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Get Paid To Write: 150+ Sites That Pay You $50 – $1000 Per Article

Are you one among them who likes to write? Want to make this profession as your full-time or part-time and earn money? Don’t worry we are here to assist you with this.

There are many people who have excellent writing skills but they fail to find the opportunities where they can get paid to write. So, Check the list below to start your career in writing.

Before knowing more about websites you must know what category of websites or the areas that pay you to write and also different types of writing styles.


Disclaimer:  This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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What Are The Different Types Of Writing Styles?

types of writings

If you are passionate about something you need to discover all the depths involved. When it comes to writing, You should learn all the basics and join with your skills for better efficiency.

Writing has many different styles but these are categorized into four main writing styles. These are…

  • Persuasive Writing Style
  • Descriptive Writing Style
  • Narrative Writing Style
  • Expository Writing Style

The above picture explains what type of stuff each writing style consists of. So, plan accordingly to develop the skills in the category you want to go for.


Different Types Of Websites That Pay You To Write

type of websites

The above-mentioned writing styles you must know in detail as you must know in which one you are going to write. This can increase your professionalism and precision.

Before going to the list of websites where you can get paid to write, just know the type of websites that hire writers.

  • Article or Content Writing Service Providers
  • Freelance Service Websites
  • Local Websites
  • Writing For Clip Boards
  • Niche Based Websites.


Legit Websites To Paid To Write Articles

When coming to the opportunities in content writing there are ample in number and there are also many websites where you can get paid to write an article. 

By now you must have learned the types of writing styles and the areas where you can serve.

For our reader’s convenience, we have sectioned the areas so that you can directly pick and choose your relative field to write about without wasting your valuable time.


Get Paid To Write Articles Anything Related To Finance

Here the writer’s main intention is to cover the topics more related to finance. Finance is nothing but the management of money.

If you are intended to write here there are various aspects like personal finance, savings, retirement plans, investments, earnings, etc. 


1. The Motley Fool

Pay Rate: Anything between $50-$100 per article (vary with efficiency)

This is a private investing and financial advice company based in Alexandria, Virginia.

They offer jobs to writers who can write articles relative to their niche like Investing, Personal Finance, Savings, Retirements plans, Stock exchange ideas, Brokering, etc. If you are experienced in this niche then you can apply right now!

Website: The Motley Fool.


2. MoneyPantry

Pay Rate: One can earn up to $150 per article.

This is basically a personal finance blog that accepts articles related to the finance niche. The articles can be related to earning money and also saving money.

Payment may vary along with the length and quality of the content. Timely payment is assured here.

Website: MoneyPantry.


3. The Dollar Stretcher

Pay Rate: $0.10 per word. $100 per 1000 words article. 

This is more related to its name. You need to pitch to ways to save money and using the best potential of money. If you have ideas on saving money pitch your article to them and get your article featured. 

Proofread your article before submitting it. The acceptance rate is high. What are you waiting for? Write away!

Website: The Dollar Stretcher.


4. Doctor Of Credit

Pay Rate: Earn $50 per article on personal finance.

They always encourage new writers who can write efficient articles on personal finance.

If you can pitch and relate to any of their sections like finance, credit cards, bank accounts, credit score, balance sheet, etc you can get paid to write. 

Website: Doctor Of Credit.


5. The Penny Hoarder

Pay Rate: Depends on the nature of the article and the deal. 

The Penny Hoarder usually share money-saving tips. They will seek evergreen articles from freelance writers like you. Make proper research and write articles with a word length of 700-900.

If you have fun and unique ideas for earning and saving money you can get paid to write here timely.

Website: The Penny Hoarder.


6. Income Diary

Pay Rate: You can earn around $200-$500 per article.

They started back in 2009 and accepting articles from various writers with better content. If you are the expert in writing anything related to websites, traffic driving, social media, make money online, etc this is for you.

They accept in-depth articles with proper keyword research. Write them right now with your ideas. 

Website: Income Diary.

Do Check, Freelance Writing for Beginners – The Definitive Guide.


Get Paid To Write Travel or Tourism Related Articles

Here the writer’s main intention is to write articles related to traveling or tourism.

Here as a writer, you are specializing in things like demographic values, types of travel, destination spots, packages, tour experiences, do and don’ts, etc through your articles.


7. Great Escape Publishing

Pay Rate: Anything between $50-$200 per article

As the name states this is more about traveling. Initially, it is named after The Travel Writer’s Life. If you like writing articles on traveling this place is for you. Here you can include photos to make them more real. 

Make sure your articles are more sensible, distinct, and of practical nature to turn the real value. No additional qualifications required to be a writer here. What you are waiting for?

Website: Great Escape Publishing.


8. Transitions Abroad

Pay Rate: They pay around $150 per article.

Transitions Abroad is basically a travel blog where it shares tips for students who want to leave abroad. You can pitch in various sections like travel advice, English teaching, internships, experiences, adventures, guidelines, etc.

You can even reach them to share life after reaching aboard. Your content can help many students. Start writing now.

Website: Transitions Abroad.


9. Wanderlust

Pay Rate: $220-$250 per article ranging from 1000 words or more.

This is a website that publishes articles related to destinations, interests, trips, and also events. This is a Britain based company where they rarely publish narrative travel features.

They consider articles from writers like inspirational roundups, lists, guides, and advice pieces too. Check with the guidelines before reaching them to meet the expectations of their style and the audience.

You can pitch your ideas to [email protected].

Website: Wanderlust.


10. Travel And Leisure Magazine

Pay Rate: Pays around $1 per word. 

This website is all about traveling and accompanying your leisure time by knowing more about traveling. You can write to them on trip inspiration, destinations, trip plannings, etc.

Website: Travel And Leisure Magazine.


11. Alaska Airlines Magazine

Pay Rate: Earn around $150-$750 per article.

Alaska Airline magazine is a monthly in-flight magazine for travelers in Alaska Airlines. If you can write articles that include vivid visual images, anecdotes, and also strong narrative flow this platform is for you.

Here they expect you to cover business with insights and style. Humor posts are not encouraged.

Website: Alaska Airlines Magazine.


12. Delta Sky Magazine

Pay Rate: Pay based on your writing and word count.

As a Delta Sky Writer, you are expected to write articles on Travel, Lifestyle, and Business.

Before start writing just review a copy of the magazine for a sense of our specific departments and tone for better content. Article length can vary around 600-2000 words.

Small pieces can vary from 100-500 words. You can reach them at [email protected].

Website: Delta Sky Magazine.


13. Horizon Edition Magazine

Pay Rate: Can earn around $100 for 200-500 words article. $450 for the 2000-2500 words article.

Horizon Edition Magazine is the monthly in-flight magazine for Horizon Air travelers. If you have good writing skills where you can include the best stock images and a strong narrative flow this is for you.

They always encourage writers of national-magazine caliber, where they can cover business and travel with style and insight. This magazine is about 80 percent freelance written. So this is the chance you need to grab early.

Website: Horizon Edition Magazine.


14. Air Canada enRoute

Pay Rate: Based on article length and efficiency.

One more in-flight monthly magazine for their readers. With good narrative flow and visuals, you can pitch anything related to business, lifestyle, and travel.

Website: Air Canada enRoute.


15. Motor Home

Pay Rate: $900 per article.

The motor home is the magazine where its main goal is to entertain and inform its readers by covering wide depths in all aspects. They can be related to RV lifestyle, travel, destinations, activities, and also events.

You can even cover motor homes’ newbies on the market and self-made projects. A writer can also detail RV service and repair recommendations. If you are good at activities and technical details. Start writing now.

Website: Motor Home.


16. In Know The Traveler

Pay Rate: They pay around $10 per short article ranging from 300-500 words.

This is the personal blog where it accepts the articles related to the personal travel experience. This is for the people who like to write more about travel without expecting much money.

You can submit photos and videos too. For submitting details check with their website mentioned below.

Website: In Know The Traveler.


