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Trusted House Sitters Review 2023 – Is It a Legit or a Scam?

If you came here looking for a Trusted House Sitters Review, chances are you already know what house sitting is, and you’re about to get a membership.

If not, Trusted House Sitters is the most popular online platform out there that connects house owners with people who are looking to house sit.

Trusted House Sitters is the biggest source to find both house-sitting opportunities and house sitters around the world.

I am going to discuss the company, hiring process, pay rates, and pros and cons of Trusted House Sitter, which may help you to launch your career as a house sitter or pet sitter on the Trusted House Sitting platform.

Before that, I want you to make clear what exactly it is house sitting.


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What Is House Sitting?

Well, it is clear in the name.

House sitting is the act of living in someone’s house while they go on a trip or a vacation.

Here, you’re going to take charge of a house on behalf of the house owners. Most of the time, you’re going to take care of their pets and including plants.


What are Trusted House Sitters?trusted house sitters company

Trusted House Sitters is one of the largest and most popular house-sitting websites around the world. It was launched in 2010, and ever since, it has been one of the most popular house-sitting platforms.

This platform is a system that connects house owners with house sitters.

Very often, you may hear about Trusted House Sitters as ‘Airbnb of house sitting’. Although it may be true in one way and at the same time, these two are very, very different platforms.


What You Need To Become a Trusted House Sitters Member

trusted house sitters stats

Signing up for Trusted House Sitters is very straightforward.

To become a member of Trusted House Sitters, you need to pay an annual fee of around 119.00 USD. It is not a free account. This membership fee is applied for both house owners and house sitters to get complete access.

You can also get a free account, but with a free account, you can’t be able to in touch with house owners.

After getting a membership, first, you need to create a profile. In that, you can also add some more information which includes your pictures, videos, or even references if you want.

Make sure your profile should be attractive, as there are thousands of house sitters out there competing with you.

On the other hand, house owners set up their profiles and posts regarding their house-sitting assignments.

Generally, house owners give information such as

  • Date of house sit
  • House-sit location and area
  • Pictures of houses and animals
  • Details of animals, including medication and feeding schedule
  • Any other requests if they need

Once the house owners post all these assignments, potential house sitters can apply for a house sit. Applying for a seat is pretty as simple as writing a message on their messaging platform.

After that, acceptance is completely up to the house owners.


Benefits of Being a Trusted House Sitters Member

  • Being a member of the Trusted House Sitters platform, you can find many opportunities to become a house sitter.
  • As a house sitter, you can save large amounts of money on accommodation.
  • If you’re a pet lover type, you can have a great time with pets.
  • You are going to be surrounded by pets and get lots of love in return.
  • As it is a highly reputed platform, there is no space for a scam.


Is there Any Hiring Process for Trusted House Sitters?

There is no specific hiring process for house sitters. They just help you to list house sitting assignments for sitters to find more information about available jobs.

Setting up your profile on Trusted House Sitters is damn easy. As I already told you, all you need is a neat profile that explains your house-sitting experience. You can also add some more information, like why you want to sit.

On the other hand, house owners can also find an area to fill about their occupation, whether they are solo or traveling as a couple. House owners must be clear about their perfect house-sitting assignment with a flawless schedule.


How Do Trusted House Sitters Work?

To get started, first, you need to become a member of this most established website. As I mentioned above, the membership for this Trusted House Sitters is a premium one that you need to pay.

After becoming a member, set up your profile with your details and experience.

After making a profile, you can start searching for assignments. Without a stunning profile, you wouldn’t be able to apply for assignments because house owners will select you only if they get impressed with your profile.

Find the job that fits you and simply press apply. In the sidebar, you can see the number of applicants that have already applied for a specific one. For beginners and new sitters, my suggestion is to apply for an assignment with fewer applicants.

House owners always want to have a Skype call with sitters before they agree. You have to be very spontaneous while answering their questions. You just have to be yourself to nail this. My best tip is to try to keep in touch with the house owner during the assignment.


Trusted House Sitters Review – Pros & Cons


  1. The largest house-sitting platform on the Internet.
  2. High chances of finding best-sitting jobs.
  3. This is the only house-sitting platform that actually had an app.
  4. The website is very straightforward to browse.
  5. Trusted House Sitters work on a two-way rating system, which means both house owners and also house sitters can able to rate after completion of the assignment.
  6. This platform is leading with great 24-hour customer service. They are not just advertising it; they are actually doing it. Anyone can chat, email, or talk to their support team anytime.


Like everything, Trusted House Sitters also have a few challenges.

  1. The membership fee for this platform is not free, but not so expensive too.
  2. Because the site is the biggest of all, there is huge competition for beginners.
  3. Having tons of users is an advantage but also a disadvantage to new pet sitters. They might feel some difficulty in finding their first gig.


Alternate Companies For House Sitters

I have tried and evaluated the different house-sitting platforms that work well in different situations, and a variety of destinations are mentioned below:

1. Mind My House

It is another popular house-sitting platform, with a star rating of 3/5 on Trustpilot. They have the cheapest membership fees, $20 for house sitters, and free for house owners. There are lots of registered house sitters on this platform, which means the competition can be high.

Website: MindMyHouse.

2. Mind A Home

Another great house-sitting platform that is so popular in Australia. To get started, you have to take a house sitter membership that costs AUD 59 per year, and no membership fee for house owners to list their homes. This website has a 3/5 stars rating on Trustpilot.

Website: Mindahome.



trusted house sitters review

Source: Trustpilot website

Here comes the most important section of our Trusted House Sitter’s review. One thing I want to share from my experience, I have reviewed many companies to date, but this is the only company I have seen with great reviews.

This platform was rated by nearly 12000 people on the Trustpilot platform, and 95% of those people rated it 5 stars. Only 2% of people had some issues with their services and bad sitting experiences.

Coming to the membership plan, this investment will definitely be worth it. This $119 yearly fee is nothing in front of the opportunities you will find during the entire year.

I recommend Trusted House Sitters to people who are searching for legit house-sitting jobs. It’s a bit tough for beginners as the competition is high, but you can get deals by following successful house sitters and their profiles to copy their strategies.

I hope this Trusted House Sitters review is helpful to you. Leave a comment below if you have any experiences or suggestions regarding this company. We are happy to hear that your suggestions will help future house sitters.


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