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Where to Sell Used Furniture? 25 Best Places [2024]

Whether you may be moving to a new place or buying new furniture, it has always been a task to get rid of old used furniture. But not anymore. You know why.

With e-commerce booming every day, the whole thing of buying and selling stuff has become effortlessly easy, and it is this modern-day blessing you can use to sell your used furniture as well.

Though everything has become seamless, most people are ignorant of the fact that they can sell their old furniture for good returns. This is what we are going to tell you in this article because next time, you don’t have to let go of your hidden asset.

Let us dive in and go through all the best places and techniques for selling old furniture online for a profit.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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How To Price Your Used Furniture?

We all know how important pricing is in a business. Without proper pricing, we may not be able to make profits. But in this case, where we are selling used furniture, it’s a bit different.

So we have a handful of tips for you to help you price your furniture so that you have your thing sold at a good amount and time.

  1. Since the furniture is old, you need to ensure you are not marking a high price or the price you bought. Because you know people won’t prefer spending as much money on used goods as they do brand new ones.
  2. Sometimes you may not strike any deals even though you fixed a fair price. At such time you can consider lowering the price.
  3. If your goal is to sell your furniture as soon as possible, you should also be ready for negotiations.
  4. You can also mark a price according to your wish (but make sure it’s fair enough) and invite clients for negotiations. This practice is great for attracting customers quickly.
  5. Do your research and find out how similar furniture is priced on other websites.

While these are a few suggestions, we have a pro tip for you. This is the easiest one for you. Use price calculators available on the selling apps.

This way, you will be on the safe side, having your product sold out quickly.


Learn How To Sell Your Furniture Faster

You need to know that not just price gets your furniture sold out. There are other essential things that people look out for, and it is on those things that the sell-out time of your goods depends.

Good research on the old or used furniture market will help you know those important factors. To do this research, you can visit nearby flea markets or talk to an expert.

Not sure if you are aware of this or not, but there are people who turned this selling old stuff idea into a profitable business.

So, learning those profit-making tactics fetches higher prices for your old furniture and makes you smart enough to buy and flip used stuff for profit.

Take a look at this couple’s journey and know how they turned this idea into a profitable six-figure business.

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How To List Your Products Online For Sale?

There are a few etiquettes to follow while listing any product for sale online. These listing tips will help make your product appealing to customers and provide you with faster sellouts.

Click Good Pictures

The first time your customers see your furniture is through pictures. Good pictures will help your customers have an idea of the size and look of the furniture.

So make sure you click good pictures with enough lighting and multiple angles to post online.

Display What You Sell

The pictures you are going to post not only have to look good but also showcase things that you are selling properly. Show only what you are selling and nothing more or less. This will avoid confusion.

Describe The Product

A simple and well-written description will help the customers understand more about the piece of furniture you are selling. You can mention things like when you bought the product, its condition, etc.

Create An Attractive Advertisement

Include all the points discussed above and create a clear-cut advertisement, such as posters or short videos, to advertise your furniture on different social media handles.

This will help you reach more people and increase your chances of selling quickly.


Best Places To Sell Your Used Furniture

Now that you have learned the main things about how to sell used furniture online let us dive in to learn about the best places where you can sell the same.

Here’s a list of a few popular, legit and beneficial online platforms for selling preloved furniture.


1. LetGo



LetGo is a US-based online platform headquartered in New York. Here you can sell any secondhand goods ranging from cars to decorative items. It acts as a bridge between sellers and buyers.

The app comes with different features such as the chat option, categorized product list, simple listing process, etc.

The app displays products in the form of a photo gallery and shows all the products you have listed when a customer clicks on to view any of your products.

All these features make it one of the best options for you to list and sell your furniture.

It is available online as a website and app for android and iPhone users. iPhone users can find it as Offerup-Buy.Sell.Letgo on the Appstore.

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2. Bonanza



This is an online marketplace for entrepreneurs to sell anything legal. It’s a seller-centric platform that has multiple features and tools for sellers to customize according to their needs.

On Bonanza, you can either sell on the marketplace or create your own web store. Both are free and have no listing fees, monthly fees, or other sneaky fees. 

