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52 Genuine Work At Home Jobs That Pay Weekly In 2024

In light of the challenging financial nature of the 21st century, It is now the perfect time for us to take a moment and share clear details on different jobs that pay weekly and also the different platforms that offer full-time/part-time jobs that pay weekly.

By the end of this article, you can have answers to; why we must opt for weekly payments, how it has differed from monthly payrolls, and the profitable ways you can earn money weekly!

If you have already decided to choose weekly payrolls before reading this article, you are not the only one, as most people are no longer interested in waiting 30 days to receive their paychecks.

In fact, most of them are now relying on part-time jobs or side hustles to maintain cash flow throughout the month.

Everyone is curating themselves on a single success mantra “Don’t count the days; make the days count.” There is no perfect apt for this saying other than opting for weekly paying jobs.

So here we curated a list of companies that pay you weekly. And the best part is you can do all the work at home, and most of these companies don’t ask you for previous experience.

We have categorized the list according to the field or job type, and we also mentioned how you can get started effectively, consider these facts seriously.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


Need Easy & Extra $300/Mo For Free?

Survey Junkie – Earn up to $50 per survey & a fixed $1.50 per referral. Sign up here.

Opinion Outpost: Get paid up to $30 per answering simple questions. Join now.

Branded Surveys: Paid over 35 Million. Earn up to $25 per survey. Signup now.

Toluna Influencers: Get paid for taking surveys & playing games. Earn up to $250 per month. Join Now.

Inbox Dollars: Get paid to watch videos. One already made $75 within a week. $10 Signup bonus.


Is Weekly Pay Better Than Monthly?

This question has some mixed opinions! Depending upon your need and work, you can fix your stand on this.

Firstly, we opine that employees getting weekly payments can have utmost satisfaction for work, as the results are fast. This can help them to work efficiently and can have easy calculations of their earnings.

With weekly payments, you can handle your finances well and stay consistent in your budget planning. This can also give an added push for you to work for prolonged hours.

There seemed to be a few downturns for weekly payments as it can be added weight for employers to close your cheques periodically; with increased monetary compensation, you may tend to spend more, the bank will levy multiple transactions charges, and sometimes you will be left with no money at the end of the month.

So now it’s your turn to decide whether you are okay with weekly or monthly payouts. But when you are well versed in financial management, there is no difference for any payroll.

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Legit Online Jobs That Pay Weekly

1. Participate In Paid Online Research

Earning Potential: Earn $1-$50+ Per Survey(+ Signup Bonuses).

Taking surveys is an easy and less time-consuming job that you can do whenever you are free.

This is not a typical job, nor is anyone going to hire you. All you need to do to earn through survey sites or apps is to register yourself on their website, complete your profile, and look for surveys that suit you and do them.

These surveys usually pay $3 – $5 per survey, which takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete. But here we have high-paying platforms like Vindale Research which pay up to $50 per survey.

Most of the platforms below pay you to surf the Internet, refer friends, watch videos, play games, do online shopping, and more.

Top Picks To Find Paid Online Surveys

  • Survey Junkie is one of the highest-paying survey apps on the internet, where you can earn around $5-$50 per survey. You can redeem your cash instantly to your bank account via Paypal, even if it is as little as $10.
  • Opinion Outpost – They pay $5 for every 3 to 4 surveys you take. Though the payment is low, you can get them into your account within 5-10 business days. So doing more surveys would help you earn more.
  • Pinecone Research– This is another high-paying platform to get paid to review products. You can earn $3 – $5 per survey and $7 per product test you perform.
  • InboxDollars – You will be paid for taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, etc. Earn a $5 instant bonus after the signup process. Join now and claim your bonus.
  • MindsPay –  This is one of the highest-paying platforms, with surveys paying up to $50 per survey. They pay on the 1st and 15th of every month on clockwork.
  • OpinionCity – You can earn $1 to $100 per survey. They curate all the best and high-paying surveys available on the internet in one place.

If you want to make more out of these survey platforms, I recommend joining multiple platforms and working in your free time. They will surely pay you off.

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2. Offer Proofreading Services

Earning Potential: Earn $600-$1,400+ Per Week.

Proofreading is one such market that still has a huge opportunity. Almost everyone looks for competent proofreaders, from website owners to university students, to make their content error-free.

Due to the increasing demand, it is very much possible to make around $50,000+ per year just by taking this as a freelancing opportunity.

Once you master this skill, there are several websites on the Internet to hire you as a freelance proofreader.

So, the next question is, where exactly is the necessity of proofreading services? –‘ Wherever the content is present.’, It means everywhere. May it be media, publishing organizations, blogs, magazines, print texts, businesses, etc.

Considering this high scope of opportunities, what are the requirements for us to be a part of it?

Proofreading Requirements

  • Proficiency and command of the language
  • Exceptional verbal & communication skills
  • The ability to spot errors and fix them
  • Excellent written and presentation skills
  • Hard-working nature and efficiency
  • Attention to detail and perseverance
  • Must have technical edge and flexibility.

Keeping aside skills, there must always be a clear-cut vision and plan of action to hail high in this field. There are many seniors who turned this gig into their full-time income potential with timely efforts.

So, learn in the below section how you can be a part of them and what are the necessary measures to be taken care of:

How To Start Proofreading SideHustle?

‘Talent(Hard Efforts) + Wrong path = Zero Results.’ No matter how hard you keep your efforts with talent, there won’t be visible results unless you are on the right path.

But how to find the right path to turn profitable proofreading? Skill building is the prime factor to be worked on, and for visible results in less time, it is highly preferable to pick one of the best proofreading courses.

We personally recommend Caitlin Pyle’s free 45-Minute Freelance proofreading workshop, which can absolutely be a smite to upskill yourself.

