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Where To Sell Beanie Babies For Real Cash? 25 Best Places!

We, the 90s kids, all grew up playing with soft beanie babies. But do you know that you can fetch a good amount of money if you still have those in your inventory? And if you don’t know where to sell beanie babies, we have the perfect guide for you.

After the beanie baby market crashed in 1999, there was no such hype left for beanie babies. However, collectors and true connoisseurs of beanie babies still look for mint-conditioned toys to enrich their collections. But you can’t blindly trust any marketplace to get the best price.

So, our team of experts delved deep into the US consumer market to filter 25 such amazing places where you can sell your beanie babies and make a good profit. But before we reveal those, let’s understand what these toys actually are.


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What Beanie Babies Actually Are?

Beanie babies were first invented by Ty Warner in the early 1990s. It is actually a kind of plush toy stuffed with plastic mallets to make it extremely flexible and soft, such as a bean bag.

And he started selling beanie babies in independent toy stores all over the United States. He also produced a very limited number of toys in each batch to increase its demand.

And he also regularly retires the beanie babies to suppress the supply. By doing that, it became a huge hit in the mid-1990s. Beanie babies started selling at least ten times their original price on eBay. Besides, many rich people also started buying beanie babies as investments.

British economist John Maynard Keynes once said beanie babies are the “animal spirit” of the financial market.

However, beanie babies witnessed a massive market crash in 1999, similar to a stock market crash. And the price of beanie babies has fallen down below their actual base price.

Now, you can get beanie babies for a mere $1. But if you have any piece from the original lineup, that can easily fetch you a good amount of money even today.


What Are The Steps To Take To Sell Beanie Babies At A Higher Price?

There are now many ways to make money without a job. And among those, selling beanie babies is definitely one of the most profitable.

But you need to know where to sell beanie babies and how to sell them to fetch the best price possible.

  • Always mention the “Real Name” of your beanie baby in the product headline to make it easy to search.
  • Describe the condition with exact details. Don’t forget to mention if you still have the outer packaging.
  • If your beanie baby is rare or has any errors, don’t hesitate to highlight that.
  • Always click some high-quality images and short clips of your beanie babies to upload to online sites.
  • Choose the right time to sell those, such as before Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or valentine’s day.
  • You need to sell your beanie babies during its anniversary. Many people made a huge profit while selling “Princess The Bear” during Princess Diana’s death anniversary.


Tips For Selling Beanie Babies Online

Even after the market crash, several such beanie babies still exist that are hugely cherished by collectors.

And if you can sell the beanie baby to the right guy on the right market, you can even make a fortune. But to do that, follow these tips.

  • Conduct Thorough Research: You need to research the expected selling price, its antique value, its rarity, and the best time to sell to get the best price.
  • Search For The Original 9: If you can find any beanie baby from the original nine toys that were first introduced on the market in 1993, you can fetch more money than other beanie babies.
  • Keep It In Mint Condition: Always take care of the beanie babies to make them stay in perfect mint condition to fetch the best price. It is even better if you can perfectly restore and keep even the outer packaging.
  • Try Different Markets: You don’t always get the right buyer on the market. So, you better look for different avenues, such as online platforms and offline shops, to get the best price offer for your beanie baby.


What Are The Most Valuable Beanie Babies?

There are more than a hundred different kinds of beanie babies that are now available. However, not every beanie baby is exclusive and can fetch the right price.

So, before you know where to sell beanie babies, first know about the most precious beanie babies to sell online.


1. Princess The Bear

You can easily spot the princess bear by her royal purple look. This beanie baby was first released as a tribute to Princess Diana after her tragic death.

The white royal rose on the chest crest and the sparkling ribbon on the neck also makes this beanie baby more magical.

On several occasions on eBay, Princess The Bear sold for around $15k/piece. And the limited-edition version often fetches a far better price. And there are even reports that this doll sold for $500k on the black market.