But yes, Bonanza charges a commission on the final value of the product that is sold. The commission is usually 3.5% of the final value. If you subscribe to an of their plans, you won’t have to pay the commission per sale either.

In addition, this platform offers a free advertising facility, google integration, product sync, etc.


3. Craigslist



This is the most popular American classifieds website that is also available as an app where you can buy, sell and advertise anything locally without any limitations.

Craigslist is totally free of cost and offers a hassle-free listing experience. Their services are available worldwide, which means you can handle your furniture sales from any corner of the world.

You can post and advertise for free here but creating a craigslist account will help you edit, repost, and delete easily.

It also has a unique feature of anonymous posting that helps you maintain your privacy while you only receive genuine proposals for your listings.

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4. Etsy



Focused on handmade, vintage products and antiques, Etsy is the best marketplace to sell your used furniture.

Available worldwide, this American eCommerce company has proved best for sellers with unique products. So make sure to present your furniture in the best way possible on your listings.

To sell on Etsy, you need to create a seller’s account, which is free, but you need to pay a listing, transaction, and processing fee for your products. You may also need to pay an advertising fee if you draw any sales from offsite advertisements.


5. eBay



eBay is the other most familiar online marketplace people jump on to buy and sell new or used things. It offers C2C and B2C sales through its website.

The website has amazing features like auction listing, local pick-ups, delivery, etc. These facilities are of great use to those looking to sell their used furniture quickly.

The auction listing will help you get good returns as well as keeps you free of the task of pricing the product. All you do is fix a base value to start the bidding from.

You can even sell for a fixed price on eBay. However, you need to pay a 13% commission on the product’s final value per sale.


6. Facebook Marketplace

facebook marketplace


Spend nothing to post and sell your furniture by using Facebook Marketplace. Besides, it’s very easy to make your listing here.

Listing on Facebook Marketplace also provides good reach because almost everyone uses this social media platform these days. So your listing will gain maximum visibility and thereby have higher chances of selling out.

The customers can text you directly via Facebook messenger to know more details or to negotiate, which is one more good feature.

Moreover, there are no listing fees, transaction fees, or commissions upon sales.

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7. Chairish



This is the best place to sell your furniture if it has got those vintage vibes because Chairish is a marketplace for antique furniture and decor.

It accepts listings of value as less as $25 for free and charges low commission rates per sale. This platform offers other facilities such as delisting products, picking up and delivering local orders, etc.

Not only those looking to sell off their old furniture but people who love designing furniture can also sell their designed pieces here.

The seller will get to keep 80% of the final sale price while the company takes the rest as a commission. You will receive your payment after the delivery, followed by a 48-hour return period.


8. OfferUp


Source: Apple App store

OfferUp is an international marketplace with a massive number of potential buyers, making it one of the best places to sell everything ranging from cars to furniture, etc.

This is similar to LetGo and has a product gallery display of the listings.

You can sell from any part of the world using this app. This platform charges a reasonable commission rate of 7.9% on the sale value. 

You can meet the buyer in person to finish the deal to avoid the shipping costs to your buyer.


9. Shopify



Shopify is the most happening e-commerce platform and has become the primary place for small businesses to sell their products.

Similarly, it is great for people looking to sell their used furniture. To sell on Shopify, you need to create a storefront on their platform and subscribe to a plan.

All these plans are reasonable, but if you are just a one-time seller, you can use their Starter plan, that’s pretty affordable ($5 per month) and can help you sell through social and messaging apps.

You can cancel your account once your furniture is sold out and can even close your store.

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10. AptDeco



As the name suggests, it is an apt place to sell decor that includes furniture. AptDeco is mainly for those who are looking to sell their vintage, used furniture that’s still new.

They guarantee sales in less than 10 days and offer to pick up and deliver the furniture you sell.

Moreover, the listing process is easy and free. You need to add photos and details, and they will present your product in the best way to ensure faster sales.

Once sold out, you will receive your payments will reflect in 2 to 3 business days post-delivery of the product.


11. Khojle


Source: khojle

This is an Indian classifieds website that is widely popular for promoting any businesses and services. On Khojle, you can post free ads of anything you have to offer.