Get Paid To Write Short Stories

Here when you are intended to write short stories, Your complete aim must focus to wind a story in a fully developed theme but a significantly shorter format. 

In the process of shortening, you should never leave or give less priority to your plot. Efficiency and language commands are the key factors here.


17. Fireside Fiction

Pay Rate: They pay around 12.5 cents per word. The article can range up to 5000 words.

This is one of the short story magazines where they publish great stories by paying well to their readers. Their main theme is ‘Fiction‘. 

They provide content notes mainly for books and stories to guide readers who may wish to seek out or avoid particular story elements. They provide a list on their website on which you can start writing. 

Currently offering topics are child abuse, alcohol abuse, animal abuse, violence, etc. You can reach them at [email protected].

Website: Fireside Fiction.


18. Media Cricket

Pay Rate: They pay around $0.25 per word. The article can range up to 9000 words.

They accept general submission all the time. They mainly seek to publish quality writing and illustration for children of all ages. 

The main intention of this website is to share an alert curiosity about the world around them on things in artistic expression. No experience required here to write.

Children under 18 years of age are not allowed to write. Get more details on the website.

Website: Cricket Media Submission.


19. The Sun Magazine

Pay Rate: Anything around $100-$2000 and hikes along with content.

This is a reader-supported ad-free magazine. If your passion is to write about poetry, fiction, and personal essays then this website must add to your list of websites where you can get paid to write immediately. 

You can pitch them to their email address on your thoughts and get approved. They have very good pay slaps like $300-$2000 for personal essays, Poetry $100-$250. 

Build good writing skills and get published to earn more. This site has decent earning potential.

Website: The Sun Magazine


20. Harper’s Magazine

Pay Rate: Based on your submission.

This is one of the oldest general-interest monthly magazines in America. They always consider unsolicited fiction-related articles. Unsolicited poetry will not be considered here.

You can reach them at [email protected].

Website: Harper’s Magazine.


21. The New Yorker

Pay Rate: Not mentioned.

One of the commercially well sound magazine. If you want to gain popularity you can opt for this giant. But if you consider short-term payments this may not help as a response may take more than 6 months.

They accept all forms of unsolicited short story submissions. Along with this they also accept poetry, shouts, editorials, letters to editors, etc.

Website: The New Yorker.


22. Light Speed Magazine:

Pay Rate: 8 cents per word and can range up to 10000 words.

Light Speed Magazine is a Hugo Award-winning science fiction and also the main fantasy magazine edited by John Joseph Adams.

Here you can submit a short story related to science fiction or anything related to fantasy. You need to write crisply and lucidly. Reprints are accepted in low volumes.

Website: Light Speed Magazine.


23. Uncanny Magazine

Pay Rate: $0.10 per word.

This is another magazine related to science fiction and fantasy. If you can pitch short stories related to sci-fi or fantasy you can reach them at Uncanny’s Moksha submission system.

Due to high submission, they currently held taking submission. Check their website for further details.

Website: Uncanny Magazine.


24. Tor

Pay Rate: Not mentioned.

You can pitch short stories about anything related to science fiction, fantasy, the universe, and all relative subjects. For submission details on submissions, You can check their website.

Website: Tor.


25. One Story

Pay Rate: $500 per story along with 25 publisher copies.

One Story is a magazine that publishes stories every 3 weeks. They keep submission dates you need to submit within the frame to get accessed. You need to have good writing skills. 

No reprints are allowed here. They accept your stories in PDF, RTF, and TXT formats. Once you submit there is no room for modification.

Website: One Story.


26. Clarkes World

Pay Rate: They pay 10 cents per word. Your article can range about 1000-22000 words with no exceptions.

Clarkes World is a monthly magazine that has won a Hugo, World Fantasy, and British Fantasy Awards related to science fiction and fantasy.

They accept short stories, interviews, articles, and also audio fiction. Pitch them with your idea if you can well write to blend with audio.

Website: Clarkes World.


27. Pulp Literature

Pay Rate:

  • You can get paid to write up to $0.05 -$0.07 per word for short stories ranging up to 7000 words.
  • $0.03-$0.05 per word for the article between 7000 and 10000 words.
  • $0.02 -$0.035 per word for the article ranging more than 10000 words.

Pulp Literature is one of the best magazines which publishes all fictional genres. If you can write anything related to short stories, novels, poetry, comics, illustrations you can reach them.

They take all the genres which are written with the wholehearted and balanced with serious efforts. Content must be of high value. No humor and reprinted are restricted.

Website: Pulp Literature.


28. Asimov’s Science Fiction

Pay Rate: You can get paid to write about 8-10 cents per word for stories up to 7500 words. 8 cents for over 7500 words.

Asimov’s science fiction magazine is mainly established in order to submit science fiction stories. You can also write poetry where they pay around $1 per line. And this should not exceed 40 lines.

They also accept character-oriented stories. No reprinted content is allowed. You can submit your draft by using Asimov’s online submission system.

Website: Asimov’s Science Fiction.


29. Fantasy And Science Fiction

Pay Rate: They pay around 8-12 cents per word on acceptance.

Here you can pitch for short stories related to fantasy and science fiction. No simultaneous publications are allowed.

You need to follow their guidelines very strictly. Only a single submission per user. You can submit electronically by enclosing your name on every page with proper stamping.

Website: Fantasy And Science Fiction.


30. Narratively

Pay Rate: Around $200- $300 per article ranging from 2000 to 3000 words.

As the name says you need to pitch particular articles on theme essays they assign. Unlike other content websites, they won’t accept fiction, poetry, and opinion pieces.

Your article must have a vivid and active sense with more of a narrative sense. If you can do this, What you are waiting for?

Website: Narratively.


Get Paid To Write General Articles

Here this section is not about staying and prioritizing a single topic. But, the writer chooses a widely accepted and interesting topics among large sections of people.

They can be a lifestyle, health, social. wellness, games, novels, environment, sports, etc.


31. Vibrant Life

Pay Rate: $100 to $300 per article ranging around 1000 words.

Vibrant Life website is constantly providing information and encouragement that will help people to live life abundantly. They share health principles in a modern way that works for people who are busy.

They thrive to give practical, affordable suggestions that fit into demanding schedules and help people prevent and fight diseases. If you can add your thoughts on this, start writing to this website.

You can choose physical health, mental clarity, or even spiritual balance. Your article must focus on only one topic and they must be reliable from a Christian perspective.

Website: Vibrant Life.


32. Strong Whispers

Pay Rate: Anything between $50-$150 per article.

Strong Whispers is a global organization that inspires and encourages people to articulate their thoughts and ideas. They accept articles related to different areas like Lifestyle, Environment, Social issues, etc. 

You can contribute your article from any remotest place. Your article must be highly motivating. Here all you need to do is suggest ideas to them, wait till you get approval for the draft. Once you got the approval, you can submit your article and get paid right after you got published.

Website: Strong Whispers.


33. Link-Able

Pay Rate: You can earn anything between $100-$750 (one of the high pay in the market).

Link-Able is one of the best websites where you can get paid to write. This site allows writers to earn more money by publishing articles to various clients and entities. You should build the best writing skills and must match the professional standards to earn a decent amount.

There is a wide range of sections you can choose on your interest like Business, Finance, Marketing, Sports, Technology, etc. Mostly applicable to native English speakers with professional knowledge.

Website: Link-Able.


34. The War Cry

Pay Rate: They pay around $0.35 per word. $0.15 for reprints.

The War Cry is an awareness magazine that shares valuable articles on the Army’s mission with its news, profiles, and stories as well. 

Their articles help believers to build faith and character. You can write articles, reprints, photos, news, fiction( (limited)), non-fiction, etc. 

You need to submit 60 days prior to approvals. Word length must vary between 800-1250.

Website: The War Cry.


35. Guide Posts

Pay Rate: Around $250 per post.

The GuidePosts accepts and published the true stories of the people who attained their goals by crossing obstacles. Articles must be inspiring and should be faith inducing. 

