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70+ Under The Table Jobs Near Me (Pay Direct Cash In 2024)

Many people prefer under-the-table jobs as their side hustles along with their fixed day jobs. It is to increase the overall income without having an additional tax burden.

Although it is pretty risky and illegal in many places, many people still opt for these jobs to get direct cash payments.

If you are in dire need of cash, you can start these jobs at your own risk. But yes, if you want a full-proof plan, you need to understand your local tax laws to get the real benefits.

But before that, you also need to understand the complete mechanism of these jobs.


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What Does “Under The Table Jobs” Mean?

Most of us are already aware of these under-the-table jobs as it has already become a pretty common term in the job field.

But if you are still unfamiliar with this genre, it simply means off-the-record jobs that pay direct cash.

You also may not need to report your income in these jobs to have tax burdens. Instead of having official paychecks and direct transfers, you can earn hard cash through these under-the-table jobs.

And due to that, you don’t need to worry about tax reporting, social security, and other additional responsibilities. In most cases, you don’t even need any experience to start these jobs.


Highest Paying Under The Table Jobs

First, you need to understand that it is absolutely beneficial to pay a little tax for a high-earning job rather than paying no tax at all for a low-earning profile.

However, you may not always hide your income from the authorities if your monthly income is steep.

But yes, you can earn quite a lot from these under-the-table jobs mentioned below:

  • Manufacturing and Selling Online
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Construction Works (Heavy Machinery)
  • Makeup Artists
  • Performers and Musicians

The earning potential from under-the-table jobs mainly relies on your talent set and the time you devote to these jobs. But yes, you can succeed if you are hardworking and dedicated enough.


Where To Find Under The Table Jobs?

There are three main ways from which you can get high-paying and legit under-the-table jobs this year.

And these are as follows:

1. Jobs Websites & Apps

If you want to use the internet to find these jobs, you should start searching the net to get good projects.

There are hundreds of websites available such as Fiverr and Upwork, where you can get even odd jobs.

You can also opt for a specific niche and then search for a website to get available opportunities.

You can join websites like DoorDash to earn up to $14 per hour just by delivering food to your locality. There are websites like Postmates where you can earn money just by delivering other items.

And if you are looking for local projects that pay direct cash, you can check out websites like

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2. Facebook Groups

Facebook is not just a platform to talk to your buddies anymore. You can use this unique website in various ways.

And since the introduction of Jobs and Marketplace, Facebook has become even more beneficial for people looking for under-the-table jobs.

You can find many groups on Facebook that can give you golden opportunities to earn. However, you do need to follow the community guidelines before posting to Facebook groups.

All you need is to join those groups that suit your genre. And then, you can showcase your creations and announce your services offered in those groups to get potential clients.

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3. Craigslist Under The Table Jobs

Craigslist is one of the most popular websites to get odd jobs and small-term projects. But now, people are also looking for Craigslist under-the-table jobs to increase their earnings.

This website, too, offers these jobs, although it can be a little challenging to find if you are a newbie. You need to find the gig segment on Craigslist to get these jobs.

Once you land on that segment, you can filter it through your locality preference. Some people solely use this website to get lots of high-paying projects in their own locality.

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List of Real Jobs That Pay Cash Under the Table


4. Babysitting

under the table jobs - babysitting

There are no better under-the-table jobs than babysitting if you enjoy the company of toddlers. However, this one is not suitable for everyone as you need to have certain skills to handle babies.

You can easily earn around $10 to $15 per hour just by babysitting. Post on your Facebook and Instagram handle that you are looking for a babysitting job.

You can also tell that to your community center and friend circle. You can also get these jobs from websites like SitterCity and Care.

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5. Cleaning Jobs

You really don’t need any specific qualifications to start working as a cleaner. All you need is a bucket and a mop to kickstart your career.

However, the demand for pressure washing has recently skyrocketed. You can also bag a higher per-hour cost if you have a pressure washing facility.

You can easily earn as high as $20 per hour as a normal cleaner and around $50 per hour as a pressure cleaner. Look for Facebook jobs and local community centers to get these opportunities.