All you need to do is choose a category, yours being furniture and then create your ad and post the details. Simple.

However, your ad will be valid only for 30 days, and you need to refresh your listing in case your product is not sold out in that time.

You can also buy from any part of India using Khojle, and registered users also get access to offers, freebies, etc.


12. Ruby Lane

ruby lane


Ruby Lane is one of those dedicated and popular places to buy and sell antiques and collectibles ranging from art, jewelry, decor, furniture, etc.

If you are considering selling furniture as a sober side hustle for yourselves, then this is the place you must check out.

This website costs you nothing until you make a sale. They charge no monthly fee if you add a minimum of 15 products per month. However, you will be charged a commission of 9.9% on the final sale value.

All of these are worth it because Ruby Lane is that place for you where you can make huge singles.

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13. Sotheby’s Home

sothebys home


As quoted by them, Sotheby’s Home is the ultimate online marketplace to sell high-end designer furniture that is well maintained and furnished.

This is also extremely profitable for regular sellers because the minimum price for each piece is $1000.There are four ways you can sell at Sotheby’s:

  • Auction
  • Private Sales
  • Buy Now (Immediate purchase)
  • Selling at retail locations.

However, their team will review the furniture you want to sell and be allowed to list once approved.

This process takes 5 to 6 business days, so you should plan to register with them well in advance.


14. Remoov



As the name reflects, Remoov removes your unused or pre-used furniture and moves it to a new owner’s place. Such a peaceful way of decluttering, right?!

The best thing about this company is that they come to pick up the furniture and either sell it or donate and recycle it if it doesn’t get sold.

All you need to do is click pictures of the furniture you want to sell and schedule a pickup with them. They charge a particular estimate for picking up.

In case your furniture is sold out, you will receive a 50% return on the resale value.


15. Apartment Therapy Bazaar

apartment therapy bazaar


This is like any other social media platform, but the sole difference is that the community here is dedicated to buying and selling vintage, designer accessories, furnishings, etc.

Apartment Therapy Bazaar allows you to list your products and will also boost it in case it is not viewed much. However, you will be charged $1 to boost each listing.

If you have an Etsy account, you can sync your listings over there with this account. Isn’t it a great way to reach the maximum number of potential buyers?!

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16. Everything But The House



Everything But The House is an uncommon marketplace to sell anything unique. Their most featured categories are furniture and kitchenware, making it one of the best places to sell your used furniture.

To list and sell on this platform, you must register by filling out a form. Their team members will reach out to you to look after the rest of the process, including taking product photos.

All you do is receive payment once your furniture gets sold. Customers bid for the products; therefore, you can expect good returns.


17. 1stDIBS



Do you have extraordinarily designed antique or modern and luxurious furniture to sell? Then 1stDibs is your marketplace.

The furniture you sell here is mostly purchased for interior designing purposes so you will be paid enormous returns for the same. 

However, you need to pay a monthly fee, a 3% transaction fee on credit card transactions, 15% commission on sales. All these are worth the money you make by selling your furniture on this platform.


18. 5miles

sell used furniture - 5miles


This unique buy-and-selling platform keeps neighbors connected so that they know if they have anything to buy or sell in their neighborhood.

You can sell products and services of all categories at 5miles. They also have a live auction site called 5miles Dash that contains several live bids for different products. 

It is also available as an app on both the app store and google play. You can download it to sell your furniture easily in your neighborhood.

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19. Instagram

sell used furniture - instagram


Instagram by Meta has become a synonym for marketing lately. The wide variety of features, such as reels, Instagram shop, stories, ads, etc., has made it easier to promote and sell anything via this most happening app that too free of cost.

You can post about the furniture you want to sell on your personal account but make sure its visibility is set to public so that you can reach a larger audience.

Or else, if you are a full-time second-hand furniture seller, you can create a business account on this app and promote your products and direct them to your website, or you can sell by talking to your customer via DM.

One tip we can give for you to make the most out of this app is to pour in all your creativity.

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20. Pinterest

sell used furniture - pinterest


This popular social media platform has potential customers for almost any product.

