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UserZoom Testing Job Reviews – A Legit Company or Fake?

Money is a friend of everyone. Who doesn’t want it when there is a chance to earn extra cash just by sharing our experiences? But what type of experiences? We are going to reveal those in these UserZoom reviews.

Let me get to the point. If your friend takes you to shop, and she/he trails a nice outfit and asks you to share your experience or views. Right?

Similarly, here you visit a website or download an app to use and share your experiences. If you find a website loading at low speed or an app having bugs, you just let them know about those issues. That’s it.

For that, they will pay you some decent bucks. Simple right? We actually call them product testing jobs, and there are many legit websites that pay you to test websites online.

But today, we are going to discuss and review a company called UserZoom, one of those legit and popular platforms that pay you to do the same job.

In this article, actually, we are going to discuss this company, its signup & working process, pay rates, payout methods, user reviews, and some similar companies in the same industry.

So, without making any delay, let’s go to learn how to make extra bucks with UserZoom.


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What is UserZoom?

userzoom reviews

UserZoom is a website that was formerly named YouEye that has specific experience in initializing great digitalized experiences for the users.

Since January 2011, this company has had a vast record of producing good website testers. Formerly, its work was to test websites and produce a clear review of the same.

Every product development has its own lifecycle, where UserZoom provides confident solutions at every step.

For better digital experiences, UserZoom has actionable UX insights.

UserZoom has a good clientele such as Google, eBay, Walmart, Facebook, Etsy, GoDaddy, etc, which provides the website with a good scope for freshers to start their career as a website designer or website tester.


What Things/Skills are Needed to Work For UserZoom Panel?

Actually, the UserZoom test panel is called the IntelliZoom panel. As the basic opening is for a website tester, you need to be beyond 18 years to apply for IntelliZoom.

Also, the work is mostly home-based, so a good computer with a strong internet connection is mandatory too. The work profile demands a microphone and webcam too.

Further, to be clear, one has to be ready to work as an independent contractor on this panel.

Filling up your demographic info, you will be redirected to answer a few tests. These tests will monitor your voice, so you are bound to speak as much as possible.

A smartphone is also needed as some of the tests might need to be done over phones.

A clear idea of what UserZoom actually does is needed at the time of registration. You will have to answer a few questions regarding the same.


On What Basis Does The Recruitment Follow?

A general person who is trying to start a side gig with UserZoom should be good at delivering output. The person should be ready to face the camera and provide the feasible information requested.

One can either use a recruiting outsourcing to make an attempt or directly apply at their website.


What Is The Process To Get Started With UserZoom?

By filling up the registration form with your basic information, you can get free access to the sign-up procedure at UserZoom.

Later you will have to go to a 10-minute website test that will validate your feedback.

A basic form of a questionnaire is usually given during the test, and once you are done with it, you can directly upload the same on the website.

You will also have to give an audio test which has to be clear and just as instructed. A simple and clean audio file has the chance of getting hired quickly.


How To Get Selected For UserZoom & What To Do After Getting Hired?

After filling up your registration form, you will receive some links from the website to your email account. As these tests are usually first to come – first basis, you can start testing your links to mark your place.

Usually, these tests are a list of questions that you need to answer by following simple instructions that are already provided.

During the examination, the website usually records your facial expressions and voice tone through which you will be ranked.

There are also shopping websites that you need to test and submit clear feedback on what you like about it what is more to be improved, and whether the website was clear enough.

Finalizing the whole process will take around 10 to 20 minutes to finish.


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How Much A Tester Can Earn With UserZoom?

There are various tasks for which the payment is dynamic. For every survey you answer at UserZoom, you can pocket around $5 (if approved).

Every website search and test will pocket you around $10. Basically, these studies will take 10-20 minutes to be completed. So, you can pocket around $20 – $30 an hour from UserZoom.

Coming to the payouts, this money will reach you through PayPal after 21 days of submitting your work

Also, your work needs to be qualified, and the process can take around 5 days.


UserZoom Reviews- Pros and Cons

We all must be pretty sure that any company or, say, any work has its own positives and negatives. Frankly speaking, these points are always to be remembered and checked before starting something.


UserZoom team plays a vital role in helping its clients and employees with any need. A good crew works with the company as Customer Support agents.

UserZoom has good reviews for providing good quality work with reasonable packages. The payment at UserZoom is always legit, and it’s right on time. 

Additional tools are always upgraded as time moves on and demand rises. Along with user testing abilities, you can also try UserZoom, as it deals with card sorting, tree testing, survey capabilities, and mobile testing.

No specific downloading procedure is needed for data collection. You can monitor the user and test the website accordingly.

For unmoderated usability tests, you can record the procedure for future purposes. This will also ease your efficiency in adding and manipulating tasks.


The work schedule is very slow. The work available makes it difficult to forecast the amount you can make out of UserZoom.

The waitlist for work sometimes may be cross-month long, and this is one such UserZoom review I have come across.

You can only work by switching on your notification bar.

The surveys get filled up very quickly, and you need to be pretty quick in handling the work. You sometimes may start to fill in a form, and by the time you submit, it may pop up as ” already filled”.

Navigation sometimes becomes difficult because of third-party ad pop-ups.


Our Views on UserZoom

For sure, the UserZoom panel is evolving and growing positively.

In terms of usability testing websites, UserZoom can be considered one of the most reliable and trustworthy websites in the zone.

Talking about the openings at UserZoom, “online usability tester” will be a great side gig for a person of similar interest.

Definitely, this is not a full-time schedule that you can rely on for the longer term, yet this will be helpful as a side income.

While discussing the payment schedule, this website pays a decent amount for your time spent on a particular task, and the payouts are right on time.


How Far Can Anyone Rely On UserZoom?

Specifically speaking, if you have already been aware of a few of the survey-based websites, you will be very sure about the techniques.

If you can compare it with other similar websites, it is a proven fact that UserZoom has good reviews about its payouts and payment procedures.

Sometimes these websites can act as a stress reliever by indulging your personal interest in some mode of income.

At this point, you can be relieved by the fact that you are investing your time in something that will surely pay off.


UserZoom Reviews/Recommendations

IntelliZoom panel has great ratings on many platforms. This website has rated 3.8/5 stars on Sitejabber and 4/5 stars on Trustpilot websites.

Depending on the positives and negatives, viewers have given good reviews for UserZoom. These reviews speak the whole scenario of the company. 

Unless and until there are flaws about not being able to work full-time at UserZoom, as there is no continuous work.

Also, remember, companies like ClickTale, UserTesting, and Optimizely are a few of the competitor website that takes care of a similar work procedure.

There are many happy customers as well as happy employees of UserZoom. They usually recommend freshers or experienced candidates to apply to this website.

According to a user from Lenovo, “UserZoom is the only tool that can test all three screens, and it has many capabilities and is the most robust tool out there”.

People are a fan of the personality and the frictionless ability of the tools. These help to diploid tests without intervening in the IT department.

Freshers can truly give it a try and start your work-from-home option to make some money. But make sure you pick something else apart from UserZoom for sure.


Final Reviews of UserZoom

Around all the corners, you can consider UserZoom as a better place for UX insights.

With good packages and perks, this place can be considered a great start for someone who is trying to earn that extra income to support themselves.

A person who is good at breaking the navigation to solve complex interfaces can choose one place to start. UserZoom is ready to hire freelancers or freshers who can help them to test websites and take online surveys.

This is considered one of the legit companies that you can rely on.


I hope the above information is supportive enough to start on. I shall be glad to hear from you about your experiences if you have opted for any. 

Keep me posted about all your experiences, will be happy to know about your journey.


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