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How to Use Walmart Inventory Checker [Tips & Tricks Inside]

One of the greatest conveniences a shopper can experience is the ability to quickly confirm the accessibility of their desired products at their preferred store.

But what about the larger marketplaces like Walmart? Is it even possible to navigate their extensive inventory? Fortunately, a Yes! Thanks to Walmart Inventory Checker.

With tons of products available, the Walmart inventory checker is designed to help you filter through their extensive range of product availability and detailed information.

Ranging from clothes to electronics, furniture to digital stickers, there is nothing you can fail to locate using these inventory tools.

And especially for those who have recently relocated or looking to explore more Walmart stores, finding them is not an easy task.

But with Walmart’s inventory checker or app, you can not only locate the store and stock but can also compare prices with additional discounts.

In this article, we’ll share tips on how you can find these huge genuine consignment stores, check the availability of the products, and make a price comparison.

Whether you are an occasional Walmart shopper or even a beginner, this way can be a game changer that can save you time, money, and effort.

So let’s delve in and see how this all works:


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How To Locate Genuine Walmart Stores Near You?

Walmart Official Website Screenshot


The first recommended way to find it is to search ‘Walmart Near Me’ on your search engine. But this sometimes leads to discovering other stores that have optimized using SEO techniques.

For this to tackle, the suitable alternative for you to find a nearby open store is by accessing Walmart’s official website.

From here, you need to redirect using the ‘Store-Finder‘ section. In this section, enter your zip code to access the Walmart store locator map.

Walmart Inventory Checker


Here, after entering your zip code, you can also select the range of miles in which you are looking to find the store.

The best part about the Walmart store locator map is that you can get the contact details, store timings, precise location, and also services offered.

Walmart Inventory Checker App


You can also download the Walmart app to find the locations, stock availability, and many more. Learn what else we can do through it.

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Features Of The Walmart Mobile App

  • Order almost every grocery and gadget using this app.
  • Find nearby stores and their contact details.
  • You can check the availability of the item relative to the store.
  • Know the detailed fee structure and delivery charges.
  • Try a virtual AI scanner to find the fit of the items in your home.
  • You can use voice to shop and ship your items.
  • Control your order shipping and details of the order with simple clicks.
  • Find exciting offers and timely updates about the stock.
  • Refunds and returns are easily possible with the ‘Order Section’.
  • Create a pharma list and order in the comfort of your home.

Note: To use the Walmart app, you must sign up with your credentials like we usually do for other signup apps.

Apart from the app and website, are there any other ways to find the availability of Walmart stock?

Fortunately, a big Yes! with better ways. Follow the below sections to know them.


Easy Ways To Check Walmart Store Stock Availability

1. Connect With Your Local Walmart Store

Walmart’s customer service is one of the finest serving areas, where they operate in every established store.

Whenever you need the details, you can connect by finding contact details on an app or website and asking them about the availability of the stock you need.

Before calling, it is highly recommended that you conduct a free Walmart UPC lookup to obtain the item’s Id for accurate information.

Though the agents find your desired product availability with Walmart product finder using this UPC, sometimes you are asked to be on hold with high call engagements.

In this case, you can also chat in your free time with them using the Walmart Online Chat Feature, mentioning your detailed concern. You can possibly expect a reply within 24 hours.


2. Visit The Walmart Customer Service Desk For Assistance

Locating specific items within Walmart’s stores may not always be a simple task, especially in crowded areas.

However, the store provides assistance through its representatives even for simple items like dishes and home decor crafts, etc.

Each section of the store has a designated Walmart store checker available to assist you in locating the items you need.

Moreover, the customer service desk is another viable option for obtaining information regarding stock availability, additional discounts, home delivery details, and also various gift cards.

Interesting right? So I always recommend you to reach the service desk, without wasting your time and energy to find all your desired items.


3. Make Use Of The Walmart Mobile App

Suppose you ever find yourself not wanting to visit the store. In that case, you can open your Walmart website and log in with your credentials to redirect to the Walmart product availability checker.

From there, you can check the availability status, and by using its website features, you can place, track and return the products with just a few clicks.

The best part about shopping online is that you can track your expenses and use various money-saving apps like Fetch rewards and Ibotta to stick to your budget.

Note: Walmart’s website is one of the best sources of inventory information to find your required items.

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4. Use ‘Search My Store’ On Walmart App

Advances in the digital era have made our lives so easy by getting everything at our fingertips. Best mobile apps are one such example of this convenience.

Walmart also offers a one-stop solution as a mobile app where you can log in and use the ‘Search On Store’ feature.

This feature displays whether the item is available and the stack/aisle details, if available, by just typing the name or uploading its image.

Using this feature, you can have the leverage to search for any item details, ranging from Jewelry, shoes, functional furniture, stickers, Textbooks, etc.

Note: Using the in-app chat feature, you can also raise a Walmart customer service complaint if you have any concerns with the service and product issues.

In addition to the above conventional search methods, there are also specialized tools you can use effectively to find your needful stock.


5. Shop Smarter With Brickseek Walmart Inventory Checker

As the list of Walmart Inventory Checkers continues to grow, Brickseek Checker standouts as the best option.

Brickseek Walmart Inventory Checker


Discover more about Brickseek and learn how you can take advantage of its benefits:


How To Use BrickSeek Inventory Checker

BrickSeek Inventory Checker


Sometimes you can find a delayed response when you use email or the chat feature to contact for stock details. In this case, the other best alternative is using BrickSeek Inventory Checker.

