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Get Paid To Draw Online – 34 Sites That Pay Real Cash

Days are gone when talents like Vincent van Gogh had to die out of poverty. In today’s era, painters are artists who can be counted among some of the highest earners in the world.

However, not everyone shares the same fate. However, there are now several options available to get paid to draw, even if you are just a complete newbie.

You can make quite a good amount of money if you can make good artwork by associating with some of the amazing platforms for artistic interchange.

If you are an artist or have good drawing skills, you must be aware of the below ways to get paid to draw. So, let’s have a look.


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How To Sell Your Drawings Online For Money?

There are at least four major ways in which you can easily get paid to draw. You can also select the niche of your artistic work according to your preference. The options are as follows:

  • You can start designing banners or greeting cards.
  • If you are good at character drawing, you can even join the RPG and gaming industry.
  • You can start to draw your own comic book if you love to sketch and publish it.
  • You can start your own blog or website and start selling your art.

So, these are the main ways to make money drawing. However, you can also collaborate with other artists and participate in various exhibitions to do so.


How Much Money Do You Get Paid To Draw?

get paid to draw - salary


Despite having many ways to get paid to draw and take pictures, most artists don’t know how much to expect from this field.

The calculation is simple; if you can produce just a single sketch per day and can fetch even $50 to $100 per sketch, you can make around $2k to $3k per month.

For those who have painting and illustrator experience, you can earn $20+ an hour as a freelancer or up to $50,000 per year as a full-time artist for any company.

You can definitely fetch way more if you build some following for your work on social media platforms. You can also have an art blog and earn from ads and sales. However, there are even sketch artists available who earn six figures.

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Different Ways To Get Paid To Draw

As I already mentioned earlier, we have different ways to cash out our drawing skills using the internet. You can either join a company or freelance if you have the right talent to sketch and draw.

If you are eyeing big goals, you need to develop your own channels to sell your art. But if you want to have a sense of financial security, you can join a company full-time and do freelancing in your free time to make more out of your passion.

Here are the possible ways to start your drawing career online.


1. Traditional Drawing Jobs

For ages, people who are good at drawing figures and want to get paid to draw cartoons have joined the film or animation industry. It still has great potential, but you need to be extremely talented as the competition is pretty steep.

Besides, there are now several other industries like gaming, app development, and even designing that now offer these opportunities.

You can look for job search engines like FlexJobs or Glassdoor to grab those traditional drawing job opportunities. Besides, you can also keep an eye on the yellow pages if you are looking for local jobs.

You can also keep an eye on local newspapers and also inform your community centers that you are looking for creative opportunities.


2. Offer Drawing Services

There are several online marketplaces available, like Fiverr and Upwork, where you can showcase your talent.

All you need to do is create your own profile on these platforms and upload some of your best work to attract potential buyers.

You can also search for opportunities in PeoplePerHour or even Amazon mTurk that offers full-time and part-time projects.

Moreover, you can also put a post on your social media profiles that you are looking for artistic opportunities.

Just join focus groups on Facebook or any other social media channels and post your artistic abilities. Don’t forget to interact with like-minded people to make a strong network.


3. Sell Your Drawings

One of the ancient ways to get paid to draw, selling can be the most profitable option if you know how to do it correctly. However, the art market now works differently.

You first need to digitize your artwork, like sketches or drawings. And then, you need to make vectors to use in various online art selling platforms.

You can easily make vectors of your creation by using software like Adobe Capture CC or Adobe Illustrator. However, you need to take care of the quality of your vectors. Once done, you can then upload your vectors to various online artistic marketplaces to sell them.


4. Create Your Own Drawing Business

There is no better option than being your own boss. You will not only have artistic freedom but will never have any time commitment if you start on your own.

And in today’s time, it is not very difficult to start your online business. You can easily set up your own blog or website.

Even if you don’t want to invest in the first place, you can make free blogs and websites to display your art. And once you start getting the necessary attention, you can even make your own online selling platform to auction your art.

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Get Paid To Draw Online – 34 Websites To Sell Your Art

There are marketplaces where you can showcase your art to get clients. But to get high-paying clients, you need to know the right platforms as well as the right way to market them.

Some of the best platforms where you can find high-paying buyers for your drawings and sketches are as follows:


1. Fiverr

fiverrIt can be your best option if you don’t know how to sell drawings. However, Fiverr works differently. You can add a gig to your profile while describing your talent for drawing, sketching, or doodling.