6. House Sitting

Everyone thinks that it will be great if they get under-the-table jobs near me. However, there are very few opportunities left that also pay well.

And among those, house sitting is definitely the one. All you need to do is take care of someone’s house in this profession.

You need to build your reputation to get more clients. Don’t forget to tell your clients to give you positive reviews to attract more customers.

You can easily get these jobs from websites like Sittercity, TrustedHousesitters, and MindMyHouse.

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7. Data Entry

Data entry is something that you can do on the go. All you need is a laptop and stable internet connectivity to get started. But, it may become a little hectic as you need to type for long hours.

You will get accustomed to it in a short time. Finding a legit data entry project can be excruciatingly painful. You can also encounter fraudsters in this particular industry.

However, you can look for freelance websites like Fiverr and Upwork if you are looking for genuine projects.

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8. Consultant

Consultation is one of the most lucrative professions in the twenty-first century. There is no upper limit, as you can charge as much as you want, depending on the type of consultation service.

In general, you can easily bag around $50 per hour. From IT consultation to sports consultation, you can actually opt for any niche of your choice.

But yes, you do need to have complete and sharpened expertise in that particular field. Don’t forget to post some daily tips on your social media handles to create a buzz.


9. Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is the future, and no one denies that. Every marketer should sharpen their skills in this particular segment if they want to aim high.

However, this profession can be tricky, and you need a lot of hard work and dedication to become successful. You can start looking for digital marketing projects in Facebook Jobs.

Moreover, you can also search for your desired projects on freelance websites like Upwork. You can also use your own social media handle to announce your offered services.


10. Cook

under the table jobs - cook

Cooking is definitely not a cup of tea for everyone. But if you do have that skill, it can be among the best under-the-table jobs for you.

In most cases, you need to start from a basic level and then climb the hierarchy to achieve success in this profession.

You can either opt for a full-time job in any restaurant or local eateries. You can also start your own business, like a food cart or a cloud kitchen. Moreover, you can also establish your own food delivery business being a cook.


11. Pet Trainer

Do you feel strong affection towards pets? Do you think you are a great pet handler? Then, this profession is definitely for you. It is best to stick to dogs and cats in the initial days to create your training profile.

And after that, you can even opt for exotic pets. You can earn around $20 to $25 per hour on average as a pet trainer.

There are several websites available, like TaskRabbit, Craigslist, and Angie’s List, from where you can bag these pet training projects.

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12. Programmer

The world itself is now becoming a giant silicon valley as more and more things are getting digitized every day. The demand for software is constantly increasing, and so is the demand for great coders.

You can even find programmers who are currently getting six-digit salaries. However, you definitely need to sharpen your coding skills continuously to climb the ladder of success.

You can expect around $50 per hour as a freelance programmer. Don’t forget to look at websites like GitHub and StackOverflow to get legit projects.


13. Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you receive a certain percentage of profit from each qualified sale. It can be of anything from a physical product to a specific course.

Although the most popular platform is Amazon, you can also kickstart your journey with Shopify, Shareasale, and Clickbank. There is no limit as you will earn as much as you can.

You can market the product through your social media handle if you have a strong presence. You can also make your own website and also market the products through your YouTube channel.

Know how to make your own website and make money from it.


14. Quick Rentals

We often need a few products which we only use for a short time. And in those cases, quick renting can be the best solution. You can now start your own quick rental business.

You’ll have a higher chance of success if you have an extensive collection of women’s clothing and accessories.

You should announce your quick renting service along with your complete inventory on your social media channels to bag potential customers.

You can also let your local community centers know about the services offered.


15. Pet Sitter / Dog Walker

We have already mentioned pet training that needs certain expertise. But yes, you can still earn from handling adorable pets if you don’t have that certain skill set.

All you need is to take the canines for a walk. And for that, you can easily charge around $20 to $50 per session. You need to adopt a specific marketing strategy to get your initial customers.

Go for a walk in the park with your own pet and let everyone know that you are offering a dog walking service. However, you can also opt for websites like Rover.

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16. Make and Sell Products

If you are a talented craftsman, you should make and sell your own products to earn a profit. You can choose almost any genre of your preference to kick start this journey.

