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29 Easy Ways To Make 50k A Year From Home In 2024

Do you know that the average cost of living in the USA is around $3.3k/month? Yes, a new financial report by the Bank of America also suggested that you need more than $1.7k a month on average just to afford decent housing! So, it is now essential to make 50k a year.

Although you can make that money if you are really good at anything, not every job is suitable for everyone.

Besides, some jobs are more labor-intensive than others, while some jobs need absolute creativity.

So, we have tried and tested at least a hundred options before selecting the top thirty ways to make $50k a year or more.

But before we reveal those, let’s talk about the steps to grab such jobs first!


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Step-By-Step Guide To Find Jobs That Pay 50k A Year

Get that fact first; you need to have jobs that pay $40/hour or more if you want to make 50k a year.

But earning that much hourly wage is not an easy task. However, you can definitely achieve it by adopting four key strategies.

  • Obtain A Degree: You should have at least a graduation degree to get any high-paying job. Besides, many vocational jobs need you to have certifications and licenses as well.
  • Learn A Skill: From plumbing to cosmetology, you need to have proper mastery and the right skillset in any discipline of your choice to make $50k/year or more.
  • Seek Opportunities: Learning the craft is not the final point, as you also need to keep an open eye to grab a lucrative opportunity whenever it is available.
  • Tailor Your Resume: You need to highlight your key skills and expertise in your resume so that any employer can see your credibility at a glance.

Besides these four, you also need to have confidence in yourself if you want to achieve something big in your life.

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Creative Jobs To Make 50k A Year

Nothing can be more satisfying than earning money through your creativity.

And now, there are many ways to make 50k a year or more just while channeling your creative output in the right way.


1. Work As A Freelance Writer

freelance writing

From our elementary school days, we all practiced creative writing. And now, that skills can be truly beneficial if you are looking for jobs that make 50k a year.

Yes, it is now absolutely possible to even make more than $100/hour just as a freelance writer.

There are even high-paying writing jobs available that pay as much as $2k/week without investing whole days.

And that’s not impossible for anyone as one of the writing coaches and mentors, Holly Johnson, has generated more than $225K/year of revenue just as a freelance writer.

You can also kickstart a six-figure writing career by following her six key strategies. She has recently revealed all those six golden strategies in her latest freelancing workshop.

And believe it or, this workshop is still free for a limited time. So, join the free writing workshop to pave your way to success as a freelance writer.

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2. Become A Proofreader

free proofreading course

To make a truly unique piece of content, any company needs a credible proofreader besides having an acclaimed writer.

And for that, they often don’t hesitate to pay even $100/hour for their proofreading projects. There are even high-paying proofreading jobs available that fetch way beyond that.

But yes, entering this industry and making your name can be challenging as a newbie proofreader, especially if you don’t have the right mentor to guide you on the correct path.

Caitlin Pyle is one such mentor who not only earns six figures as a proofreader herself but also trains thousands of her students to achieve success.

Most of her students are now making up to $4k/month on average. And now, you can also start your journey by joining her free 76-minute proofreading workshop.

One of her last-batch students, Estela Perez, also recently uploaded a testimonial describing how she achieved success just by joining this free workshop.

So, check out her incredible journey, where she is now earning $3k+/month. Don’t waste your time, and join this FREE workshop on proofreading to start your career as a freelance proofreader.

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3. Launch Your Own Blog

Even I wished to make 50k a year a few years back. However, it seemed almost impossible for me as I had just $100 to invest in a new venture after hitting financial rock bottom.

But I gathered some courage and launched this website four years back with that little budget. Believe it or not, I’m now making around $85k/year on average just from this blog.

And I’ve also shared the complete stats and earnings from various sources in my latest monthly income report. Although it sounds tough, launching a website needs just two things.

First, you need a hosting server that can cost up to $10/month on average. However, Bluehost now has an excellent program where you can get the same hosting packages at just $2.95/month.

And secondly, you also need a domain name that you can get completely free if you take any affordable hosting packages from Bluehost.

After you sort these two things, the rest will be a cakewalk.

I’ve also shared the step-by-step guide to setting up a blog in less than 30 minutes to help you set up your own blog without hiring a professional.


4. Become A Web Developer

If you know how to design a static or dynamic website, you already know how to make 50k a year.

