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Did you know Vindale Research pays you for your valued opinions? Or did you even know that something like this appears on this earth?

My review over Vindale Research will at least let you know that it is not a scam and you can surely try this.
This is one of the best ways to earn money on the internet in today’s life. Answering surveys could actually gain you some income. Isn’t it just wow to earn income by sharing your opinions?

Interesting? You are at the right place if you are in search of something like that.

Basically, I am assuming that you are aware of paid surveys and the benefits that people are enjoying online. If your answer is ‘No’ let me help you with a brief idea about it.

Hope you are excited and so I’ll start on with the job.


Quick Money Ideas with Amazing Bonuses:

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SurveyJunkie: Take short, easy and selected surveys and get paid up to $3 – $75 per each survey. The only site has more than 4.5 stars rating on Trustpilot. Signup here.

InboxDollars: Get paid to watch videos, play games, and shop online. $5 Signup bonus. One already made $75 within a week. Signup now.

Vindale Research: Up to $50 per survey & $0.50 per email. $5 per referring friends, sharing payment receipts. Join now for FREE.

PineCone Research: Earn $3 – $5 per each survey & up to $7 per each product test. Win Amazon, Walmart gift cards. Sign up now.

OpinionCity: Connects all high paying survey platforms in one place. Earn up to $100 per survey. Limited Joinings. Join here NOW.


What Are Actually Paid Survey?

Paid surveys are a small form of a questionnaire that you need to answer and submit them back to the associated companies.

These questionnaires will be based on a variety of topics like popular restaurants or sports or health and beauty or travel and leisure or cars and trucks or politics or current events and many more.

It is that easy, but what matters is, you need to select the legit place to give your opinions to.

Please continue to read to find one of the legit sites to earn accordingly.


About Vindale Research:

about vindale

I know many of you are looking to earn some extra cash here and there and get connected to a few legit websites.

I will not make any false promises that this option will replace your present job. This will just help you satisfying small bills, and that is always reawakening.

Vindale Research is one such place where you can earn income to provide an opinion as a customer of a product.

Similarly, there are other websites that do the same job as Survey Junkie or Swagbucks and many others.

Usually, at Vindale Research, all your reports are gathered and are studied to improvise their products and marketing strategy.

There are many companies that hire Vindale Research to offer valued opinions about their products. Companies like general electric, Johnson and Johnson, coca-cola and others are on the list.

With the help of such surveys, the companies make changes in their products so that they can reach a vast group with success.


Vindale Research Review – Signup Process:

It is a completely regular and basic version to log in to this website through Google or Facebook.

You need to fill-up the form with details like your name, address, your mail address, ZIP code, and other usual pieces of information.

It will take you not more than 2 minutes to get associated with this website. Also, it helps you to earn a bonus of $1 as a token of a gift for joining.

Doesn’t that sound quick and easy?

Vindale Research makes it easier for an employee to use the interface through any device.


How Much Do I Make Through This Survey Panel?

vindale research paid surveys

Frankly speaking, I do not say that you will earn high, but if you click on the right survey, you can earn up to $50 per single questionnaire.

But this website also lets you earn healthy with other opportunities. We shall discuss that in the later stages. Do not miss those steps by overlooking as a few people do.

They are roughly known as GPT sites – Get Paid To which lets you earn income with many other options.

Keep in mind that, even these web sites do not pay you high. You can gradually make money by continuing your commitment to the organization. As the proverb says “slow and steady wins the race“, it suits this scenario.

Basically, the tough and deep the questionnaire, the more money you make of it. The more complicated and the more terminology included in the questionnaire, the high you get paid.

Also Read InboxDollars Review – How to Make Money Watching Videos.


Vindale Research Review – Payments:

vindale earnings

Till now, Vindale members have earned more than 7 million direct cash. Aren’t you one of them? If yes, you must join the Vindale network today.

There is a minimum amount threshold of $50 to cash out your earnings. The mode of payment is PayPal or Cheque.

The process will take around 5 -7 working days to get debited in your account.

