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27 Best Places To Sell Antiques Online & Offline [For Max Profit]

Antiques are expensive! We all know about the value and the story attached to every vintage and antique item. But do you know where to sell antiques online and how to fetch the best price?

If not, we have prepared this list for you so that you can fetch the right price for your vintage item that has stayed for a long time with you.

Besides, this list is also an excellent resource for people willing to start their own antique business.

Yes, our team of experts tried and tested at least a hundred different options available all over the globe to filter out the best platforms to buy and sell vintage items.

So, without further ado, let’s dive deep and see which are the forerunners in this sector.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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10 Best Places To Sell Antiques Online

We have only selected those platforms that not just assure the right price but also assure legit customers to minimize the risk of fraud.

Besides, we have emphasized those platforms running successfully for quite some years now without any user compliance.


1. Etsy

Etsy is not just one of the best places to sell anything crafty, but it is also the one-word answer if you don’t know where to sell antiques.

And believe it or not, there are several money-making crafts to sell online that can fetch a great amount of money from Etsy.

From vintage home décor to Victorian artifacts, you can sell almost anything you want on this platform. However, according to Etsy’s policy, your item should be at least 20 years old to be listed in the vintage category.

Selling on this platform is also pretty easy, as you can simply list anything by taking a few pictures. But yes, they charge a flat 5% commission besides the usual $0.20/item listing fee.


2. eBay

All the 90s kids automatically resort to eBay if we don’t know where to sell antiques near me. Yes, that’s how popular it was even a decade ago.

However, eBay still has its own charm if you talk about the best websites and apps to sell used clothes online.

Many vintage collectors also solely rely on eBay to get their favorite items. And you can follow that same path by creating a free account and gaining exposure in front of 180 million online shoppers from all over the globe.

You don’t need to pay any listing fee on vintage items. However, you need to pay a flat 10% commission on the final valuation of your antique. But you can significantly trim that cost by listing your antiques as a business.

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3. ArtFire

Over the last couple of years, ArtFire has made its name as one of the forerunners in this industry. And there are some most profitable crafts to sell on ArtFire that can fetch a never-before price for you.

From handmade items to crafts, from vintage items to antiques, you just name any, and you have a place to sell those on this platform. Depending on your sales volume, you can create either a standard shop, a popular shop, or even a featured shop.

While standard shops need to pay a 12.75% commission on final valuation, both popular and featured shops need to pay just 4.5%. Besides, you don’t need to pay any listing fee at all on these two categories.


4. Amazon

We all rely on Amazon whenever we want something online. However, not many people know it is also among the best places to sell antiques online.

Besides, there are now even many ways to make money on Amazon from every corner of this world.

With more than 49% market share in the US eCommerce itself, Amazon does have a massive clientele to work with.

So, you just need to click some great images of your antiques, describe them in a few words, and list them on Amazon.

Besides the commission ranging from 3% to 15%, you also need to pay a $0.99/item listing fee as an individual seller. However, you can even pay $39.99/month as a professional seller.

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5. Sotheby’s

Established way back in 1744, Sotheby’s doesn’t just sell antiques but an antique themselves. And this company has almost ruled the art-dealing industry for more than two centuries. They now also brought their online marketplace for sellers like you.

Sotheby’s is the largest seller of decorative art, painting, vintage jewelry, and other artistic masterpieces. And they deal with both private and auction sales depending on your preference.

You can even sell large items like vintage furniture, shields, and anything found in antiquity on this platform.

They now also provide a rough estimate of the selling price if you send them some photos, the dimension of the item, and a few more information.


6. Craigslist

Without any doubt, Craigslist is the grand old daddy of the buying-selling industry as they have had its online presence for a very long time. And it still remains one of the best places if you don’t know where to sell my antiques online.

You can easily list your items by taking some crisp photographs. And the highest chance is that you’ll find a local buyer who can directly give that item. As it is a p2p deal, there is very little chance of fraud.

Besides, there are several sites like Craigslist that you can also try, which offers similar platforms to list your antique items and sell those at a great price.


7. Facebook

With more than 3 billion active members from every corner of this blue planet, Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest and most dominant social media platform right now. However, there are several side business ideas with Facebook that can make money.

