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Where To Buy Kerosene Near Me? 20 Best Local Stores!

From cooking to camping needs, kerosene is necessary for so many things in our daily lives. It is also a life-saving fuel than can be handy during any natural calamity. But, not every people know where to buy kerosene near me, isn’t it?

Kerosene is a petroleum-derived fuel that is now widely used for domestic and commercial purposes. And there are at least four variants of kerosene now available in the USA.

But, those variants have their specific uses. Besides, different shops and gas stations also sell kerosene at different prices. So, you should know where you can get kerosene at a lower price.

And our team of experts has filtered through each available gas station in the USA to figure out the twenty best options to buy kerosene at the right price these days.


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What Can We Use Kerosene For?

Before you know where to buy kerosene near me, you must know about the usage of this fuel.

Although it is used for several purposes throughout the world, it mainly has four common uses in the United States, that are as follows.


1. Household Uses

From cooking to lighting, kerosene is necessary for many of our daily needs and household uses. You must keep kerosene for an emergency situation to light up a fire or for your lamps.

So, when petroleum is unavailable after a catastrophe, you can use it as an alternative. Kerosene required for household uses is pretty easy to find and often available at a much cheaper rate than petroleum.

And if you live in the USA, you can even get kerosene at an affordable price from supermarkets, such as Walmart and Home Depot.


2. Cooking

Kerosene has some distinct features. It burns subtly but easily and leaves almost no trace of residue. Although it has a distinctive smell, it doesn’t leave any bad odor on the food.

So, in many parts of the world, kerosene is used to make food, especially in eastern and African countries. One of the best things about kerosene is that it generates almost no smoke.

So, chefs don’t face troubles, such as eye burning, while using kerosene for their cooking needs. It is also better to cook on a kerosene stove than a microwave, as a few scientific papers reveal.


3. Kerosene Heaters

Have you ever wondered about making a doomsday room? Or a room to hide while there is a natural calamity?

If yes, you better keep a kerosene lamp handy in your bunker. You can also use kerosene lamps to heat up your room in cold weather conditions.

As kerosene produces negligible smoke and has almost no odor, it is perfectly safe to use in your home.

Besides, kerosene lamps and heaters give better performance in longer runs. And in many states, you can even purchase hybrid kerosene lamps that also burn on natural gas.


4. Fireworks Displays

It may be a surprising fact for you, but kerosene is used significantly for fireworks displays. One of the best qualities of kerosene is that it burns almost instantly.

So, fireworks can be easily ignited with this fuel. Besides, it produced very little smoke, which is necessary for any fireworks spectacle. You can now buy HEP (High-Explosive Pyrotechnic) fireworks from any specialized store in the USA.

And these fireworks need kerosene to light up. However, HEPs are costlier than regular fireworks that you can get from supermarkets.

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What Types Of Kerosene Are Now Sold In The USA Consumer Market?

When I first tried to buy kerosene near me. I got to know that there are several types of kerosene available in the US consumer market.

However, there are four different types of kerosene that you can now purchase from almost all the gas stations.

  • K-1 Kerosene: The K-1 variant is the purest form of kerosene that is now available in the open market. And it has more than a 99% purity level. So, it is often sold at a much higher price than regular kerosene. However, this fuel lasts for up to 5 years when stored correctly.
  • White Paraffin: It is the most commonly used and widely circulated variant of kerosene. It has a lower purity level than K-1 and also generates less heat energy when burned. However, this fuel can last up to 2 years in proper storing conditions.
  • Ultra-Pure Kerosene: Besides K-1, this is also among the purest form of kerosene that you can now purchase from a gas station. And it also has more than a 99% purity level. However, this fuel has quick evaporation quality and can last only 6 months even if you store it correctly.
  • SAE 15W-40: This derivate of kerosene is not used as fuel. Instead, it is primarily used as a lubricant. It also produced very little smoke compared to other lubricants. Besides, it also burns clean without any substantial residue. And in proper condition, you can store it for up to 2 years.

Note: You must store all the variants and derivates of kerosene in a cool and dark place. Besides, it should also be free from moisture, as that can damage the containers.

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What Are The Best Alternatives to kerosene?

Not just for emergency purposes, kerosene is mandatory for all our daily needs, such as lighting a lamp. But not every place sells bulk kerosene near me.

However, you don’t need to worry as there are four major alternatives of kerosene that you can also use for all your needs.


1. Propane

Many people have already asked us where to buy kerosene near me when their nearby stations don’t sell it. In such cases, propane can be the best alternative you can try.

