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15 Cheap Things To Buy On Wish (Affordable Deals 2024)

Even after the dominance of Amazon and Walmart, Wish is rapidly gaining popularity in the USA, primarily due to affordable pricing and viral (TikTok-famed) products. But to know about the real potential, you need to try some of the best things to buy on Wish!

We all know that Wish is one of the most popular apps like Temu, where you can satisfy your hunger for affordable shopping. There are at least ten million SKUs listed on this site, with close to a million product sales easy day.

A few days ago, I personally tested its biggest rival, Shein, to find out the best things to buy on Shein. And now, it’s time for Wish. So, let’s see what the best options are available for 2024!


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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What Is

things to buy on Wish


Established in San Francisco by Polish businessman Piotr Szulczewski in 2010, Wish is an eCommerce platform that is primarily known for selling affordable items sourced directly from China or other parts of the world.

Piotr was an ex-Google engineer when he first started Wish as ContextLogic. The same year, it received $1.7 million in funding from Jeremy Stoppelman (then-Yelp CEO). The following year in 2011, Danny Zhang joined the company as COO.

Since the end of 2011, Wish has started gaining rapid success. And now, Wish is available in more than 60 countries around the globe, including the USA, Canada, and UK. As of 2024, 900,000 products are sold on Wish each day.

I first decided to try Wish as a merchant while I was searching for some legit passive income ideas online. And Wish is a perfect thing for sellers as it offers a lot of bonuses and discounts not just to the buyers but also to the sellers.

My Take: I’ve recently reviewed Wish to know how it works, from where it sources its products, and what are the terms and conditions. So, don’t miss my blog to know if Wish is safe or not!

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10 Best Things To Buy On Wish – Affordable Products

There are the best things to buy on Wish for everyone! If you are a white-collar executive, there are many things available for you. And if you are a Gen-Z, there are many things available for you as well.

But rather than suggesting just products, I’m going to suggest to you the best categories and my top picks. Let’s see what we can find together!


1. Earphones, Headphones, & EarPods

Smartphones are now an irreplaceable part of our daily life. People are even getting paid to make phone calls these days. But whatever we do, we surely use either earphones or EarPods, as it is extremely hard to talk with a 6-inch display in our hand.

Although I’ll not suggest you go with smartphones on Wish, you can surely take some cool accessories. There is a vast range of earphones, EarPods, and headphones available on Wish that comes under the $3 to $50 price bracket.

From funky to minimalist, from pop-influenced to trending BTS, you can scroll through thousands of available designs and color selections. You can even find device-specific white-label earphones and EarPods on Wish, such as for your Samsung Z Fold or iPhone 14.

But while buying these sound accessories for your smartphone, stick to the best quality available. It will not only ensure a nice and crisp sound but will also eliminate any chance of electronic hazards.

My top 5 recommendations are:


2. Mobile Covers & Cases

If you take my opinion, mobile cases and covers are the best things to buy on Wish. There is a vast segment of electronics and accessories where you can find everything, from covers to DVDs and Blu-Rays.

But when it comes to mobile covers, it is just unmatched. You can find almost every material you can possibly think of, from PU to solid PVC, from resin to hardened rubber.

You can also get mobile covers of many different qualities that start from just $2 and go as much as $30. And if you are a fashionista, you can even go for jewelry that can cost much more.

Besides having regular and trending covers and cases, Wish also has an extensive range of covers specially designed for Gen-Z and teens. So, from beach vibe to street vibe, you can get mobile covers to go with any mood.

My top 5 recommendations are:


3. Power Bank

It is true that flagship smartphones these days offer a better battery life than their predecessors. But they still can’t compete with the battery backup of our old Nokia phones (read “Brick!”).

So, power banks became the need of the hour to support daily life. And on Wish, you can find an extensive range of power banks in a whole lot of shapes and sizes. From 5000 mAh to 50,000 mAh, you can go for any capacity you are looking for.

And it is like a free money hack if you can extend your mobile’s battery performance for just $10 to $20! However, there are costly ones also available which you can also opt for if you have the budget.

When you buy a power bank from Wish, make sure that must have all the necessary ports these days, such as the lightning one or a type C.

My top 5 recommendations are:


4. Nail Art & Tools

You don’t need to be Lady Gaga to flaunt your extraordinary nail art, isn’t it? Ladies are now in love with DIY nail art kits and nail stickers. Those are not just affordable but also very easy to use.

