60 companies that pay on weekly basis

51 Legit Work From Home Companies That Pay Weekly

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So, you are trying to make some extra money every week working from home.

If you are here, you are on the right path, really!

Here in this article, we are going to discuss 51 legit work from home companies that pay weekly.

These companies provide jobs to freelance workers and work from home people.

All these companies listed below in this article are completely genuine and trusted to start working with.

These jobs/gigs are helpful for the people who are trying to make some extra bucks along with their jobs.

You can turn your free time into some money by working on these gigs.

Choose and select the right jobs that will add extra bucks several times a month.

Note – All these websites I listed below are hiring people at the time I created this post. Some of these companies will stop hirings for some time. Before you join, make sure those companies are hiring people who are not.

Let’s check the list of 51 legit work from home companies that pay weekly.


Work From Home Companies That Pay Weekly:


Taking Surveys:

First of all, I don’t call it a job but the reason why I am listing it here is you can make some decent money if you do it in the right way.

Joining the best survey platforms which pay you for sharing your opinions will surely help you to earn some extra cash.

I don’t say to spend some time on these sites daily, but you can work in your free time. You can take surveys instead of watching videos or playing video games.

Signup for these legit and high paying survey sites and complete your first survey to make $50 in the next couple of minutes.

  1. SurveyJunkie ($5 – $50 per each survey).
  2. Vindale Research ($5 – $50 per each survey).
  3. LifePoints (Free signup bonus & easy, short surveys.
  4. MindsPay (Up to $50 per each survey & $0.50 to reading emails).



Do you watch TV and play games online very often? If yes, you are missing some money. Yes, InboxDollars will pay you money for watching videos, playing online games, taking surveys, and shopping online.

That’s cool, right! With InboxDollars, you can get paid to what you love to do every day. This website pays millions of dollars every month to its users for doing these simple tasks.

This website also offers a $5 instant sign up bonus for new users. If you not a member of InboxDollars, then sign up now and claim your bonus. Cheers!

  1. Join InboxDollars (for USA residents).
  2. InboxPounds (for UK residents).
  3. DailyRewards (for Canada residents).



Who likes to miss the money when you can get paid to the things you do every day online. Swagbucks pays you cash back when you shop online at your favorite stores and retailers using their app.

This site also pays you for watching videos online, searching the web, sharing your opinions, and more. Swagbucks has millions of active users and already paid $176 million in cash to its users.

Aren’t you one of them? why waiting? Signup for Swagbucks now and start earning from it.

You will get a $5 instant signup bonus when you complete your registration and confirm your email. Get started now.



Do you think that survey sites pay very less? That’s not true. Maybe you are browsing the wrong platform.

OpinionCity connects you with the high paying survey platforms on the internet. So, you can find all the high paying surveys in one place. This will save you time and increase your income.

Once you become a member of OpinionCity, you can earn up to $100 per each survey you take. Sign up today and start making some extra cash daily.


Try PineCone Research:

Students very often get many leisure hours in their classrooms. If you belong to this category, then Pinecone Research is a great opportunity to convert your free time into money.

Reportedly, this platform pays up to $3-$5 per each survey and up to $7 per each product review. If you like to test & review upcoming products, then you might enjoy these tasks.


Amazon Mturk:

Want to work with one of the biggest companies in the world, Amazon? This platform hires people to complete the various tasks includes writing, proofreading, data entry and etc. You can redeem your money as a gift card or direct deposit.

Sign up here for Amazon Mturk and start working today.


Product Testing:

Product Testing from home is one of the best side jobs to make extra money online.

One more benefit of this job is that you can use & test the products without paying a single dollar. All you need to do is sharing your reviews of those products only.

Do you want to start testing products from home? then join these below platforms and start working!

  1. Vindale Research.
  2. Product Testing.
  3. PineCone Research.



Fiverr is a great platform for freelancers to earn a full-time income from home. You can offer as many services as you want on Fiverr. You can make at least $5 per each gig you sell on Fiverr.

Your earnings will be credited to your wallet if the buyer accepts your work. You can redeem your cash through PayPal or direct deposit. Visit Fiverr here.


Accolade Support:

This company offers call center jobs for freelancers. You can complete those tasks from your home. It pays up to $10 per hour. Payments will be issued every week. Visit Accolade Support today.



Freelancer is a popular network for freelancers to offer their services online. You can work full-time on this platform too. You will get paid once your client approves your work.

Signup for Freelancer today.



Another freelancing platform similar to Freelancer. You can register for free at UpWork with your services. Bid on the latest jobs in your category and get deals. You will get paid once your buyer accepts your work.

Register for UpWork if you are interested.



Want to teach English to students from other countries? Then NiceTalk is a great platform to get some extra bucks every week. This company pays you $10 an hour for tutoring students.

You will receive your payments every week. Signup for NiceTalk today if you want to teach English.



Chegg is an online tutoring platform that pays their tutors $20 per hour. This platform has a big list of subjects where you can select your favorite one to teach people.

Chegg send payments every week through PayPal. Join here and start teaching.


American Support:

This company offers phone jobs to work at home people. They pay you every week through direct deposit.

Signup today if you are interested.



Want to make some extra cash by completing data entry tasks? Then this website is a good option for you.

Thet pay you every week. You will receive payments every week.



iWriter is an online content marketing websites that hire people for writing online content. iWriter writers get paid every week. Payments will be sent through PayPal. Check more info here.



Want to become a website tester? This company pays you $10 per each test you complete successfully.

These tests usually take 10-15 minutes to complete. If your work gets accepted, they will send your payments to your PayPal account.

Want to know more? Join UserTesting today.



This company also hires freelance writers to develop content for bloggers and business owners. It has various categories to pick the easy and right one for you to write unique content.

