on our main point again, appreciating assets are those assets you own whose value increases with time.

An asset can be said to appreciate only when they gain value more than or at least at par with the inflation rate. Assets that fail to gain value, at least at the rate of inflation, become depreciating assets.

But, to gain a real return and truly build wealth, the asset has to increase in value at a higher rate than the rate of inflation.

These assets represent investment vehicles to help your wealth grow and a mode of earning returns on investment through the appreciation of capital.

Most traditional portfolios consist of a clever combination of appreciating assets and income-oriented ones to diversify investments and balance volatility.

You can increase your net worth only by diversifying your assets, and owning appreciating assets are only a part of it.


Examples of Luxury Items that Appreciate in Value 2023

Here’s a quick list of some of the things that will appreciate in value in 2023. Most of them are luxury items worth investing in.

  1. Jewelry made of precious metals or gemstones
  2. Luxury handbags
  3. High-end watches
  4. Fine art
  5. Classic cars
  6. Fine wine
  7. Stocks (if that counts as a luxury item at all)
  8. Luxury real estate


Risky Luxury Items that Appreciate in value

All luxury items do not appreciate in value over time; they have phases when their value depreciates as well! It’s important to know which items are truly worth investing in.

Because in the worst-case scenario, some of these items might never gain value at all.

The value of luxury items is hugely dependent on the economic demand-an-supply fundamentals. This means that an item is only valuable as long as people are willing to pay high prices for it.

We suggest you thoroughly research the luxury item you plan on investing in. It’s also essential that the asset aligns with your larger objective of money management and investment plans.


List of Luxury Things that Appreciate in Value

Read about the following appreciating assets well, and see which ones align well with your investment needs.

When you invest smart, you build the road toward the growth of your net worth.

1. Luxury Jewelry Items that Appreciate in Value

Precious metals and gemstones are great investment options because they are rare and depletable; their value appreciates steadily over time.

Consider investing in precious metal jewelry or jewelry encrusted with gemstones.

Here are a few great choices:


Gold is a great luxury asset to invest in (and holds value) because the metal hardly has any practical use besides jewelry.

This reduces its susceptibility to recessions and financial downturns. Although jewelry is not the only way you can invest in gold, it’s the only luxury item in the category.

Gold coins, bars, or exchange-traded funds are a better investment option when it comes to gold.

But be warned, unlike gold jewelry, the value of these items are directly related to gold’s market price.

Investors often keep gold as a major defensive strategy for their investments because it’s one of the few assets that appreciate during inflation and other financial or economic stresses.


Platinum is more practically useful than gold. It’s regarded as the most precious of all silver-white metals because the metal doesn’t change color over time.

Also, platinum used for jewelry has a very high concentration. People invest in luxury platinum jewelry because of its high resale value.


Gemstones are also a good investment because not only do they retain value but also increase in value over time.

Even with a declining stock market or currencies losing value, you can count on gemstones to back you up!


2. Luxury Handbags that Appreciate in Value

Handbags are another luxurious way of investing money in things that appreciate value.

Not only are they fun to have around and own (who doesn’t like to accessorize with some classy pieces?), but they also retain or increase in value over a few years.

Take the brands Hermès and Chanel, for example. These brands make very exclusive, limited edition handbags which are so rare that they increase in value tremendously over a few months or years.

You’ll be surprised to know that the return rate of Berkins (a Hermès limited edition bag that blew out of proportion) has been way higher than any S& P or even gold for the past 35 years!


3. Physical Things that Appreciate in Value: High-End Watches

High-end watches are also fantastic luxury items that appreciate in value. They can adorn your wrists while they’re yours while also increasing in valuation every year.

Some high-end watches are just classics, making them all the more worth investing in with their timelessness.

One such brand that has been delivering classics consistently is Rolex; Rolex watches are definitely worth your investment.

However, make sure you take a good take of the watches to keep them in resale form for quite a few years. Consult trusted watch-repair stores or the brand stores themselves for advice.


4. Fine Art Items That Are Worth Investing in

If you are more into collecting art than jewelry or watches, go for a fine art collection. However, investing in fine art is risky: make sure you invest in art that’s certified and authenticated.

This line of investment is riskier for those who lack niche industry knowledge. Fine art increases in value, mostly if they are pieces made by well-known artists.

Old paintings made by artists who have passed away and can’t launch new work are especially in demand.

Lately, some platforms offer partial ownership of famous paintings for those who can’t afford to purchase the whole artwork alone.

For example, a painting of Claude Monet may sell fractional shares that you can invest in.

The platforms also have art collecting experts who advise you on which artworks to purchase based on their predicted future resale values.

One point to note is that art can’t be sold as quickly as other things that appreciate in value.


5. Luxury Things that Hold Value over Time: Classic Cars

Luxury cars are always a class apart when it comes to investment options. Lamborghini and Ferrari lead the way when it comes to classic cars that consistently grow in value.

Exotic cars that are super limited in supply have a chance of holding higher value as well, mainly due to their exclusivity. Muscle cars and imports like Supra and GTR are highly rated as well.


6. Fine Wine Investments that Never Lose Value

Rare wine holds high value because of its high demand; wine becomes more and more valuable as it ages due to its subtle increase in quality with passing time.