They should be of the first-person narrative. The whole emphasis should be on a single person and should all the relevant facts. 

Word count must range around 1500 words with efficiency.

Website: Guide Posts.


36. AARP Magzine

Pay Rate: $0.9 per word.

AARP is one of the website where you can pitch in various fields upon your choice like health, family, business, money savings, retirements, social security, entertainment, Politics, society, etc.

Website: AARP Magzine.


37. Chicken Soup For The Soul

Pay Rate: They pay around $200 per post.

Chicken Soup For The Soul is a website that publishes the stories more inspirational true stories. Mainly these stories are of ordinary people who have extraordinary experiences. 

Your article must rekindle and boost the spirit of the reader. You can also take your article to the funny side or poetic. The article should move in the present tense and should start in action.

Word count must range about 1200 or less. Fiction and over creativity are not allowed. 

Website: Chicken Soup For The Soul.


38. Long Reads

Pay Rate: Ranges around $250-$1500 (depends on nature and popularity).

A website that offers the best long-form stories on the web. Here if you have skills of writing stories in the well-phrased, easy flow and well-told then this place is the best platform for you.

They offer to pitch in various sections like Interviews, Read lists, Blogging related, Personal Essays, Memoirs, Reviews, Long and Short form journalism, Open projects, etc.

You can choose and pick which is most suitable for you and start writing now.

Website: Long Reads.


39. Blasting News

Pay Rate: You can get paid to write an article about 1800-3000 words up to $500.

You can join as a freelance journalist in Blasting news and get your articles published on their classifieds and relative links. This was started in 2013 and expanded in more than 34 countries.

By contributing you get can the title as freelance contributor or Blaster. With experience, you can get the title senior blaster and get paid accordingly.

Website: Blasting News.


40. Watch Culture

Pay Rate: Ranges between $50-$500 per article.

One of the few websites that hold nearly 10 million visitors. And also the best internet fun place started in 2006. They cover various aspects of movies, music, gaming, sports, television shows, and unofficial wrestling, etc. 

Various articles are published on this site on a regular basis. You need not have any experience to write articles but there are a few things which you need to take care of, Topic must be trending, Good creativity, No grammatical errors. 

There is no limit on the number of articles to publish. So you can show all your writing skills and earn more.

Website: Watch Culture.


41. Hub Pages

Pay Rate: Article Based.

Hub Pages is basically a network of sites where people write and share about their passion!  If you can pitch and contribute to this website, start writing right now.

They have large viewership that can help you to explore. Your article must range of 700+ words and avoid grammatical errors for hassle fewer approvals.

Website: HubPages.


Get Paid To Write Articles Anything Related To Humor

This section has a wide range of demands. ‘Laughter is the best medicine’. Humor can enhance the quality of life. Here writer’s main intention is to share facts and knowledge by adding a humor touch to make them more interesting.



Pay Rate: One can earn between $100-$200 per article.

As the name itself says the whole thing about this website. This website is all about humor. If you are the one who writes articles that are creative and funny this is for you. 

Here you need not hold any prior experience to write, One good article with good content you will get published. Flexibility is you can directly contact the chief editors and get published.

To make your article more enhance you can add pictures, live infographics, Gif images, etc.



43. Reader’s Digest

Pay Rate: Around $100 per article.

This site offers writers to pitch in various sections this may include Food, Health, Culture, True Stories, Jokes, Motivation, etc. You need to write crisply and lucidly.

One needs to sum up their thoughts in around 100 words. You can win prizes by pitching the best article. No experience required to join. 

Website: Reader’s Digest.


44. Club House

Pay Rate: You can get paid to write about $150 to $200 per article.

Club House magazine basically has a title of focus on the family. This mainly aimed to reach children below 12 years which has the elements of fictional and nonfictional.

If you can pitch these areas with humor involved this platform is for you. You can write around 500 words. 

Website: Club House.


45. Country Magazine

Pay Rate: You can earn around $250 per article.

Country Magazine offers various sections where you can write articles. It is to create awareness of country life.

You can pitch from the list they have mentioned on their website like heritage recipes, road trips, neighbors, life in focus. You can add a humor touch to make it more interesting to read. Length must vary around 400-500 words.

Website: Country Magazine.


46. Funds For Writers

Pay Rate: Pays around 50 dollars per assignment. 

Your article must range from 550 to 650 words. It must be short and sweet. Should be enough active voice and pick your words simple. 

The article must have a beginning, middle, and end. They also accept articles with a humor touch in the section.

Website: Funds For Writers.


47. The Funny Times

Pay Rate: Can earn around $60 per article.

One of the magazines known for its no-advertising policy. There is a wide range of areas where you can add your humor touch in the article like relationships, politics. environment, business, religion, technology, etc. You should never skip the line of facts. 

You can even send cartoons that can fetch you around $30-$40 on approval.

Website: The Funny Times.


48. Sasee

Pay Rate: Depends on the nature of assignments.

Sasee is one of the best women’s lifestyle magazine. Sasee always encourages artists as well as writers to respond to upcoming issues.

They give opportunities to new freelance writers as well. Your article length must vary around 500-1000 words. Their terms accept them to re-edit the written article for their comfort.

You can even include humor in touch. If you have the skills to write to them reach at [email protected].

Website: Sasee.


49. Saturday Evening Post

Pay Rate: You can get paid to write around $25 per assignment and even more.

This is a United States-based website that always looks to publish unique content. They accept the articles or cartoons related to fiction, humor, art, nonfiction, etc.

They only accept poetry for the contest but not in regular times. You can write to them at [email protected]

Turn around time can vary around 90 days. Give it a try now.

Website: Saturday Evening Post.


50. Minnesota Monthly

Pay Rate: Depends on the nature of the assigned task.

As mentioned it’s a monthly magazine where there is a section of humor. Where they allow writers to write to the section which the whole script. 

Takes some time for approval, For better understanding writes from first man perspective. Apart from humor, there are many sections like food, culture, arts, etc.

You can pitch if you like. Check their website for more details.

Website: Minnesota Monthly.


51. Guide

Pay Rate: They will pay around 7-10 cents per word.

This is one of the Christian story magazines especially for children aged between 10-14. It volumes around 32 pages which multiple elements. One of which is humor, so you can pitch here.

Guide’s mission is to show their readers through their articles about the bible facts and how to walk with god. Your articles should show these facts.

For clear details get a glance over their website to pitch to this website. They accept reprints with less pay.

Website: Guide.


Get Paid To Write Articles About Business or Money

Business and money are always interlinked. Here the writer must know the crux of the topic to link them in a more productive way. 

Business is the main activity where they engage in the progress of money and fame. Here you need to have strong research and writing skills to give weight to your content.


52. eCommerce Insiders

Pay Rate: 

  • $150 for every article 600+ words.
  • $125 for every article >600 words.
  • $75 for every article from 400-600 words.

This is the website that hires writers who can write related to eCommerce subjects. The article must head towards the detailed list related to the niche and must be educational and tactical. 

Build high knowledge in this field with professional language skills can earn you a decent amount in no time.

Website: eCommerce Insiders.


53. Mirasee

Pay Rate: They pay $200 for article ranging around 1000-2000 words

If you are looking for the best place to pitch your article this is for you. As they have high engagement they accept articles only on invitation. You can write anything related to business productivity, solving, marketing strategies, and also growth-related topics.



54. iWorkWell

Pay Rate: Pays around $250 per article.

iWorkwell always looks after experts in the field of HR professionals, consultants, and also academics. Check their previous articles to get to know how to write.

Write articles with high standards, be accurate to earn well.

Website: iWorkWell.


55. Copy Hackers

Pay Rate: You can earn around $300-$1000 per assignment.

Here it is offering opportunities for freelance copywriters. They also accept guest posts related to business, marketing strategies, A/B strategies, etc.

Pitch them with genuine content. Republications are not accepted. You can reach them by email with your pitch.

Website: Copy Hackers.


56. LiisBeth

Pay Rate: You can get paid to write around $100-$2000 per assignment.