You will receive your payments every week via PayPal. Apply for BlogMutt today and start working.



Here, you have to work on transcription-based tasks. You can edit or review transcribed documents to get paid.

Payments are daily through PayPal. Check more here.


Article Marketing Co:

ArticleMarketingCo is an online content developing company that hires writers to complete certain tasks. This job is only limited to US and Canadian residents.

Your payments will be sent to your PayPal every week. Check out this link if you want to join this company.


One Space:

This company hires people to complete various kinds of tasks such as writing, translation, data entry, and editing.

They issue payments every week. Join OneSpace today.



Cambly is an online tutoring platform where you can earn money by teaching and tutoring students.

This company pays tutors $0.17 per minute ($10+/hour). You receive your payments every week. Join Cambly here.



Rev is also a transcription-based network that pays you every week. You have to convert audio files into transcribed documents. Payments are through PayPal only. Join Rev today.


Virtual Assistant VA:

Want to become a virtual assistant? This company is a good platform to make up to $10 per hour by offering your services as a virtual assistant.

You will get paid every week. Signup today.



Clickworker allows you to make money by doing various different tasks. These tasks are basically, editing, proofreading, data entry and etc.
Clickworker pays you every week. visit here to learn more.


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This is another transcription-based platform to join. You can make up to $20 per hour transcribing audio files.

You will receive your payments every week. Want to join this platform? Here you can go to TranscribeMe.



Textbroker is an online freelance writing company that hires writers. Earnings vary from beginner to expert.

This company also pays its writers every week.



This company offers various different jobs such as proofreading, editing, and transcription. You can join and make money if you have good language skills. They pay every week. Join BabbleType today.



This company offers phone jobs to work from home people and freelancers. You need a PayPal account to receive your payments. Join GoodCall today.



Want to get paid to listen to music? Sounds crazy right? Yes, you will get paid to listen to music and writing short reviews to those music files. Visit SliceThePie and start working today.



This job is similar to UserTesting. They will pay you around 50 Euros for each successful test. These tests usually take 30 – 60 minutes to complete.

You will receive your payments every week through PayPal. Join Testing Time now if you are interested.



Another website testing based company that pays $10 per each test you complete successfully. You will receive tasks via email. Payments are through PayPal. Join TryMyUI today and start testing websites.



Also, a testing websites company that hire work at home people to complete tasks and to give opinions on new websites.

For each test you complete, they will pay you $10. Your earnings will hit PayPal every week. Signup for UserFeel today and start making money from home.


Few More Website Testing Companies That Pay Weekly:

Respondent: Pays up to $40 for each successful test.

StartUpLift: Make $5 for testing or giving feedback to new startup websites. Payments are via PayPal.

Userlytics: Earn $10 for providing your feedback on startups, websites, and more.

Validately: Test both websites and mobile apps to get paid. This website pays $5 for a normal website test and $25 for a live test. You have to wait for a week to receive payments.



Not a work at home job. But you can make money by delivering food in your local area. You need a car or bike to join UberEats. Payments are Daily.



Want to make some extra cash by teaching Maths online? You can make up to $500 per week. You will receive your payments every week.
Register for MathElf if you are good at maths and want to teach students.


More Companies That Pay Weekly:

Lyft: Earn up to $20 per hour working as a Lyft driver. You will receive your payments every day. Join today and start earning.

Blue Zebra Appointment Setting: Get paid to complete certain tasks via phone.

Studypool: Online tutoring platform that pays weekly.

BoostCTR: Provides ad copywriting jobs for work at home jobs. Pays weekly.

Opinion Outpost: Make some extra bucks every week by taking surveys online. Instant payments.

Vocalabs: You can make some extra cash for taking customer satisfaction surveys on Vocalabs.

CityTwist: You will get paid to complete appointment setting tasks. Payments are commission-based.

Good Call: Offering phone agent jobs. Weekly payments.

Virtual Bee: Now called “The Smart Crowd” offers data entry jobs.

ABetterCall: Offers telemarketing jobs online. You can signup today.

CloudCrowd: This website offers task-based work for work at home people. Payments are weekly.

FreeUp: This is a new and fast-growing network for freelancers. You can signup to sell your services online. They pay every week.

The Content Authority: This company hires online writers to develop content and pays every week.

Quicktate: Offers transcription-based tasks and pays weekly.

Needle: Hires customer support agents.

InstaEDU: This website pays online tutors to teach students on this platform. Weekly payments.

Triple Curve: Offers writing, editing, and transcription-based jobs. Pays every week.

Virtual Office VA: This company hires virtual assistants online to complete certain tasks every day. You can earn up to $10 per hour working from home.


Claim Your $5 Signup Bonus Now!

Wanna make some quick money? Sign up for these below offers to make $10 – $20 real cash in the next few minutes.

  1. InboxDollars ($5 instant signup bonus & get paid to watch videos and play games).
  2. SurveyJunkie (Top-rated, short, and easy surveys. Up to $3 – $7 per each task).
  3. OpinionCity (Up to $100 per survey & browse all high-paying offers at one place).
  4. Pinecone Research (Up to $3 – $5 per each survey & $7 per each product test).



So, these are the 51 legit work from home companies that pay weekly. I hope this list of companies will help you to find the best side jobs for you.

These jobs are time flexible, so you can earn some extra cash every week by working in your free time.

Still not find the perfect job or side hustle for you? These below articles may help you to find out the right one.


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If you have any queries regarding this list, leave a comment below or contact me. I am always happy to help.


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  5. I have worked with studypool and I can certify that they pay well for homework and assignments. All you need is to write quality answers, and have the students give you excellent reviews, then you can have a good flow of customer requests.

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