There are no points or coins where you need to redeem your points. It is truly hard cash you will be earning.


Vindale Research Review – More Ways To Earn Cash:

ways to earn vindale research

Luckily survey offers are not only the aspect of money earning at Vindale Research.

You have many more ways to earn and I am sure you would like all of them. With good experience and understanding with the company, you can explore many of the options to make additional cash.

Below are a few ways listed, which you can try if you get bored of the regular surveys.


Participate in Surveys:

vindale research get paid to take surveys

Though survey panels are one of the most popular ways to earn money on this website, it can sometimes become hectic when you don’t get qualified to take the test after investing some of your quality time on it.

Usually, it takes about 5 to 15 minutes to complete a survey and you can earn something around from $0.50 cents to $50 for each survey.

Your cash out procedure can take around 5 business days to get credited in your account but be sure about the expiry time and date. Don’t let your points or currency get expired before you click on it.

Additional support that Vindale Research gives is, it has a Google Chrome browser extension which helps in getting alerts if you have any new studies.


Panels Participation:

One of the unique features compared to others is a panel section that is on Vindale Research.

This lets you take surveys from third-party websites as well. This option lets you some ‘additional earning opportunities.

These third-party websites have their own modes of payment. Vindale Research has nothing to do with the transfer procedures.

When you enter the ‘panels‘ section you will have an ‘apply now‘ box. Click on it and get redirected to a new window.

You can start your job by joining those websites and earn a few basic incomes easily.

I don’t guarantee to earn hard cash at every stage in this section but you will surely earn gift cards or coins where you can redeem that for something valuable.

Don’t worry about the questions, as they would range something with your regular basic life.


Refer And Earn:

vindale research referral program

Having many other branches, Vindale Research also provides some extra income for ‘referrals’.

It offers a $5 bonus for referral activity. All you need to do is send your specific code to your friends and if they join the website through that code you will be receiving a bonus of $5.

A small loop and litigation in earning this $5 are that at your referral to be active enough on the website.

Also, there is one more option that Vindale Research has applied its brain on. The way of getting it’s old clients back to join Vindale Research is, they offer $5 as a bonus for the ‘payment photo’.

All you need is to take a snapshot of your first payment received from the company and uploaded it with the testimonials to earn $5 for it.


Reward Codes:

vindale research reward codes

Reward codes are again a new concept on this website.

You can always find reward codes that will help you to earn some money by joining the Vindale community.

The basic job is to follow them on social pages or blogs and find the reward codes to earn some income.

There won’t be any notification so you need to have a look at the website every now and then.

These are similar to miniature scavenger hunts which will let you settle your urge to earn. Each reward differs from one another and you can probably earn that amount in 60 seconds.

Basically, you need to check on their blog or Twitter or Facebook page to find the question send the answer and enter it on their site.


Get Paid To Read Mails:

get paid to read emails

As in reward codes, there are also reward emails that will let you earn some income by the mail program.

This is again a basic act where you need to click on their email and go through the messages that are promoting some of the other products.

Again as for the reward codes, the payment here also differs and basically starts from $0.10 cents per email.

For the subscription, you will earn around 2 dollars when you sign up for reward emails specifically.


Get Paid To Watch Videos:

get paid to watch videos

If watching videos is your part of the hobby, you can actually earn income through it.

You will have videos based on surveys and all you need to do is to watch them completely.

But this option is not open for all. You need to check the eligibility criteria on the surveys page to know if you can earn through it.

If you are aware of short videos that you are asked to watch at the airport to exchange for Wi-Fi access, Vindale’s videos are exactly similar to those.

You can pocket around 0.05 dollars to watch a minute-long video.


Get Paid To Show Off Your Earnings:

vindale research review payment proofs

Yes, Vindale Research also pays you to share your payment receipts. You can make $5 for payment photo. This offer allows more people to share their genuine reviews and payment proofs that they got from Vindale.

Never heard before or anywhere right? Yes, this is the unique opportunity that Vindale is offering to its users. Wanna earn money from Vindale Research?

