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Where To Sell PS4? – 13 Best Places Inside (2024 List!)

Are you here looking for ways to sell your PS4?  Don’t worry! You’ve landed in the right place.

With more than 117 million units sold, PS4 is all-time gamers’ favorite goodie to play games. But time and then, everything needs an upgrade, and so does our device.

This never-ending demand for this PS4 still makes it a possible source to get extra money by simply flipping it.

As I have studied its market on several platforms for this article, I found that your PS4 could fetch anywhere between $150 – $400+ if you decide to sell.

So, that’s a simple $200+ a day on average if you have an unused PS4 sitting in your game room.

But how and where can we sell it for a better price? How much commission do we need to pay? These are some ominous questions for many sellers.

Well, this article helps you know everything to sell your old favorite game console. Let’s begin!


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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Where To Sell PS4 Console And Games Online

Here are the 13 best platforms where you can simply value and sell your PS4 for easy and handful returns:

1. Swappa

  • Average Selling Price: $310+
  • Trustpilot Rating: 4.9/5
where to sell ps4 - Swappa

Source: Swappa

When you are in pursuit of finding places to sell your PS4, you can undoubtedly tilt your head towards Swappa, a popular online marketplace.

This platform can be a valuable choice to market your used tech, considering its safety and simplicity, combined with a human touch.

The other best part we love about Swappa is there are no middlemen involved; you can directly deal with the sellers and buyers for a better price.

Right now, the listing price for PS4 ranges over $150- $380+, and you can also fair your used PS4 for that range and even more, considering its condition and storage.

You can definitely get a better price because of no middlemen, but instead, you need to pay a mere fee of 3% on a sale price to Swappa right after the sale.

How Does Swappa Work?

  • Open your Swappa account,
  • List your used PS4 with quality pictures,
  • Mention product details and conditions,
  • Get approval and affix a price,
  • Negotiate and complete the deal,
  • Get your payment via PayPal.

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2. Decluttr

  • Average Selling Range: $110-$150+
  • Trustpilot Rating: 4.3/5
Decluttr - where to sell ps4

Source: Decluttr

Decluttr names itself a brand to be a standard place to flip your used or unused things for some easy money.

These products can range from electronics, shoes, furniture, books, CDs & DVDs, and many more categories.

The selling process is also as easy as buying with a Decluttr account. Being a seller, you can get instant validation for your product and a free shipping value with its address label towards its hub.

Most of the orders are processed the very next day after the product reaches the Decluttr hub. This platform has a wide reach, so the chances of selling your ps4 quickly are very high.

How To Sell Your PS4 On Decluttr for a Better Deal?

  • Create an account and list your products,
  • Get an instant free valuation(Receive Decluttr barcode),
  • Pack your items in a box with a barcode attested,
  • Approve your product for sale after reaching the hub
  • Receive payments via PayPal or direct bank transfer.

Decluttr charges a commission fee of 10% on the sale value. The average prices for PS4 consoles are ranging over $150+ now (can also enhance with your product condition).

Download the Decluttr app to know more!

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3. eBay

  • Average Selling Range: $130-$340+
  • Trustpilot Rating: 2.0/5
where to sell ps4 - eBay

Source: eBay

eBay is one of the leading online marketplaces, forming a pathway for millions of sellers and buyers to connect. Right now, its reach is over 190+ markets, reaching all corners of the world.

This platform has over 132 million active buyers with over 1.9 billion live listings of products. These products can be new, old, or even refurbished.

Sellers here can get a rightful price on rightful marketing. Being a seller, you can start selling various categories like simple Pokemon cards, PS4 or PS5 pro, home decor, vehicles, etc.

eBay charges zero listing fee for the first 250 products per month, and then it charges 0.35 per listing.

As a final fee for most products, it charges 13.25% of the sale price plus $0.35 per order.

How To Create A Listing On eBay?

  • Open an eBay account & list your product
  • Add images and videos with the right description
  • Mention the valid description and product condition
  • List shipping details and pricing
  • Get paid to your bank account or PayPal.

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4. Walmart Marketplace

  • Average Selling Range: $180-$400+
  • Trustpilot Rating: 3.0/5
Walmart Marketplace - where to sell ps4

Source: Walmart Marketplace

If there is one marketplace to be named that has built on transparency, trust, and fairness, it would definitely be Walmart.

Their marketplace is specially designed by keeping sellers in mind as they charge no upfront setup fee.

You can quickly fuel your sales of any product, including your old PS4, with its 120 million active buyer visits every month.

For video game consoles, they charge an 8% commission on the sale price, and this can vary along the categories you sell.

With its lucid mobile app and website, you can simply get started by creating your seller account!