If anyone wants a sketch artist, the client can contact you directly. The basic gig rate starts from $5, although you can set your rate according to your preference. But, this website takes around 10% of that price as its commission fee.


2. Reddit

If you want to target buyers from the United States or the United Kingdom, there is no better option than Reddit.

You can find any subreddit from the art or drawing category. And then, you can join the discussion and communicate directly with potential buyers.

You can also post your own links to your artwork if you have your own website. But be aware of the strict community guidelines that you need to follow even while advertising your piece of art.


3. Etsy

Needless to say, Etsy is the one-stop-shop for anything related to art and craft. You can create your own store on this website and start selling items directly to the clients.

However, you need to produce unique pieces to attract buyers.

It is better to check out its highest-selling drawings first to get clear about the sale-worthy drawings. Once you create an account and start selling, you also need to answer the queries of your customers to increase the trust factors.


4. DeviantArt

There are very few better options to sell drawings online for money than DeviantArt. It is one of the most popular websites for artists and art connoisseurs. You can also simply call it the social media network for artists and art buyers.

So, you can make an account on this website and then upload some great images of your best works. You can also directly communicate with your potential buyers once anyone shows interest in your drawing.


5. Instagram

It may be surprising for many, but Instagram is actually more popular than Facebook for Gen Y.

And you can make it work in your favor if you want to get paid to draw. However, it is not a direct platform to sell any art, though you can upload images of your recent creations to attract clients.

You need to know some tricks, like using the right hashtags and the S4S rules to get the most out of this platform.


6. Check Freelancer & Upwork

If you want to use your creative talent just to boost your income through freelance projects, you can try websites like Freelancer and Upwork.

On both these websites, you can create your own profile and write what you can do in your bio.

You can also create your own artistic profile by uploading photos of some of your best drawings and sketches.

Moreover, you can also look for available project opportunities and apply directly through your profile.


7. Facebook Page & Groups

We mainly use Facebook to communicate with our relatives, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. But, it can be one of the best platforms if you know how to use it correctly.

You can start with creating your own page and uploading your sketches and drawings on a regular basis.

Besides, you can also join art-related groups and share your latest creations with your peers. Facebook has also introduced Marketplace, where you can showcase your art and attract potential buyers.


8. Wetcanvas Forums

There are ways to get paid to doodle if you know the right platforms. And Wetcanvas Forums is one among those.

It is actually a creative community of artists and art critics. Forum members engage in general conversations regarding art and art-related subjects on this website.

They also share their latest works. And in that way, they can connect not only just with like-minded people but also with potential buyers. But yes, you need to showcase your best work as the competition is tough.


9. Pinterest

Although it is not a direct platform to showcase your artwork, you can use Pinterest in your favor by creating a catalog of your recent artwork.

It is actually a visual search engine. And most people from the United States use this platform daily to get their daily dose of visual stimulation.

All you need to do is create a free account on this website and then start making image catalogs that they call pins.


10. Your Website or Blog

As we all know, there is no better option than starting your own business if you aim for big money. It is also true if you want to get paid to draw. You can start with a free one from Wix or WordPress.

Once you start to get public attention, you can buy your custom domain. It is also easy to market your profile and make an online presence if you have your own blog or website.


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Platforms To Get Paid To Draw Sketches and Cartoons

get paid to draw cartoons

Several companies now provide the opportunity for talented painters and sketch artists to showcase their sketches and cartoons.

Besides, these companies also pay quite well. Some of the most notable and legit companies of this genre are as follows.


11. Avanti Press

If you want to get paid to draw sketches, Avanti Press can be your one-stop-shop. This greeting card company mainly accepts humorous and sensual quotes to go with the unique art pieces.

However, you can also submit your drawings on this website. Once any art buyer loves your work, you can directly negotiate your price for that artwork.


12. Blue Mountain Arts

This company, Blue Mountain Arts, mainly produces artistic greeting cards, decorative calendars, gift books, and holiday gift packs.

And for all these, it always looks for talented arts; let it be great quotes or a marvelous piece of painting. However, it operates in a contest format where you can earn around $350 per piece if you get the first spot.


13. American Greetings

The second biggest greeting card manufacturer in the world, American Greetings, now mainly develops electronic greeting cards and party products.

