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19 Places to Sell Yugioh Cards Near You & Online [2024 Guide]

After its initial release in Japan in 1999 and in the US after two years, Yu-Gi-Oh cards became a huge sensation. This duelist card acquired a place in the “Guinness Book Of World Records” for 22.5 billion card sales till 2009. But do you know where to sell Yugioh cards now, that too, for an unmatched price?

According to Zenmarket, there are more than 13k different variants of Yu-Gi-Oh cards available still now. The report also suggests that the average price now stands at $0.16 while some cards even sell for over $50k.

Another report by Activeplayer indicates that there are more than 7.5 million Yu-Gi-Oh card fanatics out there!

So, the market is huge! And the cards are still in trend. If you are planning to sell some of your Yu-Gi-Ohs or just looking for an upgrade, it is the best time!


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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Most Expensive (And Rarest) Yugioh Cards

There are many ways to sell Yugioh cards online, which I’ll discuss in detail. But first, I want to give you some surprises. Do you know that the Make-A-Wish Foundation collaborated with Yu-Gi-Oh and let a boy named Tyler with liver cancer design a special card?

He made a Stainless Steel Black Luster Soldier, which is technically priceless, as it is the only piece available. Now, let’s look at some of the most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh cards out there.

  • Black Luster Soldier (Stainless steel – Regular): $10 Million
  • Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon: $400 Thousand
  • The Vanquishing Warlord: $198,888
  • Crush Card Virus: $115,033
  • Dark Magician: $100 Thousand

If I need money now, I’ll definitely look for these cards or maybe some other cards in my own stock. What about you?

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9 Best Specialty Online Platforms To Sell Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

If you ask me where to sell Yugioh cards for competitive prices, there are many sites and apps available where you can do that. But here goes my take on the most trusted platforms for duelists.


1. Card Market

Cardmarket website screenshot | taken while I was looking for where to sell Yugioh cards


Card Market is undoubtedly the best place to sell Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Let me tell you why! You can sell individual cards and bulk packs on this site, that too, for a better price. Joining this marketplace is simple.

  • Step 1: Make a free seller’s account and navigate to the “Sell cards” section.
  • Step 2: Select between “bulk,” “mixed,” or go solo.
  • Step 3: Upload HD photos of your Yu-Gi-Oh cards and fill up the info sheet.
  • Step 4: Post your ad and get noticed.

Commission: You need to pay a flat 5% commission and a 3% currency conversion charge.

Payout: You get your money through PayPal or direct bank transfer (available in select countries).

My Take: This site lets you list your card with an asking rate. But you need to be clever with your pricing to sell it fast.


2. TCG Player

Homepage of TCGPlayer Website - where to sell yugioh cards


TCG Player has a database of cards from where you can get an idea about the asking price of your cards. And not just Yugioh; you can buy and sell various gaming and anime cards here.

The selling ecosystem is also pretty simple. You can upload photos, get a pricing idea from the database, and publish the ad.

Commission: You need to pay 10.25% of the asking rate as the seller’s commission. It is capped at $50/card.

Payout:  This website offers direct deposit for card sellers in the USA. And you are likely to get your payment within three days of the final sales.

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3. CoreTCG

Landing page of CoreTCG Website - where to sell yugioh cards


CoreTCG will only take your card if it is mint to almost-new condition. It is even better if you have the original box and tags intact. Don’t try to list it here if your card is damaged or overused.

USP: You can list your Yu-Gi-Oh card with your asking rate. But they will double-check the pricing and the standard of your cards before dispatching your payment.

If you try to hide the condition of your card, they can deduct 25% to 50% of your asking price.

Selling Rules: There are strict guidelines stipulated by this company. Ignoring those can cause you up to 20% price slash as a fine.

Payout: You can receive your payment through PayPal or direct deposit. However, this company also offers store credit, where you get 20% more.


4. Heart Of The Cards

Homepage of Heart Of The Cards website


If you don’t know where to sell Yugioh cards online, Heart of the Cards is probably the best bet you have. But the story is the same; this company only accepts mint to near-mint conditioned cards.

Not just Yugioh, you can even sell Pokémon cards or any other cards that have collectible value.

Selling Process

  • Contact the team and give details of your cards and the asking rate.
  • Once an in-house appraiser checks your card, you’ll receive a direct offer.
  • Accept it, ship it to their address, and get paid!