Yes, web development is one of the most sort-after skills that can fetch as much as $76k/year, according to a new statistical report.

You can easily get a high-paying job in any reputed company if you have the right skills.

Besides, several high-paying freelance job websites are also available where you can bid for web development projects.

It is better if you are from a computer science or engineering background. Or else, you can do certification courses online to learn the sorcery of web development.


5. Become A Graphic Designer

Besides web designing, graphic designing is also a great skill that can lead you to have a successful career, even as a freelance.

From digital media to print media, the requirements for credible proofreaders are almost everywhere.

And according to a new report on average salary, graphic designers now make around $50k/year.

Yes, you can even make way more than that if you have the right skills and sufficient experience in this design industry.

Even if you don’t want to take it as a full-time job, there are several freelance graphic designing jobs that you can also try.


6. Try Voiceover Acting

From animation films to dubbed movies, from background voice addition to creating narration, voiceovers are everywhere.

And if you have a Morgan Freeman-like voice to get you going, you already paved your way to make 50k a year or more.

You primarily need just two things; the right texture and the modulation. However, you can even sharpen your voice by adding a bit of humor or suspense to it.

But, adding these elements to your voice can be tricky, especially without the proper guidance.

One of the greatest voiceover artists and Audible-approved producers, Julie Eickhoff, stepped forward to train enthusiastic people like you.

She has already guided thousands of budding artists to land Hollywood projects.

And now, she has also introduced her free mini-course on voiceover acting that other coaches charge thousands of dollars.

Several of her students also reported earning more than $5k/year after taking this free course. So, book your slot right now to kickstart your journey.



7. Become A Transcriber

make 50k a year

Transcription is where you need to type out what you listen to. But there is a catch!

You need at least 65 WPM typing speed at a 95% accuracy rate to type that out correctly and precisely. And if you can do that, making more than $50/hour is just a matter of time.

Many high-paying transcription jobs are available nowadays that can easily fetch you more than $50k a year.

But is it possible to bag such high-paying projects without the proper guidance? Absolutely not!

With 30+ years of experience, Janet Shaughnessy is one such transcription coach who has already guided thousands of successful transcribers earning more than $5k/month.

She has recently also unleashed all her secret recipes of success in her 7-lesson free mini-course on transcription. So, grab this golden opportunity right now before the seats get full!


8. Work As A VA

how to make 50k a year

Do you know that you can offer more than 50 different services as a virtual assistant? Yes, it not just has high potential but is also among the very few jobs that make over 50k a year.

And many companies are now looking for credible VA to reduce their overhead costs.

There are now many high-paying VA jobs available around the globe that pay a minimum of $80/hour. But to land on such high-paying projects, you do need the right guidance.

One of the biggest names in the VA industry, Gina Horkey, has already trained thousands of students to become successful VA.

By taking her free Virtual Assistance webinar, most of her students reported earning more than $10k/month within just 90 days.

So, book your seat now before it gets too late and start your journey to financial success as a virtual assistant.


9. Become A Social Media Manager

The power of social media is undying these days. And more and more companies and brands are now fighting to establish their online space.

But to do that, they are constantly in search of credible social media managers.

To become a successful SMM, you need excellent communication skills, absolute mastery over social media, and a creative mind.

Besides, you can also take it a step forward if you dare to venture into FB and Google ads.

You may not believe it, but the average salary of the social media manager now lies around $50k to $60k a year.

And if you are willing to take it as a freelance profession, you can easily bag up to $5k/project.


10. Work As An Online Consultant

Although it sounds a bit tricky, online consultation is genuinely among the very few careers that make 50k a year.

Besides, it is also among the handful of jobs that pay $30/hour or more these days. But yes, you do need to have certain qualities to fetch such money.

From business consultation to growth hacking, you can provide almost any kind of service through your online consultation.

Besides you can also create your own newsletter to keep your clients updated about what they like.

It would be great if you could create a package to generate a recurring income. Just start with unlimited email support at just $50/month or unlimited calls over Zoom for just $99/month to keep it rolling!

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Unique Ways To Make 50k A Year From Home

We all love the comfort and coziness of our house, isn’t it? But now, it is also possible to make 50k a year or more just while working from your home.

Although there are plenty of options, the most legit WFH jobs are as follows.