2. Peace The Bear

If anything is as rare and exotic as Princess The Bear, it is definitely Peace The Bear. It is one of the most popular and most cherished tie-dyed beanie babies from the entire line till now. And you can easily spot it with a peace sign on its chest.

However, this limited-edition toy is prone to errors. And there are reports that a single piece with multiple such errors sold for a whopping $60k in 2020. However, you can easily fetch around $5k to $10k.


3. Bubble The Fish

If you are interested to know where to sell beanie babies, you do need to know Bubble The Fish to check your inventory first.

And if you have it, getting $1k/piece is not a big deal. And you can even expect to get up to $5k/piece.

This particular variant is prone to multiple errors, such as wrong threading on the mouth and incorrect product tag. And if you have such pieces that have multiple errors, you can easily trade them for $10k cash in the open market.


4. Patti The Platypus

If you talk about the sweethearts from the original line, you definitely need to talk about Patti The Platypus.

First released in 1993, this beanie baby got its popularity since its initial release. However, this variant is prone to product tag errors.

A few years ago, a Patti The Platypus beanie baby with multiple tag errors, sold for $25k on eBay. But in general, you can expect to make around $5k to $10k/piece if you have a piece with a single tag error.


5. Brownie The Bear

Like Patti The Platypus, Brownie The Bear is also from the original collection, which was first released around 30 years ago.

But what makes it more valuable is its rarity. It is now extremely difficult to find this simple brown bear in perfect mint condition.

If you have this doll in your inventory, you can easily fetch around $400 to $600/per piece. And if you have any piece that has certain errors, such as misprinted tag or wrong thread color, it can even fetch thousands.


How To Sell Beanie Babies By Launching Your Own Webstore?

Before knowing where to sell beanie babies, you need to know how to sell them first. And there is no better way than creating your own platform to sell those beanie babies that you have in your stock.

If you do that, you’ll have complete control over pricing, packing, and shipping. And you don’t need to pay any commission to anyone if you launch your own blog and start selling through it.

My own journey started quite similarly around seven years back when I had just $100 left in my pocket with bigger dreams in my eyes.

So, I invested that little amount in launching my own blog. And after this long journey, I’m now making $7k+ per month on average from this blog alone. Sounds impossible? I’ve shared all the income details in my latest monthly income report.

To launch your own website, you need just three things. First, you need the name of your website, also called the domain name. Second, you need a server to host it. And thirdly, you need a WordPress theme to give it a unique look.

While the most server will cost you at least $10/month, Bluehost is the only place from where you can get it for just $2.95/month, that too, with a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

And once you get this affordable web hosting package from Bluehost, you’ll get your desired domain name for free. You then need just a free WordPress theme to make it go live. If you still find it difficult to launch your own platform to sell beanie babies, you can follow our detailed guide to set up a blog in less than 30 minutes


20 Best Places To Sell Beanie Babies In 2024

Although there are many places to sell those out, not every platform pays the same amount.

So, we have filtered twenty such amazing platforms for you if you don’t know where to sell beanie babies this year.


1. Amazon

Without any doubt, Amazon is one of the most popular eCommerce marketplaces that now have global dominance.

This platform is not just exciting for the buyers but equally amazing for the sellers as well. And by creating a storefront, you can start selling beanie babies.

However, this company only prefers toys in mint condition. Besides, you can also sell other limited-edition toys. And if you are looking for other ways to earn on this platform, there are several ways to make money on Amazon these days.


2. Craigslist

Craigslist is always preferable if you want to sell anything locally. It is not exactly an eCommerce platform but an advertisement site instead.

And you can see several ads that read beanie babies wanted on Craigslist. You can directly sell to those potential buyers.

You need to just visit the site, choose the right category of your classified ad, and make your ad live by writing a short description. However, there are now several sites like Craigslist also available that provide equal opportunities to global sellers.


3. eBay

eBay is still among the most popular hybrid eCommerce and auction sites in the world. And not just beanie babies; if you are looking for legit apps to sell clothes online, it is also the best place to try. You can also fetch a pretty good amount of money in the auctioning model.

