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25 Best Voice Over Jobs For Beginners – (Up to $1500 Per Project)

Do you take pride in your voice? Is it so smooth, calming, and attractive that you can modulate it into different narratives fluidly? Then the perfect job for you is to become a voice-over actor! Finding voice-over jobs for beginners can be really easy when you know where to look.

Someone who receives constant compliments for their beautiful voice, or one who believes that their voice has the potential to earn, is cut out for voice-over jobs!

There’s so much diversity in the range of projects and clients in the field of voice acting that it becomes a thrill to work from home or virtually anywhere else!

If you’re seeking voice-over jobs for beginners to work from home and earn, then we’ve got you covered. In this article, you will discover several places that welcome new voice-over talents all the time.

These places range from serious to fun so that you have plenty of choices to decide which one will suit you best.

We will also share some tricks of the trade, how much you can expect to make as a fresher voice-over artist, the equipment you’ll need to begin voice-over jobs, etc. This article is the full package you need to get started with a voice acting career.

Here’s a list of 25 epic voice-over jobs for beginners, along with other valuable information you need to know about this field.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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What Are Voice-Over Jobs?

trey parker

Voice-over jobs require something called “voice acting“, and the definition of voice acting is pretty straightforward.

The voices that you hear on your television or radio, narrating a commercial, movie, audiobook, video game, television program, or sometimes, a live event, are almost always done by voice actors.

Briefly explained you are lending your voice to projects in need of such voices.

Mostly, voice-over jobs for beginners or even seasoned artists require you to step outside your house and into a studio with the proper equipment and noise barriers.

Nonetheless, it isn’t that hard to land voice-over jobs that you can work from home!

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What Skills Do You Need For Voice-Over Jobs?

Having a nice voice is definitely a start, but like any other freelancing career, voice-over jobs also require quite some hustling before you land the good parts.

As a beginner, you have to be prepared and up for that kind of hustle at the start of your voice-acting career.

To succeed and make a true, long-term impact in this field, you need to have some patience and consistency in sending out applications or finding jobs.

A motivated and “not-giving-up” attitude can take you a long way!

If this isn’t your first attempt at freelancing, you definitely know how important a steady workflow and stream of clients is to stay in business and keep paying your bills. Voice-over jobs aren’t any different.

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What Equipment Does Voice Over Artists Need?

voice over jobs for beginners

If you’re seeking work from home voice over jobs, then you’ll require some equipment that you need to purchase with your own money.

The equipment you purchase doesn’t have to be top-notch or the best in business; just some decent ones will suffice for beginner voice actors.

make sure you have all of these because these are the absolute necessities:-

  • A microphone
  • A stand for your microphone (if the mic already didn’t come with one)
  • Headphones of good quality
  • An audio editing software

These should be enough to get you through decent voice-over jobs for beginners.

Later, when you start making some money and want to get better gigs, you can invest and upgrade your equipment as well!

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How Do I Get Started in Voice-Over Work?

The first and most essential things you need to start voice-over jobs are a quiet place and a good quality microphone. With these, you can record yourself without background noises.

A mic stand will also make your job extra comfortable in your home workspace. Pop filters offer better quality sound transmission, so consider purchasing one along with the mic.

A working laptop/desktop and a good internet connection are also important, as you’ll be uploading most of your work on various social media platforms.

There is also software for editing your recorded audio/videos. Look up some good software on the internet (preferably for free, at the beginning) to edit your work before sending them out.

As a beginner, we suggest you keep your investments low and spend on better software or equipment once your work starts to snowball.

Focus on the three basics you absolutely need to get started: a quiet place, a decent mic, and free audio/video editing software.

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Voice Over Jobs Salary

voice over artists pay rate

Source: PayScale

The average earning potential of voice actors depends upon the kind of job they’re taking up. Your earnings wildly vary from company to company and from job to job.

The hourly average rate is somewhere around $39.87, but it completely depends on the job, your experience, and a lot of other factors.

Needless to say, you’ll get paid way more for lending your voice in a TV commercial than a project on Fiverr.

