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Word Bakery 2021 Review – Is It Legit Or a Scam?

If games like word puzzles excite you, then make a note of Word Bakery Pro 2021!

During our time trying out Word Bakery Pro 2021, we observed that the game not only helps improve your vocabulary but also allows you to reward yourself with cash and other attractive gifts.

This Word Bakery 2021 review will help you understand the nuances of the game and whether it is for you.

This game is designed to keep players entertained for long hours. As such, the Word Bakery Pro 2021 is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

The gameplay of this game is simple. Players are presented with different levels, with each level containing a cake with a combination of letters. Players are required to guess the word before they run out of time.

Is Word Bakery 2021 app legit? We shall find out in this review.


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Word Bakery 2021 Review Summary

word bakery 2021 review

  • Name: Word Bakery 2021 Pro
  • Owner/Developer: MaruMaru LLC
  • Year of Inception: Aug 24, 2021
  • Location: Worldwide
  • Price: Free
  • Platforms: iOS and Android
  • Downloads: 1,000,000+
  • Payout Threshold: PayPal ($200), Amazon ($1,000), and Sephora ($1,000)
  • Payout Methods: PayPal, Amazon, and Sephora
  • Our Rating: 2/5

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Is Word Bakery 2021 Pro Legit? Does it Pay Real Cash?

It all depends on how you look at the whole gaming experience.

From the point of view of gameplay alone, Word Bakery 2021 Pro seems legit.

Like many other games available on Google Play and App Store, there are multiple gaming levels for players to try.


word bakery 2021 app iosword bakery 2021 app google play store

If you are someone who likes to take challenges head-on and is not worried about the cash and other rewards that come along with it, then this game is legit.

However, if you are someone trying out this game purely for collecting cash and other rewards, then our Word Bakery 2021 review indicates that it is not legit.

Forget about paying $1,000 through one of many payment modes; we do not think the company will pay you $200!

Also, the chances of you winning an iPhone or any other attractive prize appear to be gimmicky.

The probability of winning such attractive rewards is less by merely watching videos and forming words.

The game will provide you with lots of cash in the beginning. This will give you the impression that you will get regular payouts.

But the reality is different. The closer you reach the target, the lesser your chances of earning. This is what we observed during our Word Bakery 2021 review.

There are high chances of you getting stuck with one of many levels in the game. Also, the chances of you getting paid even after meeting all the requirements of the game are less.

So, is the Word Bakery 2021 Pro legit? The answer is before you.


What is Reddit Saying About Word Bakery 2021 Pro App?

While some users have positive things to say about Word Bakery 2021 Pro app, others are skeptical about it.

Some users have reported that the game has too many glitches and crashes regularly. Other users claim they have not been paid despite reaching the payment threshold.


Users Reviews of Word Bakery 2021

This is what some users have to say about Word Bakery 2021:

user reviews

“Me, too I was supposed for my rewards to be claimed in PayPal, but it sucks for me after I have researched about this app. Is it legit or not? Waste of time!!!”

“I played word bakery and was supposed to have received 4,000, but I have received nothing.”

“I try to cash out $200, but no reply…”

“This game is a big scam; a class suit in a court is indeed appropriate.”

What is Word Bakery 2021 Pro?

World Bakery 2021 Pro is a puzzle game that assures rewarding players with cash and goodies after completing certain levels.

There are quite a few word-based puzzle games on Google Play and App Store, but only a few of them claim to reward the players lavishly.

The popularity of World Bakery Pro 2021 can be attributed to its promise of making payments after the completion of certain levels in the game.

In this game, players keep unlocking words by connecting different letters given to them on the cake.

Is World Bakery 2021 Pro legit? To find out this, we dug deeper and realized that the company behind the creation of this game is MaruMaru LLC.

We could not gather more information about the developer and the location they are based in.

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How Does Word Bakery 2021 Pro Work?

Word Bakery 2021 Pro is designed to build the vocabulary skills of players.