But, the demand for fine pottery and junk jewelry is always high. You can post photos of your designed items on your social media accounts.

Moreover, you can share those on Facebook and WhatsApp groups to get more customers. You can also get a good price if you want to sell your crafts through Etsy.

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17. Tutor

under the table jobs - tutor

In this era of digitization, it is pretty tricky to get under the table jobs that also pay well. But yes, you can remain pretty low-key if you opt for tutoring.

You certainly need to have academic excellence and teaching ethics to become successful. You can charge around $20 per hour in the initial days.

However, this rate can go as high as $50 per hour if you have expertise in rare subjects. There are several websites available like VIPKid and Chegg that now assure this opportunity to talented freelance teachers.

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18. Social Media Manager

If you are good at handling social media profiles, becoming a social media manager can be your best choice. But yes, you do need to have certain skills to keep the profiles active and the followers entertained.

If you can do that, you can even bag a six-digit salary. You can directly approach businessmen, celebrities, and companies with your profile. You can also announce your services offered through your own social media handles.

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19. Virtual Assistant

There is no better option than a VA if you are looking for a home-based freelance opportunity. All you need is a laptop, a telephone, and a stable internet connection to start this profession.

You must have great communication skills to shine bright in this profession. You will mainly need to do odd jobs like booking a table, scheduling a call, and things like these.

But yes, you can earn around $10 per hour just by doing these. You can look for legit VA projects on websites like WoodBows, Prialto, and Belay.


20. Survey Sites

Online surveys are one of the most lucrative earning tools that require minimal effort. All you need is to answer short questionnaires and give a review to earn.

However, it is quite difficult to bag some legit survey projects as there are many fraudsters active in this sector.

One must keep in mind the fact that filling surveys cannot compensate for your regular expenses, but can surely be an addition to your steady income. 

Here are a few must-try online survey sites:

  1. Survey Junkie: Earn up to $3-$50 per successful survey. No signup bonus!
  2. Swagbucks: $10 signup bonus. Also earn from filling surveys, watching videos.
  3. Opinion City:  Filling surveys here can fetch you $1-$100 per completed survey.
  4. Pinecone Research: Earn $3-$7 for surveys and testing products. 
  5. InboxDollars: $5 signup bonus. Also, check Inbox Pounds for similar offers. 
  6. Vindale Research: Earn $1 as a signup bonus and $50 per completed survey.
  7. Opinion Outpost: Earn $5-$10+ per every completed survey.

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21. Sign Worker

Okay! It can be a little challenging to understand this profession. You mainly need to design and paint signs on roads and pathways.

You may also need to place roadblocks and heavy traffic signs. And by doing that, you can earn pretty good cash. Finding these jobs can be a little hectic.

You first need to talk to your local authorities to know if any opportunity is available. You can then also speak to your local community center to learn about these vacancies.


22. Personal Trainer

If you have certain skills in any genre, you can become a personal trainer and earn money.

From fitness training to sports practice, from cooking to cycling – you can select almost any genre to train people.

And through these, you can easily earn up to $50 per session. Don’t forget to announce your services on your social media account.

You can also post that to Facebook and WhatsApp groups to let everyone know about your services.


23. IT Tech

There are very few under the table like IT Tech that pays so well. You can surely bag a six-digit salary if you are talented enough.

However, you also need to do hard work and have complete dedication to shine in this particular profession. You must come from an IT background to kickstart this profession.

It is not very tough to get around $30 to $50 per hour, even if you want to take it as a freelance profession.

There are websites like Craigslist and Taskrabbit that can provide you with these projects.

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24. Flyer Carrier

Still today, flyers are one of the most effective marketing tools. Even after heavy digitization, no one can deny the importance of a great flyer.

And now, you can also remain pretty low-key and work as a flyer carrier to earn money. You need to spend some time each day distributing flyers to people.

You can easily demand around $10 to $15 per hour for doing this job. It is better to post a requirement in Facebook Jobs.

Reach out to your local community center or approach any local business to let them know about your service to gain popularity.


25. Janitor Work

If you are a student and don’t have any specific talent to capitalize on, you can surely start janitor work to earn money.

