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How to Become an Under Armour Product Tester & Get FREE Stuff

A business doesn’t becomes a brand so easily. There’s a lot of vision and hard work put into every small bit of work done. One such popular brand that sells products that have become part and parcel of everyone’s life, straight from athletes to common people, is Under Armour.

Have you ever wondered how any product you buy from Under Armour is so flawless to use though it is new and being used for the first time? That perfect item is a result of some relentless efforts put in to bring it to life.

Whatever the product it is, right from designing to product testing to releasing it into the market, it takes a village to do it all. Among the huge team that works to release an excellent product is a person called a product tester who plays a vital role.

Today in this article, we are going to discuss the job of a product tester at Under Armour which is basically a work-from-home job, along with some information for those who want to make money through this job.


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How Does The Product Testing Job Work?

Product Testing Jobs

Companies and brands usually hire product testers to test their product before they release them into the market. Depending on their business, some companies pay for testing websites while others pay for testing things like bicycles.

However, the job of these product testers is to try the products provided by the company in all possible ways one can use it. 

Later they need to prepare a review or fill out the survey form according to the observations they made about the product and submit it. The testers will then get paid per product review for each product they reviewed.

As a part of testing, product testers have the perk of using new products that are not even released into the market. They get paid to test products, and in some cases, they also can keep the product for themselves.

Companies use all these reviews to see if there are any more improvements to make so that the end user shall be satisfied.

One can mostly find legit product tester jobs on job portals such as Fiverr, etc. You can also find some of them on Market research platforms such as:

  • Pinecone Research: Earn $9 per each product you test.
  • Product Testing: Get a $100 sign-up bonus while you register to review products like gadgets, vacuum cleaners, and more.
  • Product Report Card: Test 32 products per month and get paid for your opinion.
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Under Armour Product Tester Selection Process

under armour


Under Armour is known for its high-quality apparel, footwear, and accessories that meet the needs of its customers. This has been possible with their stringent testing process before launching any product.

They also offer a Universal Guarantee Of Performance (UGOP) stamp for their products. The products get this UGOP stamp only after every single piece is well-tested.

Hence, Under Armour only chooses potential testers depending on the information provided in the application form.

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A few attributes that they look for in a potential tester include the following:

  • Size and level of sports activity
  • Workout conditions
  • An athlete (conditions applied*), etc.

Apart from this, to get a product tester job at Under Armour, you need to make sure that:

  • You have completely filled out your profile.
  • Your profile is up to date.
  • You have taken the sports survey related to the sports you play.

They choose multiple testers per product. So if you pass the screening, you will receive a notification to your registered email id.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to include everything in the application that will help you stand out.

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What Do You Need To Do As An Under Armour Product Tester?

product tester

As an Under Armour product tester, you are responsible for evaluating the product that they have provided for you to test. The product can be anything from their whole merchandise.

They will provide you with all the instructions related to the testing along with the product. Depending on the time they provided, you need to use the product in all possible ways it can be used and note down the observations.

Since their products include hoodies, sneakers, etc., you can write about things like fit, comfort, flexibility while you work out/play, etc.

When the testing period ends, you need to prepare a final review of the product and submit the same. They may ask you to submit your feedback either in the form of a detailed review via email or online surveys or through phone or video calls, etc.

After all of this is finished, you might sometimes get to keep the product, but most of the time, they will ask you to return it.

Pro Tip: Try avoiding brief reviews and make sure to provide clear feedback on the product you test so as to attract more opportunities in the future.

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Under Armour Product Tester Salary

tester salary

According to the glass door reviews, the estimated salary for an Under Armour Product Testing Analyst was $76,624 per annum in 2021.

Apart from this, you also have many other benefits to enjoy as an Under Armour product tester. Some of them are:

  • Opportunity to use a branded product for free.
  • The ultimate satisfaction of helping the brand launch a successful product.
  • Getting to use the product before it hits the market.

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How And Where To Apply To Become An Under Armour Product Tester

If you are interested in testing Under Armor’s sports gear and athletic accessories, you can get into the field by applying on their website.

under armour product tester sign up


The product testing at Under Armour is addressed with a special name called Field Testing Program. It is for this program that you need to apply for if you want to become an Under Armour Product Tester.

Even children can signup as product testers. But their parents must have an account and should add their respective children to the Youth account. The rest of the process is the same for participants of all age groups.

To find out more jobs for children of age 11 and more, click here.

under armour product tester signing up


Once you are selected and if you have accepted to participate in any test, you need to go through a bit more of the screening process. It is here that an Under Armour field test analyst comes into the scene.

Since there will be many people who have applied like you for this job, the field test analyst will filter you all to choose the best match for the test product. If you are selected, you will be notified via mail.

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Final Takeaways

Which fitness freak doesn’t love to have free shoes and sportswear, at least for a limited period of time? Absolutely none, right? So do give this Under Armour product tester job a shot.

While it is not easy to get shortlisted for a product test here, it is not impossible as well. Who knows who might be the one playing the key role in Under Armour’s next product launch?



What is the Under Armour Products list to test?

The Under Armour test products list is quite long and includes Men and Women’s pants, leggings, vests, shoes, cleats, etc.


Do Under Armour product testers get paid?

Yes, Under Armour pays its product testers. In 2021, the average annual pay was $76,624 per annum, according to Glassdoor reviews.


Is Under Armour field testing legit?

Getting selected as a product tester after their rigorous screening process is tough, and not everyone gets a chance. However, their Field Testing Program is legit because they look out only for potential testers.


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