You can pitch an article that can be more related to a positive, edgy, journalistic, and well-informed way from a feminist perspective. They also give priority to trans and non-feminists as well.

Any gender can pitch them but they have priorities for women, trans, queer-identified writers, community voices, and journalists. 

Different pays for different tasks performed like an essay can fetch you $250-$500, Critical analysis articles can fetch you $800-$2000

For event roundup articles you can earn about $250-$500. They seldom accept service articles with the pay of around $500-$750.

Website: LiisBeth.


57. Get Abstract

Pay Rate: They pay around $300 per long article.

This is the website where they continuously accept articles from talented writers. Here due to paucity in time most people failing to read some best books available in the market. This website came up with an innovative idea where you can get the whole summary of the book.

As a freelance writer, you need to summarize the best books for them. This is one of the ranked ones in the list where you can get paid to write lucidly.

As you are writing summaries you need to avoid complex and lengthy sentences. Your articles must be more of a crisp format.

Website: Get Abstract.



Pay Rate: Based on the assignments.

This is not simple like the above pitches. To write articles to you must know the clear intersection of business and technology in Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Delaware, Baltimore, and Washington.

They accept articles related to startups, data analytics, internet activism, social media, and other topics related to business. Check more details on the website and pitch them.

Website: Technically.


59. B.Michelle Pippin

Pay Rate: Pays up to $150 per article.

Here this website pays you by sharing your expertise in the respective niche.  There are some strict guidelines to pitch your article here like you can submit a post is you are an expert in something related to business.

You can pitch something related to time, profit, or any marketing hack that can progress income. You should have strong command in language and the content must be very genuine and of no plagiarism.

Initially send out a draft for approval later get paid to write your full pitch.

Website: B.Michelle Pippin.


60. Make A Living Writing

Pay Rate: They pay $75-$150 per article.

This is a blog where you can choose various topics to write about like marketing, blogging, success stories, productivity, social media marketing, juggling, ghostwriting, etc. 

Build your language skills and pen down the article. Qualify the terms mentioned, soon or later your article will be published. Prior research on the topic is recommended.

Website: Make A Living Writing.


61. FreshBooks

Pay Rate: Can earn $200 and more per article with efficiency.

You can pitch your article for any relative topics on this website like Invoicing, expenses, time tracking, projects, case studies, small business ideas. etc. Due to the huge number of submissions, they will filter out the best from the rest. With the best research and skills, you can give your best-fit article. They won’t encourage sponsored and advertorial posts.

Website: FreshBooks.


Get Paid To Write Articles On Parenting And Family

Here this section is all about family. Family shows a high influence on your life. Here you as a writer must share important information on promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a family.


62. Metro Parent

Pay Rate: Between $50-$75.

They offer writers to write articles on the various sections available on their magazine and website as well.

Here you need to submit your pitch prior to months of publishing. The approval process takes some time. You will get your payment right after publishing.

They mainly concentrate on local pitches and articles related to communities like Macomb, Oakland, Livingstone, Washtenaw, and Wayne counties. Be straight and efficient in writing.

The wide range of sections mentioned on their website is parenting, foods, fun, pregnancy, education, health, and more.

Website: Metro Parent.


63. A Fine Parent

Pay Rate: $100 per article and more based on the popularity of the article. 

Due to our busy lives, we are failing to balance our personal life, This is for all the parents who are in the same situation. If you have any parental tips which can help many parents out there for suggestions write right now. 

Here topics are assigned by them monthly basis, You can send them the draft and wait for their approval. Article length must anywhere between 1500-3000 words. Payments are directly through PayPal after approval.

Website: A Fine Parent.


64. Freelance Mom

Pay Rate: About $100 per article.

FreelanceMom is a community for moms who believe that women can still be who they are after becoming a mom. Even men can pitch here. 

Entrepreneurship, Work and life balance, Tools, Success stories are some sections where you can pitch. Your article must offer current practical and actionable tips. 

Grammatical errors and plagiarized content is not allowed. It should range from 900 to 1500 words. And should contain an action plan at the end.

Website: Freelance Mom.


65. Wow-Women On Writing

Pay Rate: Around $50-$100 per article.

By name, we can decide this website has a genuine cause of women empowerment. They encourage female writers where they can share knowledge in the article format. 

Their key featured articles on basically on the sections like freelancing, training, and also innovative business ideas. Plagiarism is highly discouraged, One can earn $100+ per 3000-word article with efficiency.

Check their contact page and pitch your idea through regular email to get paid and published.

Website: Wow Women On Writing.


66. Focus On The Family

Pay Rate: $300 to $375 per article.

Initially, it was named after a Thriving family. You can even write your own story to inspire more people out there who are looking to read them.

If you want to invest your time, energy, and talent in a cause that actually changes lives? this platform is for you where you get paid to write.

Word count must range between 1200-1500 per article.

Website: Focus On The Family.


67. ScaryMommy

Pay Rate: $100 per article.

They offer parenting tips with their articles with a humor touch. If you can pitch around with 900 words this platform is for you. Add your bio in 2 to 3 lines to the article. Republications are not allowed. They won’t compensate for general submissions.

Website: ScaryMommy.


68. Babble

Pay Rate: Get paid to write around $150 per post.

Babble is handled by Disney. This can serve as the best platform if you want to progress your name. You can pitch them with genuine parenting tips to get your article published. Mention your bio attached to the article.

Website: Babble.



Pay Rate: This website can pay up to $125 per article.

This blog is all about the tips every mom out there must consider. You can share tips in the form of articles related to parenting, mother hoof, family, personal life, toddler things, beauty, kids, etc.

You can add some humor to make the articles more interesting and fun. Email your pitch to them and get verified.



Get Paid To Write Articles Anything Related To Children/Teens

This is mainly related to children and teens. Reading is the best habit to imbibe from childhood. To make them habituated to it, as a writer you should be able to write in a simple and interactive way that can make the reader stay reading.

Include elements like pictures, fun, humor, and facts to make it more interesting.


70. Bumples

Pay Rate: They pay nearly $30 per article.

Bumples is an interactive and exciting magazine founded way back in 1999. This mainly has 2 editions, Bumples for 6-10 years children.

Bumple Buds magazine for 3-6 year kids. You can write anything between 800-2000 words. Here 90 percent content is taken from freelance writers. Best opportunity to explore. Give it a try.

Website: Bumples.


71. Ember

Pay Rate: They pay around $20 per short article.

Ember is a journal of luminous things. This is a semi-annual published journal. This journal is mainly for 10-18 years of children.

You have to use a submission manager to send your articles. Reach them at [email protected]You can write poetry, fiction, nonfiction, short stories, etc.

Website: Ember Journal.


72. One Teen Story

Pay Rate: You can get paid to write around $300 per article along with a free 25 writer’s copy.

This is the magazine mainly for teens and adults. Their main genre is adult fiction. 

Annually they publish 12 issues that contain many elements with only one story. They encourage teen experience and common themes like identity, friendship, and family.

Signup with their e-magazine to get more details. The first man’s perspective with a less passive voice is encouraged.

Website: One Teen Story.


73. Guardian Angel Magazine

Pay Rate: They pay around 0.3 cents per word. 

Guardian Angel Magazine is especially for kids. This magazine publishes articles, poems, activities, and also short stories.

By writing a poem you can earn around $10. An illustration can fetch you $5-$25. By uploading a photo you can earn around $3.

Website: Guardian Angel Magazine.


74. Cast Of Wonders

Pay Rate: They pay around $0.08 per word. Reprints can earn you a flat $100. Flash fiction for $20.

Cast Of Wonders is mainly a young adult short story fiction arena. Here you can range about 6000 words. Reprints and republications are allowed for a flat $100. 

You can write about fiction, non-fiction, horror, or anything related to fantasy. Multiple submission is strictly prohibited.

Website: Cast Of Wonders.


75. Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide

Pay Rate: $0.06 per word. 

