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Tigerfish Transcription Job Reviews – Is It Legit or Fake?

Transcription is the correct line for people who are willing to work from home.

If you have good knowledge of the vocabulary and can understand various languages, and have good typing skills, you can opt for these transcription jobs.

I wanted to know the legitimacy of the company. Finally, I decided to write a review of one of the best sites for transcribers who are just beginners. I hope Tigerfish transcription job reviews will be of some help to you.

TigerFish transcription company usually hires people with occasional job openings. People have trust issues about whether this company would actually pay or not or whether it is legit enough.

Let me give you a boost to your enthusiasm if you are trying hard for it.

I consider it to be one of the best sites that will teach you to transcribe and settle yourself in such an easy transcription job.

This company also gives you a free 7-day trial course where you can try TigerFish and make sure that transcription can be your career.


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TigerFish Transcription Job Reviews – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Transcription jobs are usually good for people who will in using their time to enhance their knowledge about language and typing skills with good hearing skills.

TigerFish is such a company that always encourages transcriptionists to utilize their knowledge of hearing and typing. The pay is usually based on the number of correct words you type per hour.

It usually hires people with no experience, but one needs to be a major that is at least cross 18 years of age. There is also a requirement for you to be a US citizen.

Coming to the reviews, I can tell you that this is a legitimate site that offers good jobs for transcriptionists. There have been no basic complaints about this firm or its payment schedule.

The company will hire you on a basic test. On selection, the company follows a clear payment mode without any problem.

Luckily, according to the TigerFish transcription job reviews, the average pay scale would be around $7 to $15 hourly.

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About TigerFish

Like others, Tigerfish is very similar to any other transcription site. To get associated with the company, you will have to pass a test.

Then you will receive a few audio files in your mail. Later, download and start transcribing them into a word document or any other written document.

Depending on the peak season, the workload depends. Peak season receives traffic in the work. The low season will have no work.

Mostly you can opt for this Tigerfish transcription job as a part-time job. It is suitable for people who would like to earn in their free time, like housewives, students, retired people, and on.


Tigerfish Transcription Job – Requirements

  • You must be 18 years old US citizen.
  • Personal computer with an active Internet connection.
  • Good typing skills (60-80 wpm).
  • Good spelling accuracy and punctuation.
  • A telephone which you use regularly.
  • Express Scribe transcription software (You can download it for free.)

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Tigerfish Transcription Job Reviews – How To Apply?

As suggested earlier about the TigerFish transcription job, the recruiting process is easy as the basic requirements are: 18 years of age, a Laptop, and a US resident.

The application process is a bit different compared to other transcription sites. There is an “employment opportunities” block on their website where you need to click on it.

On their website, mentioned is a link to the “tigerfish style guide,” which will help you with the view of how transcription actually works look like.

With a thorough reading of the website, you can download the files and start transcribing them.

All your files are basically 5 minutes long, and mostly, you would require 20 to 30 minutes to transcribe.

A few sites talk about tigerfish transcription job reviews that you will have to transcribe 3 different files to get accepted by the company norms of selection.

After your test, you will have to upload the file and send them back to their email address. The mail should also include a small paragraph about yourself.

Post a few weeks, you will receive an email from Tigerfish, and then you can start working with them. If the company doesn’t feel you are capable of transcribing, you will not hear from them.

The second process of associating starts at this stage after selection. As mentioned in the Tigerfish transcription job, you will have to purchase their content to work on at $200. This indicates that joining Tigerfish is not free.

The amount being spent to join the job is a bit high. But once you start your earning with a few experiences, you can finish files in a minimum time period and earn high.


Tigerfish Transcription Job – Earnings and Payments

Actually, there is no official information about payments on this website. But according to sources and previous employers of Tigerfish, payments will be issued every week.

Coming to the earnings, a new beginner can make up to $7 – $10 per hour doing the Tigerfish transcription job. As you work faster and accurately, you can make up to $15 per hour.

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Tigerfish Transcription Job – Advantages

The very first advantage I found in Tigerfish is that it is open for freshers.

This company is just not looking for experienced people.  They provide good training classes for the new joiners.

The payment will be processed on time via PayPal, and the application process is also simple and easily doable.


Disadvantages of Tigerfish

The transparency is not clear enough. The payment is not the same for all. Basically, when you start to work in this manner, you will be satisfied when you know the amount you will earn. This company does not give you that clarity.

TigerFish take plenty of time to revert back to its applicants. Though the TigerFish transcription job application takes 2 to 3 weeks to get processed, even that is not correct.

Though $200 is not too high, it is not a negligible amount to be deducted from your brain. The software purchasing amount for a new beginner will be high.


Genuinity of TigerFish Transcription Job

I personally can tell you that this is a legitimate company.

Also, with the help of Tigerfish transcription job reviews, one can clearly have an idea about how this company works.

All I can say is, it is a very reputed company and has no remarks as in particular.

The main concept that attracted me is that it gives a good scope for beginners.

I understand the software is a bit expensive, yet if you are a good transcriber, you can invest in purchasing the kit.

Even if you try to investigate Tigerfish transcription job reviews, you will find only this complication of purchasing the software.

I’ll be glad if I can help you with a clear view that TigerFish is a great start with both the options in our favor.

  1. Good start for beginners
  2. Legitimate

Sign up for Tigerfish today and start working from home.

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Here we are at the end of the Tigerfish transcription job review. I hope this helps you to work from home to make extra bucks in your free time.

Make sure to check out and try my research of starting your career or engaging yourself in some happy earnings if you have transcribing interests.

Even if starting pay is not attractive, yet if you have good skills, you can draw around $15 per hour.

If you still have any queries or suggestions, feel free to share them with us in the comments section. I am always happy to help you.


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