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VIPKID Review: Extra $2000/Month Side Hustle or Scam?

Want to make extra cash working from home or anywhere by sharing your knowledge with others? Are you still searching for a job, even having a college degree and great English language skills? Here we are giving a great solution to your problem through our VIPKid review.

If you like spending time with kids, then VIPKID is a great solution to your problem of getting a job.

With a college degree and the English language skills you possess, you can opt for this job which pays you around $50,000 a year.

On the other side, with a flexible schedule, you can still work as a part-time tutor when you are not earning enough from your full-time job.

Are you excited to know more about this company? Then let’s check our complete VIPKid review for its history, hiring process, work, pay rates, payment methods, pros, and cons.


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What is VIPKid?

vipkid review - about company

VIPKid is an online ESL company that teaches English as a Secondary Language(ESL).

VIPKid connects children from China to tutors across the globe. This company provides English classes for children of ages 4-12. VIPKid has both trial and regular students.

VIPKid gives flexible timings and excellent work-from-home opportunities for their tutors. Based on the convenience of their time, VIPKid teachers can teach classes one on one. The class is for a period of half an hour- 25 minutes for the lesson itself and the remaining 5 minutes for a session of Q&A.

VIPKid curriculum is based on the Common Core Standards required in the United States. However, you need to check the review material at least 6-12 hours in advance.

This company is similar to some other ESL companies like Qkids, DadaABC, and Cambly.

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VIPKid Review – History

vipkid review history

This online virtual classroom provider started in October 2013 in Beijing, China.

Since then, it has won awards like the US-China Entrepreneurship Leader Award and the Top 21 Global Innovation Award. Ever since, it has been growing rapidly and attracting many investors, including Kobe Bryant.

To date, this 3 billion dollar worth company has more than 200 thousand premium users and 30,000 foreign teachers. Still, this place is open for new tutors who like to teach English online.

If you want to sign up with VIPKid, you can go through the application process followed by VIPKid, as mentioned in this VIPKid review. Before that, let’s see what you need to have to be eligible for this job. Take a look!


VIPKid Review – Teacher Requirements

Here are a few basic requirements to have before submitting your application to VIPKid,

  • You must speak English as your native language.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in any field will be accepted.
  • You must have experience either in teaching or tutoring, or coaching. In the case of VIPKid, there is no specification of a particular number of years of experience.
  • Once you are eligible for all these requirements, you have to sign a minimum of a 6-month renewable contract.

Apart from your personal & educational skills, you must also need some equipment listed below:


Equipment Required To Become a VIPKid Tutor

  • You need to have a desktop computer or laptop, Mac or PC.
  • The System with a webcam and microphone is essential.
  • You can teach from an iPad once you’re hired, but you can’t complete the interview with one.
  • The system should run on Windows 7 or above.
  • CPU Intel Core i3 or above CPU; at least 4GB RAM memory.
  • Use a headset with a microphone with stable input and output.
  • Must have LAN connection- at least 20Mbps.
  • Browser requirements: Google Chrome-version 51 or above/ Firefox Browser: version 47 or above.

Once you meet all these requirements, you can go through the application process, which is briefly given in this VIPKid review.


How can I apply for VIPKid?

To become a VIPKid teacher, the first step is to fill out the application form on the company’s website and forward your resume.

Along with the resume, you need to attach supporting documents like a college degree and a TESL certificate.

After that, you need to follow the below-mentioned hiring process for VIPKid.

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Hiring Process Of VIPKid

Once the application process is completed, you are going to face an interview with the VIPKid recruiter.

Online Interview With a VIPKid Recruiter

Here you are invited to a session of 30 minutes where you need to showcase your teaching skills to the recruiter.

During this process, you are asked to give a short demo class. This session determines your base pay rate for the lesson.

So it should be more effective, prepare as well as possible. Sometimes there will conduct a small test to verify your credentials.

A Full-Length Lesson With VIPKid Teacher

Here comes the real part. Once you complete the online session, you have to practice a full-length teaching class with another VIPKid teacher.


Average VIPKid Teacher Salary

Assuming you are passed, you will get an email that is like a rubric. That email is composed of your score and comments on your strengths and weakness in each section.

On behalf of that, they also mention your base pay rate, which is generally $7-$9 per class. With each class running 25 minutes, you will get $14-$18 per hour as your base pay plus bonuses.


Contract Sign With VIPKid

If you’re at this level, congratulations! Now, you’re going to sign up for a contract with VIPKid. Upload some necessary documents and outright a background check.

According to this contract, you must complete the Teacher Training and Practicum.

Teacher Training is nothing but a bundle of YouTube videos. These videos give complete information about teaching methods, dos and don’ts, and general materials.

Once you finish watching these videos, they may conduct a Quiz to check your stuff. The Quiz can be a prodigiously easy one if you understand those videos well.


VIPKid Pay Rates

Your base pay rate is decided based on your demo class, as mentioned above. Base pay rates range from $7-$9 per 25 minutes class (or $14-$18/hour) plus incentives. This is normal anywhere.

The reason why it is called “base” pay is because of VIPKid provides awesome incentives to encourage their teachers.

VIPKid provides flexible tutoring opportunities for teachers, as there is no minimum (or maximum) number of hours that a tutor must teach per day, week, or month.