The voice-over industry is actually full of potential. You can make a good part-time or even full-time income working in this field.

Now, let’s get briefly understand the hourly pay rates for an entry-level voice-over actor to a 20-year experienced voice actor.

voice over jobs for beginners

Source: PayScale


Places To Find Voice Over Jobs For Beginners

1. Voice 123

Voice123 offers the best voice over jobs for beginners to work from home. They provide a great platform for voice talents to work with their signature clients.

Some of their high-profile clients include e Coca-Cola, 21st Century Fox, NBC, and a lot of such reputable big names. Their base pay starts from $30 an hour and ranges up to $100 an hour.

Since it was founded in 2003, Voice123 has completed over 250,000 successful voice-over projects. This proves the platform’s authenticity and the quality of work you can expect from it.

To get started, you only need to fill up a form and attach a voice note of yourself with it!

A Standard account is completely free, although we recommend paying for a Premium or Platinum subscription. This ensures maximum exposure, access to better and higher-paid jobs, etc.

With a Premium or Platinum account, you will also be placed much higher in search results compared to Standard users. A paid membership also allows you to take part in certain auditions that aren’t open for free users.

Moreover, if you already have a little voice-over experience, you can strike gold with this website!


2. Filmless

Filmless is not a platform dedicated to voice over jobs, but it delivers professionally made videos to clients. These videos usually need good voice actors for the background; hence that’s how you come into the picture.

Clients also pay the platform to make promotional ads or product launch videos, making voice-over artists a necessity for Filmless.

You will be staggered to hear who their clients are: Google, Delloite, Asus, etc. Exposure is something you definitely don’t have to worry about if you start working with them.

They value voice-over artists with great diction and brilliant control of their voices, like modulation. If you have good practice and knowledge of voice modulation, they have amazing opportunities for you!

Efficiency is also something Filmless values above everything. You will get about 4 hours of turnaround time for each project, so make sure to put that time to great use.

You need to have at least 5 years of voice acting experience to attract a more posh clientele. But make sure you’re sending the best possible voice sample while applying for the jobs. This will increase your chances of getting the gig by a considerable amount.



A close contender to Voice123, is a large voice-over platform that recognizes new talent. Registering to the platform is free if you use it as a Guest.

But, we suggest you upgrade to Premium to access the more lucrative voice acting jobs on the website.

Voices houses content from several languages, including North American English, French, Spanish, German, and Mandarin.

Here’s how the platform works. When a voice acting job is posted on their site, Voices’ algorithm matches their platform’s various voice actors.

The client then listens to every actor’s audition recordings and selects the one they think is best. This is the reason we suggest you outdo yourself in your voice-over audition.

A pro tip to appeal to a higher range of clients is to showcase your bilingual skills. Payments vary with the gigs but depending upon the project; you can earn between $100 and $1500.

One great thing about this website is that there are daily accessible jobs, resulting in a consistent income. Moreover, you get to set your own voice over jobs’ payment rates.

Signing up on their platform is super easy too! The only tricky part is the audition, and then you’re good to go!

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4. Voice Crafters

Voice Crafters is a platform for the little more experienced (over 5 years) voice-over artists in the market.

Founded in 2008, Voice Crafters is a multilingual voice-over agency and boutique marketplace that represents voice-over talents in more than 80 languages!

To work with them, you have to gain at least 5 years of commercial voice-over experience since they offer a huge array of serious opportunities. They make commercials, e-learning, corporate or promotional videos, explainers, IVRs, and a lot more.

They don’t have any registration fees, but the rules for joining their team are pretty strict. The applicant has to have access to a broadcast-quality studio and prior commercial experience.

According to the job, you can earn from $85, which is their minimum payout, to a whopping $3000 per job!


5. Voice Bunny

Voice Bunny is relatively new to the voice-over industry but already giving tough competition to giants like Voice123 and Voices.

It’s known for giving freshers great opportunities. Their payouts are generous as well, with a minimum of $31 per gig!

Their community of over 28,000 voice actors covers 50 languages in all.