It is not just a great place to connect but also among the best platforms to sell small antiques online. And with their recent inclusion of FB Marketplace, it has become much easier than before.

We all have our FB accounts! So, you just need to click some great snaps and list your items with your expected price on the marketplace to get local clients. Besides, you can now cross-post that on Instagram as well.

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If you talk about a dedicated platform that solely deals in antique, vintage items, and valuable collectibles, you talk about The Internet Antique Shop, Aka TIAS. IT mainly connects all antique enthusiasts from all over the globe.

Listing your antique piece on this platform is super simple. You first need to create a free account or just log in with your Google account. And then, you need to upload a few pics, declare their dimensions, and list them with the expected price.

You don’t need to pay any listing fee. However, they charge a commission of 10% of the total monthly sales volume or $34.95, whichever is higher.


9. Chairish

Yes, if you have antique chairs and similar furniture, you simply list that on Chairish. Trust me; if you have some vintage furniture but don’t know where to sell collectibles and antiques, it should be your go-to place to fetch the best price possible.

From home décor to wall art, from classic furniture to Victorian murals, you just name any, and this platform has a place to sell those. And the best part, you can even include the story attached to the furniture to increase its value.

Another best thing about this platform is that it will handle all the shipping and billing parts once any of your items sell through this platform.


10. Bonanza

As Bonanza itself says, it is for “everything but the ordinary.” From old décor to antique items, from Victorian art pieces to old paintings from the old masters, it has a dedicated segment for every vintage item you can possibly think of.

The best thing about this company is that you don’t need to pay any listing fee at all. Even if you want a dedicated online shop on this platform, you don’t need to pay any setup fee as well.

However, they charge a flat 3.5% commission on the final selling price. And if they put ads on Google on your behalf, that commission can go up to 5.5%.

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10 Best Places To Sell Antiques Near Me

Many of us rely on local websites and other online platforms for security reasons. Besides, many people also prefer those to minimize the overall shipping and transportation cost.

So, here are the best places where you can sell locally.


11. eBid

The doppelgänger of eBay, eBid, works quite similarly! And if you don’t know how to sell antiques online, it should be on your list of top choices. Since 1999, this platform has sold more than 3 million antique items to clients all over the world.

The best thing about this company is that it charges lower fees than eBay. While the typical rate can go to 6% on eBay, you won’t need to pay more than 3% on eBid on any item of your choice.

They also have a “zero listing fee” policy where you don’t need to pay a single penny to create an account or to list your item.


12. OfferUp

If you like how Craigslist works, you will definitely be going to fall in love with OfferUp in no time. It works in a similar fashion where you can list your item, and anyone from your locality can contact you to purchase that item.

You can make a direct p2p deal while listing your item on this marketplace. And the best part, you don’t need to pay any setup or listing fee while creating an account here. Besides, you don’t even need to pay commissions as well.

However, you need to click some great pictures to increase the buying value. You should also describe the item properly to catch the eyes of potential buyers.


13. Ruby Lane

Many people have asked where to sell my antiques near me without knowing about this brilliant platform called Ruby Lane. For a very long time, this website has helped many people to find the right customers to sell their vintage items.

However, it mainly focuses on vintage art and antiquity dealers rather than one-time sellers. And for that, you need to have at least ten or more items in your inventory to start selling through this platform.

Right now, you can create an online seller account on Ruby Lane just by paying a one-time $100 setup fee. Besides, you should also pay $69/month to keep that account active. Moreover, you also need to pay around $0.1/item as maintenance fees.

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14. Zibbet

Based in Australia, Zibbet now has a massive global presence with nationwide coverage for the USA. Most of the antique sellers on this platform are actually from the USA, and they list their items in US dollars as well.

You can easily create a seller’s account on this platform in a few simple steps. And once you get the initial approval, you can start listing your vintage merchandise and other antique items. However, you don’t need to do anything flashy as it is a minimalist site to work with.

This year, this platform doesn’t have any fixed listing fees or commissions. Instead, the final cut from their side will be calculated on the final selling amount or your monthly turnover, whichever is higher.