You can check her student testimonials before opting to know how well they are making thousands of dollars only after a few days of registering for her course.

What’s Next In Proofreading?

Finding a genuine platform to show your skills is the next needful step; here are a few best proofreading platforms to earn weekly.

Best Proofreading Platforms To Try

To-Do: Get started and watch this 45 Minute FREE Workshop for quick and better results. Find our well-written article where you can find companies that offer online proofreading jobs.


3. Become a Voice Over Artist on Fiverr

Earning Potential: Earn $700-$2,200+ Per Week.

A voice-over artist or voice actor job is a gratifying and creative job that pays weekly.

Being a voice-over artist, you need to provide your voice for various purposes like movies, commercials, audiobooks, animated shorts, award shows, podcasts, documentaries, announcements, etc.

You can find scope for this job almost everywhere, and there is no need to worry about income scale too. As it has one decent income potential range. But the main question is how to get started and what skills are required.

How To Become A Voice-Over Artist

  • Practice a necessitated voice
  • Pursue a Certified course
  • Constantly develop demo voice clips
  • Don’t Hesitate To Pick Any Voice Course
  • Learn Tips From Professionals
  • Join Auditions and perform
  • Market Your Skills and Join Job Platforms.

What’s Next In Voice Acting?

As voice acting is more flexible in nature with work hours, workplace, and reputation, there is high competition in this field. To sustain this competition, you need to be well-versed with proper voice-acting skills.

Right after fixing your setup, you better join the best voice-over acting course to see a change in your approach.

After gaining skills, you can register as a freelance voice actor on popular platforms like Fiverr and to gain a reputation and probable orders from clients from every corner.

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4. Day Trader

Earning Potential: Varies With Expertise!

Those with the slightest knowledge about trading feel this act is gambling, but it isn’t. This gig needs the most potential strategic efforts to deal with.

Once you have adapted to these needful skills, there is no way to turn back on trading than making it into a full-time income.

Trading is a proper way of predicting and using the market as an investment strategy. When you have sufficient knowledge, this gig can work wonders.

Before starting, remember a simple fact given by Alexander Elder- “The Goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is always secondary.” Good trade always brings you money along with ample knowledge.

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5. Work As A Virtual Assistant

Earning Potential: Earn $800-$2,000+ Per Week.

Working as a virtual assistant is one of those on-demand work-from-home jobs that pay weekly. ‘There are nearly 59% of Virtual assistants turned this business into their full-time income.’

And most of these employees work only 2.5 days a week, even though the average earning range will be competing with other gigs in the medium.

A virtual assistant is one who offers his support and services to companies, businesses, or even professionals virtually.

As hiring virtual assistants can reduce operating costs by about 78% and add a boost to business scaling, there is always a high demand for these aspirants. But how to get into this field?

Steps To Be A Virtual Assistant

  • Work on skill development upfront
  • Prepare your well-versed list of offers that you can provide
  • Make a note of all potential clients and platforms
  • Design your business plan and brand it with a name
  • Always determine your business structure and legalize it
  • Create an efficient marketing and promoting plan for it
  • Offer valued services and prioritize customer engagement.

Requirement of Virtual Assistance: There is a requirement for this service in every field that includes Administrative, social media, technology, accounting, designing, customer support, research, project management, etc.

How To Get Started As a Virtual Assistant Easily?

A basic infra like a computer, headphones, stable internet connection, and working skills are quite enough to perform your task. But considering your logical and problem-solving skills, you must have quick and proper solutions for these tasks.

How can you gain them? To turn this into your full-time income, you must have a long-term plan, and how to make this plan can be clearly mentioned by Gina Horkey, a successful VA who is making 6 figures with her effective plan.

To learn this plan and implementation techniques, you can check her 30 days or less Virtual Assistance course and join now to grab a chance for free time slots!

These techniques are already helping thousands of students via Horkey Hand Book Course, and you can refer to her student testimonials to learn their success stories as well.

There is no right time to be a part of this successful gig and easily earn $100+ by working a few hours daily.

Top Places To Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

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6. Virtual Call Center Jobs

Earning Potential: Earn $12-$14+ Per Hour.

The next on the list are call center jobs that are pretty easy and are primarily remote jobs that pay weekly.

This is one of those customer service segments that must be especially prioritized to scale the business and reputation.

The efficiency you being a call center representative effectively shows the results in the entity you are hired for. All you need to do is resolve issues for clients by interacting with them.

Where can we find genuine virtual call center jobs? Refer few of them below:

Best Companies For Virtual Call Centre Jobs

  • Call Center QA – This is a fun job where you need to mystery shop via phone calls, for which you will be paid $5 per call. You can receive weekly payments via Paypal.
  • VeraFast – You need to help their customers with newspaper subscriptions. One can easily earn $200 per week here.
  • Maritz Research – You need to conduct interviews via telephone, and you will be paid $10 per hour for doing so. The payments proceed every week.
  • Accolade –  You can work on flexible schedules with this company and earn around $7.25 to $9 per hour.
  • Pleio – Here, you are expected to support patients and check with them about their medications over the phone. Pay is $8 to $20 per hour
  • A Better Call – They look for experienced customer service agents to do B2B telemarketing for them and offer $20 per hour for this job.
  • Blue Zebra – You must set phone appointments and earn $15 to $25 per hour.
  • Needle – This chat agent job requires you to work over the internet rather than phone calls and helps you earn at least $10 an hour. Weekly payments via PayPal.
  • Westat – You can earn $8.25 per hour by working as a collection agent for them from home. 
  • American Support – They make weekly payments through direct bank deposits. You can earn around $15 per hour with them.
  • BloomsToday  – Order flowers for people on a phone call and earn $15 to $24 per hour.
  • CityTwist – This job is similar to the one at Blue Zebra. You can earn up to $12 per hour.