However, this company produces paper cards as well. If you are really a great painter or can doodle well, you can directly submit your artwork.

Besides, you will get good remuneration if this company takes your artwork.


14. Tiny Prints

If you want to make money drawing, Tiny Prints can be your ideal option. This company actually promotes freelance photographers.

However, you can also submit your digital drawings to get featured and earn money. But, our design or idea should be unique to attract its customers.

You can also submit your complete portfolio so that it can even consider you in the future.


15. Recycled Paper Greetings

As the name itself suggests, this company called Recycled Paper Greetings mainly prints greeting cards on recycled paper. And since 1971, it has been known as the biggest player in this genre.

However, this company always looks for great drawings and sketches to print on the cards. So, you can submit up to 10 of your photos and art pieces at a time.


16. CardGnome

There are very few better options to get paid to draw than CardGnome. It is also a greeting card company known for its unique prints and humorous take on holiday celebrations.

You can also submit your work to get it printed on its cards. In return, this company pays up to 10% royalty from the final selling amount of that card.

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17. It Takes Two

Although this company is mainly known for verse writing, you can also submit your artwork and any other form of art. However, It Takes Two only accepts those artworks that complement its printing patterns.

So, you need to check out the artwork of its existing artists to get a clear idea. Besides, your sketches or paintings need to be unique as well to fetch good money.


18. P.S. Greetings

This excellent greeting card manufacturer called P.S. Greetings now has more than 80 years of experience in the industry. And it mainly manufactures boxed cards, seasonal cards, gift tags, and boxes.

So, if you think your artwork can go well with these, you can submit your drawings and sketches. It will pay you according to the type and quality of your artwork.


19. Amber Lotus Publishing

There are very few companies that give you the opportunity to get paid to draw comics. And Amber Lotus Publishing is one of the best among those.

However, you need to submit your artwork from April to July each year for a quick approval. If you submit after this timeframe, the response time can be a little longer than usual.


20. Up With Paper

Founded in 1977, Up With Paper is one of the global leaders in the greeting card industry. And now, it also showcases new talents and their artworks.

However, your artwork needs to be amazingly good to get featured. You can directly submit your sketches and drawings through email. Besides cards, you can also design desktop accessories and submit those as well.


21. Pomegranate

Since 1968, this fantastic company called Pomegranate has been in the publishing industry. And in the twenty-first century, it has made its name as one of the largest independent manufacturers in the United States.

Starting from puzzles to stationery items, this company prints almost anything you can imagine. And it also accepts great artworks from even the newest artists. However, your art should complement pop culture.


22. Shoebox Cards

If you want to make money drawing lines, Shoebox Cards can be your best bet. It mainly focuses on writing cards. So, your artwork should evoke fun and wit to get featured.

You also need to have a humorous style to paint or draw cartoons. Besides, it will be even better if you can make artwork on specific themes like Christmas or Easter.


23. Gallant Greetings

This fantastic greeting card manufacturer called Gallant Greetings now has more than 1600 everyday card designs on its inventory.

However, it still accepts new artwork if it is exceptionally well. It mainly accepts artwork of four main genres that are holidays, humor, religion, and nurturing. Besides, you can also make artwork in Spanish and submit it in the Estrella segment.


24. Paper Magic

From trendy crafts to thematic seasonal greeting cards, Paper Magic is known for designing some of the best art pieces in the industry.

And now, you can also become a part of its team if you are a talented artist. However, you need to have the proper knowledge about popular cultures and the latest trends to make your artwork accordingly.


25. Planet Zoo

As the name itself suggests, Planet Zoo mainly specializes in the animal world. So, if you are an enthusiast of the animal kingdom and love to draw or take photographs of those beauties, you can surely become a part of its team.

You can submit your photographs or artwork via mail, and the representatives of this company will contact you if it gets selected.


26. Abbey Press

Needless to say, Abbey Press has a long and rich history of taking care of its customers through its gifts, trade marketing, publications, and printings.

It also published Deacon Digest. And for all its segments, it accepts great artwork from even new artists. For each of your drawings, paintings, and other artworks, you will get good monetary remuneration.


27. Artists To Watch

This Minneapolis-based company called Artists To Watch is one of the dominating forces in the printing industry. Starting from large printings to tabletop accessories, it offers a wide range of items to its customers.

And for that, it’s constantly looking for great artwork to feature. You can submit your best artwork or photographs to earn a pretty good amount of money.