As mentioned they publish adventure guides in volumes. Their targeted audience is aged between 8-12 years of children.

Articles must be well written and fun to read. They must range between 3000-6000 words.

Website: Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide.


76. Balloons Literary Journal

Pay Rate: Not mentioned.

Balloons Literary Journal is basically a brand new electronic literary journal. Composed of various aspects like poetry, fiction, and art.

This journal mainly targets the audience aged between 10-16. Submissions are received only through emails. You can send 3-5 poems at once. But only one fiction story.

Website: Balloons Literary Journal.


77. The Caterpillar

Pay Rate: Not mentioned.

This is the journal where it publishes fiction and arts for kids. They conduct stories and poem competitions too. They won’t accept copies from children. Only adults can pitch them. If you are interested, you can reach them using this email. [email protected].

Website Link: The Caterpillar Magazine! Get more author submission guidelines here.


78. Boys Quest

Pay Rate: They pay around $0.05 per word.

Boys Quest publishes 6 editions a year. Here they accept only a few articles. They are looking for writers who can engage in lively writing most of them should in a 10-year-old point of view.

Articles should be of nonfictional in nature. You can add photos for more meaning.

Website: Boys Quest! Get more details here.


Get Paid To Write Articles On Outdoor Sports and Adventure

This section of topics more related to daring and exciting things. Adventure is the region where most people want to experience.

Here the writer charges himself with the best articles through which the reader can experience sports and adventure by imagination with the help of articles. Be more interactive and informative here.


79. Blade Magazine:

Pay Rate: You can earn around $150-$300 per article.

If you have a story pitch them without any wait. This is more related to knives and tools which are more relatable to adventure. They accept stories of new in content and scope. Check their previous articles for more suggestions.

Website: Blade Magazine.


80. Outside Magazine

Pay Rate: They pay around $0.53 per word.

This is one of the reputed outdoor magazines. You should build unique content before pitching them. 

Your article’s main theme should be an outdoor adventure. They also cover different aspects like places, sports, people, discoveries, health, fitness, gear, apparel, events, and also trends.

Website: Outside Magazine.


81. American Wild Magazine

Pay Rate: They pay around $0.35 per word.

Here if you are interested in writing anything related to the wildlife of the United States this platform is for you.

They encourage real stories about the United States’ protected lands, forests, national parks, etc. The story should head in the main theme of adventure. Check their previous articles and submission details for efficiency.

Website: American Wild Magazine.


82. Gray’s Sporting Journal

Pay Rate: You can get paid to write around $600-$1250 per article.

This is more of a sports and adventure journal. If you are interested in pitching articles related to adventure this is for you.

They publish articles related to angling, hunting, adventure, fishing, etc. They also have a section where they accept poems and stories of facts or fiction.

Here turn around time can range about 10-12 weeks. Be cautious about fluency and grammar as pay depends on efficiency in writing rather than word count.

Website: Gray’s Sporting Journal.


83. Bird Watching Daily

Pay Rate: You can get around $400 per post.

If you want to write articles related to adventure mainly about birds and bird watching. This platform is for you. Check with the previous article for suggestions.

Even real photographs are allowed. There are some field ethics mentioned on the website. Check for more details.

Website: Bird Watching Daily.


84. Sport Fishing Magazine

Pay Rate: You can get paid to write around $250-$750 per article.

As mentioned this magazine is about sport fishing. They are gearing towards saltwater fishing around North America and beyond at times.

Pitch them if you are interested in writing details on sport fishing like how-to fish, where to fish, and uses. You can pitch them at [email protected].

Website: Sport Fishing Magazine.


85. Climbing

Pay Rate: They pay around $0.35 per word.

As the name says this is more about adventurous climbing. You can pitch them with articles around word count between 1500-3500 along with real pictures.

Get more details on their website. Check their previous article for more suggestions.

Website: Climbing.


86. Adventure Cycling Association

Pay Rate: They will pay around $0.25 to $0.50 per word. 

Here articles are more about adventure cycling. You can even write articles related to dirt bike trips from a first-person perspective.

You can even write even real-life experiences. But writing is contained to North American destinations only. Check the submission details for more details.

Website: Adventure Cycling Association.


87. Hoof Beats

Pay Rate: You can earn around $100-$500 per post.

This is one of the world’s most-read harness racing magazine. If your interest is more on an adventure you can pitch them.

If you are a beginner you need to pitch them prior to get approval. As a writer here you need to have more ideas on harness racing to write.

Website: Hoof Beats.


88. Backpacker Magazine

Pay Rate: You can get paid to write around $0.4 to $1 per word.

This magazine publishes articles related to adventurous trips like hiking, skills, survival, travel, etc. If you can pitch anything related, this is for you.

Website: Backpacker Magazine.


89. Wooden Boat

Pay Rate: $250 -$300 per post.

This is one of the bi-monthly magazines. They basically accept articles related to design, building, preservation, care, and use of wooden boats.

They convey quality, involvement, and integrity in the creation of wooden boats through their articles. If you want to inform, inspire your readers. This platform is for you. You can range about 1000 words.

Website: Wooden Boat.


90. KungFu Magazine

Pay Rate: Not mentioned!

Here you should write mainly in 3rd person perspective. This is a magazine where you can pitch related to Chinese martial arts, techniques, weapons, history, philosophy, also real-time experiences.

Be narrow and straight in writing. Reach them for more guidelines before writing.

Website: KungFu Magazine.


91. The Chronicle Of The Horse

Pay Rate: They pay around $150- $400 per article.

The Chronicle Of The Horse is a bi-monthly magazine that started way back in 1937. They publish articles on different adventure sections about hunters, jumpers, eventing, foxhunting, steeplechase racing, dressage, etc.

Photos can be added for weightage, damaged photographs can result in rejection. New stories can range around 1500 words with a pay of $165-$200. Featured articles can range from around 1500-2500 words with a pay of $150-$400.

Website: The Chronicle Of The Horse.


92. EquiSearch

Pay Rate: $25-$400 per article.

EquiSearch if for the people who love horses. If you can pitch anything about horse riding measures, tips, methods, live stories, experiences. This platform is for you to pitch.

You can also share expert advice on horse riding or anything related to horses or riders in short or long formats.

Website: EquiSearch.


Get Paid To Write Articles Anything Related To Pets

Pets became part of our life. They are forming a companionship along with sharing emotional and physical support. If they can do this much what can you do to them in return, ‘A Simple Care’.

Here writer intends to share tips and all the things related to pets for the needy. Proper research is recommended to pitch here. Articles must be more communicative.


93. Wide Open Pets

Pay Rate: Not Mentioned!

This is the platform where you can showcase your knowledge of how much you know and love pets. You can grow your online presence by writing them. 

Submit your resume and wait for approval. Once approved you can start writing in the relative niche.

Website: Wide Open Pets.


94. Dogs Naturally Magazine

Pay Rate: Not Mentioned!

Here this website is helping dog owners to find credible and valuable information about dogs.

If you can pitch an article with tips and also relative care like vaccines, food, nutrition, homeopathy, herbs, etc. This platform is for you.

But they are especially looking for integrative vets, homeopaths, herbalists, pet health care practitioners, canine health experts,  and holistic vets.

Website: Dogs Naturally Magazine.


95. Bark

Pay Rate: Not Mentioned!

They started way back in 1997 in the relative tag with ‘Dog Is My Co-pilot’.Here you can pitch anything related to the dog about its behavior, wellness, food habits, nutrition, etc.

This website accepts articles, essays, tips. etc. Here they won’t accept hard copy submissions. Reach them at [email protected].

Go through the previous submission with clear details on how to write.

Website: Bark.


96. Catster

Pay Rate: Not mentioned!

This is wholly related to cats. They have a relative tag of Live with Cattitude‘. If you can pitch tips on cats and their habits this is for you

As the cat is one of the leading animals in domesticated animals, there are many people out there waiting for tips. 

This magazine is initially started as Cat Fancy.

Website: Catster.


97. Petful

Pay Rate: They pay around $45 per article.