How To Sell PS4 On Walmart?

  • Open an account and list your console
  • Upload product details
  • Get approved and send the product to CExchange
  • Wait for the sale and receive payment via Walmart gift card.

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5. Trade4Cash

  • Average Selling Range: Fix your own rate
  • Trustpilot Rating: 4.7/5

Source: Trade4Cash

Trade4Cash is one of those unique platforms to trade your videogame consoles and other games for better value.

The luring factor for this platform is that it offers free shipping along with faster payouts. You can earn in Amazon e-gift cards or PayPal cash.

The average selling price on this platform is around $150+, which varies with the consoles’ version and usage.

How To Trade Your Game Consoles On Trade4Cash?

  • Open an account to list items.
  • Mention conditions and terms.
  • Pack your item with the address label received
  • Wait for the item to reach and inspect
  • Get your valued quote and get paid with a gift card or PayPal.

Note: Currently, the Trade4Cash platform is temporarily not accepting any new listings in the aftermath of the pandemic.

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6. Gizmogo

  • Average Selling Range: $80-$200+
  • Trustpilot Rating: 4.8/5

Source: Gizmogo

Gizmogo is one of the finest, safest, and easiest marketplaces to trade in your electronics.

This platform offers the best price guarantee assurance with free and fast USPS and UPS shipping services.

No need to compromise your data as it offers professional data protection services coupled with faster payouts.

Gizmogo Payment Methods: Zelle, Paypal, Check, e-Check, Amazon Gift card, and Also via Cash App.

Most of these payments take one business day, excluding national and federal holidays.

Right now, the average PS4 price is hovering around $120+ on this platform; you can add valued details to get a better price.

How To Sell On Gizmogo?

  • Open a free account.
  • List your product with details.
  • Wait for approval and get quoted.
  • Send products via USPS or UPS shipping.
  • Get your payment via Paypal or Cash App, etc.

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7. SellBroke

  • Average Selling Range: $50-$100+
  • Trustpilot Rating: 4.1/5
Sell Broke

Source: Sell Broke

SellBroke name itself encourages you to sell your used or defective products for better prices. As far as we observed, though, this platform is offering fewer prices, but payouts are super quick.

To get started, you need to register your product to receive a free label with acceptance mail. Here, you get a UPS or FedEx prepaid shipping label and reimbursement of $20 if you are from Canada.

Generally, inspection takes hardly 24 hours from the day the product is reached, and you can receive an instant payout via PayPal, Zelle, or mailed check.

How To Sell On SellBroke In Simple Steps

  • Create an account at SellBroke first,
  • Get a quote on your product,
  • Receive a label mailed to you for free shipment,
  • Send the product and get your money after acceptance.

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8. SellCell

  • Average Selling Range: $110-$140+
  • Trustpilot Rating: 4.3/5
SellCell - where to sell ps4

Source: SellCell

SellCell is a unique platform where you can not only trade your used electronics but also compare the prices among various platforms like Decluttr.

This platform is widely popular for offering fair prices for mobiles and tablets, but gaming consoles like PS4 & PS5 can also gain a reasonable price.

SellCell listed a few PS4 devices for $140+, so you can at least expect $100+. So what are you waiting for? Start flipping your unused items!

How To Sell PS4 On SellCell

  • List your product for price comparison
  • Mention usage and terms
  • Get quoted and wait for the sale conversion with trusted buyers
  • Receive payments via PayPal, Check, or bank transfer.


9. Mercari

  • Average Selling Range: Varies with demand
  • Trustpilot Rating: 3.0/5
where to sell ps4 - Mercari

Source: Mercari

Mercari is mostly underrated for selling any of your things like clothes, electronics, beauty products, sneaker shoes, etc.

Using its easy-to-use mobile app, you can list any of these items within minutes for a wide range of reach across different places. All you need is a clear picture and a description of your products.

Once your listing is approved, you can get a free address label from Mercari and a coverage of $200 if the product loses its way in transit.

Above all, it charges a flat 10% commission on the sale conversion price.

How To Sell Things On Mercari

  • Create a listing from the account created
  • Get approval with the free delivery label
  • Ship your product to Mercari hub(Shipping protection)
  • Receive bank account transfers for approved sales.

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Where To Sell PS4 For Cash Near Me?

You do not always need to opt for online platforms to trade your device; for a quick settlement and better price, you can also pursue offline ways to sell your PS4.

Here are a few that are effective…


10. Craigslist

  • Selling Range: Fix your own rate
  • User Review Rating: 4.0/5

If you want to sell a PS4 or any kind of electronics locally, platforms like Craigslist always come in handy to sell them nearby.

