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30 Ways To Get Steam Wallet Code For Free

From first-person shooter (FPS) to Real-time strategy (RTS) and everything in between, Steam offers more than 30k brilliant games on its platform.

And to purchase those, you need a Steam wallet. But what is really interesting is that it is now possible to get Steam wallet codes for free.

Believe it or not, there are now numerous ways available with which you can easily earn or win Steam wallet codes to recharge your in-app wallet.

Before we dive deep and let you know about the best ways to earn it, let’s clear some basic doubts of yours first!

Disclaimer:  This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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How To Get A Free Steam Account?

There are now several legit ways available to get a Steam wallet code for free. And not only that, it is now very much possible to get paid to play games these days.

But before you even start making money or adding code to your Steam account, you need to know how to open one.

  • Step 1: Visit the official Steam website or search Steam’s official application on the Google play store or Apple app store.
  • Step 2: Download the app by clicking the “install” button
  • Step 3: Once the application is installed, open it and click on the “Create a new account” button.
  • Step 4: Fill out the simple form by putting basic credentials like name and email id. Don’t forget to authenticate the email account.
  • Step 5: Simply click the “Creates my account” button after you finish the form, and you are done!

And if you have any gaming console like Xbox or the all-new PlayStation 5, you can directly get it from the app store. And the rest of the procedure is identical.


What Are Steam Wallet Codes?

Before we begin with the free Steam wallet code list, you need to know what the code is actually and how to use it.

As we have already said, there are now many avenues to earn free codes for Steam.

And not only just Steam, but you can also earn free google play money just by performing these small tasks.

A Steam wallet card is very much similar to any other gift card. It is basically an e-code that you can redeem directly on your Steam wallet.

And once you redeem it, you will get an equal amount of money in your wallet that you can use to purchase new games or any other items available on the current Steam catalog.


How Do Steam Codes Work?

I hope you have correctly understood how to redeem your code on the in-app wallet on Steam.

And once you do that, you will see the same amount on your digital wallet where you store your funds. You can now visit any game that you want to purchase.

Before installing that game, you need to select the “payment” method as “steam wallet,” and the purchasing amount of that particular game will be deducted from your wallet.

And you can do the same for any in-app purchases as well.


25 Best Ways To Get Steam Wallet Code

Who doesn’t want to get a free $100 Steam wallet code or more? But is that really easy to get one? Trust me; it is even easier than it sounds.

We have tested hundreds of available ways to select the legit options carefully that you can try with confidence. And here they are!


1. Swagbucks

steam wallet code free

Source: Swagbucks

If you really want a Steam wallet code for free, there is no better option than Swagbucks.

Not just by watching videos or playing games, you can also get thousands of paid online surveys for money right on this platform.

Every task you perform on this website will earn you specific SB points. And each of their points is equivalent to $0.01 worth of real cash.

But yes, you do need to accumulate at least 30 points before you request a withdrawal.

Right now, you just need to save 500 SB points to become eligible for a $50 worth of Steam gift card.

And the best part, you can now claim a $10 signup bonus by joining today.


2. InboxDollars

free steam wallet codes

Source: InboxDollars

There are no better options to get paid to surf the web than InboxDollars and its British counterpart, InboxPounds.

Both these websites give you several tasks to perform on the platform. And in return, you can win Steam wallet codes.

They mainly offer legit online surveys that pay up to $50/survey. Besides, you can also perform other tasks like reading paid emails, playing exciting games, watching new videos, and a lot more.

This platform also has a fantastic referral program where you can get a 10% commission on your referral’s lifelong earnings.

And most interestingly, you can claim a $5 welcome bonus to join this platform right now.


3. Survey Junkie

Just by doing simple tasks on this unique platform called Survey Junkie, you can get a Steam wallet code free.

They mainly provide high-paying online surveys that can fetch you as high as $75/survey, although shorter ones will earn you around $5/survey.

This platform will first give you some points for performing various tasks.

But yes, you can redeem those points to real cash prizes once you accumulate at least 1k points. Each point is equivalent to $0.01 worth of real cash.