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7. Try Online Transcription Jobs

Earning Potential: Earn $600-$1,200+ Per Week.

Transcription jobs are those jobs where our task is to convert audio into a textual format either in written or typed text.

These jobs require concentration, good English, and communication skills. You need to carefully listen to an audio file and convert it into a text format as it is.

You can surf online easily for websites to find transcription jobs, and most of them are always hiring people.

Luckily, most of these companies offer entry-level jobs for beginners, but the pay is low if you are a complete beginner.

There are usually 3 types of transcriptions: 1. General Transcription, 2. Legal Transcription 3. Medical Transcription. Having experience would help you get higher hourly pay rates in any of the respective transcription fields.

After learning about the details of transcription, our next step is to learn how to start a career in transcription as a beginner.

How To Start A Transcription Career?

To start this career quickly, you need to have a few skills like communication, fast typing, listening, efficiency, patience, and technical skills.

But most people still suffer in their beginning days, even after having them. Do you know why?

The reason for their hardship is due to high competency, lack of awareness, and also falling trap to fake websites.

To help all those strugglers and newbies, Janet Shaughnessy, a transcription expert, and successful business owner, offers a FREE Mini Transcription Course that assists in learning everything about transcription.

This free course can help you learn to settle into a stable transcription job, take steps to make it profitable, find better opportunities, and also offer student testimonials to help future aspirants.

How To Find Legit Transcription Jobs?

The last relative task for you after inculcating reasonable information is to find the legit transcription jobs that are immediately hiring.

Transcription Companies That Pay You Weekly
  • GoTranscript – You can work as much or as little with them and earn 60 cents for every audio minute you transcribe. The payments are made weekly via Paypal.
  • Quicktate – You are flexible to work in your schedules. The payments are made every Monday. They pay $0.25 per audio minute for general transcription and $0.5 per audio minute for technical transcription.
  • Rev Transcription – This is one of the popular transcription companies that pays its transcribers every Monday via Paypal. You get to earn $0.40-$0.65 cents per audio minute.
  • TranscribeMe – This is the best place for transcribers who specialize in law or medicine. They have an opportunity to make $20 per hour quickly.
  • Scribie Transcription – This oldest transcription company allows employees to withdraw their income whenever they wish. You can easily earn $5 to $25 per audio hour here.
  • WeLocalize – This company offers weekly payments for transcribing songs, which is a fun job. You can make $4 per song.
  • Daily transcription – If you are from the US or Canada, you can earn $0.75 to $0.85 per audio minute by transcribing here and getting weekly payments.
  • Speechpad – They pay $0.25 to $1 per audio minute every Tuesday and Friday via Paypal.

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Work From Home Jobs That Pay Weekly

8. Become a Content Creator From Home

Earning Potential: Varies with Niche and Reach!

With all the advancements on the Internet, there has been a significant rise in earning opportunities through it. One way mandatory to be added to the list of jobs that pay weekly is content creation.

Content creation simply means producing educational or entertaining content to be made public through different mediums via visual, audio, or textual formats.

If you are good at creating licit and engaging content, this job is most ideal for you!

Different Types Of Content Creators:

Note: Depending on your knowledge and expertise, you can create content on multiple platforms and in varied ways to show your mark in fame and earnings too!

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9. Become A Freelancer on Fiverr and UpWork

Earning Potential: Differs along with tasks

“There are more than 1.2 Billion freelancers all across the world, and over 50% of these freelancers offer skilled services.”

About 36% of these freelancers are full-time earners from their gigs. Enough skills and talent will make you a successful freelancer if you consider it. But before that, what is required to be a freelancer?

How To Become A Successful Freelancer

  • Always decide your profitable niche(Based on your expertise)
  • Next, build your professional profile or portfolio
  • Work on your skills and always focus on quality
  • Find a targeted audience and show engagement
  • Always decide your price range and communication medium
  • Give a scope of the bargain to gain more sales conversions
  • If possible, create your own website or register on freelance websites
  • Market or promote your skills and achievements periodically.

Right after you are versed with the necessary steps to become a freelancer, your next task is to find a legit freelance job offering websites/apps.

Best Freelance Jobs Websites To Find Remote Jobs

  • Fiverr – You can fix your own rate here
  • Upwork – Earn along with your assignments
  • FlexJobs – Earning varies with task and location
  • SolidGigs – Here, your freelance leads decide your earnings
  • Cloud Peeps – Earn anywhere between $10-$50+ per gig.

What’s Next: Depending on your talent and expertise, you can find various freelancing offering platforms in this detailed article- 90+ Best Freelance Jobs Websites To Find Remote Freelance Work.

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10. Set Online Appointments From Home

Earning Potential: Earn $500-$1,800+ Per Week.

Have you ever imagined that you could even get paid to make phone calls? If not! This is the time for you to try and add this to the list of jobs that pay weekly.

But how is the question? As mentioned in the title, you need to book and schedule appointments for the clients according to the plan.

You will be paid hourly on an appointment-count basis, and additional allowances are added for prolonged hours.

Considering the availability of various companies, joining well-established companies like Blue Zebra can fetch you some decent bucks directly to your account on a weekly basis.

Note: Call rejections are on the higher side and could be boring by staying on the same course for long hours on calls.

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11. Online Tutoring Jobs That Pay Weekly

online tutoring jobs

Earning Potential: Earn $700-$1,400+ Per Week.

Another opportunity through which you can make a side income and get weekly payments is tutoring. There is a great need for tutors all the time, so why not you be the one?

If there is something to be mentioned about tutoring, it is a highly fascinating job where everyone who works as a tutor definitely has a fulfilling experience.

This job always provides us with that extra scope to share every valuable piece of information in return for love, affection, respect, and a valued income source.