Your English speaking skills aren’t supremely important on this platform because you can alternatively give a stellar performance in French or Spanish.

Voice Bunny also allows you to audition from your home studio! Sounds like the perfect place to start voice-over jobs for beginners, right?

Voice Bunny has a record of delivering a job in only 3 minutes! Take note, and make sure you’re incredibly efficient on this platform.

Here are some other reasons this is the perfect place to start your voice acting career. They have both AI-based and manual checking.

They’re one of the only platforms that let you select your own per-hour rate. Projects suited to your profile will automatically be emailed to you, ridding you of all the searching.


6. Mandy Voices

MandyVoices is a community of around 2.5 million voice artists who get paid a minimum of $25 per small project and $50 per hour for longer ones.

It’s a great place for you if you want to progress your voice talent into theatre and films.

It’s one of the best platforms to work with if you dream of a voice-over for Disney! But you have to be incredibly talented and efficient to land good roles with them because they mostly work with big production names.

The registration process is the same as all other websites. Just sign up for free and send in an audition recording.

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Freelance Voice Over Jobs

7. Fiverr

Fiverr probably has the largest community of freelancers across the globe, helping job-seekers complete their projects.

Among its peers like Freelancer, Flexjobs, Upwork, etc., Fiverr has made a name as the most trusted freelancer marketplace with quality projects.

Clients come pouring into Fiverr’s marketplace with all kinds of voice-over jobs, so the database of available projects is always full!

From background guides in new video games to cartoon voiceovers, you will find plenty of gigs to choose from at Fiverr.

The platform is suited for small-scale productions as well as large industry leaders, all of whom are ready to pay lucrative rates for your voice acting.

On Fiverr, you can open a free account and then create a profile that advertises your skills. These are called gigs of your voice-over services.

You can create packages and decide your rates: just customize your gigs the way you want to. Remember that the competition is fierce there, so make sure to put your best foot forward.


8. Upwork

A close competitor of Fiverr is Upwork, one of the world’s largest marketplaces for freelance voice actors. This platform pays both on an hourly basis and at fixed rates and is available around the globe.

The job descriptions usually contain their pay, but some are even left open for negotiation. You can easily find long-term jobs as well as one-offs here.

The range of interesting work you’ll get to do through this platform includes producing audiobooks or voicing over-animated YouTube videos.

If you’re bilingual, you have the potential to work on English-to-any-foreign-language translating projects. Freelancers can be completely relieved about receiving payments; payments are made securely through gateways by Upwork.


9. Freelancer is another very popular online marketplace for hiring freelancers. One of its quirks is that it offers remote gigs that you can work from the comfort of your home!

You will find all kinds of tasks on this platform: from small ones like voicing a few lines on a cartoon show to narrating a whole audiobook.

Just register on Freelancer and create an attractive profile to stand out in your bids.

Start placing bids on listed jobs of your choice once your account has been successfully approved.

Voice-over jobs for beginners on Freelancer pay anything between $15 to $100 per project. Foreign language voice-over jobs will fetch you more money.

One perk of this site is that you can see others’ bids on the same gig and decide a pay rate accordingly.


10. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is yet another online freelancing marketplace where clients list their jobs and freelancers bid to work on them.

Businesses post their project requirements, and freelancers like you can apply to take them up.

The clients screen through each of your profiles and assign the task to those they think suit their needs best.

Voice-over jobs for beginners are only one of the huge array of sectors their clients are looking to hire in.

All project-related discussions can be done on PeoplePerHour’s instant messaging feature for an easy, hassle-free experience.

One great thing about this site that helps you boost your profile is that clients can write reviews on your work. These reviews are displayed on your profile and add to your experience and authenticity on the site.

More and more clients want to work with you based on these ratings and reviews.

You can also endorse outside (non-PPH) reviews from clients you have worked with earlier on your profile. Payments are generated through escrow, making it a secure process for dealing with money.

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Voice Over Jobs for Audiobook

11. Flexjobs

FlexJobs lives up to its name by offering flexible jobs. Their clients list jobs for full-time and part-time gigs that you can complete from anywhere across the globe.