This fuel generates more heat energy than kerosene, which can easily cater to all your daily needs. However, propane comes in different forms.

So, you better buy the premium and filtered one. You can now also buy propane from supermarkets and grocery stores, such as Walmart, Costco, Menards, Meijer, and Kroger. But yes, propene is a bit costlier than regular kerosene.


2. Synthetic Kerosene

Synthetic kerosene is typically derived from three processes, which are CTL (coal to liquid), GTL (gas to liquid), and BTL (biomass to liquid).

However, all these three types of synthetic kerosene have their respective usage needs. But yes, you can use it as a genuine alternative to your regular kerosene.

However, this fuel is now mainly limited to commercial aviation needs as the primary blend. But a few companies sell it as lamp fuels. And this fuel can generate an equal amount of heat energy as kerosene. Besides, it is almost odorless.


3. LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

Liquefied Petroleum Gas or LPG is the most commonly used fuel for residential and commercial needs after liquid petroleum nowadays.

The United States and Canada now produce a vast amount of natural gas to sustain their LPG market. Besides, these two countries also import from other nations.

The price of LPG is directly related to the quality of LPG you are willing to buy, as this fuel is now available in various qualities. And if you live in the USA, you can purchase LPG containers from stores such as Costco, Walmart, and Meijer.


4. Biofuel

The most talker-after fuel of this decade, biofuel, is mainly produced from certain types of algae.

And if you are worried about the current kerosene price per gallon, you better start using biofuel as an alternative, as it is often cheaper in price in many states in the USA.

Biofuels have high freezing points than liquid petroleum and LPG. So, it is now widely used for high-altitude flights and arctic zones. However, you can use it for your daily needs, such as to fire light or for your lamps.

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20 Places To Buy Kerosene Near Me In 2024

although gas stations are the places where you can get kerosene at the right price, not every station sells it.

So, if you don’t know where to buy kerosene near me, we have filtered twenty such amazing companies that now sell it at an affordable price.


1. Shell

If you are looking to purchase kerosene at the pump, there is no better option than Shell. With its global presence, this company now has more than 25k gas stations all over the USA.

And in almost all their stations, this company sells kerosine. To find out about their nearby station, all you need is to visit their website and trace the nearest gas station.

And once you get there, you can buy as much kerosene as you want. On the other hand, Shell is also known for providing some under-the-table jobs, especially for teenagers.


2. Texaco

There are very few places in Texas where you can get kerosene. And among those, Texaco is probably the most popular one. Right now, this company has more than 1.3k gas stations in the USA.

And you can easily trace your nearby station from their website. From usual fuel to gasoline, these stations are equipped with all the automobile needs.

Besides, you can get kerosene at a government-regulated price. You can also get a decent amount of cashback, as this company often runs several offers for their customers.

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Many people have asked us where to buy kerosene near me. And if you live near the west coast, ARCO is probably the best option to hop for this year.

This company now has more than 1.3k gas stations throughout the USA. However, not all the gas stations of this company sell kerosene.

So, it is better to call them beforehand to be sure about their availability. And you can easily find your nearby gas station from ARCO on their official website.


4. Speedway

Who doesn’t know about Speedway? We all grew up looking at big banners put by this giant oil and gas company. Right now, this company has more than 3.9k+ gas stations in the USA alone.

And you can get kerosene as low as just $4/gallon. But you need to remember that not all the gas stations of this company currently sell kerosene.

So, you need to call your nearby gas station to know about the current availability. This company also has a dedicated “Store Locator” segment on its website.


5. Citgo

Citgo is truly among the known name in the oil and gas market in the United States.

And with its sub-brands like Mystik and Clarion, this company now has more than 5k gas stations in more than 30 states in the USA. Most of the gas stations from Citgo are located within the 2KM periphery of any metro city.

So, you don’t need to travel far to get high-quality kerosene. And you need to pay just $5/gallon on Citgo pumps as they offer government-regulated prices to their consumers.


6. Sunoco

There are very few places to buy K-1 kerosene locally. And not every gas station nearby will sell kerosene at a rate of about $4/gallon.

But, if you want to sort out both these problems, you must visit the nearby gas stations from Sunoco. This company currently has more than 5k gas stations spread over 30 states in the USA.

Besides, it also offers additional services in its gas stations, such as a takeaway shop and ATM withdrawal service. However, you should call them beforehand to check the availability of kerosene.


7. Conoco

Conoco is known for having convenient stores at each of its gas stations. But now, this company has also started selling kerosene to its consumers.

And now, it is available in more than 2k locations throughout the United States, covering all the major cities.