This website is nicely categorized into classified sections, where you can simply pick your category and area in order to proceed with selling or buying.

There are various kinds of categories ranging from handmade crafts, textbooks, antiques, electronics, and many more.

We would say if you are looking to trade your PS4 for a better price near you, check its classifieds and convert your sale.

You can simply negotiate with the buyers for a reasonable price.


11. GameStop

  • Selling Range: $150-$200+
  • User Review Rating: 3.1/5

Source: GameStop

GameStop is another best alternative when you are looking to sell PS4 for cash at your nearby locations.

After registering your account on Gamestop, you can simply check the nearby locations available and visit when needed.

Not only PS4, but you can also flip your mobiles, iPads, smartwatches, headphones, etc., to earn some money fast.

Brands like Apple, Samsung, Xbox, Sony, Nintendo, etc., gain better value ranging over $200+.

How To Sell Stuff At GameStop?

  • Simply take items to a nearby location
  • Get evaluated by the store manager/associate
  • Earn assured value in cash or bank account deposit.

Note: Buyers on this platform can use Klarna services to get access to buy now, pay later services.


12. Facebook Marketplace

  • Selling Range: Fix your own rate
  • User Review Rating: 4.5/5
where to sell ps4 - Facebook Marketplace

Source: Facebook Marketplace

There are lot many things you can buy and sell on Facebook Marketplace; one among them is your PS4. This is the most widely accepted and accessible platform for many.

Though there are many ways to earn money on Facebook, selling items on the Facebook marketplace for money is quite an easy one.

Creating a list here is absolutely free, and there are many listed PS4s with prices ranging from $100-$250+. So, how to get started?

How To List And Sell Items On Facebook Marketplace

  • Open Facebook Marketplace with your account and click ‘New listing.’
  • Click ‘Item For Sale‘ and upload images with a description
  • Let the buyers reach you and then negotiate well with them
  • Get paid with your compatible means.

Note: Linking the right hashtags, using relevant keywords, competitive pricing, and timely responsiveness can fetch you better returns.

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13. Pawnshops

  • Selling Range: Flexible pricing

Local consignment stores or pawnshops are easily accessible options for us to grab some quick cash with our items.

Handbags, shoes, used clothes, electronics, consoles, watches, etc. anything, you can flip in these stores easily.

Though you might get some lower prices, these can surely be a viable choice to hand over your unused items.

Convenience, zero shipping charges, high negotiations, and immediate cashout are the added advantages of these local pawnshops.

Why are you still waiting? If you have thought of selling your PS4 right now, check the price with the local stores to compare with the above-mentioned platforms.

Clear the deal; whichever you feel, the better!


How To Determine Your PS4 Value?

It’s always important to assess the price of your PS4 before selling it; this can help you not to the verge of losing profits. But how can you determine its value?

Here are a few considerations

  • State & order of your PS4: It is valid to find that a proper and well-maintained state of your PS4 will fetch you better prices. It is also important to mention all the possible bests as the description of why a buyer must opt for your piece.
  • Storage and Model: Devices with a high storage capacity and advanced models can gain you an added margin over the inferior ones. Compare the average price for your version in the market and affix your selling price.
  • Box And Accessories: Having a box with all the conditioned accessories of your PS4 can gain the trust of the buyer and can leverage your desired bucks.
  • Check For Demand: Research the demand for the device you are selling and range its price according to it.
  • Age of Your PS4: The resale price of your device depreciates as it ages, so if you are looking for an upgrade, try to flip your old device immediately if you have no use.


Tips For Selling Your PS4 For The Best Price

Here are some tips for you to sell your PS4 for the best price:

  • Multiple Listing: Try to list your device in multiple places and flip it on the platform where you find the better deal.
  • Availability: Check the platforms where it is less available and has high demand, and list there to fetch a decent price.
  • Right Information: A well-informed and rightful description is always important to attract more potential buyers.
  • Quality Representation: Add high-quality images and accessories to ensure your device gains more visitors.
  • Respond quickly: Make sure to interact with your buyers promptly to clear their queries and raise the bar of negotiation.

Apart from considering the above factors, you must also be informative by adding the date of purchase, billing, and warranty details. With this right information, you will definitely earn some more money than expected.



So that’s all with the list of platforms where you can declutter and sell your PS4!

In fact, Decluttering is one of the best ways to make instant money when you need it. As this activity can not only let you have a better-organized life, but rightful flipping of your clutter can also add extra bucks to your pocket.

So, for all those gaming admirers, flipping your old gaming consoles is helping you indirectly to earn money after use. Whether it be PS4 or any other console, the abovementioned platforms can serve your selling purpose easily.

With trust in our research, you can pick any of these platforms to gain your expected selling returns!


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