Skills Required To Be A Tutor

  • Expertise in any relative subject
  • Ability to handle students
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Empathy and confidentiality
  • Problem-solving skills and leadership
  • Time management and Testing skills.

Educational Qualification: Relevant degree and certification for tutoring. Prior teaching experience is highly preferable.

Considering the flexibility and reputation of these jobs, opportunities are also on the higher side. Here are a few online tutoring companies that pay weekly:

  • InstaEdu – This online tutoring company offers tutors who can teach anything ranging from Kindergarten subjects to college courses. They pay $20 per hour, which you can withdraw weekly.
  • NiceTalk  – If you are experienced in teaching English, this job is for you. They offer pay of $10 per hour that is done weekly.
  • Chegg – If you are 18+ and are interested in teaching with a bit of experience (only for specific subjects), then Chegg is ready to hire you. You can earn $20 per hour and get paid via Paypal every Thursday.
  • MathElf – Are you a math pro? Then you can easily make $30 per hour by online tutoring at MathElf and get paid weekly. 
  • Studypool – The working of this tutoring job is a bit different and is based on bidding; however, all the money you earn here will be paid weekly via Paypal.

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12. Freelance Writing Jobs That Pay Weekly

Earning Potential: Earn $600-$1,300+ Per Week(Varies with expertise).

Writers are always in need of the industry. No matter whether it is a publishing house, an advertisement company, a blog, or anything else, writers have a huge role to play everywhere.

Along with the demand, there is a lot of flexibility in the freelance writing job, which you can make encash happily from the comfort of your home.

Freelance writing is a business/side hustle one can start independently without relying on any company or person. But these companies are great places to gain some experience.

Once you get the experience, you can start working for your clients to make more money depending on their requirements, like expository, persuasive, letter, or narrative style of content.

Likewise, Holly Johnson has started her freelance writing business from home, and now she is making around $200,000+ a year as a freelance writer.

If you want to know how she built her business, I recommend you attend her Earn More Writing FREE Workshop, where you can learn her tips and strategies.

Here are some places where you can find writing jobs/companies that pay weekly.

Best Freelance Writing Websites

  • iWriter –  This content and article writing service hires people to write for them. They pay the writers every Tuesday via Paypal once the earnings reach $20 per week.
  • Verbilo – This is a blog and content writing services company for all kinds of enterprises which was formerly known as BlogMutt. They hire writers from the US only. Paym events are made on Monday every week via Paypal.
  • ArticleMarketing Co. – They hire writers from the US and Canada to write blogs on different topics and pay them via Paypal every week.
  • TextBroker – They hire writers who are native English speakers only and pay 5 cents per word, one of the highest rates in the market. Get paid weekly via Paypal with them.
  • BoostCTR You can find advertisement copywriting jobs here that can be done from home. Earn competitive market rates weekly into your account.
  • HireWriters – This company pays its writers at the rate of $20 per article. However, they hire only from the US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, the UK, and Newzealand. Bonuses from clients are a bonus point if you wish to join them. Payments are made every Friday. 
  • London Brokers – This is an online publishing company and also the leading provider of online freelance writing jobs. They pay on Tuesdays and Fridays via Paypal or Payoneer.

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13. Weekly Paying Data Entry Jobs

Earning Potential: Earn $600-$1,300+ Per Week.

Data entry jobs are the most sought-after side jobs. Though they don’t make you rich overnight, they contribute well to your pocket.

To know more about data entry, this gig is about transcribing information into different mediums by using computer programs. This can be handwritten data, image data, spreadsheet information, name and address data, etc.

Data entry jobs are found everywhere, like Banking, Retail, IT Business, Medical field, Personal firms, etc.

To join these jobs, you must be proficient in typing, communication, efficiency, technical edge, and various data entry techniques like data tagging, annotation, capturing, and transcription.

Find some decent data entry jobs that pay weekly below:

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14. Test & Review Websites / Apps

Earning Potential: Earn $600-$3,000+ Per Week.

Earn money by testing the apps or websites that are about to launch or before releasing the updated versions. This is an easy and well-paying side hustle if you love everything about the internet.

There are many hidden advantages of working as a tester; you can directly help companies to improve their quality and efficiency.

You can get access to apps/websites before releasing them into the market, and if you are working for a product-based company, you can have many free products and perks too.

So where can we find these jobs? Many of these jobs are mentioned online, but be careful and conduct background research before opting for them. Here we mention a few top-listed companies; give them a try.

Platforms To Test Apps And Websites

  • User Testing – They require you to pass a test before offering you any testing opportunities. Once you are eligible, you can find your tasks in your email for completion which you will be paid $10 per test via Paypal after 7 days of completion.
  • Userfeel This is another website testing company that pays its employees weekly. They also pay $10 per test via Paypal.
  • TestingTime – You can earn around $50 for each test that lasts 30 to 60 minutes. You can receive your earnings every week via Paypal.
  • TryMyUI Payments are made every Friday via Paypal. Earn $10 per test here.
  • Userlytics – You can provide feedback on startups, websites, apps, and many other things here and earn $10 per each of them.
  • Respondent – This is one of the highest-paying companies on the list, where you can earn up to $40 per test.
  • StartUpLift You can earn by reviewing startup websites here, for which you will be paid $5 per test.
  • Validately They pay within a week of your taking the test. Earn $5 per website test and $25 for a live test.

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15. Translation Jobs

Earning Potential: Earn $700-$2,000+ Per Week.

By name, most of you can understand the task involved in this gig. The translation is converting text format from one language to another.

Depending on your task, translation also can be termed as Interpretation, and you are called an interpreter; here, you translate orally.

Qualities Of A Good Translator:

  • You must be professionally qualified
  • Skilled enough and have expertise in a specific domain
  • Must have a sophisticated firm hold on languages
  • Good listening skills with proper accuracy
  • Writing skills for translating languages
  • Attention to detail and computer skills
  • Time management and efficiency.