All you need are floor buffing machines, vacuum cleaners, and mop buckets to start this job. You can also incorporate modern machinery to make your work effortless.

Most of the newbies in this industry charge around $10 per hour or up to $50 per session. However, you can definitely set your price according to your efficiency, skill, and equipment.


26. Construction Worker

Many of us are extremely hard workers but don’t know how to convert that hard work into real cash. And for those, construction work can be an ideal option.

It is possible to get around $10 to $15 per hour while working on a contractual basis. However, you can demand even more if you have a specific skill set like plastering or heavy metal works.

You first need to contact your local construction companies to kickstart your profession or can also start your own business.


27. Mechanic

A skilled mechanic needs a few tools and his own expertise to really shine in this profession. From cars to electronic accessories, you can become a mechanic while choosing any genre of your choice.

But yes, it is better to learn the craft to perfection before you try your hands. It is easy to earn around $15 per hour if you are a talented mechanic.

All you need to do is announce your services on your social media handles. You can also let your local community center know about your services.


28. Snow Removal

under the table jobs - snow removal

I myself looked for under-the-table jobs near me after I got stuck in heavy snowfall. But then I realize I can even capitalize on that situation and earn money from it.

You can do that too if you are located in a snow-dense country. And for your effort, you can earn around $10 per hour.

In order to start with you should acquire some basic tools like a shovel to start this work. It is better to start from your own backyard and let everyone know about your services.

One can also distribute some flyers and put a banner on your local community center as well to boost customers.


29. Makeup Artist

Who doesn’t like to look good? The urge is even greater for beautiful ladies. But makeup artists are the main forces who work in the background to make anyone look great.

And if you have that talent, you can also start working as an MUA and earn money. You can find several Facebook and WhatsApp groups on makeup.

From there, you can reach your potential clients. You can also create your own website and showcase your portfolio to get organic customers.


30. Personal Shopper

This work is actually as easy as buying your own stuff from a grocery or a departmental store. But the only difference is you have to do it for the others.

If you get joy as a shopaholic, this can give you an added treat besides the monetary benefits. There are several websites available globally that now provide this opportunity to enthusiastic people.

InstaCart is possibly the most popular among those. Although you can’t consider it a full-time money-making regime, you can definitely take it as a side hustle.

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31. Delivery

There are no easier under-the-table jobs than working as a delivery agent. The work is simple and pretty straightforward. You need to deliver parcels and assignments.

And in return, you can earn up to $10 to $25 per hour. However, many companies also offer even beyond that.

There are several websites like DoorDash or Postmates that now assure this opportunity. You can get legit and high-paying delivery jobs from these websites.

You can also start working for Uber Eats and Zomato if you have your personal commute.

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32. Tailor

Many of us already have a talent for sewing and dress designing. But now, we can easily capitalize on this talent and become a professional tailors to earn money.

Start designing your own clothing line and flaunt it among your friend circle and like many other jobs, this one also doesn’t have any upper limit of earning potential.

You can earn even six figures if you are a great tailor or a dress designer. But yes, you definitely need to create a rigid client base to bag success.

You can also showcase your clothes on your Instagram Account.


33. Farm Work

Farming is one of the oldest and most reputed works on the entire planet. Everyone has immense respect for the farmers who grow crops to feed us.

And now, you can also become a part of this community to earn money. It is great if you can help with manual labor.

However, farmers often need people for odd jobs like loading a van or watering the saplings.

You can also opt for these jobs to get paid. If you can work hard and can invest a good chunk of time, you can easily earn around $10 per hour.


34. Tattoo Artist

tattoo artist

For the last decade, tattoos have remained heavily on trend for both youths and adults alike. And even now, the demand for a great tattoo artist is high.

You can grab this opportunity and earn quite a significant amount of money if you have tattooing skills on your bag.

But first, you need to create your reputation to get high-paying clients. You can showcase your previous work on your social media handles, especially on Instagram.

Use Pinterest by creating relevant pins to market your skills in less time. Also, create a YouTube channel to gain popularity as well as clients at the same place.

