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25 Ways To Kickstart Your Video Game Career (Paying $100K+/Year)

Are you an avid gamer? Do you want to kickstart your video game career?

If yes, there are now ample opportunities for you as the gaming industry has been rapidly expanding over the last decade.

Gaming or gaming-related professions are incredibly lucrative for Gen-Y and Z as around 60% of total gamers come from the 13-to-34 age bracket.

However, there are several other professions than gaming itself in this industry.

But, before we reveal all the lucrative career opportunities in this industry, let’s clear your fundamental doubt first.


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What Are The Basic Skills Required To Start Video Game Career?

You must have already known that you can now get paid to play games.

But it is even more lucrative to work in the gaming industry if you are eyeing big money. And to get that, you need for main criteria to fulfill.

  • Educational Qualification: You need at least a high school diploma or GED. Some of the roles also require you to have at least a graduation degree or even MBA in many posts.
  • Technical Abilities: You should have basic computer proficiency. And some of the more advanced jobs need you to have coding or animation skills.
  • Understanding Of Games: You should have sufficient knowledge about games and gaming consoles.
  • Communication Skills: You need to have excellent communication skills, especially if you are eyeing any managerial positions or customer care positions.

Besides these four vital qualifications, you also need leadership skills to aim for a high-paying video game career path.

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Production-Related Video Game Career

There are now several game apps that pay instantly for playing exciting games on those platforms.

But if you are aiming for a full-time position in the video game industry, there are now ample opportunities available to kickstart a successful online video game career.


1. Games Designer

Needless to say, if you take up a video game designer career to enter the gaming industry, you’ll be the core member of any game’s development and production.

Besides the core design, you’ll also be responsible for making the GDDs (game design documents).

Although several high-paying freelance designing jobs are available nowadays, nothing can be as exciting as designing a game.

But yes, you do need to have excellent designing skills cheered by a creative mind to become a successful game designer.

It is also among the highest-paying roles in the entire gaming industry, where you can easily make more than $200k/year.

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2. Game Story & Script Writer

If you are willing to shape a video game designer’s career path without having any technical skills, you can definitely try to become a game story writer.

There are many high-paying writing jobs available these days, but nothing can be as rewarding as this one.

As a scriptwriter or core story writer of any game, you can comfortably make more than $5k/assignment on average.

And if you take it as a full-time profession, earning $100k/year or more is not a big deal either.

One of the best writing coaches, Holly Johnson, has recently launched her unique workshop, especially for story writers.

So, you should join this free writing workshop to shape your future as a game-story writer.


3. Character Designing Artist

If you are a great sketch artist and looking to start your career in video game designing, you better start as a character designer.

There are several legit websites to get paid to draw from where you can kickstart your career.

And in the gaming industry, your primary responsibility will be to draw the characters, costumes, and props. So, it is better to pursue a graphic designing course before entering this field.

Right now, most character designers in the USA reported earning more than $100k/year on average. But if you are really talented, this can go well beyond that.


4. Level Designer

While character designers create stunning heroes and bosses, level designers are responsible for designing fantastic houses, landscapes, and even dungeons.

So, they are equally essential to develop an unmatched overall feel.

It is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative careers in the video game industry, where you can start from an entry-level position.

But you do need at least a degree in animation or designing to get started.

While most game-development companies now offer around $100k to $120k/year on average these days, credible level designers earn well beyond that.

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5. Gaming Animator

Nothing can be as exciting to start a video game developer career as becoming a gaming animator.

You’ll be solely responsible for the animation of the entire game as a lead animator behind any game-development project.

Character designers and level designers will create the static profile. And you, as an animator, need to make them dynamic and playable.

And for that, a degree in gaming software design is a must. Right now, you can expect around $150k/year without incentives.

But most game development companies also offer bonuses and even stake options for their lead animators.


6. User Interface Artist

From primary menus to navigational components, from add-ons to heads-up displays, UI artists are responsible for several components in any game development.

And it is one of the best entry-level jobs to try if you want to start your video game career.

From visual effects to aesthetical sense, you need to have several qualities to become a credible UI artist.

And if you can become one, you can comfortably earn more than $120k/year.

But yes, you do need to have at least a graduation degree in designing or animation to get started. Besides the technical aspect, you also need an impeccable artistic sense.


7. Game Programmer

Programmers are the silent backbone of any game’s development. They are also one of the top-paid workers in the entire gaming industry.

Believe it or not, a skilled gaming programmer can easily fetch more than $240k/year on average.

But you need excellent skills in several programming languages, including Java, .Net, and C++.

Besides, you also need to have at least two years of industry experience to land a job at a reputed game designing farm.

Besides having a graduation degree in any coding-related subjects, you can also opt for a Games Technology course to even take your skills a step forward.


8. Database Engineer

You can find thousands of items in inventories, hundreds of different characters, and several thousands of other elements in any game.

So, a database engineer is the one who culminates everything in a single place to make it accessible and playable.