28. BayView Press

Since its establishment in 1993, BayView Press has been dominating the fine art market. It offers fine art greeting cards, large art prints, and gift enclosures.

So, if you are into modern art and can produce a great piece, you can try this company. You can directly submit your artwork and let them review it. You will get a handsome amount if it accepts your artwork or painting for any of its prints.


29. Palm Press

There are very few places to submit drawings online and make money. However, Palm Press is one of the trusted channels to do that.

However, you need to have the proper understanding of its accepted themes and current trends to create something unique that they will surely take it. You can directly submit your artwork in digital format on its website.


30. Fotofolio

This fantastic company called Fotofolio specializes in large art posters, tee shirts, notecards, and postcard printing. It is also among the few websites that feature vintage and B&W photographs on its cards.

So if you are a good painter or even a photographer, you can submit your photographs and make money. However, your art should have the highest standards to get approval.


31. Leanin’Tree

It is one of the very few companies that accept hard copies of your drawings. Leanin’Tree also offers one of the best rates for artwork in the industry.

You can either mail them your latest artwork or can also make it a PDF file and send it online. However, you need to incorporate at least two photographs into a single page of PDF.


32. Smart Alex

A segment of Unfiltered Cards, Smart Alex, is known for its humorous takes on daily life. Besides, it also prints witty greeting cards for specific holidays like Christmas or New Year.

Besides drawings and sketches, you can also write quotes and phrases to go with the artwork. And for each of your creations, you can get up to $100 per piece.


33. Caspari Online

Not many companies in the United States print fine arts on printable items like cards and tabletop accessories. Caspari Online is one such company that does these things.

And it also features new artists. If you are a good painter and can produce print-worthy art pieces, you can definitely submit your creations to this website to earn quite a good amount of money.


34. Nobel Works

One of the most popular greeting card companies, Nobel Works, mainly focuses on humor and witty art pieces. So, if your art and drawings have a humorous take, this place is the ultimate stop for you.

You can also directly submit your artwork on this website to get it reviewed by its expert team. If it accepts any of your drawings, the representatives will negotiate the price.


35. Great Arrow

It is among the very few companies that offer the opportunity to get paid to draw even the newest artists. However, your art pieces should be unique and should also complement the recent pop cultures to get selected.

You can also directly submit your artwork to Great Arrow. However, there are certain guidelines and deadlines, depending on the upcoming holidays.


36. Crown Point Graphics

This company, called Crown Point Graphics, mainly deals with licensed arts. From pop culture to fine art, from acrylic to watercolor, you can express your art form in almost any genre and submit it.

However, you need to take the best photographs of your creation and submit them on the website in a JPG or PDF file. Your remuneration will depend on the quality of your artwork.


37. Gina B. Designs

The award-winning greeting card company called Gina B. Designs is actually a wholesaler that supplies art pieces, cards, and other printed items to retail stores.

And it is always looking for great talent. If you have a creative mind and know the right use of color, this can be your dream destination. You can directly submit multiple of your artworks on this website.

So, these are the best websites to get paid to draw. However, you need to check out the niche of these websites and select accordingly.

While some websites prefer a witty approach, some prefer fine arts. So, you should choose carefully depending on your preferred area of art.

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Important Tips To Get Paid To Draw

You may be a great artist but may not know the right way to market your art. This is the most common problem that most artists have faced for ages.

But, you can easily take care of the business aspect of your art if you follow these simple steps.

  • Be Unique: Your art, let it be drawings or sketches, should be absolutely unique. Even if you follow a general trend, you need to ensure a personalized touch.
  • Share As Much As You Can: Use all your social media channels to share your art with a vast audience. Besides, you should also take part in forums to increase your visibility.
  • Make Your Own Name: You need to make your online and offline presence if you are eyeing big money through your art.
  • Look For Legit Channels: Don’t ever trust any website or marketplace without reading the reviews. Always look for the selling experience of previous artists.

You also need to focus on your marketing, which can be done in simple steps. Always engage with your audience if you post your work online.

If you do it offline, ask your art buyers to give you reviews and ratings on Google.



So, you must have got a clear idea about the things you need to do to get paid to draw. However, you need to diversify your opportunities while collaborating with multiple websites simultaneously.

Besides, you also need to be persistent to make your name in this art industry, as the competition is pretty tough.

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