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20 Companies To Find Work From Anywhere Jobs – ($15/Hr)

The freelance market has become one of the most popular industries in the recent trend. People started getting interested in work-from-home jobs at the start of the last decade.

And, this scenario rapidly accelerated in the dawn of 2024. Most of the available jobs are mainly for the USA, Canada, or the European kingdom. So, the search for work from anywhere jobs is pretty painstaking and takes lots of time.

Depending on the demographic, the type of job and payment can broadly vary in this freelancing field. While most remote jobs in the United States pay around $10 per hour, the payment is quite less in other countries.

Besides, there is a high chance of encountering fraudsters and fake websites that will never pay you after submitting your work. And to address all these issues, here are the best websites to get work from anywhere in 2024.


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20 Genuine Work From Anywhere Jobs You Can Start Today

Finding a legit website that offers genuine remote jobs that also pay well is very difficult. And to solve that issue, we have tried and tested these 20 websites that you can entirely rely on.


1. Fiverr


Earning Potential: Starting from $5 per gig.

If you ever tried looking for a home-based project, then you must have known this website called Fiverr. This website has made its name one of the most significant freelance marketplaces that connect talented remote workers to industry leaders.

Right now, this company has more than 300 categories of works to choose from. You can easily set up your personalized freelance account on this website and start selling your gigs.

Your gig’s base value will start from $5 and can go as high as you want. But you should follow a competitive rate to attract more customers. This website also has payment protection for freelancers to make them safe from fraud and fake projects.


2. Upwork

Website: Upwork.

Earning Potential: Depends on the project.

Without any doubt, this website is one of the most popular freelance marketplaces operating globally. You can create a profile on this website quite quickly and start submitting project proposals to global clients.

Once you bid for any project, the companies looking for remote workers will leave feedback on your profile. You need to have a completed profile on this website as the clients tend to compare bids and prior works before assigning any project.

This website has its chat and video call interface to ensure seamless communication between freelancers and companies. You can also connect your PayPal account directly to your profile for more manageable payments.


3. Freelancer

Website: Freelancer.

Earning Potential: Depends on the project.

It is the most popular freelance website that offers legit and high-paying IT jobs all over the world. And now, it has more than 1300 different kinds of jobs available on its platform.

Like the other two websites we have mentioned above, creating a personalized account is extremely easy on this website. Once you create your profile, you can directly approach clients and give them proposals about the new projects.

If they are satisfied with your proposal, then they will contact you directly through the unique platform. This website has a sophisticated interface with chat and video call options. Besides, it also has payment protection for freelancers.


4. FlexJobs

Website: FlexJobs

Earning Potential: Depends on the project.

This website is known for providing work from anywhere jobs to talented professionals for many years. And now, they have expanded its area of operation and revamped its interface to attract more freelancers.

It now has more than 50 different categories to choose from. Besides, it will give you the freedom to choose your work hours. The only downside of the website is that you need to pay at least $14.95 each month or $49.95 each year to get full access.

And in return, this website gives you the complete customization of the profile, tailored projects, and payment protection. However, you need to make your profile genuinely professional to attract global clients.

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Earning Potential: Depends on the remote job.

CEO and founder of Flexjob, Sara Sutton, created this marvelous freelance platform to offer remote jobs to global workers. And, this website has a unique approach to each project through questions and answers.

In this way, they solve all the issues that a remote worker or client can face during the project. Featured in several giant publications like Forbes and Time, this website has also made their names as one of the highest-paying freelance marketplaces.

Besides bidding for a new project or communicating with clients, you can also go through their learning segments to get tips and tricks about the freelancing world.

6. Remote Bliss

Website: Remote Bliss

Earning Potential: Depends on the type of jobs.

This website works as the bridge between companies looking for talented workers and efficient remote workers looking for legit projects. You can find all the traditional benefits of a freelance marketplace on this website.

And in addition, this website also offers an easily searchable job listing board and user-friendly database. You can directly connect with the companies looking for remote workers through this website and quote your rates.

They also let you have your own resume critique which will guide you to have an attractive resume. Besides, you can join their global Slack community to kick start your freelancing career.

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7. Amazon Mturk

Website: Amazon Mturk.

Earning Potential: Up to $8 per hour.

This freelance platform is the subsidiary of a globally recognized brand called Amazon. It comes with the ethics and trust of Amazon with a superior user interface by fantastic web designers.

