13 Best Websites To Sell College Notes Online for Cash

Are you a struggling student? Are you less in finances to manage your studies, fees, hostel expenses, etc? Then I’m sure you do a part-time job after college to fill your income gap.

Similarly, you might be doing several other side-hustles to fuel your income. So In this article, I came up with an idea that can help you make some side cash.

Since you are a student you may not have much time to spend on different side hustles, but this idea that I’m going to discuss requires no extra time or effort from you. It is nothing but selling your notes online.

Sell the notes of your previous classes or the ones you no more need and earn some side cash. Selling notes doesn’t require you to do any extra work. You already spend time in college taking notes every day, that is all the time you need to invest in this side hustle.

There are several apps or websites online where you can upload your notes or study guides. These apps offer you different deals and you can make money when students buy your notes.

In this article, I’m going to list a set of legit websites where you can sell your notes. Read further to know more.


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Sell Notes Online To Make Side Cash

Selling notes online is a pretty good money-making idea for students who make nice and credible notes. However, you cannot become rich overnight with this idea nor in the long run. This is just a side hustle that will help supplement your income needs.

Now that the expectations and working are clear, let us see some of the trustworthy sites where you can sell your notes and make cash.


1. Course Hero

Course Hero is an educational technology website where students can get access to different online courses. It also offers 24/7 doubt clarification services and provides study materials to its students.

So if you are somebody who writes in-depth notes of your college subjects, then Course Hero is ready to buy it from you. You can sell the notes of your previous classes to them. They will pay you money in return for your notes.

With a monthly subscription, you can upload the documents to their website and also refer your friends to do so and keep earning money.


2. Nexus Notes

This is an online platform where students can get access to high-quality notes. You can upload your notes on the Nexus Notes website. Their team will check your notes for precision and quality and make them available on their site for sale once approved.

They usually sell notes for up to $35 and you will be paid 50% of each set of notes sold. This payment will be reflected in your account at the beginning of each month via Paypal.


3. Notesale

This is a UK based online platform where you can buy and sell books online. You just need to follow their three-step process for quick uploading of your notes. By doing so it will instantly appear on the website and be available for students to purchase.

Notesale provides easy uploading and easy searching of notes. It also streamlines the transfer of money between students buying and selling notes to avoid awkward situations. However, you are free to set prices for your books and notes.

To know about the three-step process, payment methods, and other details you can visit the Notesale website.


4. Notesgen

Notesgen is also a book buying and selling website but it has more to offer other than notes or textbooks. It connects students of different streams around the globe to help them exchange study materials.

You can sell and find educational stuff like case results, presentations, lab results, research, study guides, etc. Notesgen also has an app on android and iOS where you can create an account and start selling your valuable educational materials.

You will be paid a 60% commission of the sales. Payments will be made every Friday.


5. Notesmate

Notesmate is also for selling and buying books but you can do this using their app. This app is more like a social media network.

You need to create an account to use their platform to sell notes. Others can follow you here, to see and check the quality of your notes on their own. This feature adds more credibility to the Notesmate app. Your notes will also have good chances of being sold.

You can sell for money and also run giveaways if you wish to. The payments will be transferred to your bank account when your notes are sold.


6. NoteXchange

This is an Australian based platform to sell and buy notes, flashcards, and study guides. Both school and university students can make use of this website for their study needs.

You can set up your own shop and prices on their website to sell your material. If you handle your selling business on your own then you will be earning 100% of your sales. But if NoteXchange helps you with tactics to get your material noticed and sold then you will earn only 50% commission of the sales.

Your earnings will be transferred to your bank account by the end of every month.


7. Omega Notes

Omega Notes is also like all other websites to sell notes online. You can find all kinds of study materials on this site. If you want to sell here, you need to pay certain fees for different things like large uploads, for pricing things above $35, or for listing materials for more than 24 months.

The best thing about Omega Notes is it offers a pricing guide to help you out. You will earn a 70% commission for each sale. The earnings will be paid via PayPal as soon as the buyer purchases your stuff.


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8. OneClass

This is a Canadian platform for students to share notes and other study materials. The working of this app a bit different than the others. You will earn credits instead of cash for uploading notes on OneClass. You can cash out these credits or exchange them for gift cards at online stores like Amazon, Walmart, etc.

There is another opportunity at OneClass that helps you earn three folds you do with it normally. You can become their note taker by applying on their site and earn three times for uploading such notes.

You can also earn up to 50 credits by referring your friends who have excellent note-taking skills. This app also provides online tutoring services.


9. Oxbridge Notes

Oxbridge Notes is one of the best notes selling platforms online providing services to students in the US, Canada, and the UK. Apart from notes, you can also sell PDFs, model papers, etc.

The work is similar to most of the websites for selling notes online. You can earn a 72% commission of the net sales with this platform and receive payments via PayPal. Oxbridge Notes claims that an average seller on their app earns $250 per annum.


10. Quest Notes

This is a simple website to sell and buy lecture notes, class notes, revision notes and study guides, etc. It is very easy to sell with Quest Notes. You just need to upload the notes and their team will handle the rest.

You will earn a 70% commission of the sales here. However, you will not earn much for uploads except $0.20 per each upload. Instead, you will be rewarded with free credits that you can use to buy notes that you find helpful from their site.

You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal once they reach a threshold limit of $10.


 11. StudentVIP

StudentVIP is an Australia based online platform for students to buy and sell their study materials. The notes you want to sell will undergo a review to find if they are eligible to be uploaded and sold on their website. If you are an excellent note-taker and think that you can pass this review test then this site is for you.

You can price your notes up to $59 and can earn a 75% commission on the sales. 


12. StudySoup

This is an online marketplace where students can buy and sell educational content like course notes, tutoring services, etc.  You need to become their Elite note-taker to sell notes with them. However, you will be allowed to sell only three study guides per semester with StudySoup.

Your payments are directly deposited into your bank account or via PayPal. You can be paid up to $450 per note.


13. Stuvia

Stuvia is another great place to sell college notes online. Here you can get paid for selling summaries, lecture notes or assignments, etc in this online marketplace. Stuvia allows you to signup with them for free and can start selling. You can set your price and they will take a percentage of sales after your product gets sold.

You need to reach a threshold limit of 10 euros to cash out your earnings.


This is a list of websites where you can sell your used books and notes to make some side cash. Choose the ones available in your country to sell notes online and start making money on the side.



Selling notes online is an easy and simple method to earn side cash for students. Don’t let the unused and books of previous classes end up in your racks or storerooms. Instead, use any one of these websites and make money by selling them.

Quality notes are a demand these days so don’t let this opportunity go in vain if you are good at note-taking. If you have ever used any of these sites to sell notes online then feel free to share your experience with us.


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  1. I am from India.
    I want upload handwritten notes for the subject Financial Management.
    Can I upload it to get money.
    What is the procedure for the same.

  2. Thanks for the list. I already sell my CA notes on many of these sites and work as a tutor too. This actually allow me to earn a handy monthly income. I’m not even a student anymore. Yet this is a great side income. If your notes are good and if you update them every year to reflect current study guide, you can earn more than $2K each month easily. You forgot StudyLast though. They allow you to set your own price which is pretty great and their affiliate program allows another sort of income.

  3. In India, similar website is Expert Notes, where you can sell your study notes for easy cash, you can set your selling price and receive royalty/commission upto 70 %. You can withdraw your money by PayPal/ Upi payment from your profile.

  4. Thanks for the detailed list. The Number 10. Quest Notes is not working. The link is broken. While searching for other study notes selling websites I came across Docmerit I would highly recommended people to check it out.


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