You can find many opportunities when you tend to check for these jobs on the internet, but the main problem is their genuineness. Many fake companies ask for your services and leave you without payment.

So being careful and finding the fitting room is the primer. Finding the right translation job can be tricky as automated bots lure your data and create a falsetto. So what to do now?

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Jobs That Pay Weekly Near Me

16. Package Delivery Driver Jobs

Earning Potential: Earn $700-$1,700+ Per Week.

If you are good at driving and want to assist people with time paucity, this gig is for you.

There are many delivery service offering companies; find your place among them and show your delivery skills to earn some added rewards.

Here you can have the flexibility in fixing your work schedule, and the hourly rate can vary along with distance and the delivery item.

Best Companies That Offer Delivery Driver Jobs:

Note: This job has the advantage of being less stressful with additional tips and also having a chance to explore every nook and corner of the city. Sometimes continuous orders can turn hectic!

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17. Tour & Travel Consultant

Earning Potential: Varies with place and tourists.

If you have command over different locations and can provide a proper itinerary for the whole trip, this gig can definitely be at one of the places in jobs that pay weekly.

Depending on your flexibility, you can join this part-time or full-time; many employers pay for this weekly or daily.

Traveling is something that never gets its demand down, so never worry about opportunities, but make sure your services stand out from the rest to keep up with the competition.

Types of Travel & Tour Consultants:

  • Travel Coordinator (Earn $21-$32+ Per Hour)
  • Reservation Agent (Earn $25-$38+ Per Hour)
  • Travel Consultant (Earn $23-$30+ Per Hour)
  • Trained Tourist Guide (Earn $13-$19 Per Hour)
  • Tourism Coordinator (Earn $24-$31+ Per Hour).


18. Pet Sitting

Earning Potential: Earn $450-$1,300+ Per Week.

Petsitting is one of the most exciting and stress-free jobs to be taken by anyone. Here you are a pet sitter responsible for taking care of the pets of their owners who handed them over to you for attention care.

Your roles probably include pet walking, Feeding it at the right time, grooming, filling it with water, and behavior training.

If you want to become a full-time pet sitter, you need to pursue a high school diploma and skills to train animals. If you are really interested, you can try these 21 Coolest Jobs Working With Animals.

Note: With interest, you can also be an animal rescuer, like an Animal welfare veteran, Animal Lawyer, Wildlife rehabilitator, Animal control officer, and Pet adoption counselor.

Top Pet-Sitting Companies

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19. Babysitting Jobs

Earning Potential: Earn $600-$1,300+ Per Week.

If you can show care and affection towards babies, there are lots of opportunities for you to earn passively from babysitting.

Baby sitter has the following tasks to be taken care of: Entertaining the baby, training them, feeding them with food and water, changing dresses, grooming them, etc.

This job needs attentive care as babies are sensitive and can easily trigger changes in their moods. Your main task is to make sure they are comfortable with you.

If you are interested but have no idea how to handle them, you can get trained at American Red Cross BabySitter’s Training Course; this can also help your personal family life.

What’s Next: After learning to handle the babies, you can try these 10 Best Babysitting Jobs for Kids Lovers To Earn.


20. Caregiver

Earning Potential: Earn $400-$800+ Per Week.

“Caring for others is an expression of what it means to be fully human.” There are lots of people who need attention from others, whether it can be for medical or psychological purposes.

This is the time for you to grab this chance and show your affection and care towards them to get rewarded with love as well as money.

For this to achieve, you need to ace your communication, organizing skills, attentiveness, and time management. You must conjoin all your abilities to ensure the needy recover and develop from their state soon.

What’s Next: You must pursue a relevant degree, try apprenticeships, get trained with certifications, and apply for a caregiver job. 


21. Food Delivery Driver

Earning Potential: Earn $700-$1,700+ Per Week.

In recent times there has been significant growth in food delivery jobs; with advanced digitization and the comfort of eating at home, people often prefer to order food at home.

Undoubtedly, the continuous efforts of food delivery drivers have made these food delivery apps so successful. There is no better time to join a group or organization than now if you want to make a difference!

As a food delivery driver, you can work flexible hours and locations and have absolute control over your life.

In addition to the job earnings, you can also earn perks, allowances, surge time bonuses, peak hour bonuses, and tips from valued customers.

How To Get Started: Get a valid driving license with a clean driving record. Then apply as a food delivery partner with various food delivery platforms.

Best Platforms That Offer Food Delivery Jobs

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22. Contract Jobs

Earning Potential: Varies along with the job/task.

Contract jobs are the best fit if you are looking for a specific period of work to adapt to the functionality or want to work on skill development.

Here you being in this position, are hired for a specific job only for a specific period. The nature of the job here can be part-time or full-time for a predetermined period with a fixed amount.

Companies hire candidates on a contract base in order to be cost-efficient and flexible in their work nature.

You need to edge this opportunity to get control over your career, gain work experience, and adjustable work hours to build your own side hustle later.

Read: 44 Side Hustle Ideas to Make an Extra Income.


Full-Time Jobs That Pay Weekly

23. Copywriting Jobs

Earning Potential: Earn $600-$1,500+ Per Week.

Copywriting is another best one to add to jobs that pay weekly, similar to freelance writing; here, you create textual content that meets the client’s requirements.

This gig has decent income potential with lots of opportunities; all you need is elaborative and enticing writing skills with a high grammar punch.

As a copywriter, you must create informative content for Catalogues, Blogs, Advertisements, Magazines, Websites, Print Media, etc.

You can start your freelance copywriting career with minimum infra like a computer and a stable internet connection. Working on Attention to detail, Communication skills, and Creativity can make you stand out from the crowd.