Voiceover talents are especially in demand on this platform, with thousands of daily job listings for the same.

You can choose to browse through their job boards every now and then or sign up on FlexJobs to get emails about daily available jobs!

The applications are straightforward, with all the requirements, benefits, and payment details mentioned in the description itself.

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12. Amazon ACX

Amazon ACX is a platform that mainly focuses on audiobook productions and pays up to $200 an hour.

If you have a keen interest in voicing for an audiobook and also being involved with a big name like Amazon, look no further.

Make sure you add that extra touch of thrill and excitement to your voice that’s needed for an audiobook to sound great!

The platform has also newly started a separate division, opening more avenues in voice-over jobs for beginners. They are converting books into audiobooks that get featured on Audible, iTunes, etc.

You will gather tons of experience working here, so make sure you’re really serious about working in voice acting for audiobooks.

There’s also a chance you’ll get to work will Disney while converting cartoon stories into audiobooks!

Signing up for Amazon ACX is fairly simple; you have to upload a stellar audition recording and complete a few initial tasks. Then you’re good to get started on the 2000+ projects listed on the platform every day!

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13. Brillance Audio

Brilliance Audio is a fun place to work for voice-over actors. The platform provides guidance and training to their voice-over talents and supports them through their projects.

Previous employees of Brilliance Audio have gushed about the casual and healthy work environment of the place.

We suggest you take a deeper look into this platform to find out, for yourself, whether the Brilliance is as brilliant as people say it is.

Pay rates of voice-over projects aren’t known by anyone outside of their community.

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Cartoon Voice-Over Jobs

14. Snap Recordings

Snap Recordings offers voice-over jobs for beginners at the rate of approximately $50-$100 per hour. The platform mainly focuses on voice-over jobs for corporate telephone systems or businesses.

However, you can also expect a few unusual voice-over jobs in between; these include voicemail messages, daytime greetings, messages on hold, etc.

Some companies also like a cartoon-like voice-over to add a humorous touch to their telephonic business system, especially if it’s an animation or gaming company.

Snap Recordings frequently welcomes new voice-over talent. Sign up with your credentials and voice recording like you would on any other such platform.

Project proposals enter your email inbox regularly once you have successfully registered and have been selected.

Keep in mind that they have a very short turnaround time to keep their clients satisfied, so you have to pull up your A-game with all your tasks.

Snap Recordings primarily hires voice-over artists in the English, French, and Spanish languages. Bilingualism will give you an extra edge.


15. Bunny Studio

Bunny Studio is a dedicated platform for voice-over, dubbing, translation, subtitling, etc. they team up with the “world’s greatest creatives” to deliver the best audio and written content to their clients.

The platform is very particular about its clients’ convenience, so the voice-over artists have to be very professional and extremely good with time management.

Service delivery is something they want to master and hence hire their voice-over talent very carefully. If you want to work with Bunny Studio, your demo recording has to sound professional, your resume has to look polished, and your work ethic must be prompt.


16. Bodalgo

Bodalgo is a German company that offers voice-over jobs for beginners at a minimum pay rate of $50 per project.

The best thing about this platform is that it doesn’t charge a commission from you while paying your earnings.

Registering on the platform is fairly simple, too; you just have to sign up and fill in a few personal details for a free account!

You can browse through thousands of available voice-over projects listed on their boards once you have cleared the initial selection process.

The site regularly updates new projects to keep its voice-over artists stacked with tasks to choose from! If you’re interested in working on a particular project, just send them an audition recording clip of your voice.

The client contacts you directly if you’re selected, and you work on the project thenceforth. Bodalgo is one of the best platforms for voice-over jobs for beginners, so expect the competition to be fierce.


17. Envato Studio

Envato Studio is different from the other voice-over platforms we have listed until now because they handpick their voice actors. It doesn’t work like conventional freelance marketplaces.

It is one of the biggest communities of skilled voice-over artists and voice actors. They pay a minimum of $40 per project.

If you’re looking for cartoon voice-over jobs for beginners, Envato has quite a few of those. They produce these for gaming and animation companies.