But for that, you do need to have some rare beanie babies in your inventory. Otherwise, you can also create a simple storefront on this platform and start selling it. However, this company charges up to 20% commission on the final bill value.


4. Etsy

If you are looking for the best place to sell beanie babies, you must try this amazing platform called Etsy. It is one of the best marketplaces in the world to sell crafts and handmade items. And there are now many money-making crafts to sell online available nowadays.

But yes, you can sell your beanie babies on this platform for up to a whopping $75k. However, most common beanie babies sell here at around the $3 to $5 price bracket. It is also easy to create a storefront on this platform and start your selling stint.


5. Facebook Marketplace

With more than 3.5 billion members from all over the globe, Facebook has already established its global dominance in the social media sector.

And with the introduction of Facebook Marketplace, this company is again trying to dominate the buying-selling market.

However, you can’t directly sell any item but put ads instead with proper descriptions and high-quality images. You can also go for hand-to-hand deals through this platform. Moreover, there are now many ways to earn money on Facebook that you should also try.


6. Mercari

Not just for selling plush toys, Mercari is one of the most popular online marketplaces that specialize in selling electronic items, video games, and even apparel.

You can find several potential buyers and connoisseurs of beanie babies on this platform.

To get started, all you need to do is to download the app, open a free seller account, and launch your storefront with great images. However, this company charges around 10% commission on the final selling price. But you can set the price of each of your products.

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7. eBid

eBid is now giving stark competition to its archival eBay, as both these websites work quite on the same principle.

There are more than 25k different categories to choose from on this platform. And not just beanie babies; this is also among the best places to sell used DVDs.

You can list your item in either the toy or in the hobbies section. And if you create a free account, you need to pay a flat 5% commission on the final bill value. However, you can also take a subscription that starts from $1.99/week to $69.99/year.


8. Sell2BBNovelties

From collectibles to antique items, from bubbleheads to beanie babies, you just name something special and that is already listed on this fantastic platform called Sell2BBNovelties. It has also recently received huge global popularity due to its unusual collections.

You need to first send them your beanie babies to let them check their condition. And if they are impressed, they will then list all the items in the right category. If you send them more than $30 worth of product, they will bear the shipping cost as well.


9. PlushCollector

If you don’t know where to sell beanie babies, PlushCollector is truly among the best platforms to try this year.

You need to first register on this site, which is completely free. And you then need to upload the images of your beanie babies with proper descriptions.

If they like your collection, you’ll then need to ship them your beanie babies. And they usually clear the payment within a maximum of 5 working days. However, many people have also reported to us that this company often offers as low as $0.13/beanie baby.


10. BBToyStore

As the name itself suggest, BBToyStore is not a traditional eCommerce platform but an online marketplace to buy, sell, or trade your plush toys. This company has constantly been providing an amazing platform for beanie baby sellers for the last 23 years since 1999.

This website first started by having its own storefront on eBay. And once they became popular among the beanie baby fans, they started their own website. Besides beanie babies, you can also sell your Pokémon cards on this platform.


11. Sell4Value

Like BBToyStorem, you can also sell Pokémon go cards on this amazing platform called Sell4Value.

However, this website is mostly known for selling and trading beanie babies and other vintage plush toys. Besides, this company will directly purchase your toys from you.

So, you don’t need to invest time and energy in your marketing channels. All you need to do is to upload some photos of your beanie babies to get a price quote. And once you are happy with the price quotation, you can directly ship them the items.


12. OfferUp

There are many legit places available if you don’t know where to sell beanie babies. But among those, OfferUp is undoubtedly among the most trusted ones. And not just beanie babies; you can also sell rare collectibles and limited-edition plush toys on this platform.

You can easily join this platform, as this is completely free. And you can also easily set up your storefront by uploading high-quality images with proper descriptions. However, this company charges around 13% commission on the final selling price of each of your items.


