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20 Companies To Virtual Call Center Jobs In 2020 (*Updated)

Call center jobs are one of the most lucrative job options for the millennial. This job doesn’t require any specific academic qualifications.

However, one needs to develop excellent communication skills and proficiency in essential computer operation to get started in this field.

Due to the ongoing demand increase, and new companies entering this field, people looking for virtual call center jobs are also exploding.

With self-confidence and a little voice training, it is not very difficult to become a good telecaller who can convert cold calls. And in inbound calls, you can prosper pretty fast if you have client handling and troubleshooting skills.

But, you need to judge your talent before entering this field accurately. If you have a strong selling skill, don’t hesitate to go for outbound sales calls as it will earn you more. And, the rest of the people can opt for inbound calls.


Best Virtual Call Center Jobs

Finding a legit website or company that provides high-paying virtual call center jobs can be challenging and can take huge time.

And to solve these issues, we have found and listed 20 amazing companies that provide legit call center jobs in 2020. So, check these websites!


1. ACD Direct

Website: ACD Direct.
Earning Potential: Depends on the project.

It is one of the most-trusted call center companies in the United States that handles reputed clients. You have to take the donation calls for several organizations such as PBS while working with this company.

And as it deals with sensitive data and financial aspects of companies, it will conduct a background check before giving you the final approval.

You also need to pay a small fee of $45 for the background check. Once you get the joining approval, you can start taking calls from your home office.

You must have a good computer with a high-speed internet connection to get started. Besides, you should have your audiovisual equipment to start this freelance work.


2. AMBS Call Center

Website: AMBS Call Center.
Earning Potential: Up to $16.25 per hour.

If you are looking for legit virtual call center jobs, this company can be a goldmine. This family-owned outfit mainly specializes in answering service for its clients.

This company operates 24-hour throughout the week. So, you’ll have your freedom to choose your preferred shift of calling after joining this company.

You need to have a strong communication skill and client-handling capacity to get selected. Right now, this company is paying around $13.25 per hour to its callers.

However, it can go as high as $16.25 per hour with bonuses. Besides a timely salary, you’ll also get several other benefits such as healthcare and post-retirement support.


3. Conduent

Website: Conduent.
Earning Potential: $13 per hour on average.

This establishment delivers custom solutions and complete calling service to its clients. It mainly works with over 500 government-dependent companies, along with several Fortune 100 companies.

And for that, you won’t face any shortage of project supply while working as a call center agent with this company. Besides the regular customer support calls, you can also work in this company in tech support.

It assures proper training to each of its freelance members before joining. You’ll earn around $12 per hour during the training period that can go up to $13 per hour after successful completion of your training.


4. Sutherland Global

Website: Sutherland Global.
Earning Potential: Up to $12 per hour.

Since its establishment, it offers rapid response service to all its clients to meet the needs of the demanding market. It also provides stellar customer support experience on behalf of its clients.

It assures the true GCP experience to the customers to maximize and broaden the lead generation for the end client. This company now sets its footprint in several sectors, from retail to healthcare.

So, you will have the opportunity to work with various clients. Right now, this company offers around $8.50 per hour to its new freelance callers. However, this rate can go as high as $12 per hour with increased experience.


5. SEI

Website: SEI.
Earning Potential: Up to $12 per hour + additional benefits.

Since its establishment in 1969, this company has been delivering unmatched customer support experience for its clients worldwide.

It has more than four decades of experience in this particular field with an ever-expanding clientele. And now, it is accepting talented callers to join its team of remote customer support experts.

You need to have strong communication skills and native-level language proficiency to get selected. Right now, this company is paying around $12 per hour to its freelancer callers.

However, you’ll also get several other benefits besides salaries, such as paid training, medical benefits, 401(k), and paid vacations.


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6. Enterprise

Website: Enterprise.
Earning Potential: Up to $14.8 per hour.

It is a vehicle rental company that now offers reservation sales representative jobs to freelance telecallers. However, all of its positions are a full-time basis, and you need to devote at least five days each week.

Besides, you also need to go through 4-11 weeks of the paid training program before you start working. This company is currently paying $11 per hour on average to its sales representatives and $12.5 per hour to its customer service representatives.

You can earn as much as $14.8 per hour on average if you join as an escalation support trainee. However, you need to commit at least 40 hours per week on each of its positions.


7. Intuitive Solutions

Website: Intuitive Solutions.
Earning Potential: Up to $10.5 per hour + $0.55 bonus per order.

This outfit mainly works for the giant food chain, Pizza Hut. Its telecallers take calls of the customers, process these orders, and send them to the right store.

So, excellent communication skills are a must-have to take this job. Right now, this company is hiring contract home agents to process Pizza Hut calls throughout the nation.