This is considered as best Walmart Inventory checker, as you can know the availability of stock and also find the stock clearance details or additional discounts.

BrickSeek Inventory Checker


The simple way to access it is by entering Walmart SKU number > Choose Location > Enter Zip Code > Check Inventory.

BrickSeek Inventory Checker


With this BrickSeek Walmart, you can also stay up-to-date with price comparisons and also get aware of available deals in your locality.


BrickSeek Benefits

There are many advantages and easy-to-use methods for BrickSeek Inventory Checker; here are a few mentions:

  • This saves lots of time and efforts
  • Easy searching methods for the items
  • Can compare the prices for different items
  • Always helps in finding hidden inventory
  • Saves you money by knowing various offers
  • Updates on store changes and store markdowns
  • Can use the Walmart SKU number and Walmart UPC for the search.


Is BrickSeek Price Accurate?

The price comparison on the BrickSeek portal is mostly accurate, and the subject of the available stock slightly varies with the location.

As it meets the expectations in various segments, this Walmart inventory checker is used by a wide range of people to track prices and availability.

However, On the BBB complaint portal, users also raised a few concerns about the login issues for premium accounts and multiple deductions.

BBB complaint portal


BrickSeek also responded with relevant responses, but it is clearly evident that not always a user can get accurate prices and details.

For this, Here are the other alternatives for BrickSeek to check with:


Walmart Inventory Checker Alternatives

For better deals and alternatives, you can simply check with platforms like the Facebook marketplace, Amazon, Jet, and also Walmart app.

Apart from them, there are other platforms where you can compare the prices and select the best:


1. PopFindr

PopFindr - Walmart Inventory Checker


This is one of those best inventory checkers where you can simply lookup for the products using Zipcode or UPC.

This platform provides real-time updates about the price and updates of specific products. You can also select the price alert option on PopFindr to get notified of better deals.


2. Zoolert Inventory Checker

Zoolert Inventory Checker


Zoolert is the best product availability tracker! As this is the 3rd party listing website, prices may vary slightly with location and time.

Nevertheless, this platform always tracks and alerts you with the new prices, where you can simply compare and fix your decision.

You can also raise the request on [email protected] to add your local stores and also to report the issues with the inventory.


3. NowInStock.Net



This is a free web service that simply monitors the retailer websites like Walmart, Amazon, eBay, etc., about product information.

You can simply register with your account and signup for price alerts. That’s it; you can get timely updates on your registered email.

This inventory tool is completely free and spam-free to use for your Walmart product search.


4 StockTrack Inventory

StockTrack Inventory


StockTrack is a Walmart inventory checker in Canada to find price quotes and availability of various items in the stores.

This platform mentions that Walmart reportedly stopped sharing its in-store item numbers, so you can only use UPC or SKU codes to detect the items listed.

And most of the time, you may also fail to find the relative items too. But this free-to-use platform mostly shares accurate information, which can change timely.


Is It Worth To Check Walmart Inventory Before You Shop?

Yes! It is worthwhile to use the Walmart inventory checker prior to your shopping for the following reasons:

  • Saves From Visits: Verifying this way can help you avoid unnecessary visits to the store
  • Time-Saving: No need to visit in person for the details of the price and restocking
  • Find Products: Helps you to find products more easily them the usual norm of traditional shopping
  • Price Comparison: Compare prices and make decisions using various inventor listings
  • Better Planning: You can plan according to the stock availability and the price fluctuation
  • Deals and Discounts: You can get timely updates on various discounts and stock clearance alerts
  • Improves Shopping Experience: It is always better for your budget planning and selective store visits.


Walmart Inventory Checker: Key Takeaways

Though inventory checkers play a crucial role in saving money and time, the available data is not always accurate and updated.

In addition, not all stores will provide the data to these tools. Nevertheless, Inventory checkers remain a feasible option for avoiding last-minute rushes.

And some inventory checkers also charge you a premium to use. So I recommend you to visit the store in person for more accurate data if you have time.

However, if time is a constraint, you can use these inventory checkers without any doubt! Some platforms also offer you referral bonuses.



Can I order Online For Walmart Delivery Or Pickup?

Yes! You can directly order items through the Walmart platform or Walmart app and select your preferred delivery option.

To avoid the delivery fees, you can also collect at the pickup point or else pay a minimum to get delivered to your home directly.


What Is Walmart Delivery Fee?

For a Walmart Plus membership($12.99/month), you can get free delivery for all products ranging over $35.

And for non-premium members, it can range around $7.95-$9.95, added with $10 for express delivery.


Are Paid Walmart Inventory Checkers Worth It?

Though most of the inventory checkers are accurate, I can’t completely recommend you to take premium membership for just offers, as you can simply find them for free.

If you are a regular shopper, then they are highly recommended to deal with offers and clearances.

Being a rare shopper, it is cleanly advisable to directly use the Walmart stock checker or, even better, to visit in person.


Is Brickseek Free, And How Can I Download It?

Brickseek is an absolutely free and widely used inventory checker. This platform also offers a mobile app that you can easily download from the Play Store for free of cost.


Other Stores That Have Inventory Checkers?

With the increasing shopping culture, Inventory checkers are also offering data relative to them, some of them include:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • The Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • Sam’s Club
  • Academy Sports
  • Dollar General


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