So, there’s no question that wine is a worthwhile investment.

Only certain regions in the world produce a very limited stock of wine each year; as people drink it and the supply starts dwindling, the demand for it steadily increases.

This is how wine appreciates in value. Wines worth investing in are rare in nature, stored by investors and collectors in optimal conditions.


7. Stocks

Next up on our list of things that appreciate in value, we recommend stocks. A company trading on the stock market publicly can sell stocks; stock shares serve as partial ownership of that company.

Dealing with stocks has chances of relatively higher volatility, meaning that they are riskier investments. But choose them strategically, and stocks have huge potential for significant appreciation.

Penny stocks represent the volatility of this investment perfectly. Their notoriously unforeseen fluctuations cause their value to rise or fall by high percentages of the share values in just a day!

Seasoned traders can profit off such stocks, while rookies bear the risk of losses.


List of Properties that Appreciate in Value

8. Real Estate

While we’re talking about things that appreciate in value, we can never overlook the most well-known one in the category: Real estate.

Historically, the value of the real estate has been known to go up even during market fluctuations. However, you can start investing in real estate through several different avenues.

Buying a house in a desirable location can be a sound financial decision, as it is a practical investment. You continue living in the house as the house keeps appreciating in value.

The values of houses in urban areas and growing cities even outpace inflation!

Another sort of real estate investment is commercial real estate (stores, showrooms, office buildings, etc). But not everyone can afford an entire property on their own, can they?

There are crowdfunded platforms for real estate investment, where you can own a stake in the property that you can’t afford all by yourself.

REITs or Real Estate Investment Trusts are also a method of investing in real estate if you don’t want to purchase entire buildings.

Do your fair share of research before delving into any real estate investment.


9. Land

A lot of people consider keeping raw land a liability due to its constant upkeeping expenses. But, when held for a long period of time and chosen wisely, land can return upsized investment values!

The appreciation in the value of land follows two economic dynamics: constrained and increasing supply.

There’s only so much land that can be owned, right? This makes land a constrained supply with an increasing price.

Farmlands are probably the best investment (besides real estate) when it comes to land. Not only are they among the things that appreciate in value, but they also generate income!

Investing in the land also has another major benefit: it’s completely unrelated to traditional asset classes like stocks, shares, and bonds.


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I purchase appreciating assets with debt?

Some things appreciate in value the longer you have ownership of them. Strategically purchasing assets that you are sure will increase in value is bound to build you substantial wealth.

That being said, there’s something called “good debt” that you can use to purchase things that appreciate in value, as well as are functional.

A “good debt” is when you invest in an asset that yields more than your initial investment.

For example, a student loan can be considered good debt since it helps pay for a degree that you can then use to secure a high-paying job!


Is a House an appreciating asset?

You can’t leave out appreciating assets when building a well-balanced portfolio of your investments.

A house is the most expensive purchase you ever make in life; you would want that investment to be worthwhile by appreciating nature, right?

But is your house appreciating in value? Here are a number of factors that determine the appreciation in the valuation of a house. Its:

  • Location,
  • Size,
  • The time span of your ownership,
  • Upgrades,
  • Necessary costs that others need to incur,
  • Property Tax, and
  • A condition during resale.

Here’s a straight fact: your house may depreciate in value, but the land may still appreciate in value.

The real question is whether your returns from the resale will outpace your investment and inflation. If so, a house is an appreciating asset.


Do older houses lose value?

Like we said earlier, old houses may or may not lose value. It all depends on the factors mentioned above and market conditions during the time of resale.

If you’re successful in maintaining the house well, its desirability stays intact, and the neighborhood you’re in develops over time, older houses don’t necessarily lose value.


What assets do the rich buy?

The rich buy a multitude of assets!

They include all kinds of asset classes to diversify their investment portfolio, but the most important ones among them are the things that appreciate in value.

Most often, the rich buy assets that appreciate in value and hold on to them for long periods of time. Some of these include bonds, property, and shares in the stock market.


Is a car an appreciating asset?

Not all cars are appreciating assets. Luxury cars are definitely appreciating assets because they are often limited editions whose demands increase over time.

During the pandemic, used cars have also become appreciating assets, as new cars are too costly for some to invest in at this time.

However, under normal circumstances (that is, in a world with no ongoing pandemic), regular cars are not appreciating assets.


Conclusion of Things that Appreciate in Value

You must be thinking that all the items we listed in this list of things that appreciate in value are so expensive that you can never afford to invest in them.

Well, don’t worry; here comes the part where we talk about some other things that appreciate in value, that are not as expensive as the ones we mentioned above.

Did you know that sneakers have great resale value and are considered a $2 billion industry (estimated to triple by the year 2025)?

Some limited-edition sneakers can even be sold at twice or thrice their original price!

If it isn’t a problem getting your hands on some of these limited-edition sneakers, you can go ahead and make an investment.

The best time for the resale of sneakers is when they run out of stock, so the demand for those sneakers is fairly high!

Just take good care of what you invest in; that way, most of your investments can turn into appreciating assets!

It ultimately depends on preference. Whether you like bonds and stocks or houses and real estate is completely up to you.

Some investment options, of course, return more than others, but in the end, only you can differentiate and choose among the same-class assets.

Happy investing!


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