This company has also launched a revamped app from where you can book kerosene and collect it from nearby stations. And you may not know, but you can save up to $0.25/gallon once you book it from the app.


8. Lukoil

If you want to ask where to buy kerosene near me, I will say look for your nearby station from Lukoil. Yes, this company currently has more than 2k gas stations in more than 25 different states in the USA.

And almost all their gas stations sell kerosene these days. To check about the nearest station from this company, all you need is to visit their official site and filter through the “store locator” segment.

However, it is also a wise idea to call them beforehand to know about the current stock of kerosene.


9. 76 Gas Station

With more than 1.8k gas stations covering all the major cities in the USA, 76 Gas Station is one of the most dominant forces in the US oil and gas market.

And for the last couple of years, this company has also started selling premium kerosene to almost all of its gas stations.

You can also download their apps and book your kerosene beforehand. And you may not believe it, but you can get up to a $0.25/gallon discount if you book it through the app.


10. Buc-ee’s

If you are from Texas, Alabama, Georgia, or Florida in the USA, you better visit the nearest gas station from Buc-ee’s to get the kerosene you need. Right now, this company has more than 40 operating gas stations in the region with a plan for nationwide expansion.

You can also visit the official site of this company and search for your nearby station through its “store locator” segment. Besides, these gas stations also have convenience stores to cater to all your daily needs.


11. Go-Mart

Go-Mart is hugely popular in the USA for its amazing convenient stores. However, very few people know that this company also has more than 100 gas stations in the USA.

And if you are located in Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, or Kentucky, you can purchase kerosene from those stations. You can easily get kerosene at these gas stations for about $4 to $5/gallon.

Besides you can also use the Go-Mart app to get exciting discounts. This company also offers part-time jobs to teenagers where you can make money without paying anything.


12. Family Express

If you live near Indiana, there are very few places where you can get K-1 kerosene. However, all thanks to Family Express, you can now get it at an affordable price.

This company currently has more than 70 gas stations in Indiana. You can also download their dedicated app, which is extremely easy to use, and you can easily find your nearby station.

Besides, this app also offers up to a $0.05/gallon discount on the base kerosene price. And the best part is that these gas stations are open even on weekends.


13. Meijer

If you don’t know where to buy kerosene near me, you better try checking the gas stations operated by Meijer.

This company now has more than 200 gas stations, grocery stores, and convenience outlets in the Midwest region of the USA. All the gas stations from this company operate 24×7.

So, you can get kerosene even before your weekend camping trip. However, it is better to call your nearby station beforehand to check the current availability of high-quality kerosene.


14. Pilot Flying J

Pilot Flying J is not an oil and gas company. Instead, it is one of the pioneers in the travel center establishments in the USA.

Right now, this company has more than 750 travel centers spread throughout 40 states in the USA. Besides catering to all your travel needs, this company has also recently started selling K-1 kerosene in all its centers.

It also has a dedicated app to locate your nearby centers. Moreover, you can also get up to a $0.03/gallon discount on the kerosene price if you book from the app.


15. Terrible Herbst

If you live in the southwest, there are very few places to get premium kerosene for all your cooking and camping needs.

But all thanks to this brilliant company called Terrible Herbst, you can get it at a cheaper rate. Besides, this company operates 24×7 as well.

This company currently has more than 100 gas stations spread across California, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona.

Besides kerosene, you can also purchase food, grocery items, and even motorcycle oils from these gas stations. However, it is necessary to call them beforehand to know about the current stock.


16. Road Ranger

If you live in Iowa, Texas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, or Arkansas and don’t know where to buy kerosene near me, you better check out the centers of Road Ranger.

This company currently has more than 40 travel centers and convenience stores in the USA. This company also has a dedicated website from which you can check their nearby centers to purchase kerosene.

Besides, these centers are also equipped with daily-needs stores and ATMs to cater to all your needs before a road trip.


17. Weigel’s

If you talk about the pioneers in convenience store culture in the USA, you must mention Weigel’s. This company now has more than 70 convenience stores spread across the United States.

Besides all your daily needs, you can also buy kerosene from these stores. This company mainly operates in eastern Tennessee.

So, you need to visit their official website to find your nearby convenience store. Besides, this company also sometimes offers great discounts and cashback offers on the base kerosene price.


18. Breakaway

If you live near the Cape Cod area in the USA, you better check out the gas stations operated by Breakaway. And in its South Dennis store, this company now sells premium quality kerosene to its consumers.

But you better call them beforehand to know about the current stock. Besides kerosene, you can withdraw money from their ATMs.

