25 Real Companies Offering Work At Home Jobs Worldwide

Nowadays, many people look for work at home jobs worldwide. It is solely due to the availability of the internet throughout the world.

Additionally, everyone now wants to have their social freedom, from stay-at-home moms to even college students. All of these reasons are behind the boom of the work-from-home culture, as well as the freelance market, throughout the world.

A study conducted recently by the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that work from home employment increased from 19% to 23% between 2003 and 2014.

And, they have already predicted that it will further increase during the current decade. Another study also finds that around 28.38 million people work full-time or part-time from their homes in the United States alone.

If you are the one who wants to work with MNC companies without leaving your home, then you are in the right place. We have done our research on searching for the best companies to work at home from anywhere in the world.

Here we have listed what we found legit and worth trying companies that offer worldwide jobs for everyone. Go through the list to find the best for you!


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What Are The Actual Benefits of Work At Home Jobs Worldwide?

First of all, online jobs offer the comfort of home, as a service provider can do all the work from the house itself. So, from the stay at home parents to retired people can do this type of job without leaving the comfort of their home.

Secondly, most online jobs offer work-timing flexibility. Anyone can choose his or her preferred time of working while doing this job. So, anyone can do it after their daily chores or even after their full-time job.

Online jobs or the jobs that can be done from home eliminate the commuting charges. This means you can save all the money that you’d otherwise be spending just to travel to and from your work in case of any office-based jobs.


What Requirements Do You Need To Be Able To Work From Home?

The basic requirement to apply for any work from home job varies from one project to the other. Suppose you prefer data entry projects; then you need to have a good typing speed.

And if you prefer to take translation projects, you need to have a strong grip over at least two languages. For all work from home jobs, you need to have high-speed internet connectivity along with an updated computer.

Besides, many job opportunities like customer support or voice-over acting also need you to have good audio equipment. It is also necessary to have your own workplace at your house.


25 Companies Offering Work At Home Jobs Worldwide

Several companies all over the globe now offer online jobs. But, it is really difficult to figure out the legit companies that will pay after the project submission. And for that, our team tried and tested several websites to come up with this unique list of legit online jobs.


1. Listverse

If you have a flair for writing and looking for remote earning opportunities, then Listverse is one of the best options for providing work at home jobs worldwide. Right now, this company accepts listicles from talented writers all over the world.

This company currently pays up to $100 per article. But, you need to check your topic on their website as they don’t accept topics pre-existing on their site. Once approved, you’ll get your payment directly in your PayPal account.


2. OnlineBookClub

Known for providing customizable online bookshelves, OnlineBookClub now hires talented reviewers from all over the world. You just need to thoroughly read the assigned book and then give your review.

This company currently pays around $50 per book. However, the final payment can vary according to the type of book. Besides the regular book review, you can also take part in their daily giveaway contest to increase your monthly income.


3. Talentdesire

Already popular as one of the highest-paying data entry companies, Talentdesire now also offers translation and transcription projects. As a part of this freelance team, you can take any kind of microtasks available on their job board.

For each 300-word short article, they currently pay around $3. However, you can earn as high as $6 for that same content with increased experience. The earning potential will vary on a project-to-project basis.


4. Axion Data Services

If you are looking for legit data entry service opportunities, then AxionDataServices is one of the ideal options. They now offer freelance opportunities for enthusiastic people from all over the globe. You can earn around $2 per record while working for this company.

Right now, they only accept applications from those people who already have more than 2 years of experience in the data entry industry. Besides having a good computer and high-speed internet connectivity, they want you to have a typing speed of at least 50 WPM.


5. Gengo

With a team of 21k talented transcribers and proofreaders, Gengo has made its name as one of the pioneers of the freelance industry. And, they accept joining requests from all over the world to expand their team.

The joining procedure is simple, and they also assure an endless supply of available projects. But, you need to have a good understanding of all the aspects of English or any other language. Besides, they also expect you to have a good typing speed.


6. Writer Access

If you are looking for work-at-home jobs worldwide and also have the talent to write unique content, then Writer Access is probably the best option for you. By joining this platform as a freelance writer, you can also showcase your writing talent besides earning money.

This company currently offers up to $0.08 per word for general content. But, you can earn as high as $2 per word if you write on some specific niches. Their inbuilt algorithm, StyleMetrics Matcher, automatically finds the best projects for you.


7. Transitions Abroad

There’s no doubt that everyone loves to travel, but very few of us note down our whole travel stories. But now, Transitions Abroad offers a great opportunity for enthusiastic travel writers from all over the world.

