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Where To Sell China Fine Dishes? 10+ Places (Offline & Online)

A saying goes, “One man’s trash is another one’s treasure,” which means what might be useless to a person can be of great value to someone else. But let us tell you that in this time and age, you can turn something useless to you into great value.

One such thing that you no longer use but can turn into cash is the traditional chinaware dishes in your home. Chinaware was a trend back then, but now people barely use them. We are sure you, too, must have some of them in your house but don’t know how to get rid of them.

Here’s an engrossing thing. Though the majority of us no longer use them, some people are crazy about collecting them. So here in this article, we will navigate you to places where you can sell all your china for some good bucks.


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Where To Sell Used Fine China Dishes Online?

where to sell china

As we all know, the best place to sell stuff in today’s age is online. More reach to the targeted audience is the reason that made selling online the best choice.

Here, we curated a list of places where you can find that potential set of customers for your used china dishes.


1. eBay


where to sell china


This is one of the finest places to sell your fine china. With over 190 markets across the globe, including the USA, UK, Australia, etc., eBay is the place to sell directly to end customers without any mediators and thereby draw better profit margins.

The setup cost is low, which involves free registration and free monthly listings for up to 250 listings per month. All you will be paying eBay is a final value fee that too when your china dishes sell-off.

The final value fee is usually 10% to 12.55% of the total sale amount, plus a fixed $0.30 per order.


2. Mercari



This e-commerce platform is all about buying and selling unique items. So, if you have some unique pieces in your china collection of dishware, you can choose Mercari to sell them for cash.

First founded in Japan, the Mercari marketplace has expanded to the U.S. and U.K. You can sell your china dishes just by sitting at your home and listing them for free using this app.

Once your item gets sold, you need to pay a selling fee (which is 10% of the product value) plus a payment processing fee(2.9% of the product value) and a fixed $0.50 per order.

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3. Facebook Marketplace

facebook marketplace


Facebook Marketplace is the all-time one-stop destination to buy and sell anything under the sun. This platform will get you customers from all parts of the globe and thus help you sell faster whether you look to sell locally or globally.

They offer free listings, and you need to pay 5% per shipment once you ship your item to the buyer. And this is everything that you will pay the platform, nothing more or less.

Hence, there is no doubt that Facebook Marketplace is one of the best places to sell your used china dishes.

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4. eBid

This US-based online auction marketplace claims itself to be an alternative to eBay and is available only for US residents. So if you are from the United States and looking to get rid of your china dishes, then you can post a bidding of the same on eBid.

Apart from bidding, you can also list your chinaware for a fixed price. They have different membership plans that offer their sellers discounts on final fees. Since you are here to sell your china dishes for once, you can choose their basic seller account, which is free.

You will be charged 5% on the final sale value. You can also upgrade your account to their platinum lifetime plan, which offers lifetime zero listing fees and zero final value fees.


5. Etsy

where to sell china


A great place for buying and selling hand-crafted products, antiques, and collectibles. Etsy has a good audience that collects different items, which includes china dishes as well.

They charge $0.20 listing fees per listing and transaction fees of 6.5% of the final sale value. You will also be charged a payment processing fee(3% of total sale value + $0.50).

While these charges may seem high, the features Etsy offers its sellers to sell seamlessly are proportional to the dollars charged. So if you have some aesthetic or antique china dishware with rare patterns, you know selling on Etsy will be your best pick.



IADM stands for International Association for Dinnerware Matchers.

You might be wondering if something like that even exists?! It does.

This association is a kind of tableware dealer known for bridging people who look to buy and sell fine china dishes. The working of this platform is quite different from the others on this list.

At IADM, when you list something, active buyers send you a quote of the kind of item they need, along with the order quantity and price. You thereby negotiate with the buyer and finish the deal.


7. Replacements, Ltd

where to sell china

Source: Replacements, Ltd

This is the world’s largest retailer of china, crystal, and silverware. Replacements, Ltd. stocks up new as well as discounted patterns in China from both manufacturers and individuals. They mostly purchase used china, which shows that they have an audience for old china dishes.

They also provide a complete step-by-step selling guide starting from how to identify the pattern of China to how to pack and ship the item. Hence, this can be a great place to start selling online for people with no experience in selling in China.

One main thing to notice is that they accept shipments delivered via FedEx or the US Postal Service only. So if these services are available near you to ship your items, then you step forward selling on Replacements, Ltd.


8. OfferUp

Screenshot Of OfferUp homepage that i got while searching for consignment shops near me.