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24. Retail Sales Person

Earning Potential: Earn $500-$1,200+ Per Week.

Retail salespersons will be the front faces for all the retail outlets! Most of the sale conversions will highly depend on them.

They are the main bridge between customers and the stores. This field has a high level of opportunities as there is a requirement almost everywhere.

Tasks Of A Retail Sales Person:

  • Greet and help customers to shop
  • Recommend solutions for their selection
  • Give necessary-timely suggestions
  • Provide proper product demonstrations
  • Sell and market products for sale conversions
  • Provide rightful customer service
  • Organize and lead the team for better sales.

What’s Next: You can join at any departmental store, brand retail stores, or even at specialty stores. Find them easily by entering a string-“Retail Jobs That Pay Weekly.”

Read: 35 Legit Work From Home Sales Jobs To Try [$5k/Month].


25. Customer Support Representative

Earning Potential: Earn $600-$1,300+ Per Week.

Are you an enthusiast of listening and clearing others’ problems? If Yes! This job is perfectly apt for you.

All you need to do here is to attend to the queries of the customers via call or even sometimes get paid to reply to emails too. There is a requirement in every known field for them, so you will never be out of opportunities.

Considering the fact that “On average, 58% of consumers switch companies or opt for others because of poor customer support service.” For this to tackle, every company looks for a valued representative to be employed.

So be that engaging person by building rightful skills like communication, interpersonal skills, patience, problem-solving skills, and the nature of dealing with clients.

Platforms To Find Customer Service Representative Jobs:


26. Bartender

Earning Potential: Earn $400-$1,600+ Per Week.

Have you ever tasted the best drink in the bar? and felt how well this has blended? The complete credit for this is for the bartender.

The bartender is the person who presents and mixes the drinks for you at the bar. This is one of the industry’s most preferred full-time jobs that pay weekly.

In order to get started with this, you must have good presentation skills and be aware of all the blending techniques with different flavors.

Employment Sector For Bartenders: Bars, Pubs, Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Cruiseships, Casinos, and a few catering companies.

What’s Next: A diploma or craftsmanship certificate course in Bartending is required to serve as a full-time bartender.


27. Chat Support Jobs

Earning Potential: Earn $500-$1,400+ Per week.

There are few gigs we perform in our daily routine without knowing that we can earn from them; one on the list is getting paid to chat!

This segment of jobs is related to customer support, where you need to assist the customers through a chat box. You can also work flexible hours depending on the terms of your entity.

You can also work without leaving the comfort of your home by just having a computer, a good internet connection, typing skills, and decent language command.

Top Chat Support Jobs From Home

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28. Receptionist

Earning Potential: Earn $600-$1,200+ Per Week.

This is one of the hospitality industry’s finest and most reputable full-time jobs that pay weekly. Being a receptionist, you are responsible for handling and greeting the guests.

You need to manage guest lists, clients, and potential visitors to your place. Apart from all this, you must also follow up on the queries and issue resolvents for the clients.

If you can handle clerical work added with some organizational behavior, there is no looking back for you in this field.

Employment Sector For Receptionists: Hotels, Offices, Saloons, Spas, Medical Institutions, Schools, Companies, etc.


Part-Time Jobs That Pay Weekly

29. Packaging Jobs

Earning Potential: Earn $700-$1,200+ Per Week.

Packaging jobs are those jobs where the tasks are like wrapping, packing, shipping, designing, organizing, and also displaying the items.

This industry also offers varied and many opportunities for aspirants. Time management, organizational and packing skills are all you need to start.

Packaging Careers: Packer, Stocker, Assembly Technician, Loader, Shipping Coordinator, Packaging Operator, Quality Assurance Manager.


30. Plumbers

Earning Potential: Earn $600-$1,600+ Per Week.

Every construction needs a hand of a plumber, and opportunities are always on the higher end. If you want to gig where there is no requirement for any college degree, this can be the one.

As a plumber, you are responsible for maintaining sanitary segments, water supply management, leakage dues, and installing new pipeline connections.

What’s Next: Learn the technicalities of plumbing work, join an apprenticeship, practice live, and for more opportunities, you can also get licenses and certifications.


31. Electricians

Earning Potential: Earn $700-$1,600+ Per Week.

With modernization, opportunities for electricians are ubiquitous. Electricians usually work on electrical systems, connections, and networks across all domestic and industrial places.

You need to be extra cautious while performing these tasks, as it can be risky with current shocks.

Tasks here mainly include repairing and fixing electrical connections, repairing appliances, resolving electrical hazards, and planting new connections.

What’s Next: For a full-time career in this field, you need to get accredited with an Electrotechnology electrician and undergo an apprenticeship.


32. Restaurant Server

Earning Potential: Earn $400-$1,500+ Per Week.

The server is the one who delivers food to your table from the restaurant kitchen, and they play a very crucial role in your food journey.

You can find many part-time and full-time opportunities for this post. Get well-versed with menu items, behavioral skills, customer approach, and proper communication.

What’s Next: Find these jobs in your local area, build your portfolio, apply for jobs online, and gain skills.


33. Security Officer

Earning Potential: Earn $700-$1,400+ Per Week.

A security officer is one of the most well-respected positions to be added to the list of jobs that pay weekly. You must be trained physically and versed in quick rightful decision-making skills.

Your duty is to protect, safeguard, and curb illegal activities, thefts, loitering, vandalism, and forceful assaults on the entity.

Employment Sector For Security Officers: Companies, Banks, Households, Retails Stores, Malls, Public Areas, Hotels, Transit Stations, etc.


34. Landscaper

Earning Potential: Earn $800-$1,600+ Per Week.

A landscaper makes the surroundings clean, safe, and also beautiful. You can also be termed a gardener, as your prime goal is to take care of the ambiance and well-being of the garden.