11. Become An Affiliate Marketer

affiliate marketing business

You need to link and promote a particular product or service through your own website, blog, or social media handles in affiliate marketing.

And in return, you get 15% of the final selling amount as a commission. So, if you don’t know how to make 50k a year online, give it a shot!

One of the most successful affiliate marketers, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, adopted this same strategy with her own twist to make more than $50k/month from just a single affiliate site.

Besides, she has also made more than $1 million from a single product linked in a single post.

And now, she has also revealed that secret which you can also follow by joining her free mini-course on affiliate marketing.

Most of her students who opted for this free webinar are now earning more than $8k/month on average. So, book your slot now before the seats get full!


12. Sell On Amazon

make 50k a year

Let me give you a stat first! Do you know that the Black Friday sale each year touched more than a billion in revenue for Amazon?

You may not also believe it, but Amazon touched $3.5+ billion in revenue in Prime Day sales last year. And a significant chunk of that money went to the FBAs.

So, if you are willing to make 50k a year or more, becoming an Amazon FBA can be your ideal choice.

But yes, you need to adopt the right strategy to sell the right product to make big money on Amazon. And to do that, you surely need the inside knowledge.

One of the most trusted Amazon FBA guides, The Selling Family, has already trained and revealed that secret to more than 10k+ students.

And now, each of them is earning around $10k to $20k/month on average. Want to know how?

They have recently launched their free course to start an Amazon FBA Business to help enthusiastic people like you. So, enroll yourself before it gets too late!


13. Teach English Online

Do you know what jobs make 50k a year or more without even leaving the comfort of the house? Yes, that’s online teaching.

There are even many high-paying online tutoring jobs to earn more than $80k/year.

A new study shows that China is the prime client of online teaching as there are only 100k qualified English teachers in their country.

And with a population of close to 2 billion, the potential is almost exponential. And a new study also found that the English teaching industry will likely cross $100 billion in the next five years.

If you have at least a graduation degree with a teaching certificate, you better create a profile at VIPKid and Magic Ears to get students. Besides, you can also try Tutor and Wyzant.


14. Work As An Online Bookkeeper

bookkeeping jobs

Bookkeepers are needed in every company and every business. And, passing time, the demand for online bookkeepers is constantly increasing.

And now, there are even high-paying online bookkeeping jobs available where you can make more than $25/hour.

You need at least a graduation degree in commerce-related subjects.

Besides, you also need to have an excellent grip on accounting software like QuickBooks or Tally ERP. But even after that, you need the right guidance to bag some high-paying clients.

One of the most successful online bookkeepers and the CEO of, Ben Robinson, is right there to help you without charging a single penny!

Through his unique free course on bookkeeping, he has already guided more than 12k students to make $10k/month on average.

So, you can also join the three-part free bookkeeping series, which is available absolutely free of cost for a limited time!


15. Become A Flipper

make 50k a year from home

As a flipper, you need to purchase an item from either thrift stores, garage sales, or online discount shops, and then you need to resell it to other auction sites.

And this is genuinely a brilliant business to start if you want to make 50k a year or more.

You can buy several discounted items from the clearance segment of Amazon or Walmart. And then, you can resell those on eBay or Etsy.

But, selecting the right product at a suitable price is crucial if you want to increase the profit margin.

The founders-owners of Flipper University, Rob and Melissa Stephenson, have been doing this work for a long time.

They are currently generating $130k+ yearly profit from their online flipping business. But unlike others, they didn’t keep it secret.

They have already trained more than a thousand students who are now earning $10k+/month on average just by flipping.

And you can also become a part of that haul by joining the money-making flipping course completely free of cost for a limited time.


16. Become A Dropshipper

In dropshipping, you just need to market the product through your own channels while the manufacturer directly ships the product to the customer, thus eliminating the need for stocking or warehousing.

And trust me, it is one of the best careers that make over 50k a year. There are several ways to start a business without any investment.

But nothing can be as lucrative as dropshipping. You may not believe it, but several people are even making millions from their dropshipping business.

According to a recent report, the current average salary of a qualified dropshipper now lies around $50k to $72k a year.


17. Invest Online In Real Estate

Nothing can be more old-school but amazingly rewarding than investing in real estate.

It is undoubtedly one of the best physical assets to buy if you have that kind of purchase power. Yes, in most cases, real estate needs a huge investment.