As the name says all it is more related to pet care. Here you must write an article in a conversational style from the first-person perspective.

They mainly publish well researched and comprehensive articles. Your article can be around 1500 words or more.

Website: Petful.


98. Firstline Magazine

Pay Rate: They pay around $250-$350 per article.

This is basically a trade magazine where it shares wide opinions of pet practice managers, vet practice team, and also vet assistants.

This magazine helps readers to learn and teach to enhance the lives of animals. Read previously submitted articles to get more details on writing.

Website: Firstline Magazine.


99. Bird Watcher’s Digest

Pay Rate: Not Mentioned!

This is basically a magazine for bird lovers. If you can pitch anything special for bird-lovers, Bird history, food habits, conservation, etc. You can write to them.

This is published bi-monthly where it provides informative and engaging content. You can upload on different sections mentioned on their site like a Well equipped birder, Far Afield, Species-specific, Backyard, Featured articles, etc.

Website: Bird Watcher’s Digest.


100. American Kennel Club

Pay Rate: They pay around $300-$500 per article.

There is a section specifically for dogs-AKC FAMILY DOG‘. Where they feature various hands-on techniques for tackling behavior and other features of dogs.

They also share about food habits, nutrition, health care, basic tips, etc. If you are a pet lover pitch to them with any related article ranging from about 1000-3000 words.

Website: American Kennel Club.


Get Paid To Write Articles On Environment And Nature

The environment plays an important role in our healthy living. Taking care of our nature is as important as taking care of ourselves. As we and nature are directly connected.

This section offers the best opportunity to share thoughts and visions on the environment and nature. This can help to protect and learn more about how things work here.


101. Earth Island Journal

Pay Rate: You can earn anything around $50-$100 per online report.

This is handled by Earth Island Institute. This institute is a nonprofit environmental organization.

They are providing articles related to environmental issues and conservation policies. They constantly thriving to build a better world through activist projects, youth leadership, and also legal advocacy.

If you can pitch anything related to the environmental issues, conversation, flora, and fauna this is for you. Contribute from your end to this nature.

You can reach them at [email protected].

Website: Earth Island Journal.


102. Central Coast Farm And Ranch

Pay Rate: You can get paid to write up to $0.50 -$1 per word.

This magazine is mainly related to one of the important aspects of surviving which is ‘Agriculture’. Here they publish news, features, photography, and commentary about agriculture in Ventura and Santa barbara countries.

They are supplied free to farm bureau members. You can add photographs for more relevance. Reach them at [email protected].

Check their previous articles for more details and analysis.

Website: Central Coast Farm And Ranch.


103. Bee Culture

Pay Rate: You can earn around $150-$200 per 1000-2000 words article.

This is a magazine of American beekeeping. Here this website accepts articles related to bees, beekeeping, pollination, honey plant history, survival, garden, forest management for bees, related topics, etc.

Your article can range from about 1000-2000 words. Article with the best accuracy and which also shows keen awareness and knowledge gets publish. 

Check facts before you write to them. For more queries, you can reach them at [email protected].

Website: Bee Culture.


104. Alternatives Journal

Pay Rate: You can earn around $0.10 per word.

This is Canada’s environmental voice. They expect writers to pitch more about environmental issues, ecological issues, along with economic and social dimensions.

If you can write this way by covering with real facts with perfection in writing, this is for you. Write anything between 500-1200 words. Use an online forum to submit your draft.

Website: Alternatives Journal.


105. Entelligent

Pay Rate: Around $180 per article based on efficiency.

Entelligent is a website for the smart investor interested in energy trading, the U.S. energy industry, and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investing.

You can only pitch articles related to energy, business, and the environment. They especially seek articles from  Journalists/Bloggers, Business Analysts, and Scientists. Reach them at [email protected].

Website: Entelligent.


106. Hakai Magazine

Pay Rate: They pay around $0.75 to $1 per word.

Hakai Magazine mainly explores science and society in coastal ecosystems. This website is mainly sectioned into 3 important categories like news& views, features, Visuals & videos.

Here you can write anything related to ecology, biology, oceanography, anthropology, technology, business, archeology, and all must be connected to marine coastal ecosystems. 

When you are pitching on environmental issues t=word range can vary up to 500-800 words per article. Research is mandatory. 

Website: Hakai Magazine.


107. Mother Earth News

Pay Rate: You can earn around $25-$100 per article.

This is a bi-monthly magazine where there is no age restriction to read. They mainly promote the content related to self-sufficient, financially independent, and environmentally aware lifestyles.

If you can relate your topic to renewable energy, science, green transportation, green energy, natural health, environmental issues, etc. You can reach them at [email protected].

You can write anything between 100-300 words. Check previous articles on this website for writing details. Prior research is recommended.

Website: Mother Earth News


Get Paid To Write Articles Anything Related To Arts

Arts is one of the section where it shows the ways of application of human creative skills and imagination. This has been trending since the ancient age.

If you have the ability to show your creative skills and imagination in content development. Be an artist of this section. Start working!

Art can be of various forms like theaters, painting, conversations, designs, techniques, etc.


108. HowlRound

Pay Rate: You can earn around $150 per post.

This is basically a website for writers who love theaters. Here you can pitch anything about current controversies, bright spots in the theater’s communities all across the world.

You can use their online forum to submit your draft. Even insightful criticism is allowed. Check previous articles for more details.

Website: HowlRound Journal.


109. Facet

Pay Rate: You can get paid to write around $400 per post.

Facet is an online publication where it shares various articles on jewelry making from start to finish. This is published by Kalmbach Publishing Co.

You can write guides, inspirations, tips, and interviews with the best designers. You can pitch them using their online forum.

Website: Facet.


110. Spin-Off

Pay Rate: Earn around $50 per article.

As the names say, This magazine is all about hand spinning fibers and yarns. This art has a separate demand. If you can pitch anything about the designs, types, uses, techniques, live experiences, etc.

You can pitch them. Here you can only submit up to 2700 words.

Website: Spin-Off.


111. Ceramics Arts Network

Pay Rate: You can earn around $0.10 per word.

This is basically a blog and active newsletter which encourages ceramic artists worldwide. If you can write the best articles on ceramic arts that can be more interactive and helpful to beginners this platform is for you. 

Share your ideas and perspectives here and get paid.

Website: Ceramics Arts Network.


112. Western Art And Architecture

Pay Rate: You can earn around $400-$600 per article.

Western Art And Architecture is a magazine for art collectors and architecture aficionados across the United States. They cover arts from a lifestyle perspective.

If you are interested in introspective articles knowledge-based, this is for you. You can add photographs to enhance quality. They hold different columns like Illuminations, Collector’s eye, Artist profiles, etc.

Website: Western Art And Architecture


113. Observer

Pay Rate: Pays up to $100 related to the mentioned niche.

Observer basically offers the best and original take on current affairs, arts, entertainment, and business by bringing its irreverent sensibility to a national audience. 

Their articles are related to truth, fairness, and transparency. Here you cannot submit already published articles. You cannot pitch outside their journal ethics. Get to know details about publishing from their website.

Website: Observer.


Get Paid To Write Articles Anything Related To Web And Technology

This is the digital era, where we need to access our work and complete them by using various electronic devices. The web and technology section mainly explains to us the way these digital devices communicate with each other using various markup languages and multimedia packages. 

If you can pitch about the details and the techniques this section is waiting for your valued articles.


114. Site Point

Pay Rate: You can earn $150 per article and $200 for the tutorial. 

This site is mainly for technical writers based in Australia. You must have a great command of programming languages to write articles related to them. One must write crisply and innovatively to get ranked.

CSS, Java, PHP, Mobile Development, HTML, UX are some of the related topics they accept articles. If you have command on any of those you can pitch to them and get published. You will get paid accordingly.

Website: Site Point.


115. Polygon

Pay Rate: Around $100 per post. 

If you are a freelancer with a great idea? This is the place to pitch your article now.  This website accepts pitches on various options like reporting, personal essays, open editorials, reviews, and also features.