You can find almost any job that requires human involvement through this website. And for that, they call their projects HIT. Starting from data entry to transcriptions, you can find almost any micro-jobs that you are looking for.

The payment standard is a bit lower than the industry rates. However, they have virtually an endless supply of projects. This website is available in several countries worldwide, including the USA, Canada, Australia, and the European Union.

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8. Remotive

Website: Remotive

Earning Potential: Depends on the type of jobs.

If you are looking for legit work from anywhere jobs in the technological field, this website is probably the best option for you. It has a vast client base of reputed and trusted companies.

So, you don’t need to worry about the on-time payment after submitting any projects. Besides, they have a vast array of available projects to choose from. One of the only downsides of this website is that it has an annual subscription fee of $49.

However, you can also buy a lifetime scrimption for $75. And on the other hand, they have one huge benefit they never let their freelancers work at night. So, you can spend your time with your family while working remotely for this company.


9. REV

Website: REV.

Earning Potential: Up to $0.75 per audio/video minute.

It is one of the most reputed platforms for transcribers and closed captioners in the world. This website has hundreds of available transcription and closed captioning projects at any point in time.

And immediately after creating your profile completely free of cost, you can start working on your preferred projects. This website currently pays around $0.36 per audio or video minute to their freelance workers.

However, this rate can go as high as $0.75 per audio or video minute with increased expertise and a faster pace for working. Right now, this company accepts talented professionals from all over the world to work for them.

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10. Working Nomads

Website: Working Nomads

Earning Potential: Depends on the type of jobs.

If you are a digital nomad looking for suitable projects in your area of expertise, this website is probably the best option. This website currently accepts freelancers from all over the world.

So, you can work for them even from exotic places. All you need is a good internet connection and a laptop to continue your freelance job. Besides having a dedicated user interface, this website also has a dedicated email subscription option for its freelancers.

You can get your tailored projects delivered right into your mailbox through this subscription process. All of their freelance projects are from reputed clients to secure your payment after submitting your project.


11. Remote OK

Website: Remote OK.

Earning Potential: Up to $100k per year.

This website is a perfect freelancing marketplace for anyone with programming or coding skills. Besides, it also offers excellent freelance projects for web and software designing.

So if you are a system designer, coder, or programmer, don’t hesitate to join this platform to get legit projects that also play well. As of 2022, it has more than 40k remote jobs listed on its job boards from tech companies like Komoot and Doximity.

Most of their top companies offer up to $100k salary to their remote programmers. But, you need to be talented to get through their selection procedure. Besides, previous experience in this industry is also required.

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12. Appen Butler Hill

Website: Appen Butler Hill.

Earning Potential: Up to $25 per hour.

Starting from transcription to social media evolution, this company offers various kinds of digital jobs to their home-based remote workers from all over the globe.

Besides, it has also established its name for providing high-paying work from anywhere jobs. You’ll never face any shortage of projects as they have an ever-expanding database of their clients. This company currently pays around $12 per hour to their freelance workers.

However, this rate can go as high as $25 per hour with enough skills and expertise. Besides having an updated computer with high-speed internet connectivity, you also need to have strong communication skills to get selected for remote positions.


13. Hubstaff Talent

Website: Hubstaff Talent.

Earning Potential: Set your own hourly rate.

This company recently created a buzz on social media platforms as one of the fastest-growing freelance platforms globally. It mainly specializes in the job posting, but you can also find remote job opportunities on it.

The user interface of this website is extremely user-friendly as it has several filters like pay rate and job type for easier search. You can easily create a profile on this website that takes just a few minutes to complete.

And once you create a profile, you can start connecting with clients posting various jobs and freelance opportunities on their job boards. As of 2022, this website is free to use, and you won’t need to buy any subscriptions.


14. Virtual Vocations

Website: Virtual Vocations.

Earning Potential: Depends on the type of jobs.

If you are looking for some pre-screened remote job opportunities that pay you according to the industry standards, this is the right website for you to find work from anywhere jobs. Right after creating a profile, you can check thousands of available projects.

You can also upload your updated resume along with your cover letter directly on your profile. One of the main drawbacks of this website is that it has a monthly subscription service that costs $15.99 per month.

However, you can take a six-month subscription for $59.99. This website mainly specializes in telecommunication jobs. Previous experience in this field can be an added advantage during the selection procedure.

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15. Lionbridge

Website: Lionbridge

Earning Potential: $15 per hour on average.

This establishment has already created its place as a key player in the field of social media evolution. It has 47 offices around the globe from where they provide unmatched service.