15. Go Antiques

If you personally ask me which is the best place to sell antiques, especially in the USA, I’ll definitely go with none other than Go Antiques. One of the best things about this platform is that you can create your own custom shop right here.

There are three plans to choose from before you start selling. And the monthly fees range from $25 to $75, depending on your plan. If you want to sell a few items, the basic plan will work for you. However, you need to take pro plans if you are a frequent seller.

Go Antiques regularly feature its new sellers on the home page to encourage them by driving more customers to their product. So, don’t miss that opportunity to get featured without paying any additional fee.


16. Selency

Launched initially as Brocante Lab and revamped as Selency, this platform has served the antique industry since 2014. It is actually the brainchild of two vintage collectors staying in the United Kingdom.

It is truly among the very few European companies specializing in vintage furniture. From old wooden chairs to a large Victorian-style patio, you just name any, and this platform has it all. And now, you can also list your item by creating a free account.

Whenever you list any item of Selency, the vintage connoisseurs of the team will check the authenticity of you as a seller, the genuineness of the product you have listed, and also the origin of the product to calculate its true price.

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17. Heritage Auctions

If you don’t know where to take antiques to sell, this fantastic platform called Heritage Auctions is the place to try. For almost five decades, this company has served the entire vintage community by creating a bridge between buyers and sellers.

And now, they have an A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau to prove its authenticity and trustworthiness. But yes, not just the vintage art pieces; this website deals with ancient artifacts and other rare items as well.

From historically significant items to rare old books, from sports memorabilia to extremely rare coins, you can find and list almost any item of your choice.


18. 5Miles

Not every one of us trusts online sellers to handle the shipping and other procedure while selling our vintage items. And for those, 5Miles is truly the best platform as you can sell your vintage and antique item locally through p2p deals.

It is quite like craigslist, where you can list your item for free. But yes, you need to open just a free account to get started. And you just need to upload a few great images of your item, write a short but descriptive detail, and you are done!

Once any customer likes it, they will directly contact you through your given mobile number or email ID. And you can bargain further directly with the potential buyer.


19. West Coast Stamp Company

Several philatelists are there who don’t know where to sell antiques online. And for those, West Coast Stamp Company is truly the best choice to sell your valuable stamp locally for an unmatched price.

The best thing about this company is that every time you list your stamp collection, they will offer you a stamp appraisal completely free of cost. And they also purchase stamps in all shapes and sizes from every nation in the world.

You can either go for a doorstep pick-up or ship your entire collection via courier service. But yes, this company itself will bear the entire shipping cost to maximize your profit.


20. Apfelbaum

Another talisman in the stamp collection industry, Apfelbaum, has been serving the philately community for a very long time. Since 1910, this place has already catered to all the known and unknown philatelists from all over the world to get the stamps of their choice.

You can easily list your entire stamp collection by creating a free account on this platform. And once you create and upload the pics, a stamp connoisseur will complete the appraisal process without charging a single penny.

Right now, this company travels all over the globe to create awareness amongst young stamp collectors. However, you can freely ship your entire stamp collection to them to get an unmatched price.

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7 Alternative Ways To Sell Antiques

If you don’t want to know where to sell antiques online for trust issues, there are several other ways to sell those antiques for a great price.

And if you are a true vintage connoisseur, there are even ways to start a business without investment in this sector.


21. Make Your Own Antique Website

If you don’t know where to sell antiques online and where you don’t need to pay any commission or listing fee to anyone, you should start your own website! It does not just give you complete customization, but you can also start your own online auction right on your own platform.

And trust me, I’ve done the same thing with this finance-related website a few years back. And now, I’m making more than $7K/month on average just from this blog alone. You can also check out my latest monthly income report to get more details about my blog income.

I first bought an affordable hosting package from Bluehost that costs me just $2.95/month, although most companies charge at least $10/month for the same package. And the best part, you’ll also get a free domain name of your choice with this affordable package.

Once you register your free domain name with Bluehost and take a hosting package, you can simply install WordPress to go live. You can also follow our detailed guide to set up a blog in less than 30 minutes to launch your own website without burning a hole in your pocket.


22. Flea Markets

Flea markets are where all the people come to purchase their favorite items at a lower price. But you can use that opportunity in your favor to create a space on that market where you can sell your antiques and other vintage items.