Follow all the guidelines and the details from their website and start writing. They also cover trending topics in entertainment where you can choose those for more fun.

Website: Polygon.


116. UX Booth

Pay Rate: $100 per article.

This is a user experience community that is more into the design. If you can article on trending topics and publications this is the right place for you. Article length must be between 1200-1800 words.

Proper research must be done before writing an article. With genuine content, your post will get approved in no time. Article pitching areas can be Business strategies, Content Strategy, Research, Philosophy, Visual design, etc. Start Writing now.

Website: UX Booth.


117. WP Hub

Pay Rate: Around $100-$200 per article.

Most of the web is assisted by WordPress, So are the doubts for users. Here you need to develop developmental background skills as only technical details are not enough to pitch your article.

Build all the knowledge of WordPress and Developmental knowledge and start writing.

Website: WP Hub.


118. Slick WP

Pay Rate: $100 per article with effective tips on WordPress.

SlickWP is a blog that mainly focuses on teaching its users to get more details on WordPress and the Genesis Theme Framework. They constantly accept quality articles and tutorials. 

You can get paid to write any of the sections like articles or tutorials on WordPress. Article length must be around 1250-2000 words. You can include images and code snippets to make it more realistic.

Your article must have proper headings, subheadings, proper format, and correct spellings. Pay is very decent and timely.

Website: Slick WP.


119. Semaphore

Pay Rate: Around $100 to $300 per article.

Semaphore is one of the continuous content delivery blogs. If you are capable enough to write articles on software development this platform is for you.

You can relate to any developmental tools, practices, usage, automation building, application deployment, various configurations, software development, software culture, and also integration. 

You can even join their GitHub to invest and earn.

Website: Semaphore.


120. RankPay

Pay Rate: You can earn $50 for every real article.

This website regularly covers topics like SEO, content marketing, social media tips, strategies, and news. If you can write anything related to this start writing now.

There are a few guidelines where you need to follow to get paid to write, You need to follow quality, actionable, unique, and useful content. One must use a casual and informative tone in the article script.

Good usage of data, stats, images, and quotes can enhance the value of the content. Word count must range more than 100o words.

Website: RankPay


121. A-List Apart

Pay Rate: You can earn around $200 per post.

They always encourage new writers who have efficiency in writing. Here you can send a rough draft, partial draft, or a fully completed draft and wait for approval.

Your article should be around 600-2500 words. That should in casual language and high in content. This is basically who loves websites, If you are one among them reach this website through an email for further details.

Website: A-List Apart! Check the ‘Write For Us’ Section for more details.


122. Digital Ocean

Pay Rate: You can earn around $300 per typing tutorial.

This is basically a website where it conducts cloud hosting services. They share various tutorials and guides on cloud hosting. Digital Ocean can pay up to $400 for production-focused topics. Strong research is needed to build content here.

Website: Digital Ocean.


123. InstantShift

Pay Rate: Depends on the assigned article.

If you have skills in writing articles related to designing and programming this website is for you to show your skills. You can publish an article by checking with the InstaShift team. You will receive your payments based on the quality of your content.

Website: InstaShift.


Get Paid To Write Science Articles

This can be categorized as one of the important sections. Where readers can learn about the practical and intellectual activity encompassing the systematic study of structure and behavior of the physical and natural world.

Share more real facts and data to show how capable you are in writing articles related to science.


124. Discover Magazine

Pay Rate: They pay around $2 per word.

The science field is one of the areas where you can get paid to write for a decent amount. This magazine publishes the best reports on captivating developments in medicine, science, and technology.

To contribute here you need to be a qualified contributor. Proper research is required to pitch here. Only real facts are encouraged and adding photographs can enhance the content.

If you can write about the latest theories, development in the science field, or best breakthroughs in medicine, health, and the mind, environment issues, opinion makers, etc. 

This platform can help you to explore. check preciously submitted articles to get more details.

Website: Discover Magazine.


125. FolkRebellion

Pay Rate: You can earn around $100-$350 per article.

This is one more website where you can pitch in various sections. If you can write anything about the experiment, digital culture piece, culture thinks-piece, work-life, etc.

You can reach them at [email protected]. One needs to follow the format they mentioned in the submission guidelines. 

For a clear understanding check with their precious articles. Thorough research is recommended.

They mentioned many topics of interests like “Slow Living, Connection, Travel, Adventure, Boredom, Zeitgeist, Nature, Consumerism, Simplifying, Productivity, and Busy Disease, Technology, Hustle Culture, Societal Norms, Parenting, Anti-Establishment, Rebellion, the Psychology of Motivation and Change, Neuroscience and Eastern Practices, Storytelling through Data”.

Website: Folk Rebellion.


126. New Scientist

Pay Rate: You can earn around $300 per article.

Here they cover a wide range of topics like science, technology, health, and the environment. When you can relate any topics mentioned you can directly email them your draft.

Here you must be detailed in a simple way so that even non-science background people should understand. Check with previous articles on this website to learn more.

Website: New Scientist.


127. Popular Science

Pay Rate: You can get paid to write around $2 per word.

This is one of the websites where it covers new and emerging technologies in the areas of automobiles, science, the environment, recreation, photography, aviation, space, software, etc.

They accept articles related to the mentioned topics with the utmost accuracy and information. You can pitch around 1000 words or more.

You can check with their FAQs platform to get clear off your queries before writing. 

Website: Popular Science.


128. Science Magazine

Pay Rate: This is mainly based on the task. 

Here they publish various journals related to science and developments. If you can research and pitch anything related to science and developments linking to the current world scenario this platform is for you.

This is mainly handled by the American Association For The Advancement Of Science. You can write to explore yourself in this wide range of information section on science.

Reach them at [email protected]. Check previous articles to get more knowledge and guidelines on how to write.

Website: Science Magazine.


129. Sky & Telescope

Pay Rate: Not mentioned! 

This is a magazine where it tries to create a strong bridge between professionals and amateur astronomers worldwide. They share valuable information in an authoritative and well-illustrated way about science and astronomy.

If you can relate the topic on this with the best research skills, Start writing now for this website. If you are writing essays make sure it won’t exceed 550 words. Make sure you only pitch a relevant topic.

Website: Sky & Telescope.


Get Paid To Write Articles Related To Health And Lifestyle Niches

Good health condition is the key factor to a happy life. As we all know ‘Health is Wealth‘. But with these busy lives, we are neglecting health and changing our lifestyles rapidly.

If you can add health benefits, tips, and tricks to manage and balance both health and lifestyle in your articles, you can ace this section by sharing valuable tips.


130. The Anxiety Foundation

Pay Rate: $50 per real article on health. 

As the world is running at the speed of knots most of us are neglecting our health and lifestyle. That can be the turning factor for anxiety development in humans. This website came up for this by helping people with their valuable tips on to tackle anxiety.

If you can pitch any real article on anxiety types, new symptoms, treatments, tips to avoid and tackle, this is the best place where you can get paid to write with genuine nature in your article. 

Your article must range a minimum of 550 words with no filthy language. Use good English for easy publication.

Website: The Anxiety Foundation.


131. Healthy Living

Pay Rate: Around $150 per article which ranges about 1500 words.

By the name, it states the nature of the website. It is more related to health. You can pitch on various sections like health, lifestyle, beauty, anti-aging, parenting tips, wellness, and healthy recipes too.

If you can write an article on any of this pitch to the editor directly mentioned on their website and wait for 6 business days to get verified. No additional payments assured for promotions. You can add a synopsis to enhance your content.

Website: Healthy Living.


132. Best Pickist

Pay Rate: $120-$160 per article related to their niche.

This is basically a food-related blog. If you are capable of writing articles related to their niche then this is the best time to reach them on [email protected]. Pitch them with your article outline and get published. 

Here you can even write articles related to cooking habits, expert reviews, interviews, making, nutritional tips, health tips, and fitness too. 

Website: Best Pickist.