You can simply submit your travelogue and earn up to $150 per article, working for them. You need to have a flair in writing. Besides, you must have the capability to tell your travel stories excitingly and engagingly.

They usually accept or reject the article within 2-3 business days once you submit your travelogue.


8. Go Transcript

Transcription is undoubtedly among the best work-at-home jobs worldwide. And now, GoTranscript offers this opportunity to talented transcribers all over the world where you can earn up to $0.60 per audio or video minute.

You can easily join this platform by submitting your latest resume. It is not at all difficult to earn around $200-$500 per month by investing a few hours per week.


9. USA Contact Point

If you have strong communication skills, along with the patience to deal with customers, then you can easily make money through this job. USA Contact Point now offers this opportunity to talented people. This company mainly focuses on monitoring its customers’ credit scores.

You will have an edge during the selection procedure if you have a finance or accountancy background. Right now, this company offers up to $0.44 per minute to their freelance customer support agents.


10. Voices

Voiceover acting is one of the next big things of the 21st century. And, if you have the required skill and tonal quality, then you can easily join Voices to make money. It is not difficult to earn up to $10k per month just with your voice if you are talented enough.

You can make a basic account on this website completely free of charge. But for more features and increased visibility, you can earn a premium account that will cost you $499 per year. The final payout of each project will vary according to the client.


11. Capital Typing

Since its establishment in 2002, CapitalTyping has provided genuine data entry projects to its freelance members. Besides, they now offer translation, transcription, and market research projects. And, they provide one of the most competitive rates.

The final pay differs from project to project, depending on the difficulty of the project. However, you can choose your assignment freehandedly to increase your earning potential. This company also offers enough flexibility for work timings.


12. Skyword

One of the biggest names in the content market, Skyword, now has more than 400 reputed companies in its client list. And now, they offer various projects of content creation to talented writers all over the world.

You can also take up graphic designing projects from this company. Besides, they now offer photography and videography projects. This company has already paid more than $30 million to its freelance members.


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13. SliceThePie

If you love to listen to good music and also want to earn money from it, then SliceThePie is the best option for you. Upon joining this community, you can receive up to $0.15 per music track by reviewing it.

It will take just a few minutes to review each music track that they assign. And now, they also offer product review projects to their freelance members. And obviously, product reviews can earn you much more than music reviews.


14. HireWriters

Many people prefer to write short content to showcase their full writing potential. And for them, HireWriters is one of the best options that currently pay a base rate of $1.50 per 300-word article.

The payment can be much higher if you are talented enough and constantly get a good rating from the clients. The joining procedure is quite easy, as you need to fill up a simple form to start taking writing projects.


15. VoiceBunny

Besides the Voices, VoiceBunny, too, offers high-paying voiceover projects to talented people from around the world. It now has more than 28k voiceover artists that offer voice acting in more than 50 different languages starting from English to Russian.

You can easily join this platform by filling a short form and then uploading a voice sample. Besides, you also need to have your voice production studio with a good microphone. But remember that the final payout of each project will depend on several factors.


16. SmartLocating

Headquartered in Houston, SmartLocating mainly focuses on leasing real estate properties and apartments. And to maintain their data related to real estate, they often need data entry operators. Besides, they offer one of the best rates in the data entry market.

You need to keep an eye on their career page to grab the opportunity once it is available. You also need to have an updated computer with high-speed internet connectivity. It is better if you have a good typing speed to increase your earning potential.


17. Verilogue

Starting from transcription to transcription and even market research, Verilogue now offers several great projects to its freelance members. This company mainly focuses on the healthcare industry.

All you need is a good computer and a high-speed internet connection to start taking projects. Besides, they want you to have a good typing speed. And, to work on their translation projects, you need to be fluent in at least one other language besides English.


18. Copify

If you are passionate about creative writing, then Copify is probably the best option for you. But, you must possess a flair in writing, along with a good grip over the language, to work with them.

Besides, they also expect you to have a good typing speed, preferably around 40-50 words per minute. Right now, this company offers a base rate of $0.05 per word.

However, this rate can be much higher with better ratings and increased experience. You can earn up to $30 for a single 500-word article on their given topic.


19. CrowdContent

Writing is one of the best work at home jobs worldwide. And now, CrowdContent hires talented writers from all over the globe to become a part of their freelance team.

It is also listed among the very few companies that don’t require any fixed time commitments from you. You need to upload a writing sample along with filling up a simple form to get the initial approval.

Once approved, they will then assign you projects at a regular interval. After each successful submission, they will transfer your amount directly to your linked PayPal account.