You should start by renting out a space in the flea market. And then, you should get all the necessary documents, depending on the state you are from. And lastly, you should fix a price for each item and mark it with a price tag.

However, you should only take this road if you have a number of antiques to sell. If you have just one, it is not a great option as the cost of setup will be on the costlier side.


23. Local Antique Shops

If you don’t want to know where to sell antiques online, offline selling is truly your forte! And your local antique shops will be your best bet as you can avoid all the shipping and transportation costs if you sell locally.

You can start your own antique shop as well if you have a large stock of antique items in your inventory. However, for just one or two items, you should rely on your nearby antique shops.

But beware, most antique shops will give you a significantly lower rate. So, it is better to correctly estimate the valuation of your antique before you take it to any shop.


24. Auction Houses

When online platforms are a daydream, all people rely on auction houses to buy and sell antique items at the right price. And you can still find these shops in almost every city on this blue planet.

The procedure is simple! First, you need to take your antique item to your nearby antique shop to get an estimated valuation. Second, they will list the base price and keep that item on display. And thirdly, they will take their cut and will give you the rest once it gets sold.

However, you can also start a private auction just for your item if it is rare or expensive. In that way, you can fetch a much better price than the listed price.


25. Pawn Shops

Pawnshops should be your go-to place if you don’t know where to sell antiques online and also want to sell them locally. And not just the antiques, pawn shops are also a great choice if you’re going to sell used DVDs and Blu-rays at an unbeatable price.

The best thing about pawn shops is that you can even borrow money for your antique item if you don’t want to sell it. And you can take our items back once you repay them within a fixed tenure.

But remember, pawnshops usually buy at a much lower price to maximize their profit. So, you should bargain hard to get the best price possible that also matches your expectation.


26. Yard Sales

We all used to have our own garage sales, makeshift backyard shops, and yard sales during our childhood days, isn’t it? But it isn’t just the past, as yard sales can surely fetch the best price if you have any vintage or antique items.

There are two ways to increase footfall on your own yard sale. First, you can give some free goodies or drinks to drive traffic. And secondly, you can join hands with your neighbors to arrange a bigger yard sale.

You can also print some flyers and drop that at your locality. Besides, it is also better to stick a poster to your community center to let everybody know about your sale.


27. Consignment Stores

Consignment stores are the places where you can display your vintage or antique item to catch the eyes of potential buyers. Although these stores charge a great cut as their commission, you can still make a profit if you put the right price tag.

The procedure is simple as you need to take that item to your consignment store so that they can evaluate the item and fix a price. Once done, they put a price tag and keep that on display. And once it gets sold, they will take their cut and give the rest amount to you.

You can also offer a small discount on that price tag if you can’t find a suitable buyer even while displaying the item for a long time.

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What’s the best place to sell antiques online?

Without any doubt, Etsy is the best place to sell antiques online. Besides, you can also try other platforms like ArtFire and eBay to sell them.

There are other platforms like Sotheby’s and TIAS where you can also sell antiques at the right price.


What is the best way to sell my antiques?

The best way to sell antiques is by arranging a private auction if your item is precious.

However, you can also resort to websites like Etsy, Artfire, eBay, Amazon, and even FB Marketplace to list your item and sell it online.


How do I know if my antiques are worth money?

There are two ways to know if your antique is really worth the money. First, try to find the same or similar items on the internet and check the price at that they are usually sold.

And second, you can hire a professional appraiser who will estimate the value of your antiques.


Where is the best place to sell antiques online in the UK?

With a massive global presence, both Etsy and ArtFire are the best places to sell antiques in the United Kingdom.

However, several UK-based platforms are also there, such as Selency and Chairish, where you can list and sell vintage items.



Not every website is suitable for every category of antiques. So, before you create an account and start selling antiques, you need to evaluate the website itself properly.

Besides, you should also check the reviews of previous sellers to know about the trustworthiness of any online marketplace.

So, here are all the platforms if you don’t know where to sell antiques online! If you think we have missed any, feel free to drop your options and other suggestions as well in the comment box below.

Happy selling, folks!


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