Locally selling is now a snap with OfferUp. This website connects local buyers and sellers within different areas in the U.S. to make selling easier.

There is a long list of things that you can sell on OfferUp, which includes tableware as well. You can sell in two ways using this platform. One of them is to list your china and complete the deal with the buyer by meeting them locally.

The other one is to ship to the buyer. The first method might be time taking, but it doesn’t charge you anything. However, when you choose to ship the product to the buyer, you will need to pay a commission of 12.9% of the sale value once the product is sold.


9. 5Miles

sell used products


Based in the U.S., 5Miles is known for offering an exceptional platform for buying and selling in the neighborhood. Who knows, your neighbor may be interested in your collection of china things.

You are free to set your prices here. However, you need to pay a $5 refundable deposit, which you will get back once your deal is completed.

Though this website looks like an upgraded classifieds portal, it comes with some unique features, one of which is Safe Exchange Locator. Using this feature, you can meet the buyer at a safe place suggested by the app to finish your transaction.


10. VarageSale

The name of the website itself suggests that it works like a virtual garage sale.

VarageSale is currently available in the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the UK. It joins communities in these respective countries to buy and sell pre-loved goods. This website works similarly to Craigslist.

Listing your products is free here. You can meet the buyer in person to hand over the china and complete the transaction either digitally or by cash.


Places To Sell Fine China Near Me

where to sell china

Though selling online is fun, easy, and quick, there are still a few who prefer to sell offline locally. However, selling offline has its own advantages.

One such added advantage is getting good product value as the buyer gets to see it in real before striking a final deal. So here’s a list of places near to you where you can sell your used china dishes. 


1. China Consignment Stores

Consignment stores usually help sellers in selling their products and charge a commission in return for the same. Hence, selling your china at a consignment store is a great alternative for those who can’t put in much time and effort.

To sell your china through a consignment store, all you need to do is visit a few consignment stores that accept china and discuss different things like the price, sales commission, etc.

Finally, you can choose the one that offers you the best services and deals to sell your china. Once the item sells off, they will cut the sales commission from the final value and will pay you the rest.


2. Local Auction Houses

We mentioned an online auction website earlier. Similarly, if you want to do it offline, you can visit local auction houses.

Though the auction houses take a commission of your profit, the best thing about proposing your China for bid at such places is there is no benchmark of what you can earn through it.

Since people get to see the item in real, the bidding price can go beyond your expectations. So if your china collection includes something antique or comes in a unique pattern, then this is one of the great places to sell and make huge profits.


3. Craigslist

Though you need to list your product on their website, selling on Craigslist is similar to selling things offline locally.

All you need to do is list your china dishes on their website, which is free, along with product pictures, descriptions, and contact details.

Once a potential buyer contacts you, you can then meet and finalize the deal. A real-time view of the product attracts good value, and this is the reason this American classified portal continues to be the most used website for selling.

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4. Thrift Stores

Another great way to sell your used china is by approaching a thrift store. These stores are often available in many cities, but the thing is, you need to find out the one that accepts china dishes.

Since thrift stores are mostly run by some charity, you may not get the best prices. But the bright side is that your item will be used for a great purpose, and you will get paid on the spot.

So if making profits is not your goal and you would just like to declutter your table from china dishes, then this could be a good place to sell them.


Tips To Sell Used Fine China Dishes

When we sell something, our main goal is to make good returns on it. To ensure good returns, we need to follow some guidelines while selling.

china dishes

Similarly, there are certain tips to sell your fine china dishes for a good amount, especially if you are looking to sell online.

  • Ensure you click some good-quality pictures highlighting the best side of the china dishes you wish to sell.
  • Selling online means you are responsible for shipping the orders. So make sure the packaging is so perfect that the dishware doesn’t get damaged in transit.
  • Fix a reasonable price for your china sets. The price must cover your profit, shipping and packaging costs, and the commission that is to be paid to the website you use to sell them.
  • You also need to research the market value for the fine china pieces you are going to sell to make sure you are not robbed of their actual value.
  • Mention the brand, like if it’s fine china or bone china, so as to attract buyers who are looking for the same.
  • If you want to sell through consignment stores, make sure to choose a store that has an adequate number of regular buyers for chinaware. Doing so will help you get your china sold out faster.



We hope you have got an idea of where and how to sell your china dishware.

All the places mentioned in this post are great to sell but let us underline that it may vary from person to person depending upon the kind of pieces that you have to offer for sale.

And we are sure you will make a wise choice accordingly. Finally, we have only one thing to say, let not your used china dishes attract dust when they can attract some good cash.


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