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35. Voice Over Service

Do you have a god-like voice like Morgan Freeman? Can you modulate your voice to suit other characters? Is your voice ad-friendly and crisp to hear?

If the answer to any one of these is “yes”, you should opt for voice-over as your profession. Starting this can be pretty straightforward as you can get several tutorials on YouTube.

And to get freelance voice-over projects, you can try your hands on Voices, Voice123, and VoiceBunny. You can also make your own website and start selling your podcast or audiobook.

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36. Upholstery

Now, this is a pretty new concept in the market! All you need is to buy old furniture from garage sales and local auction houses.

And then, you need to repair them before selling them at a much higher price. You can make quite a good amount of money from this job.

The best thing is that you need a few woodworking tools and your empty garage to start this side hustle. Besides local markets, you can also utilize websites like eBay to sell your refurbished furniture.


37. Sports Instructor

If sports is your passion, you can convert that passion into money by becoming a sports instructor. You can choose almost any sport you have expertise in.

You don’t necessarily have to be a trainer of Gridiron, but you can still earn big bucks as an athletic trainer.

Anyone can start their career by coaching local kids. You can also talk to your local community center to let them know you are offering sports coaching.

And if you have pro-coaching skills, you can also directly contact local sports centers and clubs.


38. Car Washer

car washer

Who doesn’t wash their own cars? It is as common these days as having a great Big Mac. But you can do just this, but for others to make money.

Needless to say, nothing can be better than this if you are in search of under-the-table jobs.

You need a handful of items to start your work. A car shampoo, a mop, a duster, and a vacuum cleaner are all you need.

However, you can fetch some more cash if you can arrange for a pressure cleaning facility at your car washing station.


39. Reseller

Reselling is one of the oldest forms of business. And even now, anyone can make a decent amount of money just by reselling ordinary stuff.

You can resell almost anything you like. But yes, you can convince your customers pretty easily if you have a grip on that item. You can make the highest amount of profit by reselling electronic items.

And you can also cash out by reselling collectibles such as vintage comics and old-school vinyl. Along with your own human network, you can use Facebook Marketplace to sell your items.


40. Web Designer

I know it is not a cup of tea for every guy! But if you do have proficiency in web designing, you should pursue it as your career. Due to the rapid digitization, every company and every business is now hoping to get their digital presence right.

You can find web designing jobs in Facebook Marketplace. You can also try websites like TaskRabbit to get small web designing projects.

Moreover, you can also find some legit projects on freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr.


41. Freelance Writer

If you have a strong flair for writing, you can grab the golden opportunity to make money through it. You can even touch a steep salary package if you are a truly talented writer.

But yes, you need to have an impeccable grip over the language. If you are competent in writing listicles, you can submit your creations at Listverse and

You can also try writing marketplaces like WritersDomain, TextBroker, and HireWriters. It is now possible to earn as high as $0.02 per word.

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42. Plumber

Manual labor is one of the lucrative options to earn money as the average pay is on the higher side. And among those, plumbing remains top of the list.

If you are comfortable with down and dirty jobs with the necessary plumbing skills, you are good to go. You should distribute some flyers and let your community center know about your service.

If you are looking for a digital presence, you can also post your service on Facebook Marketplace. You can get some decent options from Craigslist too.


43. Graphic Designer

From social media agencies to website designers, from merchandising companies to logo makers, graphic designers have their demands in many industries.

For that, their demands are constantly increasing, and so is their earning potential. If you are truly good at tools like Photoshop and Lightroom, you can definitely take it as your profession or even as a side hustle.

With the availability of varied freelancing websites, you can grab some high-paying projects from websites like GraphicRiver.

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44. Barber/Hairdresser

Everyone loves to flaunt their unique hairstyles these days; let it be a cool Mohawk or maybe an old-school crew cut. But hairdressers are the main driving force behind these unique hairdos.

And now, you can also become a part of the league to earn money. Along with improving your talent and skills, you also need a few things to start this work.

A good set of scissors, combs, clippers, and washing accessories are must-haves. You can either open your own barbershop or opt to work for other shops. 


45. DJ

Among the youths, being a DJ or Disk Jockey is one of the most lucrative under-the-table jobs. You will receive lots of limelight and attention by steadily having great cash in your account.