Payout: You can get up to 40% of the current market value of your card in cash. It gives you options between PayPal and direct deposit.

USP: If you want to buy new cards to upgrade your collection, this shop offers up to 50% cashback as store credit.


5. Sell2BBNovelties

Homepage of Sell2BBNovelties Website


Sell2BBNovelties is the most notable player in the collectible and card market. It is also among the best marketplaces to sell baseball cards. However, your cards must have market demand and collectible value.

Unique Features

  • Gives you the option to sell a single card or bulk pack.
  • Covers your shipping price if it is listed above $30.
  • Besides the card, it also purchases card packing tins and booster packs.

This shop gives you clear guidelines about pricing your card. And depending on the rarity factor, they divide Yu-Gi-Oh cards into three distinct categories.

  • Commons: $0.01/card (Covers all cards)
  • Rare: $0.03/card (mint-conditioned rare cards)
  • Holographic: $0.1/card (for super to secret rare)

USP: Selling is not the only option; you can also trade your card if you want an upgrade.


6. CardShark

Homepage of CardShark Website


CardShark is actually the doppelgänger of eBay in terms of cards. You can list your cards, get noticed, and sell through this platform. And not just collectible cards, this one is also suitable for selling gift cards for PayPal cash.

Selling Process

  • Launch a storefront for free and list your cards.
  • Upload HD images and describe the condition.
  • Once anyone buys it, CardShark will act as the mediator.
  • The buyer gets your card, and you get your money.

USP: This site assures protection for both parties to eliminate any chance of scam or forgery.

Commission: You need to pay a flat 15% commission on your final sales price.

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7. Dave & Adam’s

Homepage of Dave & Adams Website


Do you know the best thing about Dave & Adam’s? They take any card throughout the year! I was quite surprised when I saw some Yu-Gi-Oh packs listed at $3,000 or more.

However, there is a catch! This company has a specific buy list. And your card should be on that list to get the best price. On a different note, you can even sell beanie babies and other collectibles right here.

Commission: No need to pay anything as they have fixed price offers for individual cards or bulk packs.

Payout: PayPal, direct deposit, and check; choose between these three!

Shipping: Dave & Adam’s got you covered if your final card value is more than $199. Otherwise, you need to ship it yourself.


8. Troll and Toad

Landing page of Troll And Toad Website


Do you want to know how to sell Yugioh cards in bulk? Troll and Toad is surely the best site that can buy both single cards and bulk packs. And they offer industry-standard prices, too!


  • This company will directly purchase your card or bulk pack.
  • Pays your money within just five business days.


  • Your card or the bulk pack must be worth $30 or more.
  • They do not take regular Yugioh cards.

Payout: If you want cash, they offer PayPal and checks (for US citizens).

Store Credit: You can claim up to 50% more than your asking rate if you opt for webstore credit.

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9. Game Goblins

Landing page of Game Goblins Website


Game Goblins has a buy list that they update each month. And you can quickly search through your card number to know the current price offer.

Pricing: Depending on the rarity and collectible value, this company offers up to $100 or more. But on average, cards usually sell between $5 and $30.

USP: What TCGPlayer offers, this company uses as the base price. And they offer up to 65% more to beat their direct competitor.

Trade-In: Looking for an upgrade? You can get up to 25% more than the asking rate of your card if you opt for trade-ins.

Payout: It offers both PayPal and direct deposit. You can even opt for store credit.


6 Marketplace Apps And Websites To Sell Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

I have already discussed where to sell Yugioh cards if you are looking for card-specific selling channels. Now, it’s time to discuss some alternative methods. And here goes my top picks.


10. eBay

eBay website homepage - where to sell yugioh cards


eBay can be your buddy if you want to buy and sell “Yu-Gi-Oh!” cards! This old daddy of online marketplace has a huge visitor each month. And not just gaming or trading cards; you can even sell used DVDs, old electronics, and even antiques.

Selling Methods

  • Direct sales: Just list your Yugioh card, drop an asking rate, and sell it directly to the buyer.
  • Auction: List your card for an auction with a base price, and the highest bidder wins. However, it is only great for rare to super-rare cards.

Commission: Depending on the selling method and the final price of your card, eBay charges between 8% and 10% fees.