Let’s Talk about its legitimacy; this platform has more than 25k positive reviews on Trustpilot to prove its trustworthiness.

And you can try several Survey Junkie hacks to boost your monthly income quite significantly.


4. MyPoints

steam wallet codes list

Source: MyPoints

If you want to get up to a 40% discount on your shopping or dining bill, there is no better option than MyPoints.

It now has more than 2k associate retailers around the globe to let you have a fantastic cashback experience. However, there are many other ways to make money from this platform.

And the most exciting among those are definitely taking part in simple surveys, discovering new content on the web, and playing exciting games.

Right now, you can claim a $10 signup bonus for joining this platform.

Besides, there is a great referral program where you can earn 25 points for free every time a friend of yours join through your link.


5. Rakuten

steam wallet code generator

Source: Rakuten

If you are looking for a Steam wallet code for free where no survey is involved, Rakuten is the best bet.

It is actually a cashback site where you can get up to 50% cashback every time you purchase anything online.

Besides, it has a significant number of offline retail partners as well. Needless to say, it is one of the highest-paying apps on the market.

Once you accumulate enough cashbacks to redeem, you can directly withdraw them to your linked PayPal account. Besides, you get Steam cards as well.

This platform also has an excellent referral program where you can earn $30/referral once they join through your custom link.


6. InstaGC


Source: InstaGC

Do you what InstaGC actually translates to? It is the “instant gift card.” So, you can now end your quest to get Steam cards once you open a free account on this platform.

There are multiple tasks that you can perform here to earn cash rewards.

From watching trending videos to just surfing the web, you can perform various simple tasks to earn money here.

Without any doubt, it is one of the best money-making opportunities without a job.

Besides Steam, it has more than 350 gift cards to offer to its users. And once you accumulate just $1, you are free to request a withdrawal.


7. PrizeRebel

steam gift code

Source: PrizeRebel

If you talk about the best GPT site that delivered a steady performance for a decade or so, PrizeRebel is the one to talk about.

It is primarily an online survey site where you can easily earn up to $6/survey on average.

Believe it or not, it is among the very few websites that let you get Steam cards just by participating in simple surveys.

And you can also redeem the Steam wallet code for free right through this unique platform.

Joining this website is also a cakewalk. All you need is to open a free account by filling out a simple joining form.

Just authenticate through your mail ID, and you are done!


8. FeaturePoints

steam wallet card

Source: FeaturePoints

Are you in love with popular online games like Clash of Clans or Roblox? If yes, then this fantastic platform called FeaturePoints is the right option for you.

There are primarily two ways to earn money from this account. First, it is a cashback site to earn a pretty good amount of cash back for your daily purchases.

And second, you can join the active community to play and chat to make money.

Besides your daily earning through these two avenues, this platform also has daily lucky draws where you can earn up to 50k points instantly.


9. PointsPrizes


Source: PointsPrizes

There are three primary ways to get a Steam wallet code for free on this unique new platform called PointsPrizes.

First, you can participate in short questionnaires and give your honest opinion to earn money for each participation.

Second, you subscribe to the company newsletters. And once you read any new newsletter, you will earn real cash rewards.

And third, you can simply earn money just by downloading new apps.

Most of their surveys take less than 5 minutes to complete. So, you can take multiple surveys each day.

And all the other works like newsletter reading and app downloading can be done on the go!


10. Ibotta

free gift cards

Source: Ibotta

If you are a frequent online buyer, Ibotta is the best way to get Steam wallet cards for free.

All you need is to use their lightweight browser extension. And for each qualified purchase, this platform will give you up to 20% cashback. You don’t need to worry if you prefer to buy offline.

All you need to do is to scan the receipt of your latest purchases from your favorite offline retail stores to earn cashbacks.

You can now claim a $20 signup bonus for joining this company. And, believe it or not, you can also get a massive amount of almost free PayPal money just by doing these simple tasks on this platform.


11. Dosh

There are many ways to get a Steam wallet code for free. But, if you talk about the easiest option to proceed with, it is undoubtedly Dosh.

It is primarily a cashback site that has more than 1k online and offline retail partners.