However, you do need to have the talent and zeal to produce and mix great music. The initial investment of this trait can rely on the higher side.

You need to buy a turntable, a mixer, and other DJing accessories to get started. You can post your DJ skills on your social media accounts to get initial attention. However, you can also directly approach any nightclub.


46. Photographer


Needless to say, photography is one of the most common hobbies these days. And since the introduction of DSLRs, the number of people involved in this hobby has skyrocketed.

But now, you can take it as a profession to earn your bread and butter. You can either start working as a freelance photographer or can join a company.

And even if you want to work alone, you can choose a specific niche of photography. If you are truly talented, you can fetch quite a high price for your photographs from a website like Shutterstock, iStockPhotos, and Getty.

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47. Performer

A guy who can perform will never run out of money. But yes, you need to channelize and market your performance in the right way to increase profitability.

From guitar to singing, you can perform almost anything and earn your bread and butter. It is also a great career option if you have the right sense of humor and want to become a standup artist.

You can also become a dancer, reciter, or singer to earn money. You can conduct street performances to create a buzz and also to make money.


48. Transcriptions

One of the most sought-after side hustles, transcription, can easily claim its spot among the best under the table jobs. It is mainly due to the hourly rate you get without giving heavy effort.

But yes, you definitely need to have a few things like a good earphone and a foot pedal to do this job. You need at least 60 to 75 WPM typing speed with high accuracy to succeed in this profession.

However, you can earn much more with your growing typing speed and accuracy. There are several websites like TranscribeMe, REV, and Scribie where you can find legit transcription projects.

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49. Social Media Marketer

You can earn in many ways if you pursue your career as a social media marketer.

From trading social media handles to giving paid shoutouts, from brand promotion to paid collaborations, there are many ways to earn money in this particular genre.

But yes, you need to have the right skill set and great communication skills to become successful. It is also necessary to have great networking skills to succeed. You can find several Facebook groups to help you enter this industry.

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50. Nail Technician

You can do much more than manicure and pedicure as a qualified nail technician. But yes, you must have those artistic abilities along with nail painting skills to make your name in this industry.

And if you can, it is pretty easy to earn around $15 to $20 per hour. There are several places where you can get a job as a nail technician.

From cosmetology centers to makeover parlors, from spas to nail salons, you can get a job in many places. And if you have other skills like polishing and nail art, you can aim for a higher per-hour wage.


51. Appliance Repair

Appliances are something that needs constant maintenance. But, it can be a pretty costly affair as many appliance repairers now charge quite a good amount of money.

If you can fix appliances like a refrigerator or microwave oven, you can also take it as a profession. You can use your social media handles to let everyone know you are offering appliance repair services.

You can also use websites like Craigslist and TaskRabbit to get some appliance repairing tasks.


52. Magician

We all wanted to become like Houdini at least once during our childhood days. And many of us can actually have pretty good magic skills to entertain people.

If you can perform magic tricks on stage or in small gatherings, you can convert that to a cash-making formula. Make some small clips of your magic shows and post those to your social media accounts.

You can also join some Facebook communities to collaborate with fellow magicians. Moreover, you can also contact your community center to let them know you are offering magic performances.


53. Music Instructor

You don’t really need to become a legend like Beethoven before you can actually start teaching music. A decent skill with a good grip over music is sufficient to enter this university.

You can also start working as a music instructor if you have already learned that craft. You can conduct your music classes both online and offline.

For offline classes, you can distribute some flyers and post your ads in a local newspaper. But for online opportunities, you can search for projects on websites like Craigslist, Upwork, and Fiverr.


54. Dance Instructor

under the table jobs - dance instructor

If dancing is your passion and you want to do something big, you should start working for it correctly. You can start working as a dance instructor or even as a choreographer if you have the right moves.

And with that, you can also earn pretty big. There are different kinds of dance forms available and you definitely need to check the demand for specific dance forms in your locality before you actually start your dance class.

However, you can also work online and give digital lessons to your students.


55. Ebook Designer

Specially-abled people may find good job opportunities in many sectors. But it is pretty tough to find legit under-the-table jobs for disabled people.