My Take: eBay is great if you want to sell it fast. But it sometimes fails to match the current market value. The auctioning model is good, though!

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11. Mercari

Homepage of Mercari website - where to sell yugioh cards


Who will know the value of Yu-Gi-Oh cards more than the Japanese marketplace called Mercari? This company started in an anime-addict country! But not just cards; you can even sell collectibles and rare antiques.

It is also the place for selling handmade items, where you can even get paid to cross-stitch and sell them through this market channel.

How It Works

  1. List your card with HD images and give detailed info.
  2. Fix an asking rate and publish the ad.
  3. When anyone buys it, you receive a prepaid shipping label.
  4. Ship it and get paid!

Commission: Depending on the final sales, you need to pay at least 10% commission. You also need to pay a payment processing fee of 2.9% + $0.50 per card on top of that.

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12. OfferUp

Landing page of OfferUp website - where to sell yugioh cards


Do you want to make money selling Yugioh cards? OfferUp got you covered! And not just cards or gaming items; you can even sell sneakers for cash on this fantastic marketplace.

This company focuses on buying and selling locally. And they have safe community meetup spots where you can meet your buyers and complete the F2F deal.

Selling Process

  • Open a free account and list your Yugioh cards.
  • Upload good images and give some details about the condition.
  • Once anyone shows interest, meet and close the deal.

Commission: OfferUp takes 12.9% of the final price or $1.99/card, whichever is more.


13. Etsy

Homepage of Etsy website - where to sell yugioh cards


I first got to know about Etsy and its selling methods while I was looking for used prom dresses for sale near me. But then I surfed some more, and I got to know that some Yugioh cards are also listed on this site.

How It Works

  • Open a seller’s account for free (takes 2 minutes).
  • List your cards with HD images and the right descriptions (they must be catchy).
  • Once the card gets sold, ship it and get paid.

Shipping: You need to pay the shipping price and ship it on your own. But you can indeed charge some more to the buyers to cover that cost.

Commission: In the card category, Etsy charges a flat 6.5% commission on the final sales price.


14. Facebook Marketplace

FB marketplace page in Florida - where to sell yugioh cards


FB is love! And now, you can use this social media to sell Yu-Gi-Oh cards for cash, all thanks to its Marketplace. But not just cards; there are many best-selling items on FB Marketplace that you can sell or trade to make a good profit.

Listing Process

  • Login to your FB account and head to the Marketplace section.
  • Create a new listing with photos and descriptions.
  • Drop an asking rate.
  • Connect with local buyers and card enthusiasts to seal the deal!

What I Like: You don’t need to pay anything to anyone! No commission, no listing fee, not even seller’s fees.

What I Don’t Like: The Marketplace is still full of scammers. So, don’t reveal your address and stick to an advance or upfront payment.

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15. Reddit

YGOMarketplace subreddit screenshot - where to sell yugioh cards


Do you know where to sell Yugioh cards and connect with like-minded duelists? Yes, it is Reddit! This online forum has a Yu-Gi-Oh-specific subreddit called r/YGOMarketplace, where you can meet, greet, and sell cards, both locally and online.

It is where I first knew that it is now possible to get paid to play games. But for sales, it has some pretty strict rules. Besides, it is highly moderated.

Rules To Follow

  • Don’t spam! Post your card just once. Repeated listing can cause a permanent ban.
  • Increase your karma to become trustworthy among redditers.
  • Accept that you may get negative feedback from the buyer. Don’t opt for a catfight!

My Take: r/YGOMarketplace subreddit is the home of 22k Yu-Gi-Oh card lovers. So, there is a buyer for every card in every condition.


4 Best Options To Sell YuGiOh Cards Locally (Near You)

Not everyone is comfortable selling their pricey (read priceless) card online. There is always a chance of scams if you don’t know the right websites.

But if you ask where to sell Yugioh cards near me, I have some suggestions!


16. Local card shops

I found some pretty good stores when I wanted to sell Yugioh cards near me. And I bet you can find it too. Local card shops offer a lot of benefits (with a few disadvantages).


  • No chance of scams! Just take your card and walk off with the cash!
  • You can easily locate it by googling “Yu-Gi-Oh card shops near me” or “Yu-Gi-Oh card shops <Your locality/city/pin code>.”
  • Most shops have in-house appraisers or evaluators.