While most platforms want you to scan the receipt to get a cashback, Dosh works in a very non-complicated manner.

All you need is to link your credit or debit card to this account. But don’t worry; this platform is fully encrypted.

After you link your cards, whenever you purchase or spend any amount, you’ll get an instant cashback of up to 10% of the total spending.


12. TopCashBack

steam codes

Source: TopCashBack

As the name itself tells the whole story, TopCashBack is actually a cashback site where you can get up to 20% cashback for purchasing from your favorite online or retail stores.

The vast network also has reputed partners like Walmart and Target. However, this platform is exclusively available to the citizen of the United States.

You can browse through thousands of stores right from this platform to claim your cashback for each qualified purchase.

And once you accumulate enough cashback on your in-app wallet, you can directly opt for a Steam wallet card. This usually gets credited within 72 hours or less.


13. ShopAtHome

If you are looking for a free online Steam wallet code, ShopAtHome is one of the best options to hop for.

Again, this is a cashback app with numerous offline and online retail partners where you can shop with confidence.

From Walmart to Target, even Amazon, you can purchase from all your favorite retailers online. And for each qualified purchase, you can claim up to 20% instant cashback.

You can now also claim a $10 welcome bonus once you spend at least $25 within the first two months of opening an account on this platform.

Besides, Steam cards, you can also directly withdraw your earnings through your linked PayPal account.


14. GrabPoints

free gift cards

Source: GrabPoints

There are many options to earn a Steam wallet code for free if you stay in the United States.

But, GrabPoints is one such website that has global coverage, way beyond the USA. And the best part, it pays according to current industry standards.

If you live in the UK, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, you’ll have multiple options to make money through this platform.

This is primarily an online survey site where you can take part in numerous short surveys each day.

Besides, there are other options to earn as well, such as watching trending videos, downloading the beta version of apps, completing the newest offers, and a lot more.


15. Idle Empire

Just stay idle and do small tasks to create an empire. Yes, this is the prime motto of this incredible platform called Idle Empire.

Primarily an online survey platform, this company enables you to earn money on the go!

From taking part in surveys to playing first-person games, options are many! And for each of your activities on this platform, you’ll earn some points.

And once you accumulate enough, you are free to redeem those through a Steam wallet code.

It is one of the fastest platforms in terms of point redemption. Once you request a withdrawal, it usually gets credited to your account within a maximum of 24 hours.


16. MistPlay

steam gift card code

Source: MistPlay

If you are looking for the best way to get not just Steam but any gift card online, MistPlay is your one-stop solution.

It is an app currently available on Android that lets you try beta versions of the upcoming games.

It is where famous game developers release their beta various to test with the live players. And now, you can also become a part of the squad.

On top of that, you can also earn hefty cash just to try those games.

It has several payment options to choose from. And once you accumulate at least $10 or more, you are free to opt for a Steam wallet code.


17. Honey

Have you ever searched for coupons and discount codes before buying anything online?

Then, you must have already known about this brilliant browser extension called Honey. It is undoubtedly among the best ways to get paid to search the web these days.

The working procedure is simple. All you need is to install this extension to any of your web browsers (Google Chrome or Safari preferred).

And then, this browser will automatically apply the best discount code during online shopping.

They recently also introduced a new Droplist feature where you can get the price drop alert of any item in your wish list.


18. WikiBuy

If you are looking for the most trusted avenue to get a Steam wallet code for free, you should try WikiBuy.

It is also a browser extension that works quite similarly to Honey. And it automatically applies discount codes when you shop online.

This lightweight extension is very easy to set up. You need to download the extension and install it on any of your favorite web browsers.

And once you set it up, it will automatically track and applies the best discount code.

It works like a shopping assistant that automatically fetches the best price for your next purchase. And now, you can also create price drop alerts.


19. ReceiptHog

get paid to scan receipts - ReceiptHog

Source: ReceiptHog

The name itself revealed the suspense, isn’t it?

Yes, ReceiptHog is a receipt scanner that lets you earn a decent amount of cashback for your recent purchases.

All you need is to download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The setup is fast and easy and can be done seamlessly.