However, designing an eBook can be a great option if you know how to do it. You can get several online courses and tutorials available on the net.

With the availability of popular platforms like Photoshop, you must have expertise in other eBook designing software like Sqribble.

And if you can sharpen your skills enough, it is not at all difficult to earn up to $100 per eBook designing. Look for these projects on freelance websites like Fiverr and Upwork.


56. Moving Service

Movers and packers remain among the top-earning profiles in the United States. If you have your own setup with your own pickup truck, you can earn quite a good amount of money just by giving moving services to your clients.

You can start your own business with just a single vehicle. As this one can be rapidly scalable, you can bag a massive amount of profit if you have that dedication.

You can also join any packer and mover company to get some inside knowledge of this trade.


57. Wax Technician

No, you got it wrong. We are not suggesting that you should become a wax sculpture to join the Madame Tussauds. Instead, we are advising you to join any parlor and become a wax technician to earn money.

You need to perform waxing sessions on your clients. All you need are a few variants of hot waxes, strips, and soothing gels to get started.

However, you can also opt for bikini-line and Brazilian ones if you are looking for a higher hourly rate. But yes, you can expect around $10 to $15 per hour on average from this profession.


58. Cleaner

Cleanliness is godliness, and now everyone knows that too. It is also one of the best under the table jobs if you don’t have any specialization.

You need some pretty basic stuff to start working as a cleaner. You can start this with just a mop and bucket. There are two ways to get decently paid cleaning jobs.

First, you can use your social media handles and contact your community center to let everyone know about your cleaning service. And secondly, you can join websites like Handy to earn as high as $22 per hour.


59. Sell Scrap Metal

Like many commodities, scrap metal is also a great item to start your business with. And if you concentrate on learning the inside tricks, it is not very difficult to earn a great amount of money just by selling scrap metals.

However, you should take it as a side gig during your initial days. You first need to collect the metal junk from your neighborhood.

And then, you can extract the metals and resell them to the market. You can easily approach any metal-item manufacturer to sell your scrap metals.


60. Personal Assistant

Many executive-class white-collar job-holders and business owners need their own personal assistants. They mainly need it as it becomes quite hard to take care of all the work with growing responsibilities.

And for that reason, they need an extra hand. If you are attentive and have great communication skills, you have a golden career ahead.

However, it would help if you also had a good grip over basic computer usage. Although the range is variable, you can easily earn around $15 per hour even as a beginner.


61. Musician

Music needs just a good soul to become melodious. And because of that, becoming a musical can be among the best under the table jobs for disabled people.

But yes, you do need to have the talent and musical abilities if you want to make it your profession. You can also do it as a part-time opportunity.

Start by performing at your local clubs and house parties. Understand the response of your audience and improve accordingly. Who knows, you can even earn millions with a crib in Vegas just as a musician.


62. Driver

under the table jobs - driver

We all had to drive at some point in our life. But now, we can even earn from it. You can either take driving as your full-time profession or can solely take it as a side gig.

It is pretty easy to make a handsome living just with this profession. If you are comfortable driving all by yourself, you can try registering with Uber and Lyft.

But if you only want to rent out your car, Getaround can give you a great platform to do so.

Do Check, 14 Best Delivery Driving Jobs For Everyone – Earn up to $20/Hour.


63. Interpreter

If you have a good grip over at least two languages, you can definitely start working as an interpreter. You can earn up to $0.15 per word just by translating documents.

It can even hike if you have expertise in complex languages like Japanese and Russian. If you are looking for freelance translation projects, you should try websites like Unbabel.

However, if you have an interest in general translations, opt for Lionbridge or TextMaster. You can also try Acclaro if you are comfortable with business translations.


64. Junk Haul

All you need is a pickup truck to start your junk hauling business. You can also join any junk hauling company in your neighborhood.

You need to take the junk from people and unload that to the specified dumping area. Depending upon your pickup truck size, you can charge around $130 per unloading.

But it can be way steeper if you have a bigger one. You need to market your services through your social media handles if you want to start alone.