Although it is not an entry-level job, you can start your video game career in this sector even with two years of experience in the respective field.

And you can comfortably make around $100k to $150k/year on average.

You need to have extreme expertise in several coding languages, including PHP, SQL, Ruby On Rails, and even Python, to start your career as a database engineer.

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9. Video Game Voiceover Artist

A character feels lively only with sounds and voices, isn’t it? So, a voiceover artist is as important to develop a character in any game as the lead animator itself.

You can surely expect around $2k to $5k/assignment.

Although there are several high-paying voiceover jobs available these days, nothing can be as exciting as working in the gaming industry.

But, landing in a legit voiceover project is not an easy deal, and you need many other skills rather than having a good voice texture and modulation quality.

So, you can join the free mini-course on voiceover by Hollywood’s favorite voiceover actor and mentor, Julie Eickhoff.


10. Composer/Musician

The excitement and the adrenalin rush get doubled up with stunning background music and ambient noises, isn’t it?

So, if you have the musical sense and creativity to create stunning pieces, you can kickstart your video game career as a composer.

You may not believe it, but now you can also get paid to listen to music online. But, working in the music field in the gaming industry is way more rewarding than that, although you need natural talent to stand out.

You can expect around $10k to $20k/assignment as a gaming music composure. But many famous composers even earn millions each year.

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11. Audio Engineer

If composers are responsible for creating stunning BGMs, audio engineers are responsible for the correct implementation and sync of those pieces.

Audio engineers are also equally high-paid, as they earn close to $120k/year on average.

However, you do need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in audio engineering to kickstart your video game development career in this segment.

Besides, you should also have artistic senses. Most game development companies prefer audio engineers with at least two years of industry experience.

But yes, there are several new houses that offer lucrative opportunities for freshers as well.


12. Technical Support Specialists

Game development is a core sector in the IT field. And like all other sectors in IT, game development also needs support from credible technical experts.

As a fresher, you can expect around $50k to $80k/year on average. However, many technical support experts in the gaming industry reported earning more than $100k/year.

To land in this position, you need at least a bachelor’s degree in any technical subjects like computer engineering and hardware designing.

Besides, you’ll get preference if you have at least a year of industry experience.


13. Audio And Text Translators

Have you played Witcher or COD? If yes, you must have noticed that the characters can play and communicate in several languages besides English.

And the audio and text translators are the ones who are responsible for this multi-lingual support of any game.

So, if you have expertise in any two languages, you can surely kickstart your video game career as an audio or text translator.

And for that, you can typically expect around $40k to $50k/year on average.

You need an excellent grip over grammatical, syntactical, and punctuational aspects of languages. Besides, you also need to have at least 65 WPM typing speed with 95% accuracy.


14. Video Game QA Tester

Quality assurance and analysis experts are responsible for making any game error-free. They mainly point out flaws and bugs in the game and then rectify those.

So, you can surely start a video game tester career if you are an avid gaming fan.

But yes, it is better to have at least a graduation degree in either computer science or software engineering.

If you can prove your worth as a credible QA tester, you can easily fetch around $80k/year on average with incentives and bonuses.


15. Game Tester

Nothing can be as exciting and thrilling as becoming a game tester to start an all-new video game career.

Trust me; you’ll play the game before anyone on this blue planet as a game tester.

Besides, you don’t even need any particular skills or qualifications other than having true love for computer games and a passion for playing those.

And for that, you can comfortably make around $15/hour on average.

Most game-development companies now have in-house game testers that they hire on a full-time basis. And for that, they ensure up to $50k yearly packages.


16. Professional Gamer

Most of the Gen-Y prefer video game player career as it attracts fame besides a handsome salary package.

And, it is probably among the very few positions in the gaming industry that doesn’t need any specific qualification.

All you need is to be a good gamer with impeccable skills to become a professional game tester. Most game-development companies hire game testers from gaming tournaments.

Besides, you can also directly apply for this position. And as a starter, you can expect around $50k to $60k/year on average these days.

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17. Game Influencer

A relatively new career opportunity in the gaming industry, game influencers are not just highly-famed but also highly paid.

You may not know, that PewDiePie himself started as a game influencer having his gaming channel on YouTube.

You need either a YouTube channel or an excellent social media following to become a game influencer.

And the game-development companies will reach you to promote their games, obviously for monetary benefits.

Trust me, although it is not a conventional job, becoming a game influencer is definitely one of the highest-paying weekend jobs where you can even earn more than $100k/year.


Sales And Business-Related Video Game Career

Besides the creation, designing, and production of games, there are several other things that game-development companies also need to accomplish.

So, you can also take up any supportive and sales-related video game career that pays equally well.


18. Gaming Producers

Producers are the financial backbone of any game development.

They are solely responsible for gathering and distributing funds, strategizing the entire production process, and also for hiring the right people for the right work.

Most game-development companies have their in-house producers to plan and execute any project. And for that, they often get company stakes besides having a $200k+/year salary.