After you are done with the initial account creation process, you are free to open the app and start scanning your receipts.

Once you accumulate enough cashback on your in-app wallet, you can directly request a withdrawal.

Besides all the traditional methods like PayPal, it also lets you withdraw your earnings through Amazon or Stem gift cards as well.


20. Mr. Rebates

A relatively new kid on the block, Mr. Rebates has recently witnessed a considerable surge in popularity, especially among young customers.

It lets you have fantastic cashback every time you purchase something from your favorite store.

From Amazon to Target, this platform has an associate network covering more than 3k retail and online stores around the globe.

And the best part, it automatically applies the cashback.

But it is not the best surprise yet! You can now claim a $5 welcome bonus if you join this platform right now. So, don’t wait and hop on to get your free Steam code.


21. SurveyTime

steam wallet code free

Source: SurveyTime

Formerly known as GiftHulk, SurveyTime is a great platform to earn money for performing various small tasks online.

You can do many things on this platform, from participating in short surveys to playing cool online games.

And the best part, it occasionally lets you get paid to read emails too. But the best part is it has a minimum survey payout of $1.

Yes, how small the survey is, you are guaranteed to earn at least $1/survey.

This unique platform also has a push notification option where you’ll get an alert every time a new survey opportunity is there in your inventory.


22. ExtraBux

Primarily a cashback website, ExtraBux now has more than 10k partner stores around the globe.

So, every time you shop anything from your favorite online or retail store, you are guaranteed to earn cashback.

You may not even believe that it has recently partnered with some luxury brands like Bloomingdale’s and Sephora.

And for shopping from these stores, you can earn as much as 30% cashback on your total purchase amount.

Needless to say, it is one of the best ways to get a Steam wallet code for free. And what is even better is that you can now claim a $20 signup bonus for joining this platform today.


23. Gift Card Granny

Based in Pennsylvania, Gift Card Granny is the most popular discounted gift card store in the United States.

It let you get rid of unwanted gift cards that you may have won from giveaways or as a promotional benefit.

And on the other way, anyone looking for that gift card can get it at a lower price. You just need to visit the web platform and scroll through numerous gift cards.

Honestly saying, it is not the typical website where you can earn free Steam wallet codes for free. But you can get it at a throwaway price.


24. Raise

Raise works quite similarly to Gift Card Granny, where you can’t earn a Steam wallet code for free.

But what you can do is you can get a Steam gift card at a hefty discount, that too, with a money-back guarantee.

Most of the users sell their unwanted gift cards in this store. And among those, Steam cards are the top choices as only gamers want them on a daily basis.

But for the rest of the people, it is of no use. But yes, you do need to keep an eye on the available cards to get them on your budget.

They often arrange giveaways where you can also earn them for free.


25. Points2Shop

If you talk about the biggest online reward site, you talk about Points2Shop.

You can earn a pretty good amount of cash just by doing simple online tasks. And you can also get your money withdrawn without any hassle.

You can do many things, from taking part in short online surveys to signing up for new offers.

It is also among the few websites that let you earn money for playing games and even for shopping online.

And now, they have also opened a dedicated segment where you can earn money just by watching trending videos.

And besides Steam, there are many gift card options to choose from.


5 Alternate Ways To Get Free Steam Wallet Cards

free steam wallet codes 2021

You can always buy a Steam code or a direct wallet card with money.

And there are many legit ways to make extra money, even for teens. But nothing can be as good as getting the code for free.


26. Steam Wallet Codes Generators

Code generators are a type of software that is usually safe for your computer as they have a lesser chance of infecting your system.

However, you need to understand that this is not legal to use. Steam, like most other game hubs, are intellectual properties that are protected.

But, if you really need to try it, there are a few. While many claims to be free Steam wallet code generator, only a handful actually works.

You can get several working links if you visit the correct thread on Reddit. But yes, don’t forget to crosscheck if that’s a spammy or a buggy one or not.


27. Free Games

The best way to get a Steam wallet code for free is by playing games.

Yes, several platforms are available where you can simply play games and make either points or actual cash rewards.

Most of these gaming platforms, let it be for fun or for beta testing, offer various ways to withdraw your earnings.