  • They will only buy it if the card has market demand.
  • You may not fetch the best price.

With all these good and evil, local card shops are still the best fit if you want to sell those fast.

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17. Comic Book Stores

Most big comic retailers and bookstores have separate sections for comic-related collectibles. And they often purchase new to mint-conditioned cards for their display and also for sale.

You may not get the best price. But on the other hand, you don’t even need to wait, as it gets sold super fast. Just go to your nearby comic bookstore, ask if they purchase cards, and sell them!

The only downside is that you will most likely get much below the current market rate for your Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

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18. Comic Cons

Comic Cons are the hub of hobbyists, duelists, and anime fans. So, you can connect with like-minded card collectors at these conventions. Many comic cons also have dedicated shopping areas where you can sell your Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

You can also opt for a stall or a small kiosk if you have a good number of cards with you. And with a little bit of bargaining skill, you can surely fetch the best price. But yes, you also need to pay the organizers for your stall.

What It Is Good For? Selling and networking! Yes, you can connect and become friends with other card collectors and sellers. Use your networking skills.


19. Pawn Shops

Pawn shops are the last option I have if you ask where to sell Yugioh cards. It helps you to make some quick cash by selling your card. You can also take the amount as a loan and repay it within a specific period to get it back.

Not just cards, you can sell almost anything in pawn shops. I opted for pawn shops when I tried to sell used bikes in my locality. Trust me; I got an attractive offer!

There is a pawn shop (maybe more than one) in every big city in the US. So you won’t face trouble finding one nearby.


Rarity And Edition Factors Of YuGiOh cards

Once you know where to sell Yugioh cards, you now need to know how to sort them by their rarity and editions so that you can fetch the best price possible.


Edition Factor

  • 1st Edition: Used in OCG, Korean OCG, and American TCG. Traditionally not used in original Japanese OCG.
  • Limited Edition: Used in the same OCG and TCG as 1st Edition cards.
  • Duel Terminal: Can only be acquired through Duel Terminal arcade machines.
  • Unlimited Edition: No aftermarket value and no such unique features.


Rarity Factor

  • Duelist League: Only available through tournament prizes and promotions.
  • Mosaic: Shiny squared-patterned cards. You can only find these in battle pack 2.
  • Starfoil: Shiny too, but star patterned. Available in battle packs and star packs.
  • Ghost: Comes with 3D hologram and rainbow foil.
  • Secret: These cards come with sparkling holograms and rainbow foil.
  • Ultimate: Name printed in gold and also have embossed foil.
  • Super: Comes with foil image but non-foil name.
  • Rare: Card name in silver but non-foil image.
  • Common: Any other Yu-Gi-Oh card without the rarity factors.


Tailored Tips For Selling Yugioh Cards

You have already known about the platforms. But now let’s discuss how to sell a YuGiOh card for the right price. There are certain things that you need to do.

  • Step 1: Separate Your Good Cards – Remove all the damaged and color-faded cards from your stock. You must also remove those as well that have creases, markings, or dog ears.
  • Step 2: Arrange Them – Group your Yu-Gi-Oh cards according to their rarity and other collectible factors. Go through each card and make different packs for different rarities.
  • Step 3: Sort Them By Power – While a few only use these cards for collection, most duelists use these for actual play. So, you also need to sort them according to power and playability in the real world.
  • Step 4: Check Market Price – Once you sort your cards, it’s time to price them correctly. You can do it by researching other card sellers or by going through current market trends. Asking fellow redditers is also a good option.
  • Step 5: Make An Asking Price List: Rather than just sticking to a fixed price, you need to make a list with the expected range. And in that way, you can be a little flexible with your pricing.
  • Step 6: Select Your Preferred Platform And Sell – So, finally, you need to choose your preferred platform and the way to sell it. Online, offline, or locally, all three options are available. But read the reviews of previous sellers before trusting any platform.




Yu-Gi-Oh card market fluctuates a lot! And some cards are highly volatile. So, you need to keep your eye on the current card trend and also analyze other sellers before you fix a price for your own stock.

There are many forums available that can help you out! You must also check the trustworthiness, payment terms, payout options, and shipping details before selecting a particular platform.

So, that’s all I have to tell you about where to sell Yugioh cards. You can drop your queries and start a conversation with me in the comment box.


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