Players can start playing the game as soon as they download it from the Google Play Store and App Store.

To win cash prizes and other rewards, players need to complete different levels available in the game.

A different set of letters are provided to users, and they need to be arranged to form a meaningful word. The difficulty level of the game increases as you progress in the game.

Whenever you unlock a word, you get rewarded. You will also be provided with incentives after completing some levels.

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How to Install?

You can download and install Word Bakery 2021 Pro from Google Play Store or App Store and start playing instantly.

Here are the links to download the word bakery 2021 app from your app stores.

During the installation process, the app will not seek any permissions. However, be careful while granting access to the files, photos, and media on your device.

There are chances of the app reading, changing, and deleting content present in your USB storage.

Therefore, you need to be careful during the installation process.

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How to Play?

If you have come this far in our Word Bakery 2021 review, then you will be interested to know how to play this game.

It’s easy to play this game, especially in the beginning. All you need to do is swipe your fingers to link the letters and form a word.

In the early part of the game, the levels are simple with them containing 2 or 3 letters. However, things get complicated when longer words are added to your puzzle. You need to be quick as the game is timed.

Three different modes of play are available in Word Bakery 2021 Pro – Word Mode, Jumble Mode, and Bonus Word Mode.

You need to find all the words in the Word Mode. As mentioned earlier, you need to complete the level before you are timed out.

The letters get jumbled up in the Jumble Mode. Unscrambling the letters is important to form the words at this level.

There isn’t much difference between the Bonus Word Mode and Word Mode. In the case of the former, there are fewer words to find.


How to Collect Rewards?

Is Word Bakery 2021 legit when it comes to rewards and cash? We will find out more about this in this section of our review.

During our time playing this game, we got paid a few cents each time we unlocked a word.

It is not just a few cents; we got lucky with some coins, gift cards (treated as cash), and lucky spins after completing each level.

If you come across the lucky spin while playing the game, then you just need to tap the Spin button and watch the video to activate the wheel.

The sad part is that ads are sometimes not available to users. Therefore, one cannot play to claim a reward.

Situations like the above can be frustrating for many!

Word Bakery 2021 Pro claims to provide attractive prizes like Apple Watches, iPads, iPhones, and many more for players winning certain puzzles or levels in the game.

However, during our time playing the game, we could not win any of these rewards or even get closer to any of them.

Is Word Bakery 2021 legit when it comes to rewards and other goodies? If you are thinking along similar lines, then you are not alone.

Many of our team members were able to collect fragments by playing Lucky Spin or watching videos in the “Bubbles of Puzzles”.

Coins are a great option for players who want some hints while playing the game.

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How Does Word Bakery 2021 Pay?

To get paid, players need to meet the payout requirement.

Once the minimum requirement for payment is met, players can visit the cash balance section and select one of three payment modes.

The three payment modes currently available are as follows:

  • PayPal – $200
  • Sephora – $1,000
  • Amazon – $1,000

Players need to keep in mind that the balance they have is unique to that payment option.

For example, if you have a PayPal balance, then you cannot use it to redeem it as an Amazon Gift Card.

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Work Bakery 2021 Review – Pros & Cons

  • It is user-friendly, and anyone can play it with some ease
  • Helps you focus more and improves your concentration
  • The graphics are vivid and quite crisp
  • It provides you with a way to avoid boredom

  • You may encounter occasional glitches while playing the game
  • There are lots of advertisements in the game
  • Your information may be shared with the third-party users
  • There is no guarantee of you getting paid after hours playing the game



From the game point of view alone, we liked Word Bakery 2021 Pro.

We found the game to be challenging and fun at the same time.

As our Word Bakery 2021 Pro review suggests, the game has some flaws and technical glitches.

If you can overlook these drawbacks, Word Bakery 2021 Pro can be tried at least once.

However, there is not much information available about the company or the game developer. This is what you need to consider before you try the game.

Also, many users have reported they haven’t received their payments. If you are fine with not getting paid and want to try the game for relaxation purposes, then consider it.


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