However, you need to bring your own legal containers to buy kerosene, as they don’t sell those containers at their gas stations. But yes, this company often offers a discount to their customers.


19. Ace Hardware

There are very few hardware stores in the USA that has a nationwide presence. And among those, Ace Hardware is definitely among the most popular ones.

And if you don’t know where to buy kerosene near me, you better resort to the nearby Ace Hardware store.

Besides all your hardware and plumbing needs, this company also sells premium quality kerosene at an affordable price.

Moreover, they also sometimes offer attractive cashback programs to their loyal customers. This company also sells kerosene in prepacked gallon-sized containers.


20. A & J Time Rentals

If you want to purchase K-1 kerosene in bulk, that too in the USA, you should better pay a visit to the nearby store of A & J Time Rentals.

And now, this company has a massive presence. So, you don’t need to worry about all your camping and lighting needs.

However, this company doesn’t sell containers. So, you better bring your legal blue container to get the kerosene from these stores. But the best part, this company often offers discounted prices for their loyal customers.


How Much Does A Gallon Of Kerosene Cost?

Many people went to their nearby gas stations without knowing where to buy kerosene near me. And for that, they often fail to get what they need.

But, you do need to have the proper knowledge about the current price and availability of kerosene. Kerosene is a bit cheaper than gasoline or diesel in the current market.

You can get a gallon of K-1 kerosene for $3.5 to $5 at any gas station. But, if you want to buy a prefilled canister, you need to pay a little extra than the base rate. A single canister of 5 gallons will cost you around $25 to $50.

You can also get single-gallon prefilled jars on online stores, such as Amazon or Walmart. And those canisters will cost you around $20 to $55/jar on average. However, most gas stations and convenience stores that sell kerosene often run attractive offers for their customers.


How To Dispose Of Kerosene In The Right Way?

Like every fuel, kerosene, especially the K-1 variant, has a shelf life. You can store it for up to 5 years in suitable climatic conditions.

However, you need to properly dispose of your kerosene and the canister if those have already crossed the shelf life span. But yes, you do need to know how to dispose of kerosene in the safest way.

Follow the below-mentioned rules to dispose of your store-bought kerosene in the right manner.

  1. You must store and dispose of kerosene where there is no presence of children, pets, elderly people, and most importantly, asthmatic people.
  2. Always use a large polythene bag or other waterproof covers to wrap your canister before disposing of it.
  3. You must not dispose of kerosene in a closed space, such as inside your garage, or near your pool, right below your sink, shower enclosure, and bath rubs.
  4. You should not dispose of kerosene on sideways as it can harm the people who will walk by.
  5. It is not recommended to dispose of kerosene in any garden or open field as it can harm the environment.
  6. You should also know about the regulation imposed by your local fire department for the disposal of kerosene in your area.

It is better to contact your local fire department beforehand if you can’t find any place to safely dispose of kerosene. If you contact them, they will be more than happy to guide you.



Kerosene is a highly inflammable substance. So, you need to handle it with extreme precaution. Besides, it is also better to store it in legal blue canisters in a cool and dry place to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

And if you face any issue with your kerosene storage, you must contact your local fire department immediately. So, these are all the places to try if you don’t know where to buy kerosene near me.

If you think we have missed mentioning any gas station, or if you know any other place that also sells kerosene, feel free to drop your suggestions and feedback in the comment box below.



Is kerosene available in the USA?

Yes, kerosene is available in the United States. You can buy it from any gas station and specialty shop for your camping needs.

And the purest form of kerosene you can buy in the USA is K-1, which costs around $3.5 to $5/gallon. Besides, you can purchase ultra-pure kerosene and white paraffin in the USA as well.


Is kerosene sold at gas stations?

You can buy kerosene from most of the gas stations in the USA. And those stations mostly sold the K-1 or the ultra-pure variants of Kerosene.

You can also get white paraffin in a few stations. However, auto shops, hardware stores, and outdoor stores also sell K-1 kerosene in the USA nowadays.


Can I use diesel instead of kerosene?

Yes, in most cases, you can simply replace kerosene with diesel, that you can easily get from your nearby gas stations.

Diesel is also often cheaper (up to three times) than K-1 kerosene in the USA. Other than some kerosene lamps and special lights, you can use diesel instead of kerosene in almost every place.


What is a good substitute for kerosene?

Propane and liquid petroleum gas are two of the most commonly used substitutes for kerosene. Besides, you can also use diesel instead of kerosene.

You can also buy synthetic kerosene from specialty stores as well. And in many countries, you can also buy biofuels to replace kerosene.


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