But producers are the ones that take the most responsibility in any development as they are the ones who set the final vision for a game.

And from finalizing the storyline to ordering food, they are the POC for the whole team.


19. Human Resources

HR or human resources is extremely important in any field, and the gaming sector is no different.

So, if you want to start your video game career as an HR, it is definitely a great option.

You need at least an MBA degree in HR management to become eligible for this position. Besides, most companies prefer the candidate to have at least two years of industry experience.

In your initial days, you can expect around $50k/year on average. However, this yearly package can even cross the $100k benchmark for credible and experienced candidates.


20. Cybersecurity Expert

Like any IT field, cybersecurity is a must-have segment in game development too.

And cybersecurity experts are the ones responsible for eliminating and preventing any cyber attack or hacking attempts on in-game servers.

Besides, they also eliminate any chance of online piracy releases and leaks. But yes, you do need to have strong technical expertise to start your career as a cybersecurity expert in the gaming field.

Even after having at least a graduation degree in computer science or engineering, you need more than five years of experience. But, your salary will start from $80k/year or more.


21. Market Research Analysts

Game development companies get the most profit if they can create and launch a game at the right time.  And that too, on trending themes.

But, do you know who analyzes this data to find the right time and theme? Yes, it is the market research analyst who does just that.

Although there are several ways to get paid to surf the web, nothing can be equally rewarding than this position in the gaming field.

Most companies prefer analysts having at least an MBA degree with industry experience. And they are ready to pay around $60k to $80k/year for that.


22. Marketing Managers

In a game-development company, a marketing manager is someone who designs and supervises the entire marketing campaign to make sure the game reaches as many people as possible.

And to get this job, you need to have at least a graduation degree in economics or any finance-related subjects.

Besides, you do need at least a year of industry experience. You can typically expect around $4k to $6k/month on average.

However, many companies pay much more than that to credible managers.


23. Project Manager

If you have excellent management skills and want to start a new video game career, you should better eye for the role of a project manager.

You’ll be entitled to observe and supervise the entire project of game development as a project manager.

You have the right quality to manage a large team and settle down issues in internal meetings.

Besides, you need at least an MBA degree or a master’s degree in business or management to get this job.

Most game-development companies pay around $80k to $100k/year to their project managers on average.


24. Sales Representatives

As a Sales representative, your primary role will be to assure sufficient sales of the game in stores and game parlors.

While most game publishers have their own company-paid sales representatives, many retail stores also hire their individuality.

And the best part, you don’t even need any degree or a specific skill to bag this job. However, you do need to have excellent communication skills.

As a fresher in sales, you can expect around $2k to $4k/month on average. However, this earning will go well beyond that with uncapped incentives and commissions on sales.


25. Customer Support

Do you have excellent communication skills? Do you know how to coolheadedly handle multiple customers at a time?

If yes, you are ready to start your video game career as a customer support agent. You need just two things to kickstart your journey as a customer care agent.

First, you need ample knowledge about games and gaming consoles. And second, you should have basic computer skills.

Most of the legit chat support jobs from home now pay in the range of $12 to $18/hour on average. And, the gaming sector is no different as they pay in the same bracket.


How Much Can You Earn From Video Game Career?

You can typically expect around $30k to $50k a year in entry-level positions as a fresher in the gaming industry.

And for more advanced roles like a designer or an animator, this package can go as high as $100k to $120k/year.

However, there are positions like a producer and designer who earns more than $200k+/year.

Even if you don’t want to invest whole days, you can surely start your part-time video game career as either a tester or an influencer.

And trust me, it is one of the best side jobs that pay up to $80/hour or more these days.



Although it is now easy to start a video game career, you can definitely do it if you have genuine love and passion for this industry.

However, you need to choose the stream according to your area of preference.

These video game jobs are also equally-suited as legit income opportunities for introverts as most of the roles in this industry need minimal interactions.

So, that’s all for today, folks! Feel free to submit your feedback and suggestions about this topic in the comment box below.



Is Gaming A Good Career?

Gaming is definitely a promising career nowadays, which is equally loved and adored by Gen-Y and Z.

You can typically expect around $10/hour to $18/hour on average as a part-time gamer. However, this earning will go to $30k/year if you take it as your full-time profession.


Is Video Game Designer A Good Career?

Yes, working as a designer in a game development company is definitely a lucrative career opportunity.

You can easily make around $80k to $120 per year on average as a lead designer. However, several game designers also reported earning more than $200k a year.


How To Start A Career In Video Game Design?

To start your career as a game designer, you need to have fantastic sketching skills with creative understanding.

And you need to have at least a graduation degree in animation to enter this industry.

But to work as a lead designer, you need to have at least 8 to 10 years of industry experience.


Can You Make A Living Off Gaming?

You can now comfortably make a living off gaming and other gaming-related careers.

A full-time gamer now earns around $18k to $30k on average. Besides, a part-time gamer now typically makes around $10 to $12/hour.

However, they earn substantial prize monies on top of that.

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