Incentives and Contests

For every single class, you’re eligible to earn up to $2.

  • For punctuality and teaching according to schedule- you get $1.
  • Based on the number of classes you take per month, you get $1. ($1 if you finish 45 or more classes per month, $0.50 if you finish 30 classes per month).

In addition to these incentives, your payment ranges from $14/hour to $20/hour.

Along with these incentives, they also provide some contests/bonuses.

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Payments & Payouts

VIPKid teachers get their paychecks through direct deposits.

VIPKid payouts happen monthly, usually during the middle of the month (10-15th 0f month). As VIPKid teachers are Independent contractors, they are responsible for their own taxes.


VIPKid Review – Pros and Cons


  1. VIPKid provides flexible working hours and the ability to work from home opportunities to the teachers.
  2. As VIPKid gives organized information to the teachers. The information is about the pre-planned schedule of lessons which was well-impressed by most of the teachers. Hence there is no need for preparation.
  3. The payment offered by VIPKid is good, and extras are also good. If you find regular students to teach, then it will be easy for you to watch their progress.
  4. The best thing you can find here is students. They are very adorable, and they always look for learning.


  1. Not as flexible as mentioned. Once your schedule is submitted, you can’t make any changes to it in spite of having personal issues.
  2. The application process followed by VIPKid is quite lengthy. According to the few feedbacks I saw, one can find some inconsistencies in the hiring process.
  3. As mentioned above, the students are mostly from China. But the teacher may be anywhere on the planet. The peak hours in China are not the same as the people in the US, which means teachers need to work at some unusual times (early mornings and late nights).
  4. As we already know, online platforms do not work with smartphones or Tablets. If there is no desktop computer available for you, this will not work for you. There are also some technical issues that we can find here.

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VIPKid Review- FAQs

Want to apply for VIPKid? But had some Queries about the company? Then have a look; here are a few FAQs related to VIPKid online tutoring jobs.

What is the complete overview of the application process?

  1. Submit your application and resume.
  2. Finish the interview with the recruiter and the live demo class.
  3. Complete the training and quiz.
  4. Complete the Mock 1 lesson and, if possible, complete the Mock 2 lesson.
  5. Upload the required documents.
  6. Open your schedule and start teaching!


Is VIPKid give you a full-time or part-time job position?

Working with VIPKid can be part-time or full-time completely, depending on your choice.

A VIPKid teacher gets his/her success from the parent’s feedback and the way they teach their sessions.


Does VIPKid check the Degree?

Yes, VIPKid check Degree. This can be done after you nailed the hiring process.

A Bachelor’s degree in any field is essential for a VIPKid teacher. They ask for it as proof!


Experience in teaching is necessary or not?

Experience with children, like tutoring, coaching, and teaching, is preferred but not necessary.


Is there any dress code?

No. But in the earlier, VIPKid uses a dress code of an Orange shirt. Now, this policy is not in process.

Any solid-color shirt with no logo is preferred(Of course, a logo of VIPKid is allowed).


How to get bookings?

After the completion of the hiring process, Login into your teacher portal on the system. On the left side of the home page, make sure your certificates are listed.

On your first login, they may not be listed. If your certificates are not shown off, parents literally can’t see you or find you. You need to wait for a few days.

Still, if your certificates are not getting visible, don’t hesitate to send a ticket to the support center. Make yourself available as far as possible to get more bookings.


What are the peak hours?

The hours which have the most demand from parents are called peak hours. The times between 5:00 am to 8:30 am are called peak hours or popular hours.

There is also a demand for teachers to teach classes to students in the early morning or late at night on the weekends.


How long is each class?

The length of each class is exactly 30 minutes without preparation time. In that period of class, 25 minutes for teaching and the remaining for interaction with the student.

After that, they can take a few minutes to refer to the comments section.


What should I do if my class is incorrectly marked even if it is completed?

Leave a ticket in your teacher portal available in your support center.


Is VIPKid pay for each class?

No. The VIPKid payment process happens once a month through direct deposit. That is usually during the middle of the month.


When will my contract be renewed?

As we already know VIPKid contract is for 6 months. If you decide to continue working with VIPKid, then you can renew your contract about a month before the end of your contract.

Then you will receive a message when you open your booking portal, which contains a link. That link is for your new contract. Read the contract and write your name below the contract to sign it.


Is there any raise in my pay?

If you’re in the second contract, then there is no raise in your base pay rate. If it is your third contract, then there might be a chance to rise.


Does VIPKid provide any benefits to its teachers, like health insurance?

If you’re selected as a VIPKid teacher, you become an independent contractor. Now, you’ve entered into business for yourself.

Thus, the company does not provide any health insurance or other benefits.

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Our VIPKid Review/Recommendation

join vipkid

Yes, VIPKid is a legitimate company. No reason to say this website is a scam.  It is the best way to earn money from home by sharing your knowledge and language skills with kids.

The future of education is completely going online. Anyone from any place can use the Internet as a platform to teach their skills to anyone from anywhere.

For online platforms, technical issues are common. If you do not connect, you can’t teach. If you can’t teach, you can’t earn. So, for this reason, our recommendation is to treat this opportunity as your part-time job.


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