Landscapers are often responsible for everyday tasks like gardening, seeding, mowing, planting, lawn management, weeding, lawn designing, and turfing.

What’s Next: Find the opportunities nearby and show your interest as work passion by knowing your client’s requirements.


35. Roofing Contracts

Earning Potential: Ear $500-$2,300+ Per Week(Also varies with contracts).

This gig is related to the construction field. A professional roofing contractor will hold experience, knowledge, and design ideas for the building rooftops.

Apart from roofing construction, you must also have a grip on waterproofing solutions, design alterations, sheeting, etc.

Most of the cases encountered in your journey are for repairing works. To attract more clients, stick to the city building code, quality work, cost-effectiveness, precise planning, and strict time schedules.


36. Mechanics

Earning Potential: Earn $500-$2,200+ Per Week.

The mechanic is the individual who works on the functioning of the vehicle, whether fitting new spare parts or repairing a malfunctioned vehicle.

This gig can also be added to the part-time jobs that pay weekly, as it is likely known that we cannot predict when the vehicles can get into trouble.

You need not be contained to your mechanic shed, but you can also attest your number on the internet (through your Google My Business page or a dedicated website) so that the needy near your location can directly contact you to visit the location.

Fix your flexible work schedules, and you can also gain an additional edge of time to create alternate side hustles.


37. Social Media Manager

Earning Potential: Earn $600-$1,600+ Per Week.

Every brand needs promotion; without promotions, no brand can reach the targeted audience.

Nowadays, most of these brand promotions are done through social media. The one who handles this process is called Social Media Manager.

Here are a few responsibilities you need to hold being Social Media Manager: Social Influencing, Brand promotions, Social Listening, Social Selling, Social Networking, etc.

Skills Required To Be a Social Media Manager:

  • Copywriting skills
  • Graphic Designing
  • Ad Promotion Skills
  • Customer Oriented Approach
  • Research and Implementation skills

What’s next: To show your mark, constantly get updated with the social media presence and ongoing trends on the internet, and always be ahead in promotions by defining your services.


Micro Jobs That Pay Weekly

38. Amazon MTurk

Earning Potential: Earn $50+ Weekly.

Amazon Mechanical Turk, or Amazon MTurk, is one of those crowdsourcing marketplaces that mainly makes it easier for various businesses and individuals to outsource their jobs and businesses to distributed workforce all across the globe.

Here you can be part of them to perform various micro-tasks to earn from relevant tasks with weekly or daily payments.

The points you need to keep in mind here are that every task has some fixed time schedule and client requirement; make sure you reach those expectations within that limited time frame to earn more gigs.

They offer many known micro tasks like Data Processing, Paid online surveys, Image processing, Data Verification, writing content, editing, transcribing, translating, etc.

Next To Do: Get yourself registered with Amazon MTurk, and constantly find updates about the micro gigs available on their portal.

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39. Clickworker

Earning Potential: Variable Weekly PayPal Payouts.

One of the popular platforms that provide AI-based outputs to clients all across the world. There are more than 4.5 million registered click workers, and now is the time to add your name.

Clickworkers are a coordinated team of Internet professionals who input their micro tasks skills using their personal computers or mobile phones.

There is leverage in working on a freelance basis along with flexible working hours. Earn as per assignment basis after completion of every task.

What’s Next: Download the Clickworker app or access their website to learn how to join their platform.


Retail Jobs That Pay Weekly


40. Field Agent

Earning Potential: Earn $400-$1,500+ Per Week(Varies with tasks).

Field Agent is a platform where you need to be an agent to perform various micro tasks listed for clients’ needs.

This company is on a mission to transform and project the way the world collects business information and insights.

In simple terms, it crowdsources smartphones to provide world-class audits, product reviews, sales, mystery shopping, and many more.

As a result of harnessing the shopper’s smartphone, brands, retailers, and agencies are able to fix, sell, learn, spot, and grow.


41. Retail Cashier

Earning Potential: Earn $400-$700+ Per Week(Beginner).

You all must be aware of cashiers; these are those individuals who handle whole financial transactions between clients and the stores.

If you want to consider this as one of the retail jobs that pay weekly, you must be well-versed in all financial calculations and audits.

You must receive and process the payments in standard procedures and be self-accountable.

To make this your full-time income, you need to hold a degree and skills in calculating, multitasking, paying attention, paper works, and recording.


42. Mystery Shopper Jobs

Earning Potential: Earn $300-$1,800+ Per Week.

Do you know there are more than 1.6 million mystery shoppers all over the world? This is a $1.6 billion-a-year industry(Stats: MSA) that must need special attention.

Most market research companies hire mystery shoppers to perform specific tasks; there is always flexibility to work part-time or full-time in this field.

The added advantage of being a Mystery shopper is that you can earn free goodies, samples, and even complimentary services from selective companies.

High-Paying Mystery Shopping Jobs:

What’s Next: Considering the complexity of fake companies all over the internet, finding legal mystery shopping companies is pretty tough. To find top companies easily, refer to our detailed list of Mystery Shopper Jobs To Try [Earn $30+/Hr].


Jobs That Pay Weekly For 15, 16, & 17-Year-olds

43. Movie Theater Crew

Earning Potential: Earn $500-$1,000+ Per Week.

Who all together are ardent admirers of films, right? What we say is you, a teenager, can get an opportunity to work as a movie theatre crew, which can elevate many perks.

Interesting right? If you can spare your time in this segment, like issuing tickets, organizing the crowd, selling snacks, checking the property, and greeting the people, you can definitely make this to your list of jobs that pay weekly for 15,16, & 17-year-olds.

Most often, we find these crew members to be teenagers who work part-time to supplement their expenses, and now, this is the time for you to do the same! What are you waiting for?