65. OddJobs

Odd jobs are something that everyone wants to get rid of. But yes, you can grab this golden opportunity and earn some cash just by doing this.

From booking an appointment with a dermatologist to commenting on behalf of you, odd jobs cover a wide area. You can try websites like TaskRabbit and Craigslist to get these projects.

But yes, you need to take it strictly as a side gig. You may have a minimal chance to succeed if you want to take it as your full-time job.


66. Tour Guide

Without any doubt, nothing can be better than traveling and earning money together if you are looking for under-the-table jobs. You can also conduct guided tours with specific themes like vintage walks and colonial charms.

Along with having the right knowledge about a specific location, you also need to have excellent communication skills. You can efficiently market your services through your social media handles.


67. Artist

Artists have their own ways of earning money. If you are good at art and craft, you can make your living just by doing that. Flaunt your art pieces on your social media handles and post them to public forums.

Let everyone know your potential before you hit the market. You can use websites like Etsy if you want to sell your art pieces online.

And if you are a painter or a sculptor, you can also directly contact your local auction houses and art galleries to get a good deal.


68. Bartender

One of the coolest professions on the block, bartending is a serious business for many people. They earn their bread and butter just to flaunt their mixing skills and cocktail innovations.

They are widely reputed for showing bar tricks. And if you have these skills, you can also encash your talent through bartending.

But yes, you do need to create your own USP to fetch a better hourly rate. You can fetch even more if you opt for a mixology certification.


69. Gardener

under the table jobs - gardener

Gardening and landscaping have become quite lucrative professions these days. And a qualified gardener can easily earn up to $15 per hour while remaining under the table.

You need to take care of the plants to get paid. Additional services like lawn mowing and plant sculpting can fetch you an even higher amount.

You definitely need to flaunt your skills by posting short videos and images to your social media handles. This trick can bring you some genuine clients.


70. Massage Therapist

You definitely need to have proper training and certification before you can step foot in this industry.

However, you don’t need to spend big amounts to do so as many training centers now provide these reflexology courses at pocket-friendly rates.

If you can opt for a specific niche like sports massage, you can even earn six figures. However, you do need to have a license and sufficient skills to make a name in this industry.


71. Caterer

If you can handle events and are also good at cooking, you can start your own catering business. You need to serve invited people in this profession.

Until you make a name in this industry, it is best to take it solely as a side gig for extra income. You can announce your catering service through your social media handles, especially through Facebook.

Try joining local WhatsApp groups to let everyone in your neighborhood know about your catering service.


72. Baker

Days are gone when only ladies take care of the baking. More and more new bakers are coming to the field who are dominating through their innovation and artistic abilities.

And if you are a talented baker, you can definitely earn a lot from this industry. You should start by making a Facebook page and an Instagram profile dedicated to baking.

You can post your baking items on those handles to get potential customers. Don’t forget to tell your customers to give you reviews on public forums.


73. House Painter

One of the most lucrative under the table jobs, house painting, can fetch you up to $20 per hour. You can even earn around $10 to $15 per hour as a beginner.

But surely enough, you need to be good at painting walls and ceilings to get hired. You can start by distributing some flyers to your locality.

You can also contact local paint shops and post a banner to their stores. Moreover, you can also use your social media presence to showcase your painting jobs.


Pros & Cons of Getting Paid From Under The Table Jobs


  • You get instant payment after the work
  • You get direct cash in most cases
  • No restrictions on working hours by law
  • No need to pay any additional tax on your income
  • Easy to find jobs in your locality


  • You won’t get any job security
  • You may face problems from revenue authorities if you don’t report your income
  • These jobs won’t create any employment history
  • You won’t get any additional benefits like 401k and medical insurances
  • You won’t get any social security or unemployment benefits



Now, you already know all the inside tricks and trades of under-the-table jobs. You also learn about the positive and negative points of these jobs.

But yes, you have to take action and start applying for these jobs right now if you are really looking for these jobs. Not every genre of work is suitable for you, which we have mentioned above.

You must definitely accumulate a few niches that suit your preferences. So, act accordingly and start pursuing your earning dream. You may also need to check out your local tax laws before beginning any of these jobs.


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