And one of the most popular among those is definitely Steam codes. MistPlay and Idle Empire are the two best platforms in this category.

However, several GPT sites have dedicated segments on their platforms as well, where you can actually play games and earn Steam wallet codes.


28. Amazon Gift Cards

Most of the GPT websites primarily pay either by PayPal transfer or a direct bank transfer.

Only a handful supports direct gift card purchases from the platform itself. And even if you find any, there is a lesser chance of getting Steam cards.

But yes, you’ll definitely get Amazon gift cards. You can buy the amazon gift cards from those GPT sites and then redeem them to your amazon wallet to get real cash value.

And once it gets transferred to your Amazon Pay account, you can directly buy the Steam wallet cards from Amazon itself.

And the best part is you’ll often have a chance to get a massive discount.


29. Giveaways and Social Media

Nothing can be as appealing as giveaways. Since the dawn of social media’s global dominance in cyberspace, many companies have used giveaways as an effective strategy to popularize their social media handles.

And many companies follow this strategy. So, you will have a chance to get a free Steam code, definitely in a legit way, through giveaways on social media.

And there are other channels like Reddit that also often have these opportunities.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the famous gaming blogs on YouTube. Most of the vlogger-gamers often arrange giveaways that also include Steam codes.


30. Card Companies

Do you know your debit and credit cards have several additional pre-approved benefits?

Believe it or not, you can easily find free Steam wallet code giveaways if you are already subscribed to the social media handles of your bank or card issuer.

To get new customers, many banks are relying on these strategies to attract young customers. And for that, they often have these wallet offers as an additional benefit for credit cards.

You also need to check if there is any lucky draws or contest open in your card’s additional benefit segment as they also often have Steam codes as prizes.


Free Steam Wallet Codes Hacks To Try

While many claims to work as a free online Steam wallet code generator, most of those are simply fakes.

These fishy websites first want you to do dubious stuff, like clicking a referral link or downloading a suspicious browser extension. Beware, these are the red flags!

It is better not to try any hacks to get a free Steam wallet code.

Because most of these websites are fake, even if you find a legit one, Steam can instantly ban and remove your profile if they see anything suspicious.

So, it is better to try only those thirty methods we have mentioned above.



How to get a free Steam wallet code?

The best way to get a Steam wallet code for free is by doing simple tasks on reputed GPT sites like Inbox Dollars, Survey Junkie, or Swagbucks.

Besides, you can also use cashback sites like Rakuten or Ibotta to earn reward points which you can use to purchase a Steam code.

You can also try game testing platforms like MistPlay which also offer this opportunity.


How to earn a free steam wallet code instantly?

It is tough to get an instant Steam wallet card. There are many GPT sites that we have mentioned above that do provide these wallet cards.

But to accumulate the payout amount required to get one takes time.

But if you are in a rush, you can definitely purchase these cards from platforms like Raise or Gift Card Granny where you’ll get them at a throwaway price.


How to get free steam money?

You can get free Steam money in multiple ways. The best option is to participate in shorter surveys on platforms like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, or Inbox Dollars.

Besides, you can also use platforms like Ibotta or MyPoints to get one.

And if you are an avid gamer, try platforms like Idle Empire, where you can win a wallet card simply by playing the beta versions of the upcoming games.


How to redeem the free code Steam wallet?

You first need to log in to your Steam account and go to the “Steam wallet code” segment.

Just enter your secret wallet code in the respected field and then click the “Continue” button.

The platform will automatically fetch the exact balance on your card and will show it to your Steam wallet. You can get many currency options after that, which include dollars and pounds.


Conclusion – Are Free Steam Wallet Codes Really Worth?

While there are definitely options to get Steam wallet code for free, you can take the same route but a slightly different way to get more than just the code.

There are many websites that we have mentioned above that provide lucrative opportunities to earn money.

And you can redeem that money to do anything you want, not just buy a Steam code.

You can also start a money-making blog on gaming to earn and spend to get a Steam wallet code. So, that’s all for today, folks.

Feel free to drop your suggestions and feedback in the comment box below!


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