Registering and becoming part of this platform, however, is not as easy as the other ones. You have to fill up an “interest form” with complete honesty. They take into consideration factors like quality of voice, talent, experience, and modulation before selecting a candidate.

Besides the regular voice-over jobs, Envato also gives you the occasional opportunity to work on jingles, drops, and similar music productions.

Although they aren’t prejudiced against hiring freshers, a polished voice and some good previous experiences will help you get in.

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Voice Over Jobs in Disney

18. The Voice Realm

This platform is the real deal. The Voice Realm has a community of over 5 thousand active members now, comprising talented voice-over artists and voice actors. The earning potential here begins from $100 an hour.

Put your best foot forward because making a name among them won’t be easy at all.

To register, you just have to fill in some details and send a voice recording along with it. This process is fairly simple if you consider the fact that this is one of the most competitive voice-over jobs for beginners. One of the best too.

The Voice Realm takes a little time to approve your application, which is the only complaint some people have against the platform. Registration is free here. If you’re bilingual, you can check out their translation jobs as well.


19. Backstage

Backstage is the best place you can work to get real casting calls! It’s been the gateway to success for a lot of famous names like Jane Krakowski, James Earn Jones, and lots more.

It can be your ticket to fame and Hollywood popularity if you channel your talents well, getting paid a minimum of $50 in the beginning.

Disney is one of the biggest names that frequently hires from Backstage. Signing up for Backstage isn’t free, though; you have to pay a monthly fee of $9.99 to access the platform and bag amazing voice-over jobs.

The registration process is the same as all the other platforms mentioned previously. When you apply for a project, the client calls you in for several rounds of an audition.

Once you pass the final audition, you get to interact directly with the client; backstage doesn’t even take commissions from your earnings.


Voice Over Jobs For Video Games

20. Voquent

Voquent mainly deals with video game companies, so you can expect a lot of voice-over jobs for beginners in video games, consoles, and PC games. They occasionally also hire translators and subtitlers.

A great feature of Voquent is that they let you upload 30 samples, showcasing your previous projects and demos. A pool of other skilled voice actors gives you a higher chance of getting selected.

Additionally, you can add a referral link to your voice-over account to your personal blog once you get selected at Voquent.

It’ll be great if you can pull off a few of these accents: British, American, Canadian, Irish, New Zealand, Welsh, and Scottish.


21. VOPlanet

VOPlanet is another platform that earns only from its subscription charges. they do not take any commission from your earnings; you get to keep 100% of what you make.

It’s just like all other voice over jobs for beginners, which works as a marketplace to connect clients with freelancers.

Once approved, you can customize your profile, update your contact details, and upload your demo voice recording.

When a job is posted, you need to submit audition clips to the client’s dashboard. They will review all the clips and select the best one among them. Sometimes, you can even bid on a price that’s higher than the client’s budget!

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Voice-Over Jobs Near Me (Other Unconventional Places To Look For Voice-Over Jobs For Beginners)


22. Indeed

Indeed, other than providing job leads, it also works as an excellent job board for voice-over jobs for beginners! All you need to do is build an impressive resume and upload it on the platform.

Indeed keep track of your resume and suggests it to job seekers whose criteria match your skills.

Once the clients contact you, the interaction happens completely between you and them; keeping Indeed as a mediator is entirely your choice.


23. Voice-Over Agency

Voice-over agencies are a kind of a sure-shot way to end up with a great career in voice acting. If freelancing platforms or dedicated companies are not working for you, give this a try.

Sometimes, the competition at voice-over companies and freelancing platforms become way too high to cut through.

In such cases, you can search for a voice-over agency near you. Sign up with them, give them your personal details and an audition tape. You’re good to go!

Agents will search and book voice-over jobs for you from places you didn’t even think of looking. They have inside access and great leads to get you into really good voice-over jobs as a beginner.

Agents also get paid when one of their clients gets booked for a good project, so it’s a win-win!