20. Homework Tutoring

Many people can handle students much better than others due to their tutoring skills. And if you are among them, Homework Tutoring now offers a great opportunity for you.

Upon becoming a part of their online tutoring team, you can earn as high as $20 per hour. Besides having an updated computer with high-speed internet connectivity, you need to have a webcam with a microphone.

You also need to download online messengers to continue the online teaching job.


21. LiveOps

Since its establishment in 2002, LiveOps has provided excellent customer support for its clients. And now, they are again expanding their team by hiring talented customer support agents.

They have already successfully generated more than $2 billion in revenue with their 20k freelance agents. You need to have strong communication skills in English to get selected.

Besides, you also need to have a home office with an updated computer, high-speed internet connection, and audio equipment to start this job.


22. Kibin

If you have a keen eye for finding grammatical, punctuation, or syntactical errors from a document, then you should take editing or proofreading as your profession.

And now, Kibin offers this opportunity to freelance members all over the globe if they are talented enough. It is not hard to make around $20k per year just by taking this as a side gig.

You need to invest a few hours per day to complete a good number of projects by this company. But, you must keep an eye on their career page as they don’t have any dedicated link to join.


23. TutorVista

Online tutoring is one of the booming professions of the 21st century. And if you are talented enough, TutorVista can provide you an excellent tutoring platform to earn money. But, you do need to have teaching skills, along with a strong academic background, to apply.

Right now, this company takes talented and passionate tutors from over the globe. And, you need to take 45-minute sessions online to teach the students. You can take as many sessions as you want per day.


24. Microworkers

Starting from web development to Photoshop editing -all kinds of projects are available in the freelance marketplace called Microworkers. You can easily join this platform by submitting your personal and work details.

Right now, they have more than 1.5 million freelancers on their teams from all over the globe. You can easily search for your preferred projects with the utmost ease.

Once you complete any of your assigned projects and submit those, they will directly transfer your money to your linked account.


25. Editor Live

If you have a good academic background, along with a thorough understanding of writing styles, such as MLA, CSE, and APA, then you can join EditorLive to earn money. Right now, they offer vacancies for talented proofreaders from all over the world.

You can easily earn around $3.5k per month just by working with them as a full-time worker. You can also take it as a side-gig, although the earnings will be less, then.

Besides having a strong grip over the language and writing style, they also want you to have a great focus to point out errors correctly.


Cons of Work At Home Jobs Worldwide

  • Most of the work-at-home jobs worldwide don’t offer other benefits like 401k or retirement benefits that most office-based jobs now offer these days.
  • So, even if you can earn almost the same amount of money, you can have much fewer benefits in online jobs than in office-based jobs.
  • You are solely responsible for your work equipment, like your computer, internet, or audio equipment.
  • You have to maintain or replace those things from your own pocket. But in office-based jobs, most companies have their own IT team to take care of those issues.


Alternate Jobs That Open Worldwide

Several other jobs can be beneficial for people looking for making a good amount of money. Besides the work-at-home jobs worldwide, there are now many opportunities available where anyone can make money with the necessary effort.

Delivery Jobs

There are now several companies available all over the globe that offers delivery jobs. Starting from groceries to other household items, you can deliver almost anything to earn money. All the deliveries will be in your own locality to make it easier for you.

Become A Driver

Many driving apps now offer a driver’s position to people with valid driving license. It is better if you have your own car in good condition. And, it is not very difficult to earn as high as $3k per month while driving for these app-based companies.

Rent Your Property

You can easily rent your property or even a single room in your house to make money. Many websites offer the opportunity to rent out your property for a fixed period. Besides, you can also host travelers to increase their earnings.


Some Important FAQs

Do we need to have any experience before applying for online jobs?

Most of the companies don’t have strict parameters of previous experience. However, it will give you an edge during the initial selection procedure if you have previous experience in any sector. It will also help you to get a better hourly rate.

What is the earning potential for online jobs?

It will depend on the project-to-project basis. The basic data entry project will earn you around $5-$10 per hour. However, if you take specialized projects like translation or transcription, your earnings can be much more than that. Besides, taking any job on a full-time basis will earn you the maximum amount of money.

Do we need to pay any registration fees?

Almost all the companies that currently offer online jobs don’t want you to pay any registration fees. But, few companies need to have your background checked before they can hire you. And for that, they often charge a small amount of money for that procedure.



So, these are the most legit work-at-home jobs worldwide that you can start today. We hope that we have cleared all your doubts regarding this online job scenario.

Leave a comment below if you still have any queries or suggestions.


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