133. Girl’s Life

Pay Rate: You can get paid to write around $300 per article.

Girls’ Life magazine started way back in 1994. They are constantly sharing content in order to inform, motivate, inspire, and entertain girls across the world.

They share a wide range of topics here like ‘steps to academic success, strategies for dealing with stress, ways to handle peer pressure, self-esteem boosters, makeup, health, etc’.

If you can relate your pitch to this, Reach them at GIRLSLIFE.COM.

Website: Girls’ Life.


Get Paid To Write Articles Anything Related To Food And Drink

To maintain good physical and mental health eating habits are main. People constantly lack tips on food habits, So here you as a writer can share various kinds of food habits, culture, maintenance, origin, importance, etc. Be factual in your articles.


134. Eater

Pay Rate: You can earn around $0.07 to $0.67 per word.

Eater is one of the national publication which constantly publishes reports and share stories on critically examining the world of food and drink. Here you cannot pitch articles on recipes. 

You can share practical and real experiences related to restaurants. They should relate to short and crisp information.

Website: Eater.


135. Eat Your World

Pay Rate: They pay around $30-$40 per original blog posts.

This was launched back in 2011. Since then they are constantly sharing articles related to food and drinks. 

They mainly focus on food habits and nature to a particular place around the world. If you can pitch any article related to food and drink with its culture, history, importance, geography, origin, etc.

You can write to them. here you can even share photographs and life experiences that can eventually help travelers.

Website: Eat Your World.


136. Kitchen Work

Pay Rate: You can earn around $100 per illustration.

The kitchen work basically is a printed, quarterly journal. Here they mainly publish articles on food, pantry, wine, farms, gardens, farms, markets, cafes, etc.

They also publish short stories related to big to small kitchens. If you can write articles on what we eat and drink pitch an article up to 3000 words.

Website: Kitchen Work.


137. Clean Eating

Pay Rate: Not Mentioned!

Clean eating basically is a clean eating and clean living magazine. If you can discover and relate your article to eating and a clean lifestyle this platform is for you.

Website: Clean Eating.


138. Saveur

Pay Rate: They pay around $0.30 per word.

Saveur is all about sharing articles on authentic foods, drinks, and traveling. Write articles related to food, uses, and procedures with attractive pics to get published here.

Your content must be genuine and reader-friendly.

Website: Saveur.


139. Bon Appetit

Pay Rate: Here they pay around $0.50 per word.

Bon Appetit is a monthly published American food magazine this mainly includes recipes, entertaining ideas, and also wine reviews.

Here there serve as an encyclopedia for cooking tips. If you can relate and pitch to any of this section reach them on

Website: Bon Appetit.


140. Food Network

Pay Rate: Not Mentioned!

Food Network is mainly a website and a magazine where it shares the real power of food through its articles. This is the second most selling magazine on the newsstand that started way back in 2009.

As they have a wide range of coverage on food, you can write to get your name on the light. Thorough research is recommended.

Website: Food Network.


141. The Plate

Pay Rate: They pay around $0.5 per word.

This is a section of the National Geography channel. Where it shares a wide range of food habits and cultures all across the world.

A bit hard to get published here, You need to have thorough research skills and real facts to pitch here. You can attach pictures for more weight.

Website: The Plate.


142. Downeast

Pay Rate: You can get paid to write around $0.40 -$0.70  per word.

This is one more magazine where it covers a wide range of sections like food, culture, arts, events, etc. By having good writing skills you can reach them on [email protected]

Website: Downeast.


General Websites To Find Freelance Writing Gigs


143. Contena

Pay Rate: This is based on the gig you choose.

This is the site where you can find various sites and companies where you can get paid to write. List of gigs are mentioned in an assigned pattern, Choose and pick your favorite one and start writing.

This site can make your work easy because you can check all the possibilities within a few searches. Here you can add email alerts, notifications, and also check the pay rate database of various companies.

Here they even video course where you can ace in freelance writing by following the tips carefully. They even offer platinum membership where you can work on portfolios and individual pitches and get paid to write by Contena.

Website: Contena.


144. Change Agent

Pay Rate: Around $50-$100 per article.

The Change Agent features writing by adult learners. All submissions are to be within the deadline they mention for consideration. This is a biannual magazine.

The suggested length of the article must range between 200-1000 words. They issue deadlines for submission, So check the dates and deadlines to write and featured.

Website: Change Agent


145. Freelancer Careers

Pay Rate: Around $7 to $31 per page.

If you want to provide your full-time services as a freelance writer here is the best platform for you to consider. There will be constant workflow with timely payments. 

There will be a list of works where you can choose and pick the best one suitable for you and start writing. The pay rate is decent. The better you write the better the pay.

Website: Freelancer Careers.


146. Writers Weekly

Pay Rate: $0.1 per word, Around $100 per article.

By the name you can figure out, This is a weekly publication where you can pitch articles. They only publish featured articles, marketing secrets, author backstories, or books. 

Particular column or series by one writer, Guest posts, Poetry, jokes, review posts, etc these are some sections where they strictly won’t allow you to post. Make sure and cross-check your pitch before reaching them.

Website: Writers Weekly.


147. The Escapist

Pay Rate: Up to $250 per article.

The Escapist is a magazine completely related to Videogaming, Comics, Science, technology, Movies, and plays. If you can pitch this niche get paid to write now by becoming a contributor.

As this is more related to the entertainment you can write personal experiences and the stubbled content. Even gaming reviews are accepted here!

Website: The Escapist.


148. The Introspectionist

Pay Rate: Around $100- $200 per article.

Currently down and not accepting submissions. The targeted audience is intelligent women. They issue pitch themes where you can select and send them the draft to get published.

Website: The Introspectionist(coming soon)


Skills Required To Start Your Career In Freelance Writing

Even though there are many companies and websites where you can get paid to write without experience, There are a few factors you need to consider before joining.

  • Grammatical Knowledge
  • Presentation Skills
  • Research
  • Time Management

If you think you need some expert guidance to enter and survive in this business then let me connect you with an expert writer and business owner, Holly Johnson.

Holly Johnson from Earn More Writing School is a freelance writer cum business owner who is making over $200,000 per year from her writing business. Luckily, now she is helping people and aspiring writers by sharing her tips and techniques that she used in building her own business.

If you are in a confused state about writing business, then I strongly recommend you to join her FREE Workshop on How to Build A Six-Figure Writing Career.

A small right investment, in the beginning, could save you a lot of time and speed up your earnings as well. So, plan accordingly and take your first step instead of leaving the opportunity here.


Tips To Publish Articles Without Fail

Not every article we write gets published easily. We need to follow the guidelines of the website/company and write according to them.

Let’s see the things that will help you in getting your articles published every time.

1. Skill Development

Without skills, you can not even reach the standards which you are capable of. Invest in your skills before starting anything in your life either it may be writing or any other field. 

We mentioned what skills you need to develop for writing in the above section. Try and incur them to get paid to write as soon as you start. 


2. Follow Guidelines

Each and every website where you can get paid to write never fails in sharing content submission guidelines. Follow their guidelines without fail. 

Re-reading is very much recommended for you to write articles on those websites. Sometimes websites don’t offer chances to write due to high engagement. Do follow them before you fail.


3. Thorough Research and Implementation

Every website looks for freelancers for the best and genuine content with high value. Your article must stand out from the rest. For this, you must conduct thorough research and include the best stats to make it more realistic.

Use proper images and infographics if needed. Take time to proofread as mistakes can let your chances down.



No one can be a professional writer from the beginning, Your consistent efforts and implementation can make you someday stand apart from the rest. 

You are passionate about writing content but you are constantly failing in getting better draft results then think of a famous saying by Octavia E.Butler You don’t start out writing good stuff. You start out writing crap and thinking it’s good stuff, and then gradually you get better at it. That’s why I say one of the most valuable traits is persistence.

We have listed out the best websites where you can get paid to write, Join them and start earning. Don’t forget to write back to us about how our article helps your way through.


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