Starting from table reservations to take delivery orders, you have to do multiple tasks in this particular job. And, you’ll get around $7.5 per hour on an average after joining this company.

However, it can go as high as $10.5 per hour with increased experience. You will also get $0.55 per order as a bonus.


8. Blue Zebra

Website: Blue Zebra.
Earning Potential: Up to $25 per hour.

It specializes in appointment setting for its clients and customers. This virtual company has a cloud-based office where each of its employees works from their own houses.

However, you need to devote at least 3-6 hours each day between 8 AM to 5 PM, according to EST. Besides, you also need to commit at least 15 to 30 hours per week.

The average hourly rate for the cold calling and appointment setting is $15 per hour. However, you can earn up to $25 per hour with experience.

You will also get around a 10% to 14% increase in your hourly rate within the first 60 days. And after the first 200 hours of working, you will be eligible for a client renewal bonus.


9. NexRep

Website: NexRep.
Earning Potential: Up to $15 per hour.

This company focuses on delivering an unmatched experience to all its marketplace contractors. It also inspires them to have the best customer service experiences through proper troubleshooting and quick guidance.

And now, it is again in the expansion mode and accepting new applications to join the remote workers’ team. You can choose your preferred schedule while working for this company.

However, you need to commit at least 2 hours each day if you select inbound projects. You won’t face that issue in outbound processes. Currently, most of its remote agents earn around $15 per hour that can go much higher with better output.


10. Teletech

Website: Teletech.
Earning Potential: $8.5 per hour on average.

It has already made its name as one of the most reliable customer service companies in the United States. And now, it offers home-based positions for talented call center agents.

However, all the positions are strictly seasonal. Besides, you also need to have previous experience in this industry to join this company.

All the self-motivated people looking to join this company are expected to have excellent communication skills. Furthermore, you also need to have a home-office setup.

Right now, this company is paying around $8.5 hourly rate on average. However, you can earn much more and additional bonuses if your output is better than expected.


11. Alaska Airlines

Website: Alaska Airlines.
Earning Potential: Depends on the project.

Needless to say, it is one of the best airlines in the world. It is also known for providing one of the most incredible atmospheres for all of its employees.

And for that, Forbes named it the “Best Employers for Diversity” in 2020. And last year, it has achieved its place among the World’s Best Employers list by Forbes.

It is known for providing equal opportunity for each one, irrespective of gender and race. So, you can confidently join this company to get legit virtual call center jobs.

You need to have your home office set up along with your audio equipment to start working. This company also provides training for each of its new employees.


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12. Aspira

Website: Aspira.
Earning Potential: Up to $8.55 per hour.

This establishment focuses on connecting the business world through seamless customer support. It assures shared experience for faster troubleshooting and unmatched customer satisfaction for its clients.

As it mainly specializes in North America’s private and public lands, you need to be a permanent citizen of the United States to become a freelancer.

This company now provides virtual call center jobs to independent contractors. You can earn around $8.55 per hour right after joining this company.

And with increased experience, this rate can go much higher. You need an updated computer, high-speed internet connectivity, and home-office set up to start working for this company.


13. U-Haul

Website: U-Haul.
Earning Potential: $10 per hour on average.

It is a reservation company that now offers vacancies for expert people looking for virtual call center jobs. However, the open positions fill up pretty quickly.

So, you need to keep your eye on this company’s career segment to grab the job. All the positions in this company are entirely seasonal and run from May to August each year.

You need to attend four weeks of the training program before you join this company. It now hires employees rather than independent contractors.

One can easily earn around $10 per hour plus bonus while working for this company. Besides timely payment, it also offers several other benefits after the completion of three months of employment.



Earning Potential: $10.25 per hour on average.

As the name itself tells the whole story, this company specializes in providing customized support for its clients. It is a tech solution company that offers end to end customer service.

And currently, this company is offering positions for talented callers. You will have the freedom to choose your schedule while working for this company.

Right now, this outfit offers around $10.25 per hour on average. However, you need to go through a paid training schedule before you get the final joining approval.

This company is based in the USA, and you need to be a permanent citizen of the United States to apply for this position. Besides salary, this job also offers several other benefits and bonuses.


15. The Exercise Coach

Website: The Exercise Coach.
Earning Potential: Up to $15 per hour.

It is a fitness company that offers exercise instruction service and health coaching to people worldwide. All of its fitness coaches prepare the routine and motivate their clients through a unique web platform and mobile application.

It again has open positions for fitness enthusiasts from around the globe to join the team. You need to have proper fitness coaching training before you can apply for this job.