24. Behind The Voice Actors

Behind The Voice Actors (abbreviated as BTVA) is a big name that hires voice actors for voice roles in movies, cartoons, anime, video games, etc.

The platform has a job board that always contains up-to-date audition deadlines, originating companies, or independent clients.

The two things we find incredibly useful about this site are that they display the current number of applicants for that particular job, besides the job listing. This helps you gauge the competition for a particular project.

They also provide the exact lines you have to say in your audition recording, as well as a brief background of the character. This really helps a voice-over artist get into the role.


25. Funimation

Funimation is based in America, but most of its projects are from Asia, and hence, they specialize in East Asian media productions.

They are mainly involved in dubbing and distributing Japanese anime. Two of the most notable works from this company are Attack on Titan and Dragon Ball. Funimation, sometimes, also hires locally.

As a beginner, there’s no saying whether you will end up with a major role or a minor one. The company is owned by Sony Pictures, so there’s no question of the contracts being sketchy.

Since the company is one in the big leagues, their remuneration has been kept private, along with the roles they offer.

Make your demo absolutely stellar if you want to work at Funimation. They expect a diverse, skilled, and polished voice-over artist.


Use Social Media to Find Voice Over Jobs

Building a strong social media profile to find voice-over jobs for beginners is also a great strategy you can employ. The popularity of social media platforms is growing exponentially, and the smart thing now would be for you to use it to your advantage.

Advertise yourself well: list your skills, specialties, and what you’re looking for. Next, search for social media posts by companies or individuals looking for voice actors.

Sometimes, a production company posts an open casting call for a project. Stay on the lookout for these posts and act on them quickly.

Grab every opportunity wisely and stay away from catfishing companies (since social media always comes with a dose of that).

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How can I get a voice-over job without experience?

Your best shot at getting voice-over jobs for beginners is to sign up and create a profile at various freelancing marketplaces.

There, you can bid for voice-over projects even without prior experience, but we’d suggest it always helps to keep a demo recording ready. The demo clip just displays your proficiency and versatility as a voice actor.

Some popular platforms you can try are Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, and FlexJobs.


How much can I make as a beginner voice actor?

Voice-over jobs for beginners pay around $14 to $26 per hour, which keeps varying with the projects you take up. Productions like audiobooks, animations, or games can pay well, around $40 an hour.

Target the voice-over auditions near you to land bigger roles and earn more.

Keep your resume updated at all times, and pad it with some demo recordings for an extra edge.


Is there any voice-over training online?

If you’re really that interested in training yourself in voice acting before stepping into the realm, then there are training videos and courses available all around. A little guidance and training can take you a long way in this career.

Surf the internet to look for really helpful courses and mini-courses on voice-over jobs, voice acting, and how to crack your way into the business.

The more you spend (both time and money) on training and development and just generally sharpening your skills, the more success you’ll gain in your career!


Who is the cut-out for voice-over work?

Like we said before, you can have an angel’s voice, but it won’t mean anything unless you know how to use it. A crucial part of this career is knowing how to use your voice to your best advantage.

Only a veteran or a skilled voice coach can train you to do that. Invest some time and money in knowing the machinations of your body, how and when to use your voice and in what way, and how to modulate it, and you’re good to step into the voice-over world!

Remember that even after intensive training, you have to do your part to maintain a great voice. Avoid certain foods and drinks that can harm the vocal cords or make your throat itch.



Now that you have significant knowledge and an idea of how to start working in voice-over jobs for beginners, you can go ahead and start making it happen!

Working as a voice-over artist from home is one of the best jobs you can ask for if you are gifted with voice-acting talents. Who thought the ability to modulate your beautiful voice could get you paid?

Doing voice-over jobs from home can make you enough money if you do it right. Although it does take time to make it big in the industry, the career path is a good one.

The ways you can break into the voice-over industry are endless: video games, cartoons, audiobooks, movies, you name it! Keep your demo reel updated all the time and put your best foot forward; in no time, you will see your dream taking shape.

If you truly enjoy working in this industry, start doing voice-over gigs part-time. Who knows? Maybe slowly, you can turn it into your full-time employment and source of income!


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