And in 2022, it has emerged among the top companies to offer legal transcription services. This company is now looking for talented professionals to join its team of transcribers and social media evaluators.

You need to fill up a short questionnaire and upload your latest resume to apply for this position. Once you get the approval, the algorithm will then find the best-suited projects for you.

Right now, this company is offering around $15 per hour to their freelance workers. However, this rate can go up with experience.


16. Crossover

Website: Crossover

Earning Potential: Depends on the type of jobs.

It is one of the best companies known for connecting the best freelance workers to industry leaders from around the globe. This company offers end-to-end solution services in various fields for its clients.

And to make that service seamless, they are currently expanding their remote team to take up new projects. Right now, this company has its presence in more than 98 countries all over the world.

So, you can apply for its freelance position from all the exotic locations on this planet. All you need is a laptop and a high-speed internet connection to get started. From software development to marketing campaigns, you can choose a variety of remote projects through their unique platform.


17. Jobspresso

Website: Jobspresso

Earning Potential: Depends on the type of jobs.

It is the espresso of the freelance world. You can get your preferred project within just a few minutes of your time on this website.

To help you with faster project searches, this website has a unique algorithm that matches your area of expertise with available projects and finds the best-suited freelance project for you within just a blink of an eye.

From telemarketing to customer service, from creative content writing to project management, this outfit offers any kind of job that you prefer.

Besides, you can also choose technology jobs like system administration or software designing through this website. Moreover, the payment procedure is super fast and secure.


18. Idealist

Website: Idealist

Earning Potential: Depends on the type of jobs.

Since its establishment, this organization has made its name for providing genuine work from anywhere jobs. Besides, it is also known for assuring projects that pay according to the current industry standards.

And for their huge clientele, you won’t face any shortage of available freelance projects once you start working with this company.

However, this website doesn’t work like a freelance marketplace that directly offers the projects. It is a listing site where you can get many remote opportunities for non-government and non-profit companies worldwide.

Besides, creating a profile on this website takes just a few minutes to complete. And once you are done, you can directly contact the end clients.

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19. Pangian

Website: Pangian

Earning Potential: Depends on the type of jobs.

Another great company that offers work from anywhere jobs. You can quickly get the projects based on your area of expertise through this website.

And it doesn’t matter where you live in this world as they provide remote jobs all over the world.

The job listing on this site also has several filters to make it easy for you to choose your preferred projects quickly. Besides providing remote jobs for freelancers, this company also offers virtual training.

Moreover, it sets up training sessions directly with your end client so that you won’t face any difficulty understanding the project.

Besides having sharpened skills in your area of expertise, you just need a laptop and internet connection to get started.


20. PowerToFly

Website: PowerToFly

Earning Potential: Depends on the type of jobs.

It is the only website in this whole list that is solely dedicated to modern-day women. It gives ladies the power to fly while connecting them with emerging companies all over the world.

This establishment does that as it wants women to earn their financial freedom while working from the comfort of their homes.

Besides finding high-paying work from anywhere jobs, you’ll also get enough opportunity to connect with industry leaders.

This company also often organizes virtual career fairs for talented ladies from all over the world. Focusing on gender parity, this establishment assures that the modern-day hardworking ladies get their chance of success to taste their dreams.


Alternate Side Hustles To Work From Anywhere Jobs


1. Writing Jobs

There is no scarcity of freelance writing jobs these days. With the right approach, you can find your dream job within a day.

But before starting your search for one, it’s better to have a bit of experience or a few written samples to impress your clients.

You can simply earn $50 – $100 per article even as a beginner.

To know how to get started, go through this full guide that helps you to start your freelance writing career.


2. Find Work From Home Jobs at Amazon

Many people know Amazon only as a place to buy products but this e-commerce giant offers multiple positions for freelancers.

These jobs are mostly unaware and you can easily pick one if you are interested. The pay depends on the task you perform or the position you are in.

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3. Teach English To Kids Online

If you are a teacher or a native English speaker with a graduate degree, you can start teaching English to Chinese or Japanese kids through online platforms.

There are several platforms that are available online that could bring up to $25 per hour to your pockets.

 Know more jobs on Teaching here.



So, here is the list of the best work from anywhere jobs that you can try in 2024. But before applying to any of these companies, you need to focus on sharpening your skills.

You can start online training or enroll in various online courses before entering the job field. A better experience and better background will always earn you a better income.


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