Besides, you also need to have previous experience in the health or fitness industry to get selected. This company currently offers around $12 per hour to its health coaches that can go as high as $15 per hour with enough experience.

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16. Brighten Communications

Website: Brighten Communications.
Earning Potential: Up to $21 per hour.

This company specializes in outbound appointment calls for its clients. And now, it again has vacancies for people looking for virtual call center jobs.

If you are a self-motivated caller with previous experience in the outbound industry, this opportunity can be ideal. However, you need to have your home-office before applying for this position.

You need to commit at least 20-32 hours per week before getting the final approval from this company. And right now, it is offering up to $21 per hour to its independent contractors.

If you have more than a year of experience in the outbound calling industry, you will get additional facilities from it.


17. Workers Nest

Website: Workers Nest.
Earning Potential: Up to $22 per hour.

Starting from tech support to end-to-end customer service, this company assures a complete solution for its clients. It has a vast clientele that also has Fortune 150 companies.

So, you won’t face any shortage of project supply if you join this establishment. Right now, it offers both full-time and part-time opportunities for its clients.

All the calls that you will get are entirely inbound, and you will never have to do any cold calls. The average payment of this company is around $11 per hour for its new employees.

However, it can go as high as $22 per hour with previous experience and telecalling skills. You need to have a good home office setup to start this job.


18. Expert Planet

Website: Expert Planet.
Earning Potential: Up to $30 per hour.

If you are looking for high-paying virtual call center jobs, then this company can assure the best projects. Now, it has several openings from the product category advisor to the sales consultant.

And if you have good years of experience already in this industry, then it can offer you superior positions like team leader and telecalling coach.

You don’t need to make any cold calls as the company itself will provide complete customer leads and supportive tools.

One can make around $12 per hour on an average, which can go as high as $30 per hour for experienced and skilled workers. Besides the time-based compensations, this organization also offers performance-based bonuses.


19. Windy City Call Center

Website: Windy City Call Center.
Earning Potential: Up to $10 per hour.

Headquartered in Chicago, this company provides exceptional customer service experience to all its clients. It now aims for unprecedented growth because of its plan for a massive scale-up.

And for that, it is accepting the joining applications from talented call center agents to become a part of its freelance team.

Currently, it offers freelance opportunities in several states like Florida, Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana. But, you need to be a permanent citizen of the United States to become eligible for this job role.

This company now pays around $9 per hour. But after three months of employment, this rate will go up to $10 per hour on average.


20. Call Center QA

Website: Call Center QA.
Earning Potential: $5 per mystery shopping.

Mystery shopping is one of the most innovative job fields in 2020. And in this field, you can have enough opportunity to get virtual call center jobs.

Call Center QA is one of the very few companies that now offer legit projects to mystery shoppers throughout the USA. But, you need to have excellent communication skills and customer handling expertise to become successful.

You’ll earn around $5 per mystery shopping while working for this company. However, you need to fill up a one-page feedback form after each successful shopping completion.

You’ll receive the payment within seven days. You need to be a permanent citizen of the United States to become eligible for this freelance opportunity.


Alternative Side Hustles To Virtual Call Center Jobs:

1. Try Freelance Writing:

There has been a constant surge in the demand for freelance writing jobs. If you have these skills, there is nothing called the right time than this to opt. But before starting your search for one, its better to have a bit of experience or a few written samples to impress your clients.

You can simply earn $40 – $150 per each article even as an amateur. To know how to get started, go through this full guide that helps you to start your freelance writing career.

2. Work From Home Jobs at Amazon:

Apart from serving as an e-commerce giant, Amazon also offers work from home jobs for freelancers. These jobs are mostly unknowing or unacquainted because of improper groundwork. 

There are many sectors where you can get placed by working remotely. The pay mainly depends on the task you perform or the position you are in.

Read: 14 Legit Ways To Make Money On Amazon.

3. Teach English To Kids Online:

If you are here to know more about virtual call center jobs, you must be skilled in the English language. If yes! why can’t you start teaching English to Chinese or Japanese kids through online platforms? There are several platforms that are available online which could bring up to $20- $35 per hour to your pockets easily.


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If you have a strong will to develop and invest in your skills, there is no force that can stop you from achieving the point you need. To ace in the technique of virtual call center jobs, all you have to build is excellent communication skills and a native-level English proficiency.

However, most companies also require you to have a noise-free home-office where you can take inbound or outbound calls.

You also need to invest in proper audio equipment like microphones and headphones to ensure perfect customer interaction. If you are sincere enough with the work, this job role can earn you a good living.

Try and pick the best one from above mentioned 20 legit virtual call center jobs and let us know which is more suitable for you. Your valuable feedback can help the upcoming aspirants like you.


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