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Is TranscribeMe Legit Or Scam? TranscribeMe Review

Are you in search to start a career as a transcriptionist? I surely think you do. Isn’t it?

Internet in today’s world has made it so easy to grab online opportunities. You can almost try any specified job at your fingertip.

And let me guess what’s the hardest part? Finding the right spot. Am I right?  I know there are many companies which are scams. Don’t you think so?

Your presence here clearly indicates that you are checking out on TranscribeMe review which will help you to start working for it.

Basically, there are many trying to find out about TranscribeMe company(whether legit or scam) and so, this let me write a review about it.

The below article will let to gather an idea about it and also help you make a wise decision.


What Is Transcription?

For the newbies, just let me start with the basic information on what transcription is all about.

Transcription is all about transcribing the audio or video files into written formats. You need to be ready to type the required files with specified terminologies depending upon the files you opt for.

This is considered as one of the profitable and most rated jobs with minimal requirements and skills.


TranscribeMe Review – Legit Or Scam:


About TranscribeMe:

This is a transcription crowdsourcing website that helps people type down the audio or video files. San Francisco looks after the whole main process as it is its headquarters.

TranscribeMe is open for the new joiners but you need to be convenient to handle all stripes of speakers. The work is not easy as you will need to transcribe heavy accents and also handle audio files with mere mutters.

This organization also deals with consultation, translation, market research, technology, education, and many other fields.


TranscribeMe Review – Job Requirements:

For entry-level transcriber, this organization suits them best. The requirements at TranscribeMe are all at the basic level.

  • Google Chrome Web Browser – install it before even applying.
  • High School diploma and fluency in English is all that mandatory.
  • You need to have an impeccable grasp of both the punctuation rules and grammatical errors.
  • Also, you need to have sharp ears to distinguish between various speakers and also need you to filter out the background noises of the audio files.
  • The Transcription is not only the go, but you also need to caption your works and also learn specific terminology if you are associated with the medical transcription sections.
  • A good computer or a PC or laptop with an active internet connection is needed has the technical support to work on the job.
  • Also, the company recommends having headphones and foot pedals to improvise your income levels.


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Application Process At TranscribeMe:

It is totally free to join or no fee sign up procedure you would assign to. All the basic details like name, number, email address, and others are to be filled.

A basic grammar test is a basic level exam you need to go through. Later comes the basic small transcription test, where you will be given a small audio file to transcribe.

Also, before you take a test, you will be given a style guide that will help you to answer your test well. Though the test is not that tough, yet the style guide is the only way that will help you reach the target.

This help will introduce you to all those basic and small tips that TranscribeMe expects you to follow while working with them.

The selection of the firm will guide you to the next and final step. You will be getting associated with the company and start earning. A chance of selecting the files will be given to you depending upon your work type.

Rejection will give you a second chance to retry at TranscribeMe again. But the key point is you need to wait for 6 whole months to take the second chance.


Work Procedure At TranscribeMe – TranscribeMe Review:

If transcription is a new field that you are getting involved in, then let me warn you it’s not an easy job to start on. You can opt for this for a full-time or a part-time opportunity.

You will have to get adjusted to rough accents or to the files with mumbling sounds or maybe to the strange slangs that you are hearing for the first time.

Also, you may have to transcribe the conversation between the two peoples over the phone, or maybe you will find an audio clip that has people speaking with music in the background, and so the circumstances are many.

The basic job is to pull out all the materialistic matters and typed out in the prescribed format.

You will have a basic 1-minute to 5-minute audio files that need to be transcribed in your earlier stages of the move.

No matter what comes in the way you need to transcribe and make a correct transcription of the audio file.


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Career At TranscribeMe:

Remember your accuracy matters the most as the company always promises to provide the utmost service to its customers. The company also has editors to check your work and you will be paid only after the number of mistakes you have made.

The quality checkers will make all necessary changes if required in your file. A minimum of 30% changes are allowed in your file and if your file extends more than 30% then it is confirmed as a rejected file. You will not be paid for any such rejected files.

As a basic tip from my end, all I can suggest from the research is that the editors or the proofreaders will maximum draw out 12% or 13% of your mistakes.

So instead of taking your time to one single file for formatting punctuation or a sentence you can make minimum mistakes and continue your job. Don’t forget, the basic note that time itself is money.

Depending upon your caliber you can find a promotion from a transcriber to a Quality Assurance and then to the Project Manager.  Every single step of you is countable.


How Much Can you Make At TranscribeMe?

TranscribeMe has developed a system that provides short snippets which are usually 30 seconds long.

After transcribing the same you will upload the file and an editor will check and make necessary changes if any. The number of working hours depends upon the flexibility of your schedule.

As a transcriber, you would be making around 33 cents for an audio minute.

This makes up to approximately $20 per audio hour for transcribing an audio or video file into written format.

As per the user reviews, you can make a maximum of $2500 per month and the average income is $500 per month.  Also, the average payment of a legal and a medical transcriber is a little higher compared to other general transcribers.

You will have a bonus tip of 2 dollars for 1-hour file transcription with good accuracy and editing skills. PayPal is the mode of payment. Every Tuesday, the minimum amount you could cash out is $20.


Pros and Cons – True TranscribeMe Review:


1. The basic step of joining is easy, i.e; signing up procedure is comparatively simple. Joining test is easier than other transcription websites. Joiners, this is the place you can start your career as a transcriptionist.

2. As long as your country supports PayPal, you are the most welcomed employee at TranscribeMe. You will be receiving the amount valued for your work. Tuesday is the date to get rich at TranscribeMe.

3. The work is short and simple at this organization. You will receive files of short length. This helps the beginners to start a career as a transcription.

4.  Chances of getting promotions are always easy, Transcriber to Editor to Quality Assurance to Project Manager. Your persistence will speak your hard work.

5. Positive BBB rating with A+ grade is a challenging deal.


1. Most of your work will get rejected for no reason. The administration is really not interested in your complaints.

2. The site runs slow and you will be getting the ‘send error reports’ occasionally.

3. Compared to the work, the employees at this organization are high in number. You need to be really quick in opting for the work available or else you would be left free for the whole day.

4. Mostly say that the payment is lousy enough. The payment made for the work done is relatively low.


My TranscribeMe Review:

According to my knowledge, TranscribeMe is not a scam. As a joiner or a newcomer, you could easily get accustomed to TranscribeMe and its work policies.

The only fear raises when you are not a good typist or one finger typist or a thumb user. If that is the case, I surely recommend you to give off the idea of becoming a transcriptionist.

The basic you could type is 60 to 80 words per minute. You should also be capable of differentiating between various accents and voices and also variate background noises in the conversations.


How Far Is TranscribeMe Legit?

Let me be very honest with you. You will have to give your fullest to get the best out of any organization for you. One benefit is, you will not have over the desk rivals, who are eager to pull you back.

TranscribeMe will surely give you the benefit of working under minimum pressure( personal ) and reach your self targets. You are your own boss and you yourself are the worker.

Your hard work will surely be paid off. If you are interested, don’t delay to give it a start. Unless which you cannot push a pebble at least.


Conclusion – TranscribeMe Review:

transcribeme review

For wonderful side income, I would surely recommend TranscribeMe, as you will be picking up small works and earning through it is a good deal.

Moreover, the sign-up process is totally free and so you can surely give it a try once where you are losing nothing.

I hope my article has given you an idea about TranscribeMe and I also hope this has helped anyone of you in a positive way.

As you are looking for home-based work and want to start something interesting. You could surely give it a try once and please write to me your feedback on the same. I will be happy to hear from you.


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