These tool kits and nail arts come with extensive manuals to make them perfect for home use. And, which you can do with a $100 budget in a nail salon in your city, you can do the same for just $5 with Wish.

Wish is also known for its extensive range of beauty products, as around 25% of its sales revenue comes from this single category. And that’s why they always stack their inventories with nice nail art and stickers.

You can get a whole set of nail stickers for as low as $1. And the toolkit will cost you anywhere between $4 and $25. But on special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, you can get an extra discount.

My top 5 recommendations are:


5. Sports Shoes & Sneakers

Mid to high-range shoes are now gaining popularity worldwide, as a new group of sneakerheads are emerging that have their specific choices. Many people are even selling used shoes online and making big businesses.

Shoes are also among the best things to buy on Wish, let it be a high-priced sneaker or a floater. Yes, there is a huge range of every type of shoe you can think of. And not just for adults; you can find a great collection for toddlers as well.

Running and basketball shoes are the highest sellers on Wish. And you can get shoes for as low as just $5. But the mid to high-quality shoes start from $10 to $15 a pair.

But while buying, check with the size guide, as it may have a different size than what we follow in the USA. Besides you must also check the material to know if you are allergic to them.

My top 5 recommendations are:


6. Motorcycle Riding Gears

The days are gone when motorcycles were revered for their association with biking gangs. Nowadays, new adults have started to have a special affection for trendy and high-performance bikes.

Not just sports bikes or cruisers, people are now even giving special attention to specialty bikes, such as bobbers or electric motorcycles. And a new group of entrepreneurs is rising who make huge money just by selling used bikes.

To cater to this huge and varied motorcycle community in the USA, Wish also has a great range of motorcycle riding gear and accessories. From jackets to gloves, from riding shoes to helmets, you can find almost everything here.

But make sure that the gear or accessory you are buying is abiding by the safety standards. Otherwise, you may face a hefty fine or may even face serious danger in a nasty accident.

My top 5 recommendations are:


7. Home Décor

I got to know some unique Wish finds when I first went through the home décor segment. And I was shocked to know that home décor contributes to 15% of the total sales of the Home & Garden + Home Improvement segment.

From beautiful cushions to pop wall art, from decorative plants to aesthetic figurines, you can find almost anything you want on Wish. Many merchants are even selling resin crafts at an affordable price.

So, if you are moving to a new house or renovating the old one, you need to check the home décor segment on Wish. But while buying, only rely on the trusted sellers which get good reviews.

You also need to make sure that the decorative pieces are not made with something that can be harmful and allergic. And to get an even better price, try to buy home décor items during the Memorial Day or Christmas sales.

My top 5 recommendations are:


8. Garden Supplies

Not just the house, the garden, and the backyard are equally important if you want to elevate the overall aesthetics of your crib. And it will give you mental satisfaction if you have a touch of greenery in your backyard.

Many modern homemakers are now even designing their own kitchen gardens from where they can directly source their herbs and spices. And more people are relying on items from Farmer’s markets than from supermarkets.

You can now find some of the best things to buy on Wish in this garden supplies section. And not just gardening tools; you can even buy small plants, seeds, and even bonsais here.

I even found some garden supplies which were listed for a price that was much lower than consignment stores near me. And when I tested a few, the quality was not bad!

My top 5 recommendations are:


9. Outdoor Furniture

Who doesn’t love an outdoor patio or a hanging chair in your garden? We also love to decorate our small backyards with cute (but sturdy) furniture. And to cater to that group, Wish has an extensive collection.

Furniture businesses are booming around the globe, as people are also making six digits just by selling used furniture online. But if you want the quality like a new one but the price like an old one, Wish should be on your priority list.

Trust me; some of the best products to buy on Wish belong to outdoor furnishing. From driftwood tables to wicker chairs, you can find many things. You can even get camping gear and accessories for your outdoor activities.

But while buying anything for the outdoors, you need to go with the highest quality available. And you also need to make sure that the furniture should be capable of handling harsh weather conditions and extreme sun.

My top 5 recommendations are:


10. Pet Clothing & Accessories

People are now becoming more compassionate and caring towards our furry friends. From cattos to paw-babies, pets were always by our side to uplift our mood and make this world a better place.

And that’s why this industry is also booming. There are now many high-paying jobs working with animals available worldwide. Many animal lovers are also taking animal rescue jobs as their full-time professions.