Pinterest is all about aesthetics. So if you could manage to click some aesthetic and real pictures of your used furniture, you should definitely post them here.

You can direct your customers to your website by mentioning its link in the description of the post. Or else you can handle the sales by chatting with them over their message box.


21. Oodle

sell used furniture - oodle


This Sanfransico-based Classifieds company allows you to list a wide range of products on their websites.

You can list your furniture on Oodle for free but make sure that their services are available in your location as this website is available only in the US, UK, India, Ireland, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

Prospective buyers near your location can only find your listing.

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22. Route 66 Furniture

sell used furniture - route 66 furniture


This is a furniture consignment shop and is similar to that of Remoov, which we discussed above.

Route 66 Furniture offers you the easiest consignment handover process. You need to provide the details of the furniture you are selling along with pictures.

Their team will look into it and approach you in 1 business day to take over the furniture from you and move it to their warehouse. Once your furniture gets sold, they will pay you a 50% share of the sale they made.

It’s a hassle-free option because you won’t handle any sales here.


23. Bookoo

sell used furniture - bookoo


Based in the US, Bookoo is a local classified with the features of a social media platform. You can call it a mini social media that connects neighbors in an area with each other to sell and buy anything.

You can list your used furniture here to see if there are any prospective buyers in the nearest places possible.

The best part about this is you can meet your buyer in person and show them the furniture in real-time. This will help in earning more money for your furniture comparatively.


24. Trove

sell used furniture - trove


Trove is a large indoor marketplace that has varied things ranging from antiques, clothing, thrifting options, etc.

They also offer furniture consignment like the few other companies we discussed above. But the thing here is the seller, which means you are responsible for moving the furniture to their warehouse at a scheduled drop-off time.

And as usual, you will be sharing 50/50 of the sale.

Read their consignment guidelines carefully before getting into a deal with them because they are very particular about their rules in accepting your consignment.

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25. Recycler

sell used furniture - Recycler


Based in Los Angeles, USA, Recycler is a local classified to sell anything ranging from pets to cars, etc. 

This can be the best choice for those living and wanting to sell their used furniture within Los Angeles. However, their listing services are available in a few more cities nearby.


Tips To Sell Your Used Furniture For The Most Money

While we have provided you with the best places for you to sell your furniture online, it is also important for you to know certain things to make the most out of this gig.

It’s common to look for profits while selling any goods. However, the case here is different as you are selling used furniture.

But still, you can make good money by following the below tips:

  • As we already mentioned, price your furniture appropriately. It won’t have to be less, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be unfair.
  • Do your research before pricing and selling your furniture.
  • Determine how and where you want to sell. Selling online is great and flexible, but if you think you are attracting good deals offline, you can go for it.
  • People would definitely look for negotiations, especially with second-hand goods. So prepare yourselves for that and learn some negotiation tack ticks before you step in.
  • Finally, make sure that you and the buyer are satisfied with the whole thing.

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Final Words On Where To Sell Used Furniture

The whole thing of selling used furniture is so fun and profitable that you may also end up flipping furniture soon once you experience it.

We hope that by now, you are free of all the questions such as why, where, and how to sell your used furniture.

To those shifting to a new place, when you can get some bucks by selling your old furniture, why move it and spend money on it in case of any damages through the transit?

So just gaily head on to any of those websites we listed in this article and make some money with which you can buy some other good furniture that fits in your new place.


FAQs – Selling Used Furniture For Cash


Where Can I Sell My High-End Furniture?

It’s not easy to compromise on selling high-end furniture for lower prices.

So you need to make sure that you are choosing a platform with potential buyers who are ready to spend money on such high-end pieces and sell your furniture there. Sotheby’s Home is one such place listed in this article.


How Much Can I Make Selling Furniture Online?

It depends on factors such as age, condition, and demand for the furniture you sell.

However, most of the places that we suggested in this article help you make up to 80% of the final sale price. For those who flip furniture, there’s no limit.


What Is The Best Site To Sell Furniture On?

This, too, depends on your goal. For example, if your furniture has those vintage vibes and looks unique, you can go for Etsy. If your target is quick selling, go for Craigslist. For huge returns, choose 1stDibs, etc.


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