13. Buyback Boss

For a very long time, Buyback Boss has been known for taking all your plush toys, collectibles, toy figures, and even bubbleheads at the right price. And if you want to sell beanie babies in bulk, this is also among the best platforms to try this year.

Selling on this platform is easy as the company itself will buy it from you. First, you need to register on their website and give them detail about your beanie babies with images. And once you are happy with their given price quote, you can directly ship them those beanie babies and get paid.

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14. Once Upon a Child

Many people have asked us where to sell beanie babies for money without knowing about this brilliant platform called Once Upon a Child. It actually started as a physical store that specializes in buying mint-conditioned toys, clothes, shoes, and even furniture at the right price.

However, this company has now launched its own website where you can directly upload the description and images of your beanie babies to get an instant price quotation. Once you are satisfied with the price, you can either ship them or drop them at the nearby store.


15. Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is actually a virtual mall where you can buy or sell vintage items and antique pieces. As this company only deals with rare items, your beanie babies must come from a limited-edition batch to fetch the right price. You can also create a storefront on this platform.

You need to pay a $69/month maintenance charge to display your storefront on their site. And in that membership, you can list up to 80 items in your storefront. You don’t need to pay any commission on the final bill value.


16. TIAS

If you don’t know where to sell beanie babies in 2024, you must have never heard about this fantastic platform called TIAS.

It is “The Internet Antique Store” that mainly deals with limited-edition toys, rare collectibles, and vintage dolls. And since 1995, this company has been in business.

You don’t need to pay any listing fee on this site. However, you do need to take a seller’s subscription that can cost you up to $40/month. Besides, they also charge a flat 10% commission on the final selling price.


17. Toycycle

There are many plush toys online dealers who are also full-service consignment shops. And among those, Toycycle is probably among the most legit choices to try this year. You also don’t need to spend any money to gather potential buyers or also for your marketing channels.

If you like the price that they have offered, this company will pick up the toys and pay you within a maximum of five working days. Besides, you can keep up to 80% of the final selling price for any of your items.


18. VarageSale

If you are looking for a legit online variant of the traditional garage sale, you must try this fantastic platform called Varage Sale.

You can mainly sell stuff locally through this platform. Opening a seller’s account on this platform is also pretty easy, and you can do it in minutes.

And once they approve your account, you can then start putting ads for your beanie babies. Once any interested customer contacts you through this portal, you can then proceed with a hand-to-hand deal without paying any commission or upfront fees.


19. Gumtree

People from the UK don’t have a fair chance to sell their beanie babies online until now. But all thanks to this fantastic website called Gumtree, it is now very much possible.

So, wherever you are from the UK, you can fetch a good amount of money while selling your beanie babies.

And not just beanie babies; you can also sell other toys, dolls, and even outdoor game equipment on this platform. Joining this platform is super simple, and you can do it with your existing Google account. And this company also offers instant approval.


20. Bergen Pickers

Bergen Pickers is one of the most legit platforms that not only buy beanie babies but also buy flash Gordon collectibles, LEGO toys, and even barbies. And if you don’t know where to sell beanie babies for the right price, it is definitely the best option to hop for.

This company mainly buys vintage and rare dolls and toys. So, you must have limited-edition beanie babies to fetch the right price. And the best part about this company is that it will directly buy beanie babies from you.

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5 Alternative Places To Sell Beanie Babies Near Me

Many people don’t like online platforms due to trust issues, as they mostly prefer offline ways to do it.

So, if you don’t know where to sell beanie babies offline and locally, here are the best five options to try this year.


21. Pawn Shops

Pawn shops are great offline places to hunt if you want to sell any collectibles, rare items, and antiques.

And if you have any rare beanie babies in your stock, you can directly give any pawn shop a visit and sell them for the right price.

There are several pawn shops you can actually find in your own locality having beanie babies wanted boards. So, you need to just visit them, rely on your bargaining skill, and get the best cash possible in exchange for your beanie babies.


22. Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are like pawn shops without any bargaining part. There are many such thrift stores available in each corner of the USA where you can rent a box, put all items inside it, and put it on display to attract potential buyers who are willing to pay high.

You can also set the right price tag for each of your items in the box. So, people can take single items from your box rather than buying the whole box. But try to keep your price on the lower side as the competition is pretty stark in thrift stores.


23. Stalls In Carnivals

Carnivals are exciting, isn’t it? It has always remained in our dreams since our childhood days. But, if you don’t know where to sell beanie babies, you can just use carnivals to get legit buyers. All you need to do is to put up a stall in any carnival.

Don’t forget to make some attractive banners and posters to advertise your beanie babies’ stall in the carnival. Besides, you can also make some additional arrangements, such as free water or candy, to attract more buyers to your stall.


24. Rent-A-Shelf

You may not know, but there are several stores available in the USA where you can just rent a single shelf and put all your items on display. And now, there are several malls and supermarkets also available in the country that offer this opportunity to rent a single shelf.

You can easily rent a shelf for $25 to $50/month on average. However, you do need to have a good collection of beanie babies to fill up that shelf. And don’t forget to put some exciting offers on your beanie babies to make those sell fast.


25. Garage Sale

If you are a fanboy of the old-school approach, there is no better way to sell beanie babies than setting up your own garage sale in your backyard. If you live in a community, you can also invite your relatives and neighbors to join you to have a bigger garage sale.

However, you do need to talk to your local authority if you want to set up a garage sale in front of your house. But yes, if you can do it the right way, you can fetch the best price for your beanie babies through garage sales in your neighborhood.

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How Much Can You Sell Beanie Babies For?

You must have already understood the ways to get the best price by selling beanie babies. And now, it’s time for the price guide for selling beanie babies.

Don’t fall for the trap when someone says beanie babies are worth a million. Days are gone, and there is no such craze remains for beanie babies, especially among the gen-Z.

You can expect to sell beanie babies for a mere $5 to $10 a piece. And if it is from the original lineup or if it is in mint condition with the outer packaging, you can fetch around $200 to $300 per piece.

And if it has any significant error, such as a misprinted tag or a wrong color match, you can expect around $1k to $2.5k a piece.

However, if you have those rarest pieces from the original nine that often have multiple errors in a single beanie baby, that will be counted as true collectibles. And a beanie baby connoisseur can even pay you between $10k to $20k on average to get one.



The price of beanie babies solely depends on their conditions and rarity. A beanie baby that is originally priced at just $5 can fetch even $500 in the resale market if it has multiple errors that are cherished by collectors.

So, it is better to know your beanie babies first, analyze them, and then decide the asking price. So, these are all the legit places we have if you are asking where to sell beanie babies this year.

If you think we have missed any places, or if you about any other platforms to sell them, don’t forget to drop your suggestions and feedback in the comment box below.



Can you really sell your Beanie Babies?

Although there is no such craze remains for beanie babies, there are still some collectors and connoisseurs that pay a good price to get mint-conditioned beanie babies.

And if you have any rare pieces from the original lineup, it is better to sell them to collectors at a good price.


Where is the best place to sell your Beanie Babies?

There is no better way to use your own website, and social media handles to sell beanie babies, as you don’t need to pay any commission in that way.

However, you can also try eBay, Etsy, and Plush Collector if you want to sell them online. And if you are looking for local buyers, put an ad on Craigslist.


How can I sell my Beanie Babies fast?

You need to keep your beanie babies in mint condition to make them sell fast. It is also better if you can keep the outer packaging intact with the actual price tag.

Those intact pieces not just sell faster but also often fetch a better price than the regular beanie babies.


Where can I go to see if my Beanie Baby is worth the money?

You need to visit the TY website to check if your beanie babies are retired from the product line.

And if you want to know the actual value of it, there are several such Reddit threads and blogs available where you can upload a photo of your beanie baby to know its current market value.


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