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44. House Cleaning / Housekeeping

Earning Potential: Earn $500-$1,100+ Per Week.

Most teeners are good at organizing their things and surroundings; this is the time for them to do this for others and earn some decent bucks in return.

If you can also do this, join any hotel or household to organize, clean, and maintain the property in your free time. Though this work needs serious attention, the rewards are worth mentioning.

To be a full-timer in this field, you can pick any reputed hotel and enjoy all the perks and allowances by showing utmost care and progress in your work.


45. Lifeguard

Earning Potential: Earn $400-$900+ Per Week(+Added Tips)

Are you at an ace level in your swimming skills? What if I say you can show these skills in saving others’ life with satisfaction and monetary compensation? Try worthy, Isn’t It?

Learning some skills can not only help us to sustain hard times but can also make us save others; one of those is swimming.

Being a lifeguard means being placed at swimming pools, beaches, rivers, and amusement parks.

You need to monitor and rescue if needed when someone is in danger with water. Before on-field placement, they will train you in basic CPR and first aid.

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46. Play Area Monitor

Earning Potential: Earn $400-$750+ Per Week.

Nowadays, we can likely find play areas almost everywhere, and so is the demand for play area monitors.

If you want to be part of this field, you must take care of the playing property, look after the kids, entertain them, and keep the play area clean.

Apart from that, you need to provide gaming kits and receive them back. The best part is that it is always fun watching kids playing.


47. Busser

Earning Potential: Earn $300-$800+ Per Week.

Busser is the one who we can find in every restaurant and hotel. This is one of the best jobs for teenagers as it includes attractive tips depending on your work and restaurant policies.

Your work includes preparing dining areas and decorating tables with candles, napkins, flowers, condiments, and cutlery.

Apart from them, you also need to serve plates, glasses, and beverages and clean them after the customers leave.

Note: You can also have the flexibility to work different shifts, weekends, and holidays. So you can, with doubt, add this to the weekly paying jobs list.


Warehouse Jobs That Pay Weekly

48. Kelly Connect

Earning Potential: Earn $500-$1,200+ Per Week.

Kelly Connect is a customer-centric company that offers the best workforce solutions for clients beyond their expectations.

You can be part of this organization as they include varied talents who embrace their culture of service, teamwork, and integrity.

They have their roots positioned in sectors like consumer product support, customer support, Manufacturing, Law services, IT sector, health care, etc. Offer your customer interaction by effectively conquering market challenges.

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49. Test Products (Quality Checking)

Earning Potential: Earn $500-$1,700+ Per Week(+ Bonuses).

A company must test its products before they release them to ensure quality, proper insights, attention to detail, customer-centricity, and durability.

Here your task is to receive products and provide genuine reviews for them in written or video format, depending on the need.

High Paying Platforms To Test Products:

What’s Next: There are lots of genuine platforms where you can test and review websites for exciting rewards; to know, you can refer to our article on 35 Unique Ways To Get Paid To Test Products.


50. Seasonal Associate

Earning Potential: Earn $400-$800+ Per Week.

Seasonal Associates work in a particular season in the year, and this can preferably be in the holiday season.

You can opt for this gig during your school holiday break and earn a few chunks to spend on your own. You can join restaurants, hotels, local stores, parks, public places, etc.

All you need is to perform tasks assigned by your recruiter and earn rewards in return. If you cannot find them locally, you can also take aid from platforms like Amazon jobs, Target Jobs, Minted Jobs, etc.


51. Voice Log

Earning Potential: Earn $600-$1,100+ Per Week.

Voicelog is one of the best platforms to be added to our jobs list that pays weekly. This company provides superior third-party verifications(TPV), call recording services, and post-sales assessments.

Throughout the United States and Canada, this company is one of the most trusted partners in industries such as Telecom, Energy, Healthcare, IT, etc.

You can be part of this institution now; refer to their career opportunities section to know more about vacancies.


Pros On Cons Of Weekly Payroll

  • Help for the patterned flow of finances
  • Payments are way sooner
  • Better time management
  • It can help in financial control
  • Feel more convenience in the structure
  • Effective payments reflect work efficiency
  • Leave us with less cash at month-end
  • Will be an added weight being an employer
  • Multiple transactional charges are levied
  • Change in spending patterns with money flow
  • Tough to manage auto-debt repayments


Jobs That Pay Weekly – Final Note

So these are all the companies that pay you weekly, which we have listed after significant research. We also hope you liked all these side hustles and found the companies list that pays weekly helpful.

Keeping aside all this information:

We would like you to focus on earnings and multiple streams of income more important than the payrolls. In the longer term, you are limiting your earning capacity if you are focussing on a salaried or a single source of income.

For this, the above-mentioned jobs would be much more valuable for beginners, side hustlers, and also for work-from-home job seekers.

Anyone looking for a full-time job can even try these jobs first-hand as a sort of training to learn about the industry and work experience.


FAQs on Jobs That Pay Weekly

Does Amazon Pay Weekly or Bi-Weekly?

Most of the jobs on Amazon have weekly payments; previously, there were also roles that paid biweekly.

It has changed some of its roles from monthly to biweekly pay schedules. These payouts can vary along with the region and the nature of the job you possess.


Do Starbucks Employees Get Paid Weekly?

Considering the mixed opinions of its employees, Starbucks usually changes its payroll policies. But in most cases, it opts for weekly or Biweekly payouts for its employees.

Hourly pay from Starbucks ranges between $9-$17 Per hour.


Does Target Pay Weekly?

Target doesn’t precisely follow weekly payrolls! But in Australia and Europe, it follows fortnight payments settled on Saturday night. It states that biweekly payments increased its overall productivity.

This company’s hourly pay ranges from $12-$22+ Per Hour. Every $2 is a bonus for an extra hour after the work hour limit.


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