Don’t waste your time thinking too much. This company is completely different from all the other survey panels in the industry. Visit their website and complete your signup. You won’t regret your decision.


Daily Rewards:

You will have one question each day to answer or share a review on the blog for $0.50 cents.

This amount is just a mode to attract you towards the bonus question but you may end up earning a bit high from the suggested amount.
This procedure will make sure the viewer to login to the website regularly.

Vindale has mastered in all such tiny portions to not leave its viewers away from its website. I appreciate the effort, or else, they cannot be the leading firms of the related industry.


Vindale Research Review – Pros & Cons:

Wow, we have discussed almost what is required about the website. Finally, I think we can discuss its goods and bads or pros and cons for just a brief review.

As for any companies or any startups or any basic stuff, there would be both positives and negatives. Unless negatives you cannot reach the standards that you are bound to.

Similarly, the Vindale community also faces negative feedback online, more comparative to the positive ones.



For the people who compare things, they are very much sure about the Glassdoor or Better Business Bureau certification which is otherwise called as the BBB credential.

So, these people will be happy to know that Vindale research has grabbed position A.



Coming to the negatives as I can see online, they are a bit more in number and so is alarming.

You can leave common and basic complaints but yet not negligible.

As people complain that the amount of time spent on a survey is not satisfied with the amount they receive for it.

Spending a lot of time on a survey and then realizing that you are not eligible for it is a bit frustrating (but this happens on every platform).

One of the complaints roused saying even being a US citizen his account was canceled (with $90) as he was not residing in the US. So make sure to keep the things clear before starting the job.


Appreciating Vindale Research:

  1. All suggested paid surveys can be answered and submitted in any of your devices unless you have your login details.
  2.  Tremendous ways to earn with a wide scope. Not ok with Survey? Try to earn by watching videos. Not ok with that too? try something else.
  3. No points – No coins – no Gift Cards. Rewards – Pure Hard Cash. Though the amount is low, yet cash has its own value.
  4. Compared to other websites, the amount you receive per survey is high.
  5. As available to social media or blogs, you will have notifications so that you don’t miss out on anything important.
  6. Reward Codes and challenges and referral system(earn $5 for active member), who wants to forget that.
  7. You will be able to view the amount that you will earn to take the survey and you earned for completing it. All crystal clear.
  8. Free sign up. Additional earn $1 for signing up.


Not Appreciating Vindale Research:

  1. The website for the first thought will strike your nerves. I personally felt it a bit clumsy.
  2. Pay rate is low for the time spent on the survey. But is comparatively high for other sites. Also, some surveys expire without knowledge.
  3. Sudden deletion of accounts is very frustrating and annoying.
  4. Once you get associated, you will receive numerous emails that are not easy to handle.
  5. Cash-out time is high – around $50.
  6. Specific country citizens only can get associated and participate in earning.
  7. It takes a lot of time during the surveys to just let you know that you are not eligible.

The above are a few things that I appreciate from my end. But for things that I don’t appreciate, I don’t mean to say that the site is a scam.

There are numerous people who are enjoying the benefits and so you could too. Have a little more patience and allot your time and even you can earn through Vindale.

Also, you should remember, this site provides you with other sections to work and earn rather than just get bored or frustrated by answering the surveys.


Conclusion – Vindale Research Review:

vindale research reviews

With the above basic information and my portion of the research for Vindale Research review, all I can say is, Vindale Research is a legit place to earn income and so give it a try, IT IS NOT A SCAM.

All you need is to be extra cautious to go around its Terms and Conditions.

This site will not make you rich and you should be notified about it. It will not replace your present job or monthly income you earn.

Vindale Research will be a great place to start if you are looking to make money through market research.

Why don’t you just sign up and try this? I don’t think you will be unsatisfied. Go for it and do not forget to drop me feedback or post your pic with your first paycheque.

Hope you like this review of Vindale Research. Awaiting for suggestions or comments if any. I wish you a happy earning with all the luck.


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