Wish also caters to this group of buyers. And for that, they offer an extensive range of pet care, grooming, and clothing. From leashes to collars, from jackets to bells, you can find almost anything that your pet baby needs.

Many merchants on Wish also offer customization on pet products. So, for little extra bucks, you can get your kitties or doggo’s name printed on the collar or locket.

My top 5 recommendations are:


5 Unique Finds On Wish – Best Products To Buy In 2024

I’ve already let you know about my top ten categories that I always look for in Wish. But here are the five best things to buy on Wish that you can now get for an unmatched price.


11. Camera Privacy Covers

Have you seen those viral images where Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was photographed while using a laptop with a taped webcam and microphone? He did that to protect his privacy and to stay safe from phishing.

A camera is the most-used thing of any smartphone nowadays. People are now making money from platforms for selling photos online. But this camera can be a security threat!

I came across one such unique Wish find that can eliminate the risk of any camera phishing activity. This innovative slider-style camera protector can cover the back camera of any smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

These slider covers are not just sturdy but equally easy to apply. You need to just peel it, stick it, and use it. And with this great cover, you can effectively eliminate any chance of accidental video calls as well.


12. Buckle-Free Belts For Men And Women

The fashion industry is ever-evolving. And people nowadays are not scared or afraid to carry some unique fashion senses and stylings. Gone are the days when we only used to see such flaunting styles in Paris or Milan fashion week.

These buckle-free belts are surely among the best things to buy on Wish. I have never seen such a unique thing like this. It comes with a simple design but offers a unique look that is bound to catch the eyes of everyone.

These belts are gender-neutral. So, anyone can buy it and use it. And it also comes in many different sizes. And there is nothing to say about the affordable pricing of Wish.

These belts are made of high-quality material that makes them safe to use in the longer run. Besides, there are many color options to choose from. So, you’ll surely get what goes perfectly with your attire.


13. Detachable Zipper Replacement

Most of the mass-market apparel, especially if it is from a Chinese manufacturer, comes with low-quality zippers. Those zippers usually break or become heavily corroded after a few washes.

I’m telling you from my personal experience that it is very hard to get a replacement for those zippers. The new one may hardly match the color and design of the broken one.

But with this detachable zipper replacement, you can solve this issue. This one is a universal replacement that fits with all types of zippers typically used in the apparel industry.

These replacement zippers are not just easy to use but also extremely durable. You will not need to replace it frequently once you start using it on your pants, jackets, bags, or anywhere else.


14. U-Shaped Silicone Toothbrush For Children

It is not easy to train kids and toddlers to use toothbrushes the right way. Besides, you may even find it difficult to get a proper-sized toothbrush for the delicate mouth of your babies.

But this unique-looking silicone toothbrush is truly among the best things to buy on Wish. For its innovative u-shaped design, it will perfectly fit in the mouth of your baby without causing any discomfort.

It also covers the entire mouth and gum of your baby to ensure a proper and thorough feeling. And as it is U-shaped, your baby will feel it more like a soft mouth guard than a traditional toothbrush.

So, if you are looking for a new toothbrush for your baby or if you want to develop healthy oral habits in them, this U-shaped toothbrush can be your real savior!


15. Retro Sunglasses

There is no doubt that sunglasses and shades are among the best products to buy on Wish. But for their unique appearance and trendy design, these box-shaped retro sunglasses are my personal favorite.

This unisex sunglass is big and bulky and offers a vintage look. So, if you are looking for the 70s or 80s look with your favorite pair of baggy jeans, this sunglass will surely complete the look you want.

These sunglasses are made of high-quality material that will not feel heavy on your eyes or on the nose bridge. Besides, the material is also sturdy enough to last longer.

If you want, you can match this sunglass with high-end junk jewelry to give it a retro yet modern, aesthetical look. And the quality is also great to perfectly protect your eyes.


Final Note

Although I have listed several best things to buy on Wish, you need to check their availability in your area before booking your order. Besides you also need to check if you need to pay any shipping fees.

And if you are looking for better products and don’t have budget constraints, it is better to try sites like Mercari, which are known for high-quality stuff. In Wish, you mostly get low to mid-quality products.

You can even start your eCommerce store and become a merchant to make a six-figure business profile in no time. It is also possible to buy items cheap from Wish and then resell those to other platforms for higher profits.


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