But now, there is another avenue where you can spend even a single dollar in real estate. And it is now possible with the innovation of real estate crowdfunding.

You can start investing with Fundrise, which needs you to invest just $500 at the start.

However, if you have an even lower budget, you can try other legit platforms like Roofstock, EquityMultiple, or FarmTogether.


18. Provide SEO Services

Opening a website all by yourself is challenging. But nothing can be trickier than ranking that website on the first page of the Google search result.

And if you have that skill, you can definitely make 50k a year from home. There are several high-paying SEO jobs available online that pay as much as $100/hour or more.

And if you take it as a full-time profession, you can comfortably fetch around $80k/year if you are talented enough.

But yes, you do need specific abilities to analyze the website and make the correct course to success.

And you also need expertise in SEO tools like Moz Pro, Ahref, Semrush, and many more.


19. Become A Paralegal Expert

Paralegals are legal experts that provide services under the supervision of licensed lawyers, attorneys, and other law-related professionals.

Right now, law firms and big corporates have huge opportunities for credible paralegal experts.

You need to have at least a graduation degree in any law-related subjects to get started.

Besides, you should also have a license issued by the state or the national authority to begin working.

According to the new financial report, the average salary of a paralegal expert now lies around $45k to $65k a year.

So, if you want to make 50k a year, it is definitely a great place to start.


Best Jobs To Make 50k A Year Without Any Degree

In most cases, you do need a degree to bag a high-paying job. But there are plenty of professions where you require the right skill rather than having a degree.

And there are now jobs that make 50k a year without a degree available around the globe.


20. Social Media Influencers

Let me shock you with a fact first! Internet sensation and social media star Kylie Jenner now charges more than $1.2 million per post on her social media handles.

Yes, that’s how lucrative social media influencing has become.

So, if you have a decent social media following and want to make 50k a year or more, you better try your luck as a social media influencer.

But yes, you do need to have an eccentric personality with absolute confidence to flaunt your talent on social media.

A new financial study also suggested that the current income of an average social media influencer now lies around $50k to $65k/year.


21. Property Manager

You need at least a $25 hourly wage to make 50k a year. And there are a few professions where you can comfortably make that.

Property management is one such profession where you can even make beyond that amount. Property is among the only assets that appreciate in value.

And if you know how to manage these assets, you can even make more than $50/hour just while working as a freelance manager.

According to the current national average, the yearly salary of a full-time property manager now lies around $52k to $55k.


22. Hotel Manager

The hotel industry is not just gigantic in size but also one of the most lucrative and profitable trades to follow.

And hotel managers are equally well paid if they have the right qualities to match the needs of the hospitality sector.

But to enter this field, you need to have at least a graduation degree in either hotel management or administration.

Besides, most reputed hotel chains only hire managers with at least five years of industry experience.

You need to understand that hotel management is a full-time duty. According to a recent financial study, the current salary of a hotel manager now lies around $50k/year on average.


23. Restaurant Manager

Restaurant management is actually a part of the hotel management segment for hotel chains and resorts.

But for standalone eateries and restaurants, this is an individual post that comes with immense responsibility.

From maintaining the quality of the food to the quality of the service, a restaurant manager should keep a vigilant eye on all aspects of a restaurant’s operation.

And for that, they can fetch as much as $60k/year on average.

But you certainly need at least a graduation degree in any hospitality-related subjects from an accredited university to get started.

Besides, many restaurants also want you to have decent industry experience.


24. Store Manager

As a store manager, you need to comply with the efficiency of the daily retail operation in the store.

Besides, you may also need to lead a team of shopkeepers and assistants to keep a smooth buying experience for any customer.

Believe it or not, you can easily make 50k a year or more as a store manager.

Although it doesn’t require you to have any specific degree, many retail chains prefer candidates with at least a graduation degree in management-related subjects.

As per the new financial report, the current average salary of a store manager now lies around $45k to $55k/year.


25. Fitness Manager

According to National Statistics, almost 43% of the total adult population of the United States is obese.

But now, most people have already developed a positive mindset and joined gyms and fitness centers to stay fit and active.

And with the growing number of fitness centers, the demand for credible fitness managers is also increasing.

Besides, there are many ways even to get paid to lose weight in those centers or all your own.

According to recent financial data, the national average salary of a qualified fitness manager now stands at around $45k to $55k/year.


26. Sanitation Supervisor

As a sanitation supervisor, your primary responsibility will be to monitor and implement federal advice and policies to keep the work environment clean.

And if you want to make 50k a year or more for a full-time job, this is definitely among the most lucrative opportunities.

You can get absorbed in either private-run or state-run centers and facilities as a sanitation supervisor.

And for a full-time job, you can typically expect around $55k to $66k a year on average.

You need to have at least a graduation degree in either public health or any other similar field. It will also help you to have a high-paying job if you have some industry experience.


27. Insurance Agent

From home to health, insurance is necessary and somewhat mandatory in almost every aspect of our lives.

However, it is not at all easy to choose insurance without having the right knowledge and understanding.

In those cases, a credible insurance agent can solve these problems by guiding a customer to the right insurance policy.

In return, they are also competitively paid. And on top of that, they also earn regular incentives and bonuses.

According to recent financial data, the current average salary of a full-time insurance agent lies around $50k/year.

Even if you work as an independent agent, you can earn around 10% to 15% commission.


28. Commercial Trucking

Do you know you can make 50k a year as a commercial trucker?

Yes, although it sounds challenging, it is pretty easy to make even more than $50k a year if you have your own vehicle.

And even without it, you can easily make up to $70/hour. Even if you don’t want to take trucking as your full-time profession, you can work in shifts.

And now, there are even driving jobs for retirees where you need to drive the truck for a minimal time each day.

But yes, you do need to obtain a Class-A commercial driving license to become a full-time or part-time truck driver.


29. Plumber

From repairing and installing bathroom fittings to installing new water fixtures, the duty of a plumber covers a vast area.

Besides, they are also required for proper maintenance of the water inlets and natural gas pipes.

Although this job is physically labor-intensive, plumbers are equally well-paid. According to the current national estimate, a certified plumber in the USA now makes around $50k to $55k a year on average.

After completing your high school or GED, you need to take a certification program in plumbing to enter this industry.

However, you may also need to work as an apprentice to learn the craft practically.


$50k A Year Is How Much An Hour?

Before you make 50k a year or even plan to do the same, you need to understand the actual hourly wage required to earn that money in a year.

You can make that much money in either full-time or part-time jobs. And the hourly wage will defer depending on that.

If you invest 40 hours/week in a full-time job throughout the year, your total work hour will be 2,080.

So, if you want to make $50k from a full-time responsibility, your wage will be ($50k/2,080), i.e., $24.04/hour on average.

And if you invest around 20 hours each week in a part-time profession, your total work hour will be 1,040.

So, you need to make ($50k/1,040), i.e., $48.08/hour on average in a part-time job, to generate $50k a year.



How can I make 50k a year?

All you need is to earn just $25/hour in a full-time job or up to $50/hour in a part-time job to make $50k a year.

From creative writing to proofreading, from plumbing to furniture assembly, options are many if you are looking for jobs to earn such an amount.

You can even make such an amount just by freelancing through various portals like Fiverr and Upwork.


Is making 50k a year good?

It all depends on where you live and what your demands are! If you live in San Francisco or Iowa, you can comfortably live a happy and healthy life with a $50k/year income.

However, things can be challenging if you live in Vegas, New York, and even Des Moines.

But yes, if you don’t have a family, this amount is sufficient to live off anywhere.


Can I make 50k a year online?

Definitely, you can make $50k and even more a year just while working online.

Even if you do manual work, like taking part in online surveys or reading emails, you can make that money. However, you do need to put in extra effort.

But yes, you can comfortably make that money, even in a part-time job, while working as a writer or a proofreader online.


What kind of jobs make 50k a year?

Most jobs that require some skill can easily fetch you $50k or more each year.

From hotel management to storekeeping, from investing in crypto to just trading stock, you can do almost anything you want and can make that amount.

You can also earn that money from dividends if you are a seasoned investor.



You must have already understood that you can definitely make 50k a year, or even more, just by doing what you like or what you are really good at.

But, don’t take up any profession just for the sake of earning. Otherwise, you’ll lose your interest pretty fast.

And it will be almost impossible for you to continue that job without having any zeal to do it. So, choose your profession carefully.

And that’s all for today, folks! Don’t hesitate